Switched from Yily to Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran - BBL

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I've been thinking about doing this for two years....

I've been thinking about doing this for two years. I have been working out like crazy and even prepared for a bodybuilding figure show but I can't get that hour glass figure I use to have. I have been reading so much about Dra. Yily de los Santos. I love, love her sculpting abilities. I want to schedule my surgery for sometime in May 2013. Specifically May 3 or 7th and stay 10 days. I would love some support, advice or possibly a buddy to get together with and have this procedure. I am in South Carolina and looking at flights I've only found affordable flights departing from Atlanta, GA. That's a 3 hour drive to that airport but the discount in the flight is so worth it. I've already called and emailed Dra. Yilly and she sent me her quote of $3050 for the procedure along with a long laundry list of other expenses as well as a long email explaining the medications and procedures to book. I responded with some questions with respect to the medications and affordability. Adding everything up it just seems like I'd need 6K to make this happen. I'll share with you guys once she's responded to me. I just responded to her email today. In the meantime, I'd like to establish some much needed friendships here. This is so scary and I have not told a sole I want to do this. Want to keep this personal. Hope I establish some life long friendships as I've read in some other posts.

Today I am sending Dra. Yily my deposit. I have...

Today I am sending Dra. Yily my deposit. I have found a partner in crime coming from Canada that is having the same procedure done and possibly more and can roommate with me in the recovery room. I plan on flying out on May 8 and have the procedure on the 9th. Donation want to take any chances so I'm going to stay in the recovery room till the 22nd the full 14 days Dra. Yily recommends. I am also going to take medical leave at work. .I'm super excited. I'm having my blood work today and my physical next week. My physician can prescribe all of my medications plus also trying to get a surgeon friend of mine to prescribe some pain medication so I have them on hand when I arrive in DR for after the surgery. I have started taking my Iron, Vitamin C, Folic & Cooper combo vitamin. I'm going to start purchasing and getting all my supplies ready and packed sometime this weekend. Also going to keep my body super clean, eat clean, green tea etc. will work out hard till say if surgery so ky body is strong and fit. the less trauma Yily has to inflict on me the faster recovery. i have okenty if fat to loss and still leave her enough for her to use for my new Coco booty lol. Ok girls he we go on this amazing journey. Going to measure later so you have before measurements then ill measure again before the surgery as well as after.

It's finalized Girls!!! I sent my deposit this...

It's finalized Girls!!! I sent my deposit this morning after having my blood work done. Then I called the office spoke with Teresa and I'm confirmed for surgery on May 8, 2013. I booked my flight arrive May 7-May 21st. Email confirmation of my wire for my deposit and flight to Dra. Yily. Super stoked!!! Teresa said she'll give me a list if things I should bring and to invest if I want in a garment which I'm going to purchase. She told me exactly what to get. She said the first garment will be bigger not super right because your skin is sensitive after such a procedure but you will switch to a super tight one later.
Okay so wow it's happening OMG!!

Ladies anyone scheduled with Dra. Yily for May 8,...

Ladies anyone scheduled with Dra. Yily for May 8, 2013?

I've just scheduled my surgery for May 8th. I'll...

I've just scheduled my surgery for May 8th. I'll be flying in on May 7 and staying till May 21st. I'll go back to work on May 27th. Got my confirmation from Dra. Yily de los Santos. She asked me where I will be staying. I'm trying to figure out where I should stay. The Spa Jacqueline Marrero "Recovery House" or the hote of the clinic CIPLA. There is only a $10 difference so I'm trying to see which one would be best. What do you guys think?

So it's official completely now. I have scheduled...

So it's official completely now. I have scheduled my surgery for May 8th, Flights booked and I booked my stay for Spa Jacqueline. I'll be with her till the 21st. I called Dra. Yily's office been speaking with Teresa and she said that is the best option. More one on one care at Jacqueline's. I'll call next week and get the list of things I need from Teresa and compare with what I have now and the list I have and put together with the information on this site.
Still no roommate or buddy to go with but I'm good. I'm stoked and doing this is all for me... :0)

Just got my results of my physical. OMG I'm so...

Just got my results of my physical. OMG I'm so stoked my hemoglobin levels are perfect 13.6. My blood pressure 120/40 and cholesterol etc perfect. Yes it pays to be a bodybuilder lol. All this years off taking care if myself has paid off. My cholesterol is great but my good cholesterol is a bit low at 39 at it should be 50. That's due to the type of good I've been eating these past two months and stopping my cardio. Needed to gain fat so Dra. Yily has something to harvest lol. All good this numbers will be back on the money after my surgery and I've healed enough to hit the gym.

So lady's I have my list going and ready to start...

So lady's I have my list going and ready to start packing in the next week or so. Take a look and please comment if I've forgotten anything or if I can do without something.. Thanks so much!
My Check Off List:
*Feminine Wipes
*Short socks
*Reg wet wipes
*Rubber Gloves
*Soap (antibacterial)
*Medical Tape (only if I'm getting our boobs done)
*Baccitracin (a lot)
*Vaseline Pretroleum Jelly
*xtra large bandaids (oval shape)
* Surgery Vitamins (Pre, Post & Bruising and Swelling www.surgeryvitamins.com)
*Wife Beaters (tshirt)
*Boppy pillow
*Tape Measure - To keep progress of my amazing new measurements ;)
*Extra strength Tylenol 500 mg - (I have Hydrocodone & Naprosyn scrips as well)
*Maxi Pads – (Thick and Long (the type you get when you give birth)
*Comfortable loose pants with the drawstring in the front
* Loose shirts or button up tops (to hide the zipper on the faja)
*Leggings & button up tops (to hide the zipper on the faja)
*Some easy comfortable summer dresses
*Light Sweater - open front
* Easy to slip on shoes (crocs work well while at the spa)
* DIURETIC!!! (Diurex is one they sell at your local drug store)

Hey BBL Sisters!! So was chatting on what's app...

Hey BBL Sisters!! So was chatting on what's app with Yily and she recommended la Casa de Recuperación de la señora Ana María Ruiz as appose to Jaquelines. She says she's had some patients that recovered there and they loved it.
Anyone heard of the recovery house of Ana Maria Ruiz???

Okay ladies I'm teader tottering between Yily and...

Okay ladies I'm teader tottering between Yily and Agustina Hilario Duran. Give me your opinions on both though as soon as I get all my facts together ill make a firm decision & let you all in on the whys and what's my BBL sisters hopefully by tomorrow.

So ladies, I have officially done it. I cancelled...

So ladies, I have officially done it. I cancelled my surgery with Yily de Los Santos and am booked now with Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran. I have so many personal resons why I did switch and I hope everyone respects my decision as this was a PERSONAL decision. Each one of us can make our decision based on our needs. Moving forward. I originally chose Yily because her work was amazing. I loved the little waists she accomplishes to obtain in the end but having deal with her (can't confirm if I really delt with her) and her team I'm just left with thinking there is no way I can put my body and life in the hands of a physicisian/surgeon that first does not communicate with me and second her staff is just lacking the professionalism and the promptness of patient care I need to feel safe and confident. For me it's not just about the results. I need a well rounded package in the surgeon I choose to work on me. I need a surgoen that
1) will at some point SPEAK to me live
2) has a staff that is attentive, professional and caring
3) puts me first though for sure she may have 10 ahead of me.
With Duran I experienced everything I need. I found Duran through a post Mz. Yummy Booty posted and the way that physician cared for her as well as the results were exactly what I needed. I have never spoken to Yily though I have requested in 6 emails that I need to speak to her due to an added surgery I needed and I had to speak to her in person to do it. NEVER even acknowledged that email. Though on Whatsapp she responds to me so long as I'm talking about another patient for her. I also had my company fax Teresa last wednesday my Medical Leave paperwork. I called everyday and just yesterday Teresa tells me oh I never received it you'll have to have them resend it. At the same time I was already in communication with Duran two days ago. Yesterday I almost feel off my chair when Duran herself got on the phone (their clinics office lines were all crossed) from their main building reception and said hi introduced herself and instructed me that yes her assistant already booked me for May 8th but she needs photos so to send them to her assistants personal email due to her email being so full. She was so accomodating then she had to dash into surgery. She was kind and cared about me and my concerns as a person. Yesterday the same day I did not have my company fax over another copy of my medical leave paperwork to Yily's secretary instead I had them change the doctor and Fania, Duran's assitant was on it immediately. I then last night facebooked all my photos to Duran's facbook email along with my wish pics and today I called because I just wanted an estimate. I was floored again she herself got on the phone and took 5 minutes to talk to me about my Medical Leave paperwork and what I would need done. I asked her about the extra (special) procedure I wanted and she said absolutely. So she quoted me BBL $3500, special procedure $500 and if she has to move muscles on my sides to acheive what I'm wanting then it's another 5 or so. In total about 5K. I've saved up about 6K to have EVERYTHING DONE!.
Her Staff is amazing and on point and she's soo sweet. I'll post photos when I'm closer to surgery date, She said she needs fat to work with but I've got that though she's concerned I have too much muscle but that's why she mentioned she could move muscles from my sides to achielve the look I want.
I'll keep you all posted. OH and she does not ask for a deposit. No lets see how quickly I get my deposit from Yily.
Thanks ladies...

So Yily just texted me on WhatsApp and said as...

So Yily just texted me on WhatsApp and said as soon as she gets a chance she'll reimburse me. Thank God.

So for all my sisters wonder what I'm going to...

So for all my sisters wonder what I'm going to have done. I did tell Duran for her to decide on what exactly I need to achieve my goals but so far these are the procedures I'm looking it. I may or may not have all of them it all depends on the muscle and fat on my body according to the doctor.
1) Brazilian Butt Lift - $3500
2) Vaginal Reconstruction - $500
3) Movement of Side lateral Muscles - $1000 (may not need this depending on how much muscles I have on my sides)
I'm going to take with me $6K so I have enough to play with. May even look at botox don't know :0)

Second time around ;))

Hi I'm going a second time to see Duran in mid August. I'm dominican speak Spanish fluently. Need a buddy to share my suite. Done this before so super experienced and know exactly what we will need. Contact me if your serious.
Ps will put up post current pics soon ;))


Hi I'm going second time to see Duran in mid August. I'm dominican speak Spanish fluently. Need a buddy to share my suite. Done this before so super experienced and know exactly what we will need. Contact me if your serious..

Update photos from sx 5/8/2013

Update photos

MY WISH PIC.. almost there :))


So I've booked my surgery. Any future Duran Dolls having surgery at that time that would like to room with me?
I'll have a maid who will come to cook for us daily and driver. We will stay at the Plaza Florida Suites in a suite double full size beds large living room and full kitchen and bathroom.
Contact me directly.. text 864-477-0219

Travel Buddy UPDATE

So after talking to 3 females that say they need a buddy and want to share a suite still no confirmations. SO I am planning on downsizing to a Jr. Suite as oppose to the Master Suite I have booked from Aug 25 - Sep 11th since no one seems to be taking this seriously. I have done this journey before just last year in May and know exactly what to expect and what I will need for myself. I can do this on my own so that's exactly what I plan on doing.
Hope everyone els's journey goes as planned.
Best wishes all...

Switch from October 14, 2014 to August 27, 2014

am posting this as a favor to a patient of Dr. Duran. She is scheduled for October 14, 2014 for surgery (BBL & Tummy Tuck) but she is looking to try and switch her date for August 27, 2014 preferably, but August 28th or 29th will do. Of course the final say for the switch will be Duran's call as she's the surgeon. Please contact me if postponing your surgery would be in your best. Thanks fellow Duran Dolls :0)

New pics April 16, 2014

updated photos. Can't wait to see Duran so she can add the final touches.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Origianlly I chose Dr. Yily because of her work posted here on this board but Dr. Duran's work just screamed at me and her mannerism and professionalism just made it a no brainer. Her staff is on point and she's super curteous and kind.

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