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Hey You dolls!! like many of you I have been...

Hey You dolls!! like many of you I have been lurking this site for months now. However I didn't want to create a profile until I actually started my journey. I am 36, two kids 5'10 and 215 pounds. Headed to the DR in February for a new me. I will be having a bbl, TT and BA breast lift w/o implants. I must admit that I was originally surprised by the high cost of 5400 then added another 1000 for the tummy tuck. But when I compare my body to those girls that paid less some of them had more problem areas than myself however I noticed that the prices they paid were a few years ago. I guess you lease prices increased with inflation. Lol or maybe it's the demand.

Should I tell Mom or Nah???

So I've been struggling with telling my mom or not...she's been my best friend for years! I mean, I literally shared things with my mom that I didn't tell my best girlfriend. Anyway, since 2009 my mom has become very spiritual and religious. .which is awesome, and she REAL with her Christianity! ! Not fake or phony. ..but I knew I had to tell her, it was just eating me up. But if I do, I'm going to hear the lecture:0) Never the less, I put my big girl pants on, went over mom's and told her. ..she sat there in her all white and said. ."Baby, u r grown, and if u want to do this I want to be there for u like all the times u'v been there for me", I support you and I will send up a prayer" SHE Also WENT On To Say SHE WOULD Have Been SO Hurt if I kept that from her. . :0) Dolls U Don't KNOW HOW MUCH THAT Meant To now I hv the blessings if my hubby, my 13 yr old daughter and now my mom!! I'm rdy..Lord watch over me in that operating room.and guide Yily ' s hands every step of the ur son Jesus name I pray..Amen:0)

Pix as Promised!!! However not worth celebrating;(.........45 days Pre-Op

Well ladies I want to apologize in advance for the nudity. I wanted you all to have a full scope of what I was dealing with pre-op so that you can see the full after effect(hope is amazing:). Anyway, I also wanted to pay hommage to those vet dolls that paved the way..had they not been baring all skin and given detailed reviews, I don't think ANY of us future dolls would have been as excited as we are now. So here we all want got em!

so what am I supposed to tell my job?

okay ladies what are you all telling your employer in regards to your surgery? Are you taking FMLA, short term disability, what exactly are you dolls doing? Help I need advice.!! Will yily give us a doctors excuse? But if so, Will the title 'plastic surgeon' be on it!!? does the sxn write us a letter on her letter head then we give that to our PCP and that's what goes to our work? Help ladies I need advice!!

Where is Yily?!!! I'm getting nervous.!

OK dolls, so I've paid my deposit..and then some, my passport is on the way and I still haven't heard from yily or yira to confirm my date! I'm starting to wonder if I scared her by letting her in on my little secret...i let her know that iwas married to a ghetto celebrity (well known rapper/entertainer). I wonder if that made her not want to operate on me:0( My husband may be famous, however I still work everyday like anyone else. I hope me sharing that information with her didn't ruin my chances of becoming a Yily doll. I usually don't share that, however since she will be working with me so closely I felt she should know a little bit about my bk ground. I guess I will hv to wait and see what happens.'s been 4 days now:0 (

Yily has confirmed my date!!!

I finally heard bk from Yily and Although the response seemed very short an not personable, I'm just glad they responded!! Now I can purchase my flight!

Just purchased my plane ticket... $686.00

$#! T just got real dolls! All of my ducks are getting lined up. I searched for hours to find the shortest flight I could coming back home which turned out to be 7 hours! Course I got my wheelchair service. Lol I am going to try anything I can do to be as comfortable as possible. So excited and can't wait to get this over with and get back home to my family to start the recovering process. I've been talking back and forth to my hug about the dolls I've heard saying that they will walk during the entire process now that's some scary shit! To put me to sleep or give me two of the little blue magic pills. Lol I don't want to give up until it's done. Well I'm going to say goodbye for them dollars I have to get an Amazon to start ordering my supplies! toodles!

Staying at Luxury RH....what's the tea?

Ok Rs vet dolls...give me the tea on Luxury RH...anything I should know..I.e. the best massuse, is the food good, do i hv a nice view?? Letta doll know! #

Am I the only one Dreaming? ??

hello doll this has been a crazy 3 weeks for me. About 3 times per week I am dreaming about my procedures that I'm having done with you li. Now I must admit I am big on dreams! The good part is none of them have been bad dreams. The worst one that I've had is that I get to the DR and once the driver picks me up they take me to the facilitY and there are over 300 people waiting for Yily! Lol There were girls, guys, transsexuals, old ladies, teenagers etc.
In the dream there was people sitting around with sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, snacks etc . waiting to become a yily doll and although I was amazed and a bit frustrated with the chaos, i still stayed so I wouldn't lose my place in However by the time I got bk there, they got me in and out and I was uh cold piece!! Waist and booty was on fleek baby! I was sore, but I was ca-ute!!! Lol. Overall it turned out good! Sweet dreams dolls!

34 Days till I'm Yilyfied!!! TT,BBL,BL...

A few of my wish pix:)

Breast Lift Wish Pix!! Pretty Titties:)

All I want Yily to do is make it where I can wear a white tank with NO BRA!!! That's it...
My dream outfit, wife beater (no bra), skinny jeans, my CL's(red bottoms) wit a nice bag and hair on fleek;) cute but simple outfit...turning heads tho:)

Dolls Never Talk About This...

How are your relationships affected by your new look? Is your husband/boyfriend more attentive, is he jealous, is he contantly trying to jump your bones? How do you feel after 3-6months... Are you more confident, does your attitude towards people change (better/worse). What about your girl friends are they hatin, are they happy for you, do they not call you anymore when its time to go to the club..Lol What the tea ladies?!! What happens once you get to the other side?

Smoke Free for 1 month now!!

Man this has been crazy! I have been smoking for a little over 5 years, and do to my surgery I have stopped cold turkey not one cigarette not one puff in 30 days.! Yay me! I guess you will do whatever it takes when it comes to looking how it is that you want to look and having your dream body!

if you are soon to be a Yily doll....then...

Hey Future dolls, i just found a vet doll that has the most in depth detailed review I have EVER seen!! She is so informative it was insane! If u are going to the DR. And especially if u are going to Yily...u gotta check out her review updates! Her name is Lolyjames
My hats off to u loly, u are a true diva vet yily doll! Thank u for sharing. God bless u!!

Today was uh good day..

(In my Ice Cube Voice)
Hey Dolls! I hv been getting really nervous seeing that I am less than a month away...but yesterday I found a sx buddy and it is the best feeling! Even though we don't know ea.other, just to know that u hv communicated with someone b4 u leave the country and that u hv a recovery house partner feels waaaay better than having no one at all! This way we can be lost and confused together. .lol instead of walking around looking out of place and catching the attention of weirdos; 0) So shout out to my buddy! ewaterton...thanks for reaching out! Let's do this girl!! Yily we will see u soon hunty!

Passport Has Arrived!!!

Ok passport is here! I have 2 buddies on deck, my supplies are arriving daily and $#!T is getting real!!! 25 days till show time!! ewaterton and Awesomebadd yal ready!??

Calling All Future Yily Barbie'!!

Hey Dolls! I hope All is well and u all are popping ur vitamins like candy, doing some light weight exercise to condition ur heart, ordering ur supplies and stacking ur paper ($) cause 2015 is our year baby!! Just wanted to keep my dolls in the loop on what I found out from Yily office the other day after sending 5 or 6 emails with NO response! Well for whatever reason YIRA IZ NO LONGER WORKING THERE!! so what this means ladies is there has been a shift in responsibility, which means it is going to take a while to get the new girl up to speed..right? Ok so for my ladies whose sx is right around the corner like mine and you need immediate answers and you need them now, you are going to have to call directly! I don't know about you ladies but I'm starting to hv the butterflies, nervousness and excitement all in one...It's almost time! #prayer #preparation

How Much Extra $ Will i need? ?

HEY DOLLS!! I'm headed out to be Yilyfied in approximately 5 days!! Woo-hoo! Just not sure how much extra I will need. I know I will hv to eat my 1st night, then massages, then $250 for a possible blood transfusion, my $10 travelers Visa....etc...Don't WANT TO Take TOO MUCH AND THEN HV TO Babysit IT. plz help!!!

my hair....what ta do!??

Hey help me out ladies...i cant figure out if I want to get something done to my head or not!?? What's best...should I just leave in this old vixen sew-in I have right now, should I do some cute simple goddess braids, do i need to just say forget it and go to the DR looking as bland as possible? ? What's a girl ta do RS Barbies!?

4 days ta go!!!

Hey Dolls, its gettin real! I received an email today from Yily in respose to the one I sent 11 days ago-stating that she's waiting for me! Got my check written out to pull the money out of my account tomorrow. My suit case is all packed, but I think I have either too much stuff or too big of a suit case! Ha! Anyway, I'm getting all of my copies made of travel documents to leave behind with my hubby so he can know where I am, whre yily works and all my flight info. I've been hitting the gym quite a bit...haven't really lost any weight I have been really just focusing on my arms so that they can be strong as possible to help lift me out of bed when I am down and sore. Something I still need to pack is a sweat suit and a few long sleeve shhirts, since I'm always cold- I want to be prepared. I took a few fat pix to you all can get a better look of what I really look like. Sorry for the nudity, but hey...I cant give a true review if you all cant really see what I'm working with pre op..right? Again, i will be getting TT, Breast Lift (no implants) and BBL.

more wish pix

Looking Forward to A New Me For 2015!!

did my period really have to come Now?!!

Omg...i leave for DR in Less than 12 hours and my period started yesterday! Thank God my Hemoglobin is 13.9 hopefully my period won't cause it to drop too much! HAS ANY ONE Experienced this?! Well I guess I will just hv to wait to see what happens now..about to get everything loaded up for my Monday morning flight! Until later...night dolls! Please pray for safe travels and a blessed sx and recovery in Jesus name...Amen!

Today's The Day!!

Hey my Barbie Buddies today's my day!! I made it to DR safely and the driver was waiting for me with a sign and my buddy! Low and behold there was another beautiful doll there as well who is a vet! Not only has she had a couple of rounds of sx but she speaks Spanish as well. ..omg what ta blessing! Not sure what we would do without her. The language barrier is REAL U GUYS!! Any who, she ended up budding up with us, and we are all in one room which is great! Well ladies time for me to shower and head to Cipla. Pray for me and all the dolls here. If I feel up to it I will at least let u all know I made it thru! Thk u for all the prayers and we'll wishes...see u dolls on the flat side! Smooches!

I made it!!!! Thank u JESUS!

ok Dolls your girl made it to the other side! I won't go into detail much of course because I in a bit of pain. But everything went well my buddy and I Are next to each other at Cipla waiting for tomorrow to hurry and come so we can put on our fajas. Not in a lot of pain more uncomfortable than anything. I finally to meet the wonderful you Lee of course she was beautiful and smell good, but as you all heard she is not the nicest book on the shelf. LolI don't know if I am I can't move I will say this as well she is not the only one that did my surgery. I woke up about 20 minutes before they were done and they were stitching up my boobs. It was a little painful but I think I was too scared to move or holler too loud because I didn't want to upset them nor did I want them to rush so I just grit my teeth and took it like a soldier. I want to apologize for the late update I have been trying to put a message out here for you dolls for hours now. I finally turned off my phone and turned it back on and everything started working as it should have. Thank you for all the prayers and the well wishes I am enjoying my journey thus far. And Maria is a doll she is such a blessing. I will tip her very well at the time until I'm better dogs I will talk to you all later and post pictures just as soon as I see what's going on myself

3 days post op! Yily Doll!

Hey my RS dolls, i know u guys have been waiting for pix but trust me, this pain and stiffness is no joke! Day 2 was horrible, i didn't sleep at all! But today I feel great! I got all cleaned up and took a nice nap. Also if u bought a bunch of supplies, save ur receipts ladies cause you will not need All that $#! T. I HV Tried To Posts pix BUT MAY HV TO Wait until I get home. .the WiFi has a mind of its own. But so far I am happy with my results performed by Yily and her team...because when I woke up mid sx, there was a guy stitching up my boobs, but I could hear yilys voice. I don't care who did em, cause the look amazing! Lol.????. I will try and post a few pix, but I'll warn u guys, it hasn't been working. I'll be in touch dolls. Ttys!

3 days PO pix

Newest Yily TT and BL no implants!

2 days post op Yilyfied

3 day update..Yilyfied!

Good afternoon my dolls... just at RH taking it easy today...still swollen of course but ppl keep telling me that I am doing great for someone who had a tt. Giving God all the glory! But I will Also add that I do not just sit around! Even tho I can barely move I mk sure I walk up and down the hallways when I can. Don't be lazy ladies, u want to get bk to normal asap. Don't over do it, but if they clear u to move around. .DO IT!. I'M really enjoying being here at Luxury. I love Maria (nurse) I wish I could take her home with me. ..i told her that too:0) the food here is just mediocre. .so if u are looking for restaurant food. .don't stay at a recovery house. Because they mk u food that is healthy for you to recover. So look at it as medicine, eat it and learn how to eat when u get bk home. Lol. Everyone is really sweet and it is clean here..but enough about about that I know all u dolls want is pix right! As promised. .here u go.!

6 days PO....still hanging in there!!

hey dolls this is day 6 for my buddies and I and we are still going strong! As of right now I am pleased with my results however I know that I still have a long ways to go although my stomach is flat my waist is not nearly as small as I want it. When I get home I will instantly start putting an ace bandage under my Faja. 3 more days here and its back home for me and the crew! I will post new pics possibly tomorrow if I can. Until later feel free to ask any questions you may have! Smooches!

11 Days Post Op....Airplane Ride Home

Hello dolls! today I am 11days PO and things are going fair well. I was a bit nervous on the flight home because I could feel myself swelling. I had to get up at least twice to walk around. my back was stiff and my stomach was tight in this faja but thank God I made it. I took 2 flights one 2 hours the other 3 hours. Ladies please wear your compression socks on the plane. The next morning after flying I was terrified! My legs were swollen and very tight! I took one Direx water pill, put my compression socks on and the next morning I was back to my regular swelling;) However be prepared to go to the rest room all night long! That's it for that..good luck and happy travels!

Yily Doll 1month PO update TT, BL,BBL

Hello Dolls!! It's been a while, but uh sista been enjoying her new body! I am so sad when I hear that there are dolls out there that are not happy with Yily's work, if I had it my way EVERY doll would be beautiful and happy;( For those of you that are on your way to Yily, I just want to update you on my personal experience. Just a little back ground on me. I am 5"10 WAS 215lbs and 36yrs old. I have always worked out but after my son was born in 2013 I have not been happy with my body. I went to yily because I was happy with her results of the girls that I had seen. I needed that hour glass/Coke bottle body. I got my sx on 2/24 and I get better each day. I was extremely happy on day 2 with how flat my stomach was but then as the swelling kicked in I was wondering how this was all going to pan out. Now I will say this, about a week after I returned home I noticed that my stomach started to have a little pooch and seemed to be more swollen then it should be. After goolgling swelling after a tt I learned that I had a seroma (which is normal). This meant that I had a pocket of fluid that was sitting in my stomach that needed to be drained. No big deal ladies, if you have this please don't freak out!! I went to my PCP and showed her. She ordered me an ultra sound guided by aspiration. i went to the radiology dept of my local hosipital and they drained it right out! I didn't feel a thing! My stomach was flat as a pancake instantly! Now I will say this, there are going to be doctors that do not want to touch you when they realize you went over seas for sx, so if you can ladies, you may want to say you went to texas or atlanta..Lol Cause once you say the DR they will start hatin. ANyway just wanted to share that bad part....BUT NOW I must say that I am in LOVE with myself ladies!! At only 1 month post op I already have the body I've always dreamed of. I have gone out with my husband about 3 times since my transition and it has been CRAZY!! Ladies, please be ready for the attention that you are about to receive because it is REAL! As soon as I walk into a room, club, gas station anything, all eyes are on me. It's a good feeling but can be uncomfortable as well. thank God my husband isn't a jealous guy because he wouldn't be able to handle it. I'm starting to see a little jealous streak in him which is nice:) Anywho, I've had women come up to me complimenting my body, young guys in there 20's and even ladies in their late 60's. IT's crazy! My waist has gone down 5 in and my butt is ridonculous! I love the fact that yily added hips and didn't make me look wide. I still look fairly slim(but thick) from the front,however when I turn around its all a$$!! Lol. Every time we go somewhere, my husband is trying to make me get out the car so he can show me off:) Boy, wasn't doing all that before! Lol. Anyway, i am still in my begining stages and have about 2 months to go before I start to see the real new me. But here's some pictures. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I will do better to be more active on RS as I use to for, there are many dolls that paved the way for me and I want to give back to those future dolls. For all my new barbies, hang in there..recovery is rough and emotional, but when you start to see your body take form it will all be worth it!! xoxoxo. I welcome any questions comments or concerns you may have and will do my best to answer any of them! Smoochies:)

More Pics! Yily Doll 2015 1 month po and loving t he new me!

Yily did her thing! I have never felt this way before. My confidence now it crazy! But still remain humble, I remember where I came from.;) I got my small faja today, so excited! I hope it fits! Until later dolls! Oan, i will be removing these pics really soon, didn't want to post my face, but wth! Good luck dolls! All of you are in my prayers! Hang in there and know that what is meant to be, will be! God bless you all! Smooches!

Things you will need after sx!

hey dolls, I have a few things that I do each night that I failed to share. if there is anything I can do to help my dolls get more beautiful results I want to be sure that I share them. I'm not sure which ones really work and which ones don't, therefore I will tell you all everything that I do. Each night after I shower, I rub bio oil on my stomach as well as my breasts and my tummy tuck scar. during the day I use Neosporin on all my scars that have yet to healed completely. I also take arnica pills daily which you can get on Amazon, and I take bromelin vitamins daily, just one though. I believe that doing all of these things has decreased my swelling as well as helped the tenderness in my stomach and improve the appearance of my scars. You will not need to take any of these things with you on your trip. However be sure to have them at home on dick for when you get back. Something that I also failed to mention was that each night I sleep in my ab board which gets tucked tightly inside my Faja. this really helped to flatten my tummy out to a pancake which is what I really wanted. The AB board can be purchased on Amazon for $14. Happy healing!

I have never got so much attention in my life..

Hey Dolls, just wanted to give a quick update. I have been speaking with yily regularly and sending her pictures as time goes on. She has been really good about getting back to me within 2 or 3 days which is fine seeing that I am not having any problems. Wanted to tell you ladies to please be prepared for the attention you will get once you start getting out. Rather your at the gas station or the club, the attention is insane! There is not enough time in the day for me to type all of the comments and responses but it has been crazy! My husband and I was in QT and a little girl was taking a picture of my butt while I was making a fountain drink...I wonder what she plans to do with that! Lol the next craziest thing was a guy came up to my husband and asked him could he have me!! My husband said, "yea in another life" Lol. And this is only the beginning. Please prepare yourselves for all of this. My mom seen me and told me to be sure to keep some of my over sized clothes because when the attention gets to be too much I can cover all of this body up. So I tried that and it still didn't work! A older man came up to me in the store yesterday and told me I was built like a BRICK SHIT HOUSE...I later asked my dad what the "shit house" part meant and he said thats a good thing..means everything was in place and seemed perfect...I disagree, but okay. Ha! I wish all of my dolls the best and want to encourage all of you to keep wearing your faja and when it gets too comfy take it to your nearest alterations spot or cleaners and have it taken in. If its too comfy its not doing anything! I have a long ways to go and still have not hit my 2 month mark..I have 4 days before I am 2 months. BUt I am hoping to see a big difference by June 1st. I will begin working out this week to see if I can speed up the waist is still pretty large for what I want but hopefully it will continue to shrink. until then, I will leave you guys with a few pictures.

Yily Doll 8 mnth Update coming soon!

Hello ladies, I've been missing in action..but now it's time to give back to the RS future dolls...I will be posting an update along with pictures right after Halloween!! Stay tuned! I will also be available to answer as many questions as I can!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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