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So I've been going back and forth for about 3yrs...

So I've been going back and forth for about 3yrs now as far as what I want to get done and prices... I would like a BBL and a Lipo Sculpture.. I have a good body not bad, could be better though. I decided I wanted to go with DR. Duran... I was quoted $4100.. I also read I can get a cheaper quote if I don't use SurgiCoordinator fee.. but that doesnt matter . I would like to know from someone whose been through it .. How much was total cost , such as the recovery house , pills, etc. I have an office Job How long can get back to work , although I know we can't sit right away which is fine I can stand all day but its just driving wise...

Deposit Down

Sooo I put down my deposit.. now it just trying to get 2 weeks off from work and preparing everything.... needless to say I'm extremely excited. I'm going to see my DR next week to do blood work and whatnot.

26y/o No Kids , Need Confidence and Ready for a Change

Sooo after soo much going on with , starting a new job becoming a US citizen all within a month ... sooo now the only thing that's stopping me is my passport ???? so I swear in on the 30th doing my passport the same day , hopefully to get it before June 16th . Surgery Scheduled June 20th have to be there 2 days before...sooo nervous ... I've been on this site for about 3-4yrs just debating on surgery and what I want and finally took the initiative.... I'm super nervous. Pictures coming soon.


Sooo I booked my tickets.... I leave on the 17th and I'm staying for 2 weeks ? My surgery is on the 20th... I'm going to start packing now any advice ? On what I really need ? I will post pictures soon . Stay tuned ????????

Before pictures

These are before pictures I'm 5'4 and I weighed about 175lbs when these were taken . Now I weigh about 160.


Anyone else is going to DR on the 17th ????!?!? A travel buddy would be great

Wish Pics

Here are some of my wish pics ... I'll keep you girls updated ... it's packing time for me ????

I'm in DR

morning , last night was hectic , my flight was delayed so I didn't land until 3:00am but my driver was waiting for me , Conrad was super sweet , spoke perfect English , the city is beautiful, everyone seems to be super nice... I stayed at Serenity 2. The room was kinda unclean because they're were 2 other girls there with me. They were both super nice. One of them in pain I feel so bad ... kinda made me nervous. None the less I'm here just have to make it through surgery and recovery. Pictures later.


So I've been here since Sunday and when I got to the recovery house made friends right away everyone is so nice . Recovery house was kinda small but all the girls and the staff felt like family. The next day was my lab work ... which meant no eating ... so I was at Duran's office since 6:30am and I was basically on a scavenger hunt ... basically surgicoordinator didn't really help but book the doctors appointment... but hey had no choice. So I'm at the office it's one lady handling everyone. So of course she missed up then played dumb . Needless to say I haven't met Dra. Duran only in passing . So by the time I was done with x-ray , EKG, blood work , it was like 3pm and that's when I headed back to the recovery house. Starving and exhausted ????... I got there ate and showered and went to sleep. So my surgery is today . They said to get here at 6:30am, my driver for me here by 6:07am (first one here I might add) office didn't open up till 6:50am. Dra. Durran shows up at 7:30am , it's like I'm completely invisible, it seems like if you Spanish they tend to you better. Anyways finally meet Duran what seems to be a total of 5 mins , she took a phone call, chatted with her stuff the have the other Doctor take a picture of me , finally she comes in the room and just marks me no questions nothing ... so I told her I want hips and I want the fat from my arms removed her response "I'll try" so at this point I'm over it .... I pray to god I get the results I want because this was the worst experience thus far. I felt rushed and I didn't feel like I was heard. I paid so much money to all together you think the would at least show some type of respect. Mind you a Spanish woman went in before me she spent at least 30 mins with her .. soo I'll keep you updated.


Here are my post opp so far
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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