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I would like to finally have the curves in all the...

I would like to finally have the curves in all the right places and body I've always dreamed about . Does any one who's had this done by Dra Duran have any tips or advice on what to bring or expect ? I've heard a lot of good things as to why I've made my choice, but let's not bull ish ....a girl is still hella nervous.

July 28th Duran doll to be

So I've been doing a lot of research and I believe the best way to go is just to stay in a near by hotel with my hubby and hire a nurse, masseuse , and taxi driver. This way I know it's clean , private, restful and there's food because the hotel has a restaurant , free breakfast and I'll go shopping before because I'll have a kitchenette . I know it's a little more expensive but after reading other dolls reviews I've decided I don't want to pay and get stuck in a "refugee camp " , not get my money back and I want my personal space. I've been buying things off of ebay and lipo exspress for my list of personal care products and my packing list, so it's just about finished. I'm so nervouse , I stress n make myself sick lol. I'll get my hemo work done closer to my date and take the necessary vitamins to prep myself because you can over do vitamins and iron and make yourself very sick. I want to work out but at the same time I'm scared to lose too much weight before my surgery. I'm pretty tall and average weight for my height. I don't want a man eating donk or n e thing lol , I just want better curves to be proud of. I'll add some wish pics :)

Wish pics

My measurements are
And I'm 5'9

UPDATE just was informed by DRA. Agustina Hilario Duran that I am to be a APRIL DOLL <3

I'm now an April doll and I'm going to puke I think lol. I have anxiety issues lol.
I've got most of my list , so here's what I've got dolls.

Packing to bring:
* Bed cloth cover
* Hygiene wipes
* 7 maxi dresses
* Percussion massager
* Abdominal binder
* Nursing pillow
* Lipo foam
* Anasept spray skin cleaner(kills Mrsa, helps heal and pain)
* Anasept gel skin cleaner ("")
* Medihoney wound and burn cream
* Medium faja
* Faja shoulder pads ( the straps hurt my shoulders)
* Female urination device
* Abdominal lipo board (lipo exspress)
* Hand sanitizer
* Potty tea ( helps me go )
* Garment cleaner for faja
* Chuck bed pads
* Compression socks
* Personal care products ( hair n toothbrush ect. )
* hair bandana (keeps hair clean and away during surgery)
* comfy shoes
* Stool softener
* Small blanket
* Heparin gel
* Men's tanks 3pk
* Ensure protein
* Sanitary pads
* Arnica gel and tablets
* Cotton granny panties
* Comfy bra
* Antibacterial body wash
* loofa
* Mio
* Vitamins C 500 & B 12
* Iron with folic acid
* Prilosec 20 mg
* Chapstick
* Motrin (highest )
* sulfuric acid
* Amoxicillin with calvuanic acid
* Dermoblast

Idk what else I'll need ...I know it's a lot but I don't want to be without.
If anyone else who's had this done before has any suggestions let me know :)

My White Girl Booty :(

So here's a few pics of my butt before surgery .... I hope to almighty heaven above Duran can turn it into a miracle behind lol :)

All day I dream about butts....

Yes all day I dream about butts....lol I know I'm weird but I'm serious!!! It's getting real and all I do when I'm awake is think about this surgery and all I do when I am asleep is dream about it lol. Good dreams tho...dreams about surgery and walking around feeling all hot and good about myself lmao. I look good in my dreams and DRA.Duran is even in some haha lol I can't wait I'm so nervous but I'm Hecka excited too! I really can't wait till April ya'all !! I've been asking Duran questions about the surgery and probably annoying the crap out of her , but I just want to be as prepared as I can be. I know I'm going to be hella culture shocked when I get to the Dominican Republic. I'm scared to eat there food and know for sure not to drink there water or ice...even soup because a few years ago for my birthday me n my hubby went to mazatlan and I ate the seafood soup and died!!!! I was so dam sick the rest of my vacay...it ruined it :( my hubby had to go hang out at the resorts bar all by his lonesome haha o well. No soup for me!

A little about me

If u guys even give a hoot lol I'm married and have one daughter :) I've for the most part have been in pretty good shape and eat pretty healthy ( except for lately) I choose to have this surgery to enhance my current shape :) I've had a breast enhancement back towards the end of 2009 because I wasn't happy with what breast feeding did to my mommy glands lol my child sucked the life right out of them haha. But man when they were full of milk they were awesome! I went to a different doc. For my breast then I am for my boobies. I'm a firm believer that every one has there specialities, but his breast are amazing work! I love them ! So now I just need the butt to complete the package lol I asked Duran if I needed to lose or gain and she said no more than 10 lbs . I'm honestly not too worried about weight gain, I've managed to remain around the same weight for ages... So I'll just go around my average weight because I'm not looking for a crazy big butt like those hot chicks that go by stacidoll n sexibarbie ...I mean it's hot n it works for them but I already have so much going on on the top (uk 36 ggg bra that I have to special order) that I don't wanna look to cartoony ...but I do love Jessica rabbit tho....hmmm

Mommery glands*

I ment

Haha messin up left n right

I'm sleepy wat can I say? I ment to say my breast doc isn't the same doc I'll be having surgery with for my booty* (de da dee)


Here's some pics of stacidoll and sexibarbie... Nice butts but I think too big for me? Idk what are some sexy butts guys? I've been on the prowl to look for some wish pics to bring with :)

@thickchick1 :)

Updating my list :)

-medical adhesive remover
-ensure extra
-sanitary pads
-digital thermometer
-emergen-c drink
-silicone healing strips
-prilosect OTC
-make me heal vitamin kit (pre & post pills)
-body pillow
-arnica pills
-arnica gel
-sinecch pills
-non stick gauz pads
-medical tape
-comfy front closure bras
-front zip night gown
-men's long tanks
-disinfectant wipes
-app translator
-latex gloves
-SSS iron/blood builder
- sleeping pills
-percussion massager
-heating pad
-emesis basin
-thermo cup /reusable ice cubes
-ear drops (airplane compression issues)
-Tylenol sinus ("")
-small extra bag to back on surgery day
-plastic bed cover sheet
-personal hygiene wipes
-maxi dresses
-massage lotions
-abdominal binder
-boppy pillow
-lipo foam
-Anasept skin spray
-Anasept skin gel
-medihoney cream
-medihoney dressings
-kelo-cote scar gel
-abdominal boards
-triangular back board
-hand sanitizer
-poop tea (helps me go lol)
-stool softener
-garment cleaner
-chucks bed pads
-compression socks
-comfy shoes
-hair bandana
-personal hygiene products
-small blanket
-heparin gel
-percocets :)
-hemoglobin meter
-aquacel hydrofiber dressing
-comfy track suit


Weight gain :(

So I'm fighting myself back and forth about weight gain. I don't want to have to gain any more weight than what I have because I already feel overweight. I'm also scared that I won't have enough fat either though. Thing is that I'm not wanting a huge backside but I'm not sure how much fat Duran will need for my desired shape. I chose a bbl with liposculpture to obtain an overall better shape not a donkey shelf booty. My average weight is usually around anywheres between 150-160. I fluctuate throughout the year and always have :( Duran had said to gain 5-10 extra pounds but when I'm at the high end of my weight even putting on two pounds makes me feel overweight and scares me:(

Happy note :) purchases :)

My Potty Tea

I swear by these teas to help with potty issues. I drink before I go to bed so I have a BM in the morning as soon as I wake up. It's relatively cheap as well and much better for you than taking any kind of pills like laxatives and stole softeners.

Tea pics

I usually buy china slim tea extra strength of three ballerina tea extra strengh

Ann michell?

I have been waiting almost month on my order from them...there website was down a bit but now up and working again but they still have not responded back about my order. I have sent them several e mails and ever tried to call with no response....they have my money but I have no information about my order...idk if I would trust them ladies . On a positive note inthepinkroom sent my order fast as lightning delivered to my door :) I hope this Ann Michelle store gets there sh*t together so I can receive my stuff on time....my surgery date is right around the corner. I would hate to claim fraud against them. Fingers crossed. :/

Before my weight gain :) weight gain is the worst part so far :(

Here are some pictures before my weight gain started for my surgery :) as you can see I had no a$$ and was fit. I didn't really have any fat to take from. I usually went to the gym regularly , weights 5 days a week and at least six days cardio. This is why I choose to listen to my doctor about gaining weight for my desired shape. It sucks but I know it will be worth it in the end and I also know I will be back to the gym once I'm healed up. My job depends on a fit body :) I will post my final weight gain pics before I leave to the D.R. :) Remember ladies I'm doing this for an overall better shape not because I was over weight, needed to be skinnier ,I'm un healthy or because I want the worlds largest a$$ either. So in order to do so I had to gain weight. We are all different with different bodies and do this for different reasons. Thanks to the ladies who have been supportive :)

All packed :)

I'm very nervouse. Hope and pray for the best :) I divided everything I packed into two bags. I put the same of each item in each bag just in case one bag gets lost. My snoogle body pillow is sooo big that it needed it's own dang carry on bag lol.

*DRUM ROLL PLEASE* :) total weight gain

My total weight gain is around 7lbs and I will be going in to surgery around 170ish.
I'm 5'9 , but pushing more close to almost 5'10
My new measurements before surgery are:

34 under bust (but I wear a 36 ggg)
Waist: 28-29
Hips: 37
Largest part of butt: 43

My butt got bigger but now I have a gutt lol. Let's pray that everything goes smoothly with no complications during my surgery :) I leave for the Dominican tonight. I land in the Dominican @11:00am tomorrow , check into my hotel and will be doing a lil shopping. Then in the early morning of the third I check in with DRA. Agustina Hilario Duran for blood work n EKG. My surgery is set for the 4 th of April. I will check my Hemo level and take my last pictures before surgery later on today before I leave for the airport. I hope to see everyone who's surgery dates where close to mine there smiling and happy with no complications :)xo


So I made it to my hotel and IM ALIVE!! Thank you sweet baby Jesus ...(first step done next step survive surgery and until the 14 th) Ok so be prepared for a culture shock haha. So I thought people in Las Vegas were crazy drivers. Man, traffic lanes and lights don't matter here. People drive all over the place including on sidewalks. Crazy people run into traffic onto the freaking freeway! No joke ya'all. There's people seriously walking down the middle of a supper busy road trying to sell things too. Drivers cut other driver off or straight run them out of the way! I thought I wasn't going to make it! I damn near kissed the ground when I got out of that taxi! As far as beautiful ocean views you got it....as far as expecting the ritz just put that ish straight out of your mind....think of your worst neighborhood and times it by at least five. The hotel I'm staying at is clean and the people are friendly so far. They hardly speak English even at the airport so be prepared ladies. I just greet people with a smile and money lol ...it works (international language) I'm telling you the ladies that have came here on There own deserve much kudos. I'll keep you gals updated. Next stop supermarket :)

Today :)

Well my hotel is roomy and clean. I can see CIPLA from my balcony and it's litteraly a block or two away and walking distance :) the supermarket is very close as well and after I go into se Dra.Duran for my blood work I'm going to head to the store to buy some things like bottled water for my kitchen :) one door down is a nice little restaurant/bar called Boga Boga. There menu had a bunch of yummy things to choose from and I opted for the chicken cordon blue with potatoes. They have all kinds of curred meats hanging from the ceiling around the bar in there unlike I've seen before. I downloaded a translating app. Before I got here to help convert my messages from English to Spanish . I used it to text and e mail and now it's coming in handy for my stay. :) defiantly different from America but I'm going to make the most of it. Here are a few pics from today. I'm going to watch some American t.v. And get some rest I'm pretty much exhausted:)

My Fat Before surgery Pics :D

Ok here ya' all go shoot I'm nervous n can't sleep n e how. So here is some icky pics I just took of my weight gain for my bbl :) cellulite n all. Ugh lol lets pray for some magic from Duran and the almighty man above lol. Please excuse the gross looking boy short panties I didn't want to bring my good ones just to ruin them with surgery drainage. Yucky lol but they don't call this Real Self for no reason...so weather I like it or not here's all my insecurities exposed to share and bare it all with you ladies :0(

Fat for BBL

Another weight gain pic

Sorry guys I'm having issues uploading all pics at once. I'll add more from behind pics tomorrow :D

Hey ladies

It's super sunny and warm here , with the occasional tropical heavy showers throughout the day :) so I would still recommend a jacket and some Tenni runners lol when you get off of the air plane the heavy sticky air slams into to your body and sticks immediately and there is much getting away from the humidity. I went to the supermarket today and it was a neat experience .
Jose Brito an English speaking taxi driver is probably your best bet to get around here when needed. He is very kind and helpful. He took my husband and I to the supermarket and arrived very quickly. I met him today at CIPLA . He actually came inside the supermarket and helped us find things and even helped carry groceries, he's got my vote :) He answers his whatsapp quickly too . He is also 24hrs you just need to let him know when you'll be needing him , because there are other ladies who need him as well :) Jose is a HUGE god send . He also has a FB .I'll put his info below :D

What's app and number: 8092931879
Email: josebritoenglishtaxi@hotmail.com

My last supper before my surgery :)

My hubby and I returned to Boga Boga for dinner again tonight and it was yummy. He had veal and I had lamb with an white asparagus salad. While we were there we ran into another real selfers hubby :) even though some people arnt incredibly positive on here , all I can say is that I'm am thankful for this community. I think it's great for us to take advantage of making friends with other ladies in the self community for mutual support. Trust me when you are "alone" in a foreign country the smallest things seem to matter a great deal, like the simplicity of just being able to communicate in your own language :D it's very comforting . So ladies I advise to bring or make a friend if you are planning on leaving out of country. The mixed emotions are real and a shock.

Durans office and waiting :)

On April the third I had my blood work done and EKG along with blood pressure and heart beat. Everything was great I had a hemo Level of 14.7! They took x rays of my chest too. I got to Durans office a little after six in the morning but waited in the hallway until Paula came to open the door. I meet some nice ladies waiting and hope there surgeries all went well. The anticipation and waiting truly sucked. Duran Walked in and looked super cute . The woman is tiny! One girl said she had to leave on a plane and had to talk to Duran because she was very swollen ... Duran takes her time with each of us. One lady had a nightmare of a time just getting here. She was very sweet and her hubby and mine talked while we did our thing. She ended up having surgery the same day as me. They did close the operation rooms down for cleaning and everything kind of rolled over until the next day. I played hurry up and wait all day . First was my EKG then then heart beat and blood presure. Then I spoke to Duran . Next I was told to go downstairs to have my blood drawn and chest x ray. Then I went back upstairs to tell Paula I was finished. I didn't know my results until the next day. Durans office was very tiny and crowded full of girls and there family members waiting for surgery , to meet with Duran, EKG, blood test ,waiting to leave ect.

Durans office

CIPLA and the blue pill

On April the 4th @ 6:00 am I walked with my hubby from the plaza Florida suites to CIPLA , it is right around the corner but after surgery you won't want to walk. Jose birito was there for me as soon as I was released after my surgery and went to the pharmacy with my hubby, he is a great help. I waited in the hallway again until Paula opened the office. I spoke with Duran again she marked me up and I went down stairs with my results and waited in the emergency room for the nurse to weight me, ask medical questions, hire a nurse, blood pressure ect. It felt like it took forever and a day just to get settled into the room the put you in before surgery. My room was nice but it was not the room I stayed in after surgery. The nurse came in and had me change into my gown and take the blue pill. Elizabeth also came in and My hubby payed her. LADIES don't forget thigh high compression socks. I had brought my own but left them at the hotel because no one told me I needed them. I bought a pair there and everyone was running around to get them because I had already taken my blue pill. The male nurse was waiting for me outside with the stretcher bed to head to surgery. Finally I got my socks on and was feeling woozy then kissed my hubby bye. I remember them putting in my catheter and not understanding what was happening. Duran said I woke up and kept telling me I don't want a tummy tuck....I don't remember all I know is that I didn't get a to thank god. I remember waking up in a room on the stretcher bed freezing cold lying next to other girls who were also shivering with no pillow and only a thin sheet begging for my husband. REMEMBER bring your pillows and blanket to surgery.Ladies I can not advise you enough to bring a surgery buddy, family member ect. I'm telling you having my husband her has been a huge help :( you will want to hire a nurse too. I hired one for over night to stay with me after surgery and she took very good care of me. Her name was de gato. She changed my bedding , my iv and medicines, gave me shots, changed my pee bag, fed me, ect. I hired her overnight for $50.00. I had my blood drawn and spoke to Duran the day after my surgery and my hemo was around 7.0 something. The first night was hell. I could not get comfortable or sleep because of all of the pain plus everyone was constantly in and out of my recovery room. The recovery room was similar to the room they stuck me in to receive my blue pill but had a hospital bed instead of a regular bed. Girls you want to pack an overnight bad to CIPLA the day of your surgery. You will want to bring a pillow , blanket , clean socks, your pads, a white long , a towel , chuck pads to sit on in the taxi and to put on your pillow( YOU WILL BLEED EVERYWHERE )men's tank top, preferably a zip up pajama garment for when you leave ( don't worry about it until you are leaving you will bleed everywhere)your baby wipes (LOTS!) bottled water, slippers,Chapstick (your lips will be dry from surgery and all medications) and a snack if you feel up to it. I had my husband sneak my other pills I had brought with me (pain med , antibiotics, water pills,sleeping pills , iron, arnica, vitamins ,ect) and hide them away in his lap top case...don't let anyone see them! They don't want outsides prescripts other than the ones that your surgery doc prescribes and you don't get to go to the pharmacy until after your checked out! I'm glade I had him put them in his bag because I thing the pain killers helped immensely , antibiotics because you sit in you own drainage for what it feels like forever! I was scared of bacteria. And I also doubled up on my iron, folic acid, b12. I think maybe these things helped me avoid a blood transfusion.



Yes there were complications

To me and any other woman we would call the incident that happened during my surgery a complication. As I prayed and talked to others about my surgery it was always in the back of my mind of this particular incident. Ladies trust your instincts. Although it is not life threatening (I pray),I will need another surgery before I leave the Dominican Republic . I feel as though I was too vein and god was mad at me because my instincts warned me and I still went through with my surgery. I will update after my second surgery . I'm hanging in there even though I'm slightly depressed about the circumstances and keep questioning myself as to why this would happen? Especially if I was in great condition as far as my health. I know it may have been an accident but I still wonder if it could have been completely avoided.

My Faja

I forgot to tell you ladies about the "FAJA" lol. So after my blood test were ok they sent a couple of nurses in to put on the faja...this took me some time :( one thing I can tell you about having this surgery you can kiss being prude goodbye because it feels like just about everyone sees you at your most vulnerable . Any ways the nurses help you to sit to wipe you down with baby wipes and clean the drainage off of you. They take your abdominal binder off and the tape hurt my newly lipoed sensitive skin like a beazy. I felt like ish. The nurses gave me a few more minutes. My taxi driver came in to check on me and I was still hooked up to my ivs and catheter. He went and got a nurse to take them out because he said they will take all day and never come back because they forget and it was a Saturday.Next they removed my i.v.s and catheter ......it fu#kig hurt as well that thing was long as hell.My head was spinning because they push the built up fluids out of you back I immediately blacked out and fell forward on a nurse while trying to sit the best I could. I rested my body on hers and the poured water on my face and in my mouth. I threw up water all over myself and the floor but I think I missed the nurse. I didn't have much else in my tummy because I was too nauseated and depressed to eat. (Ladies please try your best to eat and drink A LOT of fluids... I have bad migraines from dehydration from not eating or not drinking enough) (they left my bloody compression socks on me but later I had a nurse come to my hotel to check on me and I thank good that I had brought my own. Manyon my nurse had taken my garments off and washed everything for me, she is very kind). Getting put into your faja is no joke. It hurts because your swollen and dizzy as f*#k . They put your tank top on and shove those pads down there and all I wanted to do ways lay back down and cry. I felt like an overstuffed sausage. Everything was beyond swollen even with taking my water pills. Oh by the way I brought Nausea pills as well but they still didn't prepare my ass for putting on and taking off this freaking faja and releasing of the fluid build up. Next a nurse zipped me up in my pajamas and my husband went and asked for a wheel chair because I was too light headed to walk. I'm telling you ladies you are not going to want to put ish on after the faja ... I would recommend a zip up pajama to go home in because you will not want to mess around with panties, pants or putting anything over your head. I went into surgery with my hair braided back into a bun and a bandana covering my blonde hair. They give you a blue hair cover in the room that you take your blue pill in. Trust me leave a bandana over your hair in the recovery room or your hair will soak up some of your blood and drainage and you can't wash your hair for a long time after surgery. And put chucks on your pillows too. Sleeping on my tummy is a b*tch it's hard to push myself up and to move around. My face and body swells like a mofo. Laying on my snoogle on my back is much easier but hard to get out of. I think a snoogle is a great pillow to use because it doubles up to x2 boppy . My boppy did not have enough support. I also stick pillows underneath my legs to help with blood flow :)

My second and third night ;*(

Ok so the second night was kind of a small hell lol all the medications made me nauseous and I could not keep any thing down. I tried to sleep on my tummy to finally get some rest and I woke up in my own vomit :( yucky lol I have hella migraines now because of all the freaking dry heaving. Ugh I wish I wasn't such a big baby but it's hard for me to eat and drink right now. The third night (last night) sucked balls as well lol I could not sleep again. Due to dehydration I cannot kick this freaking migraine but I'm trying today to nip it in the bum. I ended up with a fever last night and in a lot of pain....random burning sensations and very sensitive skin. I'm actually pretty proud of my self today I have managed some food and kept it down :) I'm telling you all changing my faja for the nurse to bathe me and drain my body is no joke....ugh I get so dizzy every time I wanna pass out. I just lay on my side and hug a pillow lol. My nurse is the best though , I thank god for her and I thank god for my husband being here to help me. I don't believe of could have ever done this on my own and would not recommend any one to go through this on their own either. My pills are like elephant pills lol so my nurse smashes them up and has me eat them with yogurt so I don't gag :D I see Duran at 8:00 am to speak with her about my other surgery and to get some other pills that aren't so harsh on my tummy :( I'm happy I get free breakfast at plaza Florida suites and that I'm sooo close that I can walk to CIPLA :) but man I'm telling you it is sooooo loud out here with cars honking ALL the time and car alarms constantly going off ...people yelling... I'm so thankful I brought some sleeping pills because I'm such a light sleeper. I love the weather here though and enjoy the afternoon showers :) I can't wait to be able to get out and about and hopefully my second surgery will not hold me back :(

Where do I start ? I guess it's a tell all..so here I go

No my surgery did not go well...yes there were complications....I don't know if they could have been avoided, but I can't help but feel that they could have. I couldn't help but think about all the unsanitary things I've heard about CIPLA and all the girls who have gotten sick or even died ...I'm sorry but when you ask me was going to the Dominican worth it ? My honest answer is hell no. Here is my story and here is why. I know I've read a lot of other reviews and saw the amazing results they had and also I have read the reviews where the ladies had a horrible time and I thought " oh well I'm super healthy , things will be fine" ....first off just let me say unsanitary can hurt ANYONE ... It does not matter how healthy, how prepared , or even how clean you are. The first thing that was hard for me was the language barrier what caused to be even a bigger issue for my health latter on down the road...second , yes ladies this is a third world country and everything is dated...including the health care! If I could do all of this all over again ...I wouldn't ..at this point it isn't about "my results" it's about MY LIFE. After surgery my hemo was down to 6 from 15.... CIPLA should have checked and never have let me leave without a blood transfusion . No one is on the same page in CIPLA and that can cause lives. I ended up having two blood transfusions and rushed to emergancy three times because the nurses kept releasing me without solving any issues or telling me what was wrong with me....I had very high temperatures the entire time after surgery and could not keep anything down ....not even water. Finally late my fourth night , after just being released from CIPLA AGAIN , I was rushed back into emergancy for a super high fever my body had the chills and I could not control the shivering. I bit my tough and all inside of my mouth because my teeth would not stop chattering. The finally get me into a small room, because yes ladies while all this was going on they couldn't find a room to stick e in...so basically I could have died right there in the hallway because I guess emergency in America means something different than at CIPLA ...at least in America they help you right away....so from the time that I taxied one block away from plaza Florida untill the time they finally got me into a room to "help" I was so swollen that they could not find a vein for iv and meds...they stuck me in one arm over 15x!!!!! Either they did not know what they where doing or they waited too long or both....there where eight Dr.s and nurses in my room. I couldn't breath so they hooked me up to oxygen because I turned blue. I keep begging for help and to save me and they keep saying there trying and asking me stuff in Spanish... They almost gave up on me.... The room got quite...they were timing my pulse and waving a light in my eyes. I started crying and because I just wanted to close my eyes I was so tired... I prayed to god to save me because I knew I had no energy left in my body. I thought "this is it...this is how it ends all because I was vein" then I opened my eyes and said "please don't give up on me! I have a daughter and I don't want to die!!!!" I begged them to find a vein...in my foot, my neck ! I didn't care! Just to get the medicine I needed inside of me.....I kept waving my other arm pumping my fist and squeezing it with what energy I had left...I told them " look there !!! I see a vein....use it!!!!! Use it!!!! And thank heaven almighty about it worked!!! I relaxed when I saw how fast they set up my meds and tried to save my energy and just BREATH. .....yes the entire time I was scared for my life. No I have never been that sick in my life nor did I ever feel soo close to death either....they never let my husband in the room the entire time they refused. I would have died soooo alone. I'm sorry but this happend to me and was very real so I can't help but think those kinds of things. I fought I wasn't ready to go yet...and if I wasn't close to god before ...well this gave me a reason to believe. I stayed in CIPLA almost my entire stay in the Dominican . I didn't get to site see or walk around ect... I barley was well enough to go home on the air plane. I was in CIPLA hooked up to a oxygen tank full of meds that didn't come often enough and a catheter. I also did not get my second surgery... I was way too sick...Duran didn't have the proper know how nor a way to get her hands on the appropriate materials. I was not going to risk it PERIOD. So my choice was to recover as much as possible and get home and feel better.....YES LADIES !! " I ALMOST DIED"!!!!!

I cry when I think about what happened in the Dominican

I don't know what to think or feel...all I know is the nooo mater what I'm just sooo happy to be back home on American soil with my family.. I cried when I landed in Atlanta and cried when I made it home...plus a lot more crying but it wasn't because of anything like feeling sorry for myself it was simply pure happiness of being back in America with all of the simple everyday things I took for granted.... Like speaking English!
I was so scared I wasn't going to get out of the Dominican . Here I was waiting in line in my wheel chair to board and a man came over who barley spoke English and said security didn't like something in my bag....my freaking check bag btw....wth??? I was like what my dirty laundry? So my heart sank as I saw everyone start to board the plane and not me and started crying when they called final boarding... I started to get frantic and told my husband to tell them that if they didn't like my luggage just throw it away!! I can't and wasn't going to miss that flight back to america!!! My husband tried calming me down and reminded me that we don't understand what is going on and that I should not act upset towards the Dominican security because you do not know what they will do because we were in a foreign country and the last thing I want to do is get upset and thrown in jail for a misunderstanding. I waited n waited wondering what it was that they wanted with me. They pulled up into a private room wheelchair and all and questioned me in Spanish about my luggage... I didn't understand and they all were looking at me like I was a freaking convict ... I watched them go through my bag and found the horrible culprit!!! It was the f#*king ensure I spent a fortune on and was taking home......mind you that this was not a Cary on.!! It was a check bag so idk what there problem was.....drugged milk smuggling????? Once they figured out wtf the ensure was the crammed my shiznit back into my bag I sighted a paper n freaking finally off to america I was....but first the lady who was pushing my wheel chair tipped me out of it and I landed on my knees and it hurt like a beazy...I need knee surgery and was holding off until winter because I was ran over by a car in the past. Then some nice Dominican soldiers helped me up by my freshly lipo'd arms and I wanted to scream cry and god knows what else but I guess I was just in shock....form there on I just wanted to get on that dam plane so I decided to muster up what energy was left over and hobble to that f*#cking air plane.... I had it in my mind I'm getting on the plane even if it kills me!!!

What is my second surgery?

Well I didn't want to ruin any other girls planned surgery trips...but now I'm like everyone deserves to know...and if they choose to stay in America or still go through with going out of country for surgery at least I shared my honest truth of how I feel about the hell I went through over what should have been a "simple surgery" as so Duran said it was to be.....when I woke up very uncomfortable on a flat unpadded bed in idk what kind of room I was in with a bunch of other shivering girls..mind u no blanket ...no pillow....no nurse....naked... I started yelling I want my husband....finally someone came and wheeled me to him and put me into our private room (felt like it took forever) they put me into my bed and turned the light out... I was dizzy and confused ..my crotch hurt...later realizing it was my catheter. My body hurt like hell and I felt sick. I pulled up my sheet and looked under it..............I was missing a boob.....unfortunately Duran had ruptured my breast with the cannula during my surgery. I still don't understand how or why... Why couldn't she just have been more careful???? So now I'm a uni boob..... N yes I stuff in public lol..... The problem is and was that I was entirely to sick to go through another surgery in the Dominican. Also Duran wanted to fix my breast but that would have required me to go down to about 500ccs and have a breast lift ...and that's not ok. I told her no. She kept telling me not to worry and she'll fix it.... Well in the end she couldn't. You see my breast are 800cc implants over filled by an extra large implant specialist here in the United States. I contacted him right away and informed the office of what had happened. Unfortunately I couldn't receive a quote fast enough and was only given so much money from Duran to fix it. My bbl ended up costing me nearly my life...my breast and a shit ton more money out of pocket and more pain....Duran even if she wanted to could not preform the breast surgery I need in order to fix my breast, she doesn't use saline, ever seen breast my size nor preformed a surgery using over filled saline...they use silicone I. The Dominican and she couldn't find implants large enough and I sure as hell do not want or need a breast lift nor am I willing to have a make under after all of this hell I have already been through. I just want the breast I had arrived in the Dominican with back. So broken bodies and broken banked I have another surgery to " look forward " to here in America with my old Dr. Whom I trust in implicitly to do yet and unfortunately another amazing job on my breast next week..... It just grinds my gears that I even have to go through yet another surgery when I should be at home , not worrying , recovering from what was supposed to be a "simple surgery"......Negligent's due to the case of being in the care of someone else's hands? Idk know...possibly in my eyes...I guess although I'm the one who endured all of this ...you can be the one to decide for whatever your own reasons are.....but P.S , not to be a dick or anything but I do carless to hear anyone's thoughts about anything next I've towards me....just click the "x" at the top of your screen and "dip" or "kick rocks" mmmmkay?! Xo


Lol typo... I don't give a flying hoot to hear ANYONES negative thoughts.. I've already been through enough

Happy Easter ladies :)

God is good, and I do beleive my grandfauther was also by my side during my stay in the Dominican . Thank you for the kindness and positive comments ladies :) I'm sure they help. I am sssoooooo thankful I am home....second surgery or not.

MY "RESULTS" ......

All anyone cares about is results....but are these the results you want? How about dying in a foreign country without your family? Sorry to be so crude but this is my story and my review....not anyone else's. You want to make pretend that everything is rainbows and lollipops at CIPLA go right a freaking head. All I can give is the truth of what has happened to me....I guess pure ignorance is truly bliss....btw piss off my page if your here in arrogance.

My " RESULTS" ....


Here's my results....you tell me? Are these the results you would wish for?


Hey but if blood transfusions and breathing out of tubes is your thing.....


But it doesn't dismiss the fact that I had almost LOST my life and that I've came out of what Duran herself told me was to be a "simple" surgery with my breast MUTILATED . Some people seriously have some HUGE blinders on and can't handle the truth of what could happen.....NO ONE is invincible ...for freak sakes even JESUS Christ our lord was resurrected people!!!!

Dr. Tom Pousti IS AMAZING !!

Dr. Tom Pousti fixed my rupture and got rid of my high fevers I was having :) he put me on lots of pain killers and antibiotics due to the rupture and muscle damage Dr.Duran had caused in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to Dr. Tom Pousti , I have my breast and self esteem back :) I'm still looking around for a Dr. Here in America to for a bbl revision help fix the other issues DR.Duran has caused with my body. I will update accordingly . I am so sorry it took me so long to even come back on real self. I was just sick of people's ignorance . I just had neary lost my life and I needed a break. Thank you for everyone's prayers and kind words.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm not giving this a rating because I don't believe that it deserves any stars...I nearly lost my life and I'm just happy to be home. I don't think nearly losing my life and my Breast deserves a review because the neglect truly speaks loud enough for itself :(

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