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Ok, so I never thought I would be on this page...

Ok, so I never thought I would be on this page but, I am finally here. I need alot of help. I only have four weeks to prepare!!! I have had lipo on my abdomen before and a "fat transfer" (what they call it in Chicago), but guess what, I didn't do didly squat!

I think that because they have so muh technology out, they don't believe in drains. I swear I went to work the next day! My butt looked good but it wasn't good enough. I spent too much and wasted it all. So, since I have been searching (1 year now) and researching, I know I need to get it together. Summer is approaching, I need to get it done right away so I can enjoy by atleast July (for the 4th).

My personal goal is to have a shape. I don't have that and I am tired of buying clothes that make me look like I have a shape. I want to be able to just throw on anything and not have to worry about what I look like. Now, I have three kids and actually, I have not one stretch mark on my stomach and actually my stomach doesn't look bad. I just want to get it together.

I really want hips and butt!!! I am ready to wear my bikini without the cover up!

I talked to Yira today and she was awesome! I love the fact that she speaks English and that she is very friendly. I am glad to know that I can call and they pick right up not like others I have read about. I was worried about it at first but after talking to another surgeon, he said its a good time for me to go through round 2 since I already have fat deposits in my body from my other surgery. Right now I am working on getting myself together and packed. I saw some things I need from other posts. Anyone else going May 3rd, 2013? Need a support group!

I've added some before pics to share so we can...

I've added some before pics to share so we can make some comparisons after May 3rd, 2013. I need some type of shape here! Yily help me out!!!right now Im planning my trip. Airline tickets are cheaper than I thought!

So, I changed my day because I saw Yily had alot...

So, I changed my day because I saw Yily had alot of people on Friday, May 3rd, 2013. I decided to switch it to May 13, 2013! Since she only does 3 on Mondays, I don't want her to be too tired. I am really excited now! Now I need to make a decision if I want to make my boobs a little smaller. I am a 36 D right now and think a 34 C would better fit my shape and make my booty appear bigger. LOL! Anyone that has breast naturally would probably agree with me when I say having breast in certain clothes and pictures make you look "fat"! Ok, time for me to get my list rolling. I have my vitamins already and I am taking them. Some of the meds taste horrible but, oh well, I am going to do what I got to do. any suggestions? Anyone want to room at Jacquelines with me?

So, it is coming down to the wire now. I have...

So, it is coming down to the wire now. I have tried my best to get everything together for my trip. I found out that $1 USD = $12.15 Peso dollars. This is awesome. I will be exchanging atleast $100 USD to have about $1200 pesos for tips and things. I know that paying is pesos is better than USD. I read that from a blog on here. After seeing CakeMeUp 3 week PO I have gotten even more excited. My roomie Ms. Elle Beauty 13 and I are almost ready to go. I am downloading apps and books on my tablet now to take with me. I am looking forward to seeing the town if possible. Seems like an amazing place with beautiful historic sites. I would like to walk around a little bit just to site see but not too much. Was just thanking God I met someone that is super sweet and hilarious to take this journey with me because I didn't want to do it alone.

So far I packed:

Maxi Dresses
Tank Tops (Wife beaters)
Jogging Pants
Stool Softner
Extra Faja (size M)
Comfy shoes (slip right on)
Bras (sports and wire)
Scarf (won't be thinking of my hair)
Maxi Pads
Baby Wipes
Sanitized Wipes
Hand Sanitizer

That's about it for now. I do need to get a few more things. Hope I not missing anything major! May 13th here I come!

"Miss Windy City"

I am officially on countdown! 13 days to leave and...

I am officially on countdown! 13 days to leave and 14 days until my SX! I am really excited because I have a buddy and don't have to do it alone! Thanks again Ms. ElleBeauty13!! I have put some additional things in my suitcase! I also want to share with everyone because I saw some bad reviews for Yily, that I too had a BBL before and wasn't happy with my results. I did it last year sametime May 2012, however, it wasn't the doctor that did this to me, it was my own body consumption. This is why some people require a second or even third round. I kept some fat but not enough therefore, I am having round two with Yily. I decided to wait a year just to see what I would keep. I come from not having nothing. So I am sure that this round will be much better. What I will do is find a pic of me before round 1, after round 1, and then after round 2 so that you all can review the differences. The doctor could have done a great job, but my body didn't accept all the fat I thought I could have. He showed me a video of myself to prove it to me. The fat was oozing out my ass! It wouldn't take it. Therefore, I am pleased that he tried his best. I paid $5k for that in Chicago where I live and now paying $3k for Yily. $8k total...

The things we do for beauty. I just want to get myself together once and for all because I believe wedding bells are near for me and I want to look great in my dress. I know that I will be in some tight fitting dress after surgery that is for sure. Before surgery, I would have selected a poofy dress but not after I get some hips and ass! Have a good one ladies. I will keep you posted as time allows. One more thing, I got an email from Yily and she stated that she does not do discounts (although her prices are discounted enough) and that the abdominal board can only be used for your back not your abdomin. Just spreading the word!

Started my Vitamedica today!!!

"Miss Windy City"

I leave in 4 days! I just can't believe it. I am...

I leave in 4 days! I just can't believe it. I am all packed and ready to go. Got my passport, all my meds accept for about 4 of them, vicodin ready, and just downloaded four new books on my Ipad to read while I am on this long plane ride. I am super excited. I know that I maybe in pain for a tad bit but I will definitely update the next day after and the day I arrive for all who want to know my progress. I will also have my roomy MselleBeauty 13 take photos for me so I can let you physically see my changes. I also didn't post a booty pic of me before, but I have it saved in my phone and will upload both at the same time. I am so embarrassed of how it looks but will be glad to show you both once it looks better. It may sound silly but its my own self conscious problem. But, I promise to be fair and post as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, I will surely answer them. I will not take any of my photos down because this is my journey, my story, and I am sharing it with you all so that you to can reference me when necessary. I don't think taking them down will do much different than leaving them up because once you put them up, whoever saves them, has already gotten them. So, taking them down will do no justice because if you put them up, the minute you do someone can save the photo. That is why I will put up photos that eliminates my face and will draw on all tattoos that will identify me personally. I am under an alias name "Miss Windy City" which means you dont know who I am just where I come from and there are million other women that live in Chicago too.

Anyways!!! I just want to help everyone that is considering having this surgery to improve themself, their appearance, their confidence, and enjoy the life we have left to live! I know that being happy with myself and my apprearance will make me a better mom, friend, and soon to be wife. A Happy Wife is Definitely a Happy Life! So, I will post on here when I arrive in DR and some of the things I experience while down there. I know from reading all the other reviews that I will wear my seat belt! Don't want to crash! Update on Sunday!

Happy Mothers Day All

Miss Windy City

Made it to the DR. At the JM Spa in the bed....

Made it to the DR. At the JM Spa in the bed. Tomorrow is my day! A tad bit nervous considering some ladies here are in some pain but they are doing well. I will keep you all posted on my journey. Also the Wifi could've better but I was able to use Tango, get on Internet to post this, and text using my Gooe voice. Everyone here is nice. I wish I spokeore Spanish but I will be ok. I know how to wing everything. Pray for me!

Miss Windy City

Met Yily! Soooo sweet! Yira is a sweetie pie as...

Met Yily! Soooo sweet! Yira is a sweetie pie as well! All my labs came back good. My hemoglobin is 12.4. X-rays went great and the cardiologist was awesome. I just got marked up and was given my blue pill. Update you all soon!

Miss Windy City

I made it to the other side. Still at the CIPLA....

I made it to the other side. Still at the CIPLA. Will post pic tmrw. I'm tired today. Pain aint as bad as I imagine. Night!

Miss Windy City

8 Days PO- Pics Added

I will give a detailed review before the end of this week. However, here are some pics. I'm healing well but it gets rough at times. Just know the first 24 hours is no joke. I was very helpless. I'm going to try and return to work this week. But I don't know if I will be able to do an entire week. My butt is too tight and I can't seem to walk fast enough. Driving is also rough. I can barely fit in my car.

Miss Win

How Long Do You Have to Wear Maxi Pads Under the Faja?

These pads make me swollen more. It creates dents. I hate them. I also hate this faja! Ugh! Can I buy another type of Faja??? Please help!

Miss Windy City

Detailed Review Finally!!!!

So here we go! I arrived in the DR on Sunday, May 12, 2013 (Mother's Day). I got off the plane lost as heck! I end up getting my tourist card ($10) and getting my luggage and going outside. Next thing I know I saw a sign that had my biological name on in and Dra. Yily. I was nervous at first but decided to text my boyfriend the license plate number and then got in the car. My driver was Milario (don't know how to spell it). He was very nice but couldn't speak English so communicating was very rough.

I arrived at Jacqueline's Spa and she immediately asked if I wanted to eat (comida). I said Si (yes) although I had no appetite. I was nervous and alone. Clarrisa walked me to my room and that is where I met Ellebeauty13 and some other girls. I ate and both me and my roomie went to sleep. I woke up early for my sx the next day but just like DR, they don't know time. I mingled with some of the other girls (Big Ups to Tasha Trinidad, Her Mom, Miss Yum Yum, and the Miami Big Booty Misses). I was immediately intrigued at their results and how they were feeling. After a little while I arrived at the CIPLA. I first saw Yira and she sent my roomie and I into the room wiht the Cardiologist. Once we got a clear from the cardiologist, we went in for labs. Both of our hemo was up to part (I had 12.4) so off to the paperwork and the room 401 for surgery. My roomate went in first, I was so nervous for her. I prayed the entire time. Yira asked me to take the blue pill 20 minutes after my roomie went in and so I did.

A few hours later, I woke up and I was done!!!! I felt my stomach and I was wrapped up. It was crazy! I yelled for my roomie to see if she was in the room and there she was. Whew! I was glad. That night at the CIPLA was hell. I had cold and hot sweats and I ended up needing a blood transfusion. Now let me stop here to give advice. Alot of girls there denied the transfusion because they didn't like the medical practices and were nurses and felt that they will rather wait. I think each situation is different but if you can go get surgery and let them cut you open, then you can take their blood. The one lady who listened to her roomate is still in the DR sick. I got the transfusion and feel 100% better and was able to go home early. Now don't get me wrong, to each it's own but, when I did deny the blood transfusion, Yily came in and snapped like you are not well and you need it. I listened to the Dra and Im good. I trust she knows whats best for her patients.

After surgery, I pretty much layed around and slept atleast 18 of the 24 hours because I was in pain. I didn't start feeling better until Friday, the day before I went home. I got my drained removed by Dra. Ana (so Sweet) and I was drain free. The faja is really uncomfortable but necessary and I am so glad that I just took those darn pads out. I cannot wait to get to my epifoam.

As far as results go, I am completely satisfied! I didn't have butt, had a little stomach but my back and my sides were ridiculous. I cannot wait for the swelling to go down. I got one massage at the 2nd Jacqueline's spa for $25. I also got a chance to do a little shopping at Pivot Point right accross the street of the Spa. I got some hair products. Also, while I was down there I met MzT and she was so positive and super funny (I swear she funnier than Monique) and she informed me about the Wilson Spa for a going rate of $60 a night. She said it was a lap of luxury so look into them. I hope this is detailed enough for you all!

I want to thank my roomate again ElleBeauty13!!! She is super awesome!!!

Miss Windy City

One more pic added

One more pic added

10 Days PO Yily

First try at bikini!

Still sore-tender-numb

Two Weeks PO

I'm doing well but still uncomfortable and sore. My butt has gotten softer but still hard. I take pictures when I wash my faja. I also now need to get a small faja. I got one from the vedette store but its was like a giant pantyhose. Way too ichy for me right now. So back to shopping for a new one. I want a black one so bad! I need to be able to hide this giant nude fit for the summer! I don't want to rush the summer but three months can't get here fast enough.

Also big ups to all the Yily Dolls that decided it was time to change and be a bad somebody and enjoy life! It was definitely worth the headache, money, pain, and stiffness. I love how I look. Here are two pics I took yesterday!

Miss Windy City

23 Days PO

I am now 23 days PO and I am still very satisfied with my results. I just want to feel normal again but I am learning patience. I had my first endermologie treatment yesterday and let me tell you that it felt pretty good. At first since I wasn't used to it, it was a tad bit painful. She asked how I was doing and I told her it hurts a little and she adjusted the settings to a softer setting and from that point on. I felt much better. What I noticed is that she smoothe out my body and I was able to breathe really well. I felt really good afterward and slept like a baby. I will go back next week. I didn't know endermologie was so expensive. They are on average $100 a session. However, gotta love Groupon! I got 2 for $99. After the two, I will have to either buy another Groupon or do something else.

I am still getting these itchy sensations and have bought so many garments to make me feel more comfortable. The garment given to me by Yiliy is so uncomfortable. I read that spanx can do the same job. I am following Yily's aftercare but, it is hard when you can barely reach her. I give her credit though for responding to my post op questions via email. That was nice of her because I know she is really busy. I am glad that I have been communiciating with Ellebeauty13, MzT, and New Body Chicago because support is essential throughout this entire process. Without support you are alone. I will more than likely also do Velashape after my groupon expire and is used. I am trying to do whatever I can to feel better. I am like a junkie. I started working out but I only walk a mile or two. Nothing else. I am not well to do too much. I cannot pickup heavy items and I refuse to jog or run. I am already in good shape due to my surgery so all I am trying to do is maintained.

I am also glad that I am approaching my 6 week mark! Most physicians suggest that you can return to normal activity at that mark. I now have a better pace walk too. I was around here walking like a toddler at first. I also just tried to engage in sexual intercourse for the first time recently and things went well. I suggest you atleast wait three weeks with lipo and longer with Tummy Tuck but again I am not a doctor. Yily stated to wait a month to my roomate while down there in the DR.

One more thing, I miss Ana in the DR at Jacqueline's Spa. She was so helpful and very amazing. Miss you Ana!!!!

Miss Windy City.

I will post pics with my phone due to the fact that I don't want to save no booty pics to my computer for the children to see. Give me 5 minutes.

23 Days PO Pics

As promised... Pics!

5 Weeks PO... Chicago Yily Doll

Im finally five weeks(in a couple of hours to be exact) and Im so happy majority of my swelling is gone! I still have lumps and at times Im itching like freaking crazy however Im functioning much better. I can drive normally, walk much faster, and sorry to say but have sex regularly. My butt is getting softer. I actually got a little jiggle. My butt definitely went down but I got alot left. I am praying and hoping it doesn't go down anymore. My shape overall is 100% better!!!

I see alot of new potential Yoly Dolls on here and I want to say Goodluck to you!!! Healing Blessings!

Here are two pics! Took them today. Im 34 days PO

Six Weeks PO!

I got to learn how to make it clap! Lol. Once it's soft totally. Yily told me it will be soft beginning my 8th week. Im not sure though. It's gotten softer. But not yet how I want it. Im still itching like a crackhead. Here is a pic.

Miss Windy City

7 Weeks PO! Thank You Dra. Yily!!!

Im at 7 weeks and Im still swollen from time to time! My back still is very itchy and straining a bit. I still can't get up suddenly and have to move slowly. I still wear my garment all day long but at night I've been sleeping without in and I sleep well... Very Peaceful. I can't wait for the itching to stop. I find my self in the store itching like crazy in front of people. Ugh. Well anyways. Here is a new pic and from the way I used to look, I want to personally say, THANK YOU DRA. YILY!!!!

Miss Windy City

8 Weeks PO!!!

What I've noticed is my skin color is finally returning! The itching is crazy still. I would like to know when will it be over? 12 weeks? Geez!!!! Also sometime when I get up too quickly I feel a horrible pulling/burning feeling. I absolutely hate it! See 8 week pics attached.

Miss Windy City

9 Weeks PO

Not much of an update besides, I've stopped itching as bad and Im still a tad but sore. I also have some lumps still. This healing is taking longer than I planned. My stomach is a little tender but Im happy with it. I now need to find a workout plan that will tighten up my abs. Im flat but I want to sit down and look like Im still standing. Lol. Pic attached in dress. My butt looks great with clothes. Especially dresses.

Miss Windy City

10 Weeks PO

I have been crazy busy. Kids birthdays have come up. So my update is my itching has stopped. Maybe once in a while I may itch. Im content with my new look but always feel that I want more booty. Yep I have booty greed but I will not have surgery again. This is my second surgery and I don't want to put my body through too many changes because Im young and I have alot of years to go. So since I made it, I'll stop here. After my 12th week I'll update monthly until my year. I do feel like I lost alot of butt cause it was huge but Im very happy with what I kept. Pic attached...10 weeks

10 Weeks PO Pic

11 weeks PO

Im feeling and looking great!!!

11 Week Pics


More pics. 11 Weeks

Didn't know my pics didn't attach!

Finally 12 Weeks!!!!

I gues what I have now I can keep and zim quite glad! Pics attached!

Miss Windy City

Just Feeling myself Tonight!

I just want to post saying that Im feeling myself! I also want to inform others that an associate of mine has caught a bacteria from her TT called Nontuberculosis mycobacteriam. Look into it and become aware. It's familiar in Santos Domingos. Now I was fortunate and my roommate not to catch this type of infection but I want everyone to be aware of possibilities. If you go have your surgery and you are having a difficult time and in way too much pain, it wouldn't hurt to go to the ER or your regular physician to get yourself checked out. She is 3 months PO and been in the hospital 3 weeks. Take care ladies. Don't mean to scare anyone! See my pic. My skin super smooth. Nite Nite!

Miss Windy City

Four Months!!!!

Enjoying Life!!! But every man at the Bar try's to Holla. My BF can't take it!!! See pics!!!

Miss Windy City

Few More Pics to Enjoy!

Im still happy as hell I made the decision to change myself!

Miss Windy City

More Pics!!!

So today this lady walked up to me and said please done be offended but you have like the most perfect body I've ever seen! She said she wish she could look like me! I'm flattered by her comments but little do she know she could look like me! I was with some elders so I couldn't help her and make her hip to what we know but I surely hope she finds out! I don't think I have the best shape in the world but I do know its perfect for me! New Pics!

Miss Windy City

Six Months PO

It's been a while since I've updated you all on how things are going. I feel good! Exercising still but not as much. I am now working out more so I don't gain weight. I must say I am getting a lot of unwanted attention as well as wanted. I guess this ass did wonders for my boyfriend cause IM GETTING MARRIED!!!! Next year! My ring is absolutely gorgeous! I am posting a picture I took today while trying on sweater dresses to prepare for this weather. I'm no longer in pain, not numb anymore, not itching, but when I run my butt hurt! Feels heavy as heck! I see some people are going to Yily today like mamacita1987! Goodluck Girly! I read that Yily is prego? Is that true!??? Enjoy the pic! Night!

One more Update

I was Beyonce for Halloween... Did Single Ladies and killed it!

Miss Windy City

Almost 7. Months!! Still Bootylicious!!!

I'm still with ass!!! And still happy I went to the Dominican!!!

Miss Windy City

My New Ass Got me a Ring!! 7 Mo PO

I think I must say my life is fabulous !!! I'm actually getting married October 2014 and thankful for this ass it completed my package! I was already hot but now I'm a bad B*tch!!!

Miss Windy City

10 Months PO!!!

I feel Wonderful!!!!! It's amazing how time flies!!!! I am however scared to workout heavy cause I don't want to lose my butt so I do fast paced walking and light jogging regularly. I make sure I workout three times a week and at minimum 3 miles but sometime I do 5-8 miles. I'm really on it now because Summer is approaching. Well I hope it is cause Chicago's weather is very questionable considering Spring is in 8 days and we are piled up of snow today!

On another note, everything is going well for me. I still believe my new ass is getting me married this year!!! October 2014! I need to keep it right for my honey moon. Also I wear Spanx and Maidenform garments every single day!!! I refuse to go out without them! I feel it reminds me that I need to stay on my diet!

Here are some photos for you to enjoy! I can't believe in two months it would have been a year Post Op! Also I miss my roomie Elbeauty and my girl MzT. Love y'all!

Miss Windy City

10 Month PO Pics

10 Months PO Pics

10 Months PO Pics

10 Months PO Pics

10 Months PO Pics

Last of the bunch!

CC's??? I have no idea... Sorry!

I get a lot of questions regarding my cc's. I wish I knew. I asked Yily to make it big and shapely and of course plump. She did just that! Sorry Dolls I can't help you with that question. You have anymore? I'll help;)

11 Months PO!!!!

One more month and it's a year!!!! Yay!!!! See photos!

My ass is too big for this wedding dress!!!!

So everyone knows already who read my blogs that I'm getting in 6 months. I found a dress but lord have mercy on this ass it's huge! I had to select a princess style so I can still look elegant! Yikes!! Words of advice, if you are considering going through the surgery, please make sure you either single or your man approves cause if you do what you want no matter what like the most of us does, a separation can occur! Thank god this wasn't my story! But truthfully it can happen! Also I bought me a new fit! See pictures!

Miss Windy City

12 Months PO!!! Yes I Still Have Ass!

So the time has come! I can't believe it went by so fast! I'm posting for all people who only see reviews from people for only the first couple of months and then quit! That's not my case although I thought about it once or twice! I still stayed loyal too people who want to know is it worth it or will they lose their assets after a couple of months! The answer is nope!!! Please see pictures attached that I took this morning! Happy Mothers Day to all the moms that are doing what I did last year for my Mother's Day! I decided to change my life and be happy with who I am with just a tad but of enhancements!

Miss Windy City

Swimsuit Time

Putting in 1 or 2 pieces are actually quite difficult! I have larger breast so two pieces are nice but they don't hold my bazookas! I put on my one piece from last year and oh my God! I'm gonna get too much attention. My fiancé ain't gonna like this! Not one bit! See photo attached! Yily Yily Yily! Thank you lady!

Miss Windy City!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yily was chosen because of her sculpting ability!!!! And Because she is just plain COLD! Her skills is so extravagant!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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