Summer '15 Mommy MakeOver in DR (TT, Lipo, Breast Lift, BBL) Dominican Republic, DO

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I am a 43 yo wife and mother of 4. I work full...

I am a 43 yo wife and mother of 4. I work full time as a teacher. I had VSG surgery and I went from a size 22 to a size 12/14. My highest weight was 255+lbs. I am currently around 185. I am planning on a June 2015 trip to the Dominican Republic for a Mommy MakeOver in the DR (TT, Lipo, Breast Lift, BBL). I am researching doctors and recovery houses. I want my body to be as sexy and healthy as possible. I welcome new friends and fellow Mommy MakeOver friends.

P.S. I am open to finding a surgery buddy to join me in this wonderful adventure.

Choices Choices

I came into this just looking at going to Almonte and Yily. Yet now I have quotes from:

and I just sent pics to Cabral.

And I am still unsure... If I had to rank them in order in terms of my surgeon preference I would list them.

1st -Duran: Her bodies seem almost perfect. She is hard to reach though. In addition, her prices are the highest and include the least.

2nd-Yily/Robles: They work is comparable in my opinion. YIly is a waist snatcher and Robles make great assess. Neither have a solid track record in terms of breast lifts however.

3rd-Goico- He is super personable but a very conservative surgeon. I want a more tiny, snatched waist than he usually does. In addition, he requires a 14 days stay. My hubby is not too keen on me being gone for that long of a time period. However, his breast lifts look magical.

4th-Almonte: She does good bodies overall, but she unwilling to do all of my procedures at the same time.

5th-Fisher: I don't think that US doctors have the skillset or legality to snatch and suck the way the dominican doctors can and do.

On a brighter note... I am finally under 180 for more than 1 day. I am excited that cutting back on the carbs and working out has re-ignited my weight loss.

Making moves towards my goals

I changed my doctor and I chose my recovery house. I am going to Dr. Fernandez-Goico. I am scheduled for my surgery on June 12. I also am using Serenity as my recovery house. I have sent them both a deposit and now I have months to get my mind and my body right.

I had a visit with my PCP and she is not okay with me going to the DR for my surgery, but she has agreed to be my follow up physician. She also ordered a complete blood work up and on EKG. MY EKG came back fine but my blood work revealed that my hemo was low. I was days into my menstrual cycle. I am now being more aggressive with my vitamins and stuff.

My follow up is March 26th. I am hopeful that it goes up. So that is where I am. I want to lose at least 10 pounds.

My blog can be found: http://

Having High Hemo

We all know the importance of having a high hemoglobin level before surgery.

Here is what I have researched and found to be ways to raise and/or keep your hemo level high.

My hemo level was....9.3 and that was very upsetting.But I am moving forward to get my levels up.

Here is a chart of the multivitamins and minerals I have started taking to get my hemo levels up. I am possibly going to switch to the Iron tabs for a prescription form my PP.

Getting close now...

I have less than a month before my surgery. I am a ball of emotions... I am excited..Nervous... anxious... happy. All of that and more. I need at least one more hemo check. I may get 2 more done before I fly out. I am thinking of going to one of those lab any time spots and then one more visit to my PCP.

I plan on finishing up packing this week. Then I can mull over what is in the suitcase. Check and recheck it. Add stuff. Take out stuff. So much to do it is not even funny.

STEP - done

I made a move in the direction of my dream. LOL. I registered with the US Embassy and the STEP.
So they know that I am traveling to Santo Domingo for medical tourism. I also made my last 2 doctors appointments before my surgery. Super excited.Praying for good news in terms of my hemo as it was only 11.7. I have been diligent in taking my Integra (prescription iron) and other vitamins.
I should know by Saturday how high it is.

Hemo is on track.

I can't believe that my surgery is less than 3 weeks away. I couldn't get my doctor to order another bloodiest so I went to on of the sites. I got my result,a in under 24 hours for only $50.

My hemoglobin level is now 13. I am so excited. Now I can shop and finish packing. the prescription iron my dr. Gave me really did the trick.. I did add some beet root for good measure also.

Things personally have Been super busy and I just need to get through this weekend and I can focus on's overdue and I am feeling the effects of all of the ripping and running I have been doing.

Weight Issue....

Ok... here is where I am. I need to lose at least 6 pounds to be under 30BMI. I only have 8 days to do it. I am disappointed in myself but I am not going to quit. I am off for summer break. So I plan on getting all protein shakes and yogurt for the next week. I am going to enlist the help of my husband and get this done. I have worked to hard to get so close. I do not want to not have the doctor of my choice. He knows me and I feel very comfortable using him.
So... That is what I am dealing with right now. On the upside I have been packing and only have few items left to get.

Just a few more days

I am pretty much packed and ready for my trip. Last minute errands are the business for me tomorrow as I fly out on Sunday. My pre-op appointment is Monday & surgery on Tuesday. Super excited. I have checked and re-checked my packing list. I have cross referenced it with pre and post op ladies.
I even weighed it to make sure that it isn't too heavy.

Love my new body....

I am 1 month post op and i could not be happier with how my surgery went. My doctor Fernandez-Goico was professional, safe, easy to communicate with and gave me the results I hoped for.
He is a very detailed oriented doctor who cares for his patients. I saw him every day for the 1st five days after my surgery. He was also available via WhatsApp... 24 hours a day.

Getting Back to Normal

I can't believe that I am 6 weeks post op already. I feel great. Im sleeping good. I have gone down to a medium size faja. I still have the occasional question for my doctor and he always responds. I am so thankful that I went on this journey. I have so continue to workout, drink water, and live my best life.


Omg. I can rock a two piece with pride. My body isn't perfect but I feel soooo good in my skin. I'm so thankful for this surgery and the wonderful Dr. Fernández-Goico.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

His quote was detailed, personalized and thorough. He answers all of my questions with knowledge and patience. I would recommend him without hesitation. He is one of the kindest, hardest working doctors I have ever met. When you are his patient he knows you and makes you feel valued and well cared for.

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