Duran doll- May 6, 2014 Postoperative

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I have contacted both duran and yilys for...

I have contacted both duran and yilys for estimates on bbl, tt, and full body lipo. I want a badonk. I will post again when I hear back! From other womens posts I'm thinking between 4,500 - 5,000 surgery cost. Not including recovery stay and flight :) hoping to schedule a June 2014 date ASAP! So, I'm going to need a travel buddy if my mom or boyfriend are okay with this. Today I weigh 135 and am five feet six inches tall. I'm built like a boy ruler and have a stomach full of baby marks.

Heard back from Dra Duran today!

So happy I could die! She instructed me to call her assistant tomorrow to book my date and told me to gain ten pounds! I figured I'd need more to work with. very excited. I plan on calling tomorrow to book my date for June.

It's official!

So today I spoke with Dra Duran and her assistant on the phone! I booked for June 4th but have my pre-op exams on the 3rd. She also instructed me to gain ten pounds and quoted me 4500.00 for Tt, bbl, and full lipo! I have thirty days to wire her a 250.00 deposit. I have decided to go with her recommendation and will stay at Angela's recovery house for ten days. I'm attaching photos of myself I took yesterday (the ones I sent her) and my wish pics!

Wish pics!

Forgot them in last post!

7 months seems to far away....

I'm thinking I'm going to reschedule for April? I will call her assistant tomorrow, I have bothered them enough today :) 4500 surgery fee + 1500 recovery + 700 flight + 250 deposit = about 7000 I'm thinking

Need a roommate!

If anyone else is traveling on or around May 6th. I'm flying in on the 4th, have my tests on the 5th, surgery on the 6th, and plan to stay for 10 days so until the 16th. I'm doing this with no support coming with and I don't want to be drown in my boredom! So a roommate or at least a recovery house friend would be cool. I'm flying from chicago to Miami to DO.


My boyfriend has come around to idea. He knows how much it means to me and we have come to an agreement. I get to have my butt but I can't ever mess with my face again. He was upset when I came home with lip injections and cheeks. Tit for tat. I'm okay with it, he is big beautiful man, he lives an all natural fit lifestyle(never smoked a day in his life and lifts daily and eats clean) I love him, this is our third christmas together. He actually mentioned the expense when we were brainstorming vehicle ideas. So he has accepted it and takes it into consideration. I'm posting a photo of him.

Anyways.. I spoke with my attorney today and he is wire transferring my 250.00 deposit this week to Dra duran!
And... Have an appointment with my hematologist on December 12 to get approved for surgery (I have a bleeding disorder and will need a referral) I have had multiple surgeries and as a precaution require a transfusion of DDAVP I'm guessing this will cost an extra 250.00ish

Hmm what else...I plan on purchasing my plane ticket after christmas.

Yily finally got back to me

I forgot to mention Dra yily finally hot back to me. 4100.00usd not including the lipo of arms and surgery insurance and meds. Just about the same as duran. Her deposit is 500.00 but her email mentioned her bank account is not working? Sketchy. How does a bank account stop accepting money? It doesn't matter I'm set on duran.


So! The boyfriend told me "I'm leaving you if you have that surgery" I said "why are you still here then?"

Shit. I'm not going to change for anybody. And I'm not going to not change for anybody. Simple.

Flight itinerary !

I will be flying American Airlines. I leave out of milwaukee may 4th have to go through Dallas and Miami to santo Domingo. I get in around midnight. I come home on the 17th just in time fory boyfriends birthday! Went up to the ticket counter at MKE Mitchel and my ticket totaled 698.10.

Today I weight 141. I am body building though so after my tanager when I slim down I look strong and toned.

Got to go email my flight info to real Armonia recovery! Dra Duran! And my recovery roommate!

Well, okay.

Two things. First one.. I called Duran and told her I emailed her my flight itinerary. She then told me I'm not scheduled for the 6th I'm scheduled for the 5th. So my flight that gets in in the 4th has to be rescheduled for the 3rd. Sort of upset because I know the error was on their part and AA wants 200.00 to change my ticket. Oh well. At least the speed bumps are happening now. Will get my new ticket and update Dra and Real Armonia ASAP.

Second thing. I've ordered my fajas, lipo foam, a surgical vitamin kit that has most of my pre and post meds. My protein supplement powder, some tshirts, etc. I will create my have and still have yet to get list as soon as my stuff gets here!!! I did my shopping on amazon so far.

Have all of my supplies...

So I am packed already. Can you tell I'm excited? I've done a of my shopping on amazon and it totaled around 700.00.

Last night I had my first moment. It actually hit me that this is actually happening. It may have been a panic attack. All I could think about was wobbling around in a compression garment and maxi dress through an airport looking hella good. While my heart beat through my chest. My entire life will be different after May.

I found a new buddy too who has her sx the same day as me! She also chose the same recovery house.
Dream pics.

Self preservation

So! I have noticed a lot about hate and creepy drama on this site? And people have to delete there pictures for the only plausible reason they are copy and pasting them? Well I will not delete and edit my photos or page I don't really care what happens with my pictures. No shame in my game, not before or after.

I do Ask for a shoutout though if you decided to repost anything ;-p

Thanks dollsxo

And a wish pic because I'm obsessed

God bless Treena

I received an update today from Dra Duran and one of our fellow dolls has passed away :( let's all keep her in our hearts and prayers. She had complications due to a gastric band that ended up being fatal. And god bless Dra Duran too it's emotional for everyone.

Booked my recovery

So thus whole time I thought I purchased the wrong flight.... I'm a dumbass because it's right! So real Armonia wanted my full name, cell number, type of room, and incoming flight information to book. It's all coming together girls! I have all of my supplies(will make a list closer to my departure) and one maybe two buddies.

Here's my official budget
Sx tt lipo including arms bbl- 4500.00
Meds and insurance- 300.00
Real Armonia 13nights - 975.00
Massage 8sessions - 200.00
Misc, bottle water, tips - 400.00
Airport money- 100.00

Total 6,500.00 usd
I will bring 7,000 just in case

Plus my amazon supplies were nearly 1,000 dollars I'm guessing.

Plus the month I have to take off if work and still pay bills, I have a little over 2,000 in fixed bills a month

So this is like a ten thousand dollar situation at the end of the day. Which is still better than seeing someone in the states considering that dra Duran is the best in the world in my opinion when it comes to sculpting and the 11 days of nurse care.

Trying to get a hold of Elisabeth is hard

Picture if my face :)

Can't wait for my beautiful body to match my beautiful face!


So I've gained all of the weight I needed to. That fast. So I feel slow and sloppy, I found this cool free training app Nike has! You pick your level of intensity how many days plus if you want to run and it gives you a cool 4 week workout plan that you can do with just fun bells, a resistance band and step. I might give it a try not to lose weight but for cardio and to feel better because I feel like a blimp.

I'm still trying to get ahold of Elisabeth I have some questions. I wish I would have continued Spanish I'm school I'm so lost its so sad. I actually considered going to the Mexican restraint near my house to have them translate this cipla automated answering system ....

Awful dream

I had a nightmare last night that is still bothering me. I woke up in a hospital bed naked on my stomache and had had my back liposuctioned. There was this man there I couldn't feel anything and he inserted a drain and it HURT it really HURT. My mom was there and said I was all done but I wasn't. He threw my fat down the drain. I cried for Dra Duran and he laughed and said your not at cipla. I was freaking out and couldn't move and asking " what about my arms? What about my butt? What about my tt?" He said did you really think Dra dura had time for you? He said I was all done but I wasn't it was awful.

What that shit effing means rattles my brain. Maybe I'm insecure I still won't look good or I won't make it to the Dominican

It's still bothering me.

Wish pics

Found these on google


Here they are

More wish pics

Because I'm obsessed

I decided I'm no longer getting a tummy tuck

I have decided my pros and cons of tummy tuck with aggressive bbl

Pros: I can get it all done at once and have instant satisfaction, saving expense of round two

Cons: have to be uncomfortable sleeping, will have a riskier recovery, will kill more fat cells, more pain, might not need one, don't have to bring the recovery cot and pillows

I plan on returning for future work anyways so I will hold off on tummy tuck. I have decided I want to recover on my stomache. I figured having to go a second round is worth it it will cost an extra 1000 recovery and 1000 travel but I am not going to be cheap with my results.

So I will go a round two if I have to I'm traveling alone and I don't want to over do it and compromise my results! Just knowing I won't hAve to sit on my butt is enough reason!

I'm thinking I will return in December, I will book in august

Better be safe that sorry


Outstanding information, give this article five minutes when considering abdominoplasty and liposuction at same time.


So I'm going to Costa Rica for fun time in two weeks and I feel huge. I will post weight gain photos tomorrow. I've decided in going to tone twice a day my core and squat. So I'm tighter! I don't mind though being chunky on the beach I'm just going to hold off my last few pounds for April.

So besides pausing my weight gain. I did get in contact with an internal medicine doctor and have my first meeting with him next Tuesday to establish care. I made it clear I was having elective surgery out of the country and would remain there for ten days to recover would need blood work, antibiotics, pain meds, and post op visit and they were cool with it! My boyfriend has been super amazing during all of this. I have all if my supplies but PRNs and oral meds bringing and ensure. Otherwise I have everything which makes me happy.

So I was given an award?

So I made it a personal gold to reach out to as many new bblers as I could that I was notificated about. And I was named #24 on the real self confidence board? Pretty cool. Going to try to be first one week. First place was Cakebythepound which was well awarded.

Current supply list

-small squeem
-xsmall squeem
-vitamedica I will start two weeks prior and continue after
-iron pills
-medical tape
-arnica gel
-fem pads
-welda arnica massage oil
-non latex gloves
-surgical scrub for preshower
-female urinal
-tegaderm film
-instant cold pack
-mirena faja
-true form 20-30 compression socks
-summers eve fem clothes
-virucidal gluco-Chlor wipes for non porous sites like bed, toilet and everything in between

Medication I'm bring:
-Stimate for my personal blood issue
-pain meds from dr
-amoxicillin with cluvanic acid
-The PRNs listed above
-+vitamedica program

And of coarse I'm bringing my basic toiletries I don't feel the need to list those.

I also have antibacterial spray wipes and gauze, tape, cold pack, band aids etc for my carryon on the way back

What I still need though:
-would ointment such as neosporin
-adults diapers
-anti naseau meds
- stool softeners
-travel concealment wallet
-travel lock

My sister gave me these maxi dresses in support. For shits and giggles I wi take before photos in them

Pictures of weight gain

May be disturbing, I'm bloated?

More weight gain pics

Addition from above

T minus 60 days


Yaris Sanchez before surgery

She's as real as Kim k

Surgery update

So! I will be having fun I'm the Dominican Sunday, I have found out I will have my blood work AND surgery on Monday May 5th. Think ill see the city on Sunday or go for a walk or something? Sunday will be the longest day/night of my life.

Oh I was #17 on the confidence board this week, tried to break the top spot but didn't.

Internal medicine doctor for medicine and follow up

I found a doctor here in Milwaukee, he is psyched about my surgery which is cool because my hematologist was a bitch about it. He's going to write me a script for all the mess I need! Percs, omeprazole, amoxicillin.

I will not be taking heparin shots. I have to take a drug called at image to make me clot, I don't want to take anti clot meds too.

I will meet with him the first business day I am home.

I bought this long sleeve black maxi dress from H&M to wear home, with my combat boots undemeath since it's a wee short

Terrible news

So CIPLA is closed May 5. I contacted Bella vita and now have my sx on May 2. This is upsetting because it's going to cost me more money. 200 to change my flight. And I have to recon tact work about my requested days off. At least the bump in the road came now.

It's all good though hopefully Bella vita can help me. I may end up just hiring them. It's so much easier than playing phone tag with CIPLA.

Terrible news part 2

So on vacation in Central America I get the news that CIPLA is closed May 5. I contact Bella vita for help. That was a mistake. I'm sure she helps some people but all she did was feed me false information and stress me out in a country where I had no cell service. She told me she would contact Durans office and have them switch my date. She got back to me the next day saying she called Elisabeth and they have no idea who I am and I'm not on the schedule. And that Elisabeth "wasn't having it" . I cried. I was stressed for two days. I called Duran directly and she told me not to worry that if I sent my deposit I should be fine and to call tomorrow to her office. During this time i was panicking. Rethinking Duran and contemplating a new surgeon. I couldn't believe that I was forgotten or even over scheduled or I don't know. Of coarse I was over analyzing the worst. It took 45.00 worth of phone calls to finAlly reach Elisabeth and she knew exactly who I was. And told me that I would be on May 6. She had my deposit confirmation and my quote from Duran.
Oh. And When Bella vita spoon fed me the incorrect information I asked to hire her because I was so overwhelmed thinking I didn't know what I was doing. She still has not emailed me back, it's been days. Maybe she did call them back and when she realized she had the wrong info the first time felt bad, lol I was in tears I was a mess. Anywho. Moral of the story is, I recommend doing everything yourself. So good news is I don't have to switch my flight! I'll have time in DR to hang out and see local life.

30 days until sx

Well, tomorrow I start my iron and hair skin & nail vitamin protocol. One a day of each. Then two weeks before (around same day as next Dr visit for post op meds) I start the vita medica support system.

I've contacted a few more RH for quotes and Serenity house caught my interests, they were only a hundred or so cheaper. Real Armonia sits right in my gut.

I've been looking into the healing process more. Proteins are really important, I'm the first week the extracellular matrix creates the way for building a blood supply for fat survival. It's very interesting. I see now why girls take flora and chlorophyll supplements it makes sense.

What else? Oh I'm at work, my job is closing it's doors abruptly in two weeks. I'll figure it out.

Uhm, I still need ensure, a travelers body wallet, protein bars.

I'm very excited. I'm not worried at all about the scare that's going around. The incident statics are the same here in America. Most cases had WAY too much done at once or got that infection that was reported in some 17 cases. The bug they all got is water born and is related to TB. And I know to obviously not bathe or drink the water while I'm healing or at all for that matter.

I've looked at every wish pic and profile that I've bored myself so now I guess I've been educating myself.

Oh and I'm too fat, concidering losing 5. Esh

18 days until I fly out!

I'm taking one dose of a daily multivitamin, two iron tablets(65mg each) and a teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll daily. Pics attached.

I think I've gained too much weight .......
I've thought about losing 5 lbs, I'm not going to try to hard I don't want to lose hemaglobin count trying!

Oh! And I've been working on my core when I can! Want to be tight in the middle!! I took weight gain photos last night. I'm going to morph them and post them.

9 days til takeoff

9 days until I get on my flight for the dominican. I have all of my supplies but neosporin. I will post a complete supply list the day before I leave.

I am so ready for this journey!! I can't wait and I am so anxious.

On the other hand I'm 550 lbs. I over gained 5...

I started my vitamedica pre op pills this morning!

Before and photoshopped wish pics

A little late...

5 days until I leAve for DR!!!!

Very excited. Taking vitamins sucks!!! I have 3 at night and 3 in the morning for my vitamedica support program + two iron pills + probiotic and then I will after surgery add all the prescription and the vitamedica bromelien pill. They smell and taste bad like prenatal pills :(.

Anyway, I have the 5,500.00 I'm taking ready, I'm packed all I need is beater tank tops and polysporin!!!
I think all of this is repeat info

Hmm what's new? Oh!
I am eating an anti inflammatory diet to aid in the healing process.

Who is excited more than me now? My BOYFRIEND!!! I'm so lucky that he is supportive with my new butt, at first he struggled with it. When ever we see a nice ass he wonders if mind will look like that, yesterday when I said "I feel so fat and heavy" he SAID without hesitation "but you won't be for long"

I couldn't ask for a better best friend.

Time to take my vitamins ????

Take care dolls

At the airport!!

So I'm at Mitchell (international) airport in mke!! International is a joke. To get OUT if the country I have to go from Milwaukee to chicago. From chicago to Miami. And from Miami to the DR! I confirmed with real Armonia that they are picking me up tonight at 8:55 pm!! Tomorrow is cinco de mayo do in wondering if my tests will be the same day as surgery? Or if I will go in for blood work etc on the holiday? Who knows! I can't wait I'm so excited. I will update post op once I can. See you all on the other side :) I'm going to show Duran wish pics of dolls she has sculpted!!

Layover in Miami..

It's been a long travel day so far, started at 6 am :(
At least coming back the layovers are not as long!! Just called Dra Duran, she said come Tuesday for blood work and EKG at 6 am!!!!! That's the same as my surgery day ( tomorrow is cinco de mayo and they are closed)

I find her so easy to reach actually lately!! I don't know what number I have but she answers :) calling CIPLA sucks and Elisabeth is hard to get ahold of too. So excited to get to real Armonia :)

On the other side- 1 day post op

Keeping it short. I feel like shit. This is some serious pain. My lipo areas are sore and stiff. My ass feels like it's exploding it's huge on my frame. My hips are my favorite part. I keep vomiting it sucks. Tomorrow the staff at my recovery house will wash my gArnent and wipe me down. Will write more detail when I feel better


1. Eat even though you can't
2. Drink water even though your full
3. And walk and move around

Laying stagnant had me messed up, I feel like a million bucks after I move around

3 days post op

Waking up sucks and going to sleep sucks harder. Duran told me to open faja up 30 minutes a day. Here are some pictures. I am super swollen and plan on getting a massage tomorrow hopefully. Duran didn't tell me when I should start massage. I have my follow up app on Monday with her. My face is very swollen. I can tell I look amazing.

5 days post op (first massage last night)

So today I had a breakthrough! I woke up and though "Hm, I'll take half a Percocet" amazing. Tried to bite it in half, failed, ate the whole thing. I'm going to split some and see if they do. The pain has turned into sore. Around my rib cage is the worst part. This is the first morning with NO nausea! I think today will be the day things turn around, which is great because I follow up with Duran maƱana :)

Had my first massage last night....
AND IT WASNT BAD. It felt creepy, foreign, and raw. Like rubbing out sore muscles. It DID hurt briefly by my drain but that was it. I had a pillow ready to bite and everything because the girl before me was very vocal about it. It did make me very lightheaded though. By the way dolls, one bottle of arnica will not do, you will need more than that. I'm almost out of my gel AND oil. I released a good amount of fluid and I was happy with the color.

6 more days in the dr. Missing home and my luxuries :( kind if wishing I hadn't stayed the max I think I would have been fine leaving sooner. But I'm here, might as well stay. Plus I doubt she will take my drain out tomorrow and the idea if keeping it in for my flight is not sitting well. I WILL not take it out myself. Now, I work in the medical field and should, but it's creepy I can't do it to myself. Ill have my doctor who is at home and doing my pre and post care do it.

9 days post op- pictures

My appointment Tuesday with Duran went great. She removed my drain at 6 days post it didn't hurt I didn't feel it. I don't care for her secretary Elisabeth she tried me three times, I will post about her later. Duran Said everything was good but I had to wait around for Elisabeth. I did NOT sit in her office, everyone sat on their new butts for at least an hour! I lay across one of her sofas, I was not going to cut off blood supply to my grafts for hours no way not after everything.

Well since my last update I havnt needed any pain meds which is good. I'm up moving around back to 80% I would say. I do have limited movement though as far as stretching and bending goes but i can deal with it, I didn't expect to be doing jumping jacks. I am not sitting on my butt if I can help it. I even turn my chair around and kneel to eat at the table. This one ish gave me a hassle about it and I few girls like to point out that I don't sit like it's rediculous. I've had comments like " you act like your one day post op ""spoiled""scared to sit". She's always got to say something. This same girl is now complaining about how her butt looks flat. Told ya so ish. I don't know why they are hating when they can lay on their stomach too. Actually I do know, because I look great!! NOT PUTTING PRESSURE AND STRESS ON FAT GRAFTS IS CRUCIAL FOR THEIR SURVIVAL. I didn't come here to spend money and put my body through massive stress to ruin my doctors works. people missed the memo on healthy fat survival I guess. Unless you had a tummy tuck you have no excuse to be damaging your new grafts it's backwards and if I was a surgeon I think I'd be insulted.

Anyways my recovery is great except I had one complication that started four days ago. Since my surgery it never dawned on me I never had a bowel movement until it was too late. For 10 days no BM. The combination of liquid iron twice a day and Percocet had me stuck up. It got so bad that I was heeled over in stomach cramps. At the recovery house I tried an enema, stool softeners for three days, a suppository and two attempts to digitally remove the impacted stool. No luck. This pain and suffering was worse than the first two days of recovery and could have easily been avoided if I had taken my stool softeners I brought, which were snatched by my last roommate and are in New York. I realized she took them but didn't think to get more and take them I was in recovery pain and a fog from all the meds. Duran (last night) had me go back to CIPLA it got that bad the aids here didn't know what to do ( my stomach pain) she have me an Iv of fluids to hydrate me and something in my Iv that made me start having contractions. I thought it was pain meds, they were cramping meds. At that point I was so depressed I was crying. A nurse came in and did a finger exam up my butt she was in shock how hard and large the impaction was she looked at me out of pity i knew that's when it was bad. Finally DR Duran came in, it was like an angel walking into the room, she was very empathetic and nice and told the nurse to get me pain meds when she saw I was withering in pain. She then did her own exam and massaged something in my rectum for a while she listened here and there on my stomach which was so distended it was insane. She then gave me a serious enema and I started feeling like I needed to go. She told me to just go they would clean it up! Lol on the bed! She had the look on her face like "did I really just say that" she was so nice she rubbed my neck and back the whole time like my mom would. I couldn't do it I felt so awkward so I went to the toilet and she came in the bathroom and held my hands and talked me through it. I couldn't have done it without her. After I went omg it was so relieving she pretended to take a picture of the toilet and said "now we have a poop baby" it was huge, and i didn't stop going for what seemed forever. She gave me another bag of fluids and antibiotics. She worried my drain hole in my back could have been contaminated. I have to take two new antibiotics for three days. They are injectable antibiotics, not happy about being stuck 6 more times but I gotta do what I gotta do. An infection in my blood would be awful. DR Duran is an amazing person she really dies care for her patients, I don't think any other doctor would have been so supportive in that situation.

But now I'm ok. Tip: take stool softeners daily even if you think you don't need them, constipation is a silly avoidable complication.
She also made a comment about American doctors and their Percocet!! Too great.

Ruth here at the halfway house is amazing, she runs this place and her two daughters are employees, she was so helpful. She was the one who called the doctor when she saw the degree of pain I was in.

My only complaints are the food, it's not bad but it gets old, it's been good though but tonight I'm ordering dominos lol. I finally have my appetite back.

I'm getting another massage today. They are easy, I skipped the last two days, too much cramping. The last time I massaged I released a quarter size amount of fluid through the hole in my back.

Netflix saved my life here, I'd be so bored without it. Hbogo and hulu does not work, sad I am missing game of thrones.

I could have gone home at 8 days. Feeling homesick. I'll update tomorrow after I see Duran


Ok. I think she is probably a nice person but picks her people to fuck with. When I was going into surgery she wanted 4,500.00 from me. I said no it's 3,500.00 for a bbl I don't need a tummy tuck. Then she wanted another 250.00 I said no my deposit covers my extra lipo area. She had an attitude! She was like " well give me the 4500 and if your right I will give it back" I said no way. She left and came back, took my 3500 and my receipt, counted the money THREE times I watched her and I took my blue pill and was rolled to surgery. When the 6 day post op check up came DR Duran told me I had to wait for Elisabeth because the money I gave her was fake. She used the word fake. Now, I got my money straight from a USA bank I know it was real. Waited three hours for her to come into work. She then told me my money was bad. I argued with her it wasn't because she wanted another 100 dollars. I said "well fibre bank didn't take it then can I see it" . Half an hour later she produced a legit 100 dollar bill with tape on it... It was such a joke. I took it back and gave her two fifties. She then said " you have to buy this cream for your bruises." Duran said I was fine. This is a 6 ounce bottle of bruise burn skin discoloration cream for 60.00. Fuck no. I don't HAVE to buy anything. She didn't tell any of the other 7 post op girls to buy it. I know why it's hard to get to Durans secretary. I saw her twice answer her phone. tWICE in the 5 hours I waiting in her waiting room which is her office. Go through Bella vita if you want to schedule. Elisabeth is shit for help. And it's the truth. I tried contacting her from January to May with no luck. When Bella vita did for me in march because I had no luck Elisabeth " wasn't having it " because I "wasn't on her schedule" I freaked and called Duran and I was on hers. She needs to get it together she is working for a great doctor and it reflects poorly on dr Durans business. In my opinion.

Pictures as promised- 9 days post

Pics I just took, no lipo foam

Real Recovery armonia

Do NOT stay here. The aide said she was a nurse but just tried to give me a intermuscular antibiotic through a vein... Fuck no. I'm so happy to be out of here soon.

They also came to me and said I needed to pay for three more days a week ago. I had to produce my receipt to prove I paid in full. They also said the night at CIPLA was free. I had to pay 50.00 though for a nurse to come I wasn't told about. And when I came back from CIPLA I only had 40.00 loose change when I know I had 60.00. I didn't fuss because I was hurting and know to choose my battles. They also sleep in a closed door room at night and don't come when you call for them. I can't believe she just tried to give me an injection wrong what the fuck. Apparently everyone here administers injections. Not cool.

This house

The owners daughter keeps calling me a bruja. She thinks I don't know it means witch. I to her finally I'm not a bruja because I'm sicm of her and she called me it again. She needs to be slapped. She is the kitchen talking shit. So sick of this place I'm watching the clock. There will be no tips here.


I had 4 massages while I was here. The fifth day sixth day 7th day and today. I skipped days due to my bathroom issue. I would not have done it today if I hadn't paid in advance. The massage here is NOT lymphatic massage. I know what a lymph massage is it's light pumping of the nodes and certain pulls to four nodes. To stimulate drainage. Here they just do a type of I guess Swedish massage where she used open hands to move fluid to my drains. I hope I don't get scarring from the trauma. I will be getting legitimate lymphatic massage when I get home. I only had a 5 minute one today because the "fluid " she pushed out of the hole in my back looked like blood it was dark red, not yellow tinged like it should be. I wish I had stayed somewhere where they have special people come for massage. But why share the wealth I guess? The owner does them here. I should have outsourced them. No still have puffy eyes.

Pictures from 3 weeks post op

Overall I'm happy with my results. I wish my butt were more full. I loved it when it was swollen :) these pics are from almost a week ago. I went out last weekend and wore a bandage dress it compressed my lipod areas and I didn't swell up. It was amazing. So many heads turning. Men kept coming up to my boyfriend making comments to him about my body. Duran posted my before and after to Instagram it's unbelievable. I love her. She's an amazing, talented genuine person. I'm thinking in a year I might return for round two, if I can produce fat. Just to add more volume, maybe 500cc per side. I wish I had done this years ago. I flew to kansas yesterday to visit my dad and stepmom. She has had a multiple surgeries herself and is super supportive and helpful. They went horseback riding today :( I hAd to skip out on that one. The plane ride was irritating enough. I am going to the gym tonight for the first time. Going to train my back, shoulders and arms. Walk on the treadmill. Try out the whirlpool. I went swimming yesterday for the first time too. Final at 4 weeks I feel I am getting back into the swing of things.
Ruth from... Real recovery by harmony?.. I don't know. The Facebook name is real recovery Armonia but it's no relation to Myra Facebook messaged me saying she was stunned to see I had a bad review and was very nice about my bad review and hoped my recovery was going well. I thorough it was very sweet of her. She did state for the record though that she never said she was Armonia. I didn't reply because I didn't want to confront her a about her Facebook page saying "real recovery Armonia".... Dust under the rug.

Anywho! I can't wait until I don't have to wear this faja it's terrible. After I went out the other night I put pjs on and not my faja... Drunk!... Lol. My boyfriend was like "aren't you gunna put your faja on?" I said fuc it. I woke up NOT swollen which was cool.

3 weeks before and after pic

:) !!!!

2 months post op

Ok. So the itch is real. It's keeping me up at night. It's been pretty bad the past two weeks I'd say. It gets worse at night. I also get random electric shock pains. This is my nerves reawakening and randomly firing. It awful. Itch cream helps temporary and tylonel pm to sleep sometimes.

The itch is insane. I've never experienced anything like this it's so irritating and when I scratch I only get welts and it gets worse!!!

My stomach is smoothing out I'm not so hard and uneven. I've been self massaging daily.

Honestly I'm disappointed in the size of my butt. I started at 38 inches and am 41.5 inches now it's only a 3 inch gain and I wAs looking to be 45 inches at least. I gained a lot of weight for this and she lipod it all so I don't have any more to lipo for round two I'm sad. I was so overwhelmed meeting her I forgot to tell her I wanted a big butt and I think se just gave me a nice one.

Thinking about a future round two and hoping I can graft again and stay away from implants

Almost 4 months post op BBL!!

So my sides are still sore. Otherwise I have been back in the gym and back at 100% for the past month.
The itching stopped. The debt is gone in my butt it must have been swelling.
I do have a major concern, some of my stretch marks have receded. They have sort of cratered in and are not flat anymore. It's not bad.
The bad part is the lumpiness still.
It HAS gotten better though the past month. I have been self massaging my stomach every chance I get. I also have gained maybe ten pounds... Eeesh. Will lose it!
I started wearing my faja to sleep again just this past week. Honestly the waist training benefits I received while wearing my faja were amazing and I miss it.
I have a XS squeem I wear over it and then whenever I'm just chillin at the crib

My measurements are the same.
34" 28" 42"

I'm thinking about round two. With cabral. Or Duran again!!

Round 2 with King Cabral on May 13, 2016

Going back to Cipla for a second bbl. this time I am adding on my arms and a tummy tuck. I have loose hanging skin from my previous lipo/bbl. I scheduled for 4,900.00. I am thrilled. I will post more as i get my ticket supplies and then from 60 days before. I did this once and it was an ease, I am excited to do it better this time. I over did the supplies last time and could have gone home sooner. Can't wait, almost 150 days away!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

* Dra Augustina Hilario Duran, MD

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