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Hello Lovelies! I am new to posting on this site...

Hello Lovelies! I am new to posting on this site so forgive the mistakes I am about to make. I am about to embark on something that I have wanted to do for years and am becoming quite addicted to this site.To you ladies that have recently gotten "new booties" or were already blessed with one naturally and are on here for other things, I am the girl that was staring at your booty. I confess. Not that I want YOU---I want your booty---as my own. LOL! AS for me I am (in the immortal words of Vivica Foxx) Strictly D--kly, just so you know....I just have a huge case of as "Ass Envy".lol However, soon I will be taking care of that! I am a former athlete that was blessed with big boobies but suffer from a case of "Noassatall". I am currently trying to decide between 3 docs Yily, Obaid, and Duran, currently in that order. I am 5'9 and 180 lbs. If I had to describe my build I am similar to the size of Laila Ali (not a lil girl at all) My pics look horrible, but in my clothes I pull it off pretty well I admit. I am currently enjoying this journey with you ladies and hope to have surgery in April of 2014. I cant do it sooner because I am in grad school and dont have the availability right now. I am soooooo appreciative of ladies like Cray Cray (luv her), LolaJae, BootyliciousDMD, among countless others that continue to update us "newbies". Your advice and updates are immeasurable. AS FOR MY BOOTY--- I do not want a shelf or projection donk. Not my style. I do want the upside down heart shape and a little fluff. Yily does this the best so far but I am wondering if her organization and staff's sanitary habits have gotten any better. Is the CIPLA more sanitary now? Does every doc give epidurals? These are some of the lingering questions I have. I plan on getting BBL, lipo on my upper & lower back, inner thighs, possibly chin too. I havent gotten my quotes back yet, so I am guessing on price. I am cringing as I post these pics....they are close up but hey, it is what it is. I cant wait to meet some of you that are making plans for 2014. Blessings to all of you and remember beauty starts from the heart.

So impressed with Yily's Results. Searching for Duran's....

I am probably going to be Team Yily. However I still want to see some more Duran. I have seen plenty of after pics but I need to see before and after pics.
Disclaimer: I will post more pics probably tonite because I feel huge in the before pics I posted and even my friend tells me it doesn't look like me.
Even though I don't travel until Apr 2014, I have started oiling my skin. Hope this helps. Haven't heard from Yily yet but it also hasn't been 7 days.
I realize I didn't mention I am married, with 3 kids. I have mentioned the lipo but not the butt lift. :-( He already thinks I am being vain......Dont know what to do! I am in the process of working out to firm up so when I get that booty, it will be OVA!! I think I will have enough fat for my booty from my tummy bcuz I am going back and forth whether or not I want my back thighs done. Hmmmmmm......

Another Yily ASSociate!

I've gotten my quote. My travel buddies. Now to work on arrangements!!! I am so excited already!!

"We can pick out asses later"

Spoke to the hubby last night about my plans. of course he started with the same ole, same ole lines..."you can get rid of that by working out, etc." Which I already do. Surprisingly though, he came around pretty easily because he knows that I do workout when I can and said 'he knows how women are'. When I mentioned BOOTY!! Girl, you would have thought it was Christmas morning lol. First thing he said though was, "not none of that Nicki Minaj ish". I know I married the right man, lol.
He does NOT want me to do the TT in DR though. He thinks I should do that here bcuz it is so invasive. I have a consult tomorrow to get a professional opinion from a PS on what my options are. I am going to ask plenty of questions because I already have a csection scar so that makes it more complicated.
I am so relieved!!! I feel like a weight is lifted! Hubby told me to let him know the results of my research (bcuz he already knows I get down) and get back to him. Then told me "we can pick out asses later" when he gets back home. rofl! Forget all that JLo, Nicki Minaj, asstalk......I'm going back to the original.....the Ms Jackson ass (if you're nasty) hahahahaha
Stay bootylicious my friends...


I have seen two of Duran's recent work FINALLY!!! She did the damn thing on both! Both that I have seen are DuranDoll and Michelle67913. You can see curves from the bed (and they are still swollen, bruised, etc.) I believe Yily is still good at what she does but Duran is giving what I want!!
Please Pray for a complete healing and safe journey for both of these sisters! XOXO

Questions Asked and Answered!! DURAN DOLL 2014!

I took advantage of a RS free consulltation with a plastic surgeon here in my area. (You can inbox for his name-he is in TX) I think it is great that this is offered and if you have the chance TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! I got to ask lots of questions and get his professional opinion on things that I needed to know. Some of the stuff I asked:
My biggest concern is the TT. I asked him if he would recommend one in my case (he said yes but would suggest trying to lose 15 pounds first to see how my stomach retracts), he also added that my muscle tone was great so if anything I only needed a mini TT.
I asked for separate quote for a TT only and one with BBL lipo and TT. I was honest and told him I was considering surgery outside of the US and sought his honest opinion. He let me know that there are great surgeons all over the world and he recently attended a conference in Brazil and LEARNED alot about things they were doing that doctors in the US are not. I told him that mine would possibbly be in DR but i may want to have the TT here in the states since it is so invasive. I asked him was he familiar with SODOCIPRE (he is) and told me that it is a Latin American accreditation association similar to ASPS (which I knew). He was impressed that I was doing my "homework", he said. His biggest concern was the language barrier and meds.
I asked whether he would remove my drains if necessary when I returned from having my surgery. He agreed that he would. He was also great about doing a virtual simlation of me with lipo and no TT vs me with lipo and a TT!!
THAT WAS ALL I NEEDED! I will be getting one!

I would suggest everyone take advantage of this! It is FREE, so why not?!
I did get a quote, which is more than twice what I will be paying but the peace of mind I have now is PRICELESS!

Anyhoo, I will be a DURAN DOLL in Jan 2014! Only thing left is to get my plane ticket and I will be summertime fine in 2014! Holla at cha girl! lol New wish pic attached.

What the FAJA??!!

Did anybody try on a faja before their surgery? Lemme tell YOU!!! lol I just tried on one and I DONT KNOW HOW THE H-LL I will be able to get one of those on once I am swollen!!!! It was hilarious! I couldnt even get it past the butt I have now!!!Do I need to take a vat of vaseline with me???Just curious what you ladies experience is/was.

Pic of my new "Wish Booty"

I found a booty that I think will go great with my lipo sculpture. Will post a pic. I only have a side shot but that's good enough for me. I am tall so I need something that makes a statement but not TOO overpowering. :-)
Just curious, do you ladies ever feel like you are slightyly 'perv' for obsessing this much over a butt?? Lol. I was thinking about this yesterday and had to laugh at myself.
I also have lost 7 pounds! Yay, me!! Not dieting- just walk/running the track and cut down on carbs/sugar. If I have to use sugar, I use Stevia or Turbinado sugar. I am also trying some yoga off the Internet. Helps with flexibility, which I need terribly.
Also, if any of you ladies are considering using travel insurance be aware that MOST companies EXCLUDE coverage when you travel for cosmetic surgery! I have found a couple of places that will cover "medical tourism" but of course they are more expensive than regular travel insurance. If you visit they show you what's available in the US and UK just in ce, God forbid, you should ever need it.
I am so happy about all of the recent ladies that had successful surgeries!! The streets will never be the same lol. Has anyone heard from sexy jiggle? I know August and September have alot more surgeries coming up too, so God Bless all of you!!

Things I have realized since joining Real Self

The following opinions are just some realizations of my at your own discretion:
1. Post-Op is Just as important as the surgery itself. Sometimes even more so. I have viewed several profiles where this actually made or broke a person's results. Since I am slightly OCD, I am hoping I do well.

2. There are a lot of fake profiles/embellishments floating around. Be careful what you "wish" for. Literally.

3. Yily is very good at lipo sculpture. No, correction, excellent. She can lipo the heck out of a waist and back! But she is best with ladies that already have some a$$ to work with. I do not so that is part of the reason, I switched.

4. Duran is excellent with lipo sculpture too but she is better at creating an a$$ where there was little to none before. She also is better at accentuating what YOU want AND leaving well enough alone. That is the big difference to me between the two.

5. Another RS member said that mental evaluations should be necessary before PS. I agree. That is all I am going to say about that **in my Forrest Gump voice** lol

I am realistic about this Sx. I do not expect to use this as a recreation/weight loss surgery, only to enhance what I already am. I notice that when I gain weight it is usually in my stomach area, so that is something that I will need to be vigilant with after Sx as well. I don't gain in my legs arms as much so I am realizing what MY issues are. My results, even though we may be built similarly, may not be the same as someone else's and I have to accept this. Petitemami's profile is really an eye-opener on this point. Some of the profiles I have read are not realistic enough, but that is MY opinion. I'm not bashing anyone- just stating an opinion. I have also changed some of my wish pics bcuz of this. I am still a work in progress, I guess. ;-/

New wish pic


What do the marks actually mean?

Does anyone ever ask the docs what all those markings they are putting on you means? Please share. I plan on asking.Just in case there is any misunderstanding. :-)
Ive been oiling my booty every day so that I wont get anymore stretch marks. The few that I do have are really light so they are not too bad at all. I want a good amount of cc's back there and they skin is still tight so I figure better safe than sorry!

I am so excited for the soon to be BBL ladies.......TTYL!


I am down a total of 12 pounds!! Still going! My goal is to lose about 25 and rebuild 5-10 with muscle. By that time I will be ready to carry All That A$$!! Lol

I have been reading different reviews and there is one common thread that I have seen thru a lot, not all, of the reviews. We have researched SOOoooo many things about our trip ( for those of us going to the DR) but I don't see very many of us researching about the CULTURE there. I think that is very important considering we will be there during a very vulnerable point in our lives. Some of us will depend very heavily on the natives for different things, so learning a little will go along way I think.

I have been speaking to my grandmother little by little about things there and she has told me some stuff that I see may/and have caused conflict for people going there. My grandmother was born and raised there but immigrated to the US before after she had her 3rd child, my mother. A couple of things that she explained to me is that we are very spoiled here in the US and we are also very wasteful. By spoiled, I mean that if something is supposed to start at 8:00 and it starts at 8:09 that is okay as long as you are treated well afterwards. Here in America, that is considered late and bringing it to someone's attention is considered rude.
There is a lot more we talked about and I will mention some other things later on but I think you get the gist. Basically all I am saying is, "when in Rome do as the Romans do".... More to come soon.

What's the deal?

I know my husband loves looking at "fine women" with big booties. But when I want one, suddenly I'm being vain. He is cool with it now but it was like pulling teeth at first. What's the problem? Do you ladies think he doesn't want the added attention? I have read more than a few where the husband doesn't want the wife to get the Sx but has no problem gawking at another chic's butt!

Iron pills are killing me...

These iron pills are tearing my gut up!! I've tried two different types! This happen to anyone else? I can feel the gas rumbling around.... Sorry for TMI. :-)

Any advice, help is appreciated. I don't want to add another pill to the mix ( gas pill).

Everyone has an opinion on who is the best bootyologist

A couple of people have asked me privately why the change from Yily to Duran when Duran gives Donks, and I dont want a donk,etc. Guess they didnt want to cause controversy. Well, here is why:

I believe Yily is gifted at what she does. No doubt about. I havent seen a bad one yet. (keyword "seen"). However, in my opinion, you have to see the before AND after to form a valid judgement. I have looked at plenty of both doctors before and after pics but for my surgery Duran will do better work. Yily can sculpt the hell out of a waist/back and make the booty you have more prominent. She is better with girls that have a little sumthin sumthin back there and I dont have anything. For example, If you look at NJprbeauty before sx she was already gorgeous with a cute shape. Yily just accentuated what SHE ALREADY HAD.
Duran gives booty when there is little to none before and she also can give a small waist/hourglass shape. I believe she is also better with girls that are not petite. I actually like the size of my waist BUT not my belly. I think I have good curvature they are just hidden beneath the fat. lol When I saw how she sculpted DuranDoll and another taller girl (cant think of the name) it was a no-brainer to me. I need a 5'9 ass to go with this 5'9 frame!! I dont need Yily giving me a 5'5 ass when she thinks "that enough for her". Give me what I want not what you think I should have! I want to get up from surgery and be able to simply swivel my head, look down and say "Hello Beautiful!" :-)
I also dont deal well with funky attitudes. I am pretty reasonable and have a lot of tolerance for alot of things but I am also quick-tempered. From zero to sixty-quick.
I can see it now...Yily talking crazy to me.....people blogging on RS about 'next thing I know Ms Booty had Yily in a headlock' a foreign country too!!.....I dont need any BROKEDOWN PALACE situations.
As far as the US docs, I dont like hardly any of their after pics. Some come out good but not too many for what I want. Their booties look square or they have 500 puncture marks on your butt, etc. It doesnt take all that. You can have multiple transfer sites and still use the same incision. That is what I like best about the female docs. They take into consideration the scarring too.

I was going to post this before but didnt want anyone to get "booty hurt" etc. But then I was thinking that this is what Real Self is for! We are here to get opinions, info, etc from each other. Just bcuz I said it doesnt make it right, nor does it make you wrong. I have seen pages get ugly in the past and really there is no reason for it. It is JUST an opinion. Toodles!

For the ladies

Said a prayer for all the upcoming surgery ladies. A prayer for traveling grace, a peaceful and complete healing, and to bind and destroy any and all evil spirits that attempt to hinder HIS will. Amen

Contact for Duran now.

I see so many people trying to get responses from Duran that I figured I would post this. If you are on FB contact Jazmine Navarro listed under Bella Vita. Inbox her and let her know you need a quote and what date you are looking for sx. She has been getting responses within 24 hours. I spoke to her and told her about the no responses, so you can tell her I sent you. Hope that helps.

Re: Bella Vita

Hey Ladies. It has come to my attention that Bella Vita does charge for their services. From what I was told they assist in getting patient completely scheduled, RH,Transportation, etc. I have NOT used them and was just trying to give some of you some help contacting Duran. If anyone has used the services, feel free to comment below.

Just thinking......

So I found out why the iron pills were killing my stomach. I switched brands, types, dosages, etc. Nothing seemed to work. Turns out I cannot take most pill form iron because it contains lactose (or some form of it). I am lactose intolerant. I have to take liquid form Feosol, etc and a smaller dose. So it was actually a combo of things that were bothering my stomach. Special thanks to the ladies that offered suggestions!

I am also down 4 more pounds!!! Yay! The stubborn back fat hasnt budged so I am still good for surgery.

I am so worried about taking off my faja when I get cleaned up after surgery/massaged that I wont be able to get it back on. Are there some types of tricks I need to know about that makes it easier? I know the little nurse ladies at CIPLA are pros at it but what about when they arent around?!!!

Update from Duran

Over the weekend I will try to answer your emails , not on instagram, use gmail or Facebook ...
Thank you ! Although I can not answer them all, all are worth a lot to me . Sorry if I'm late with some . Nice night !

Iron Update! No pill necessary :-)

This is what I am now taking and will be taking with me on my trip! Doesnt give me gas or make me tired during the day. I just pour it in my juice (orange, apple, etc) and I am done. Elli890 I included a pic too. The brand is Spatone and the name is PurAbsorb.

Medical History Spreadsheet

I am currently in the process of making one of these on Excel. it will be easier to have it done ahead of time for those that are traveling to DR or Mexico. The categories will be in Spanish and English but your history will have to be entered by you (with the aid of a translator app) of course. Let me know if you want one.

Medical History form is done

Inbox your email if you want one.

Getting serious now

Today I said see you later to my old friends Jose Cuervo, Dulce Vida, and my homegirl Patron. I will miss them for the next 4 months but it is necessary to take a break. We had some good times......
I am so siked about my progress so far and will post a belly pic tonite. Even my husband said he noticed! And for some men thats like pulling teeth. :-)
Later ladies, Im off to the track....


I tried to find the same underwear bit couldn't find them. Anyhoo, I can see the progress and I hope you can too. Trying to avoid a TT, which scares the bejeezuz out of me. Now I will be focusing on my arms! Saving the rest of the fat for my booty! ;-)

Progress contd.

My balanced diet solution

This is not really a diet but a way of life. I know where I tend to gain weight ( belly) so this book by Mark Liponis made total sense to me. I dont do anything else but walk 3 times a week 2-3 miles each time.

Melt Belly Fat: The Right Diet

High Protein Diet
Big belly types need to eat like their hunter/gatherer ancestry who lived by hunting game, catching fish, picking berries and so forth. These folks couldn’t hunt a loaf of bread nor a bowl of pasta and neither should you. Hunter types need a low-glycemic diet that fuels their metabolism with protein instead of starch. Feast on protein such as a chicken burger for lunch or turkey meatloaf for dinner. Have a side of mashed cauliflower instead of starchy potatoes to lose weight and whittle your middle.

Skip Breakfast
Studies show that people with big bellies who eat breakfast end up consuming more calories throughout the day. In fact, the typical hunter is often not hungry for breakfast and needs more time to build an appetite. They are more likely to feast than graze. To lose your big belly, skip breakfast and eat lunch and dinner only.

Eat Dessert
Hunters are not alone in that they crave desserts because carbs and sweets make us feel better by raising levels of serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Dr. Liponis recommends eating a little ice cream for dessert since it provides a serotonin boost yet has less sugar and more protein than other options, such as cookies. Look for double-churned ice cream since it usually has less sugar than frozen yogurt and even sherbet.

Drink Pomegranate Juice
Wash down your meals with unsweetened pomegranate juice. This fat-burning beverage is packed with vital antioxidants to counteract the inflammation that leads to belly fat.
Bust Butt Fat: The Right Diet

High Carb Diet
To bust butt fat, you need to eat like a farmer, which means consuming mainly grains and crops. Farmer types need to eat 5 times a day (small meals and snacks) to guard against drops in blood sugar. If you fit this body type, Dr. Liponis advises loading up on healthy carbs such as a whole-wheat pancake for breakfast, flatbread pizza at lunchtime, or pasta for dinner. Include two snacks such as blue corn chips or whole-grain pretzels.

Avoid Dairy
If farmers eat fat, it goes straight to their butt, thighs and hips. Therefore, avoid whole-milk products such as full-fat cheese, milk, yogurt, butter or ice cream.

Drink Soy Milk
To help cut down on fat, drink soy milk which contains the perfect mix of carbs and protein to help maintain blood sugar levels. Soy milk has been shown to help balance hormones and reduce the risk of cancer, including certain types of breast cancer.

Eat a Late-night Snack
Dr. Liponis recommends a late-night snack to help prevent blood sugar from dropping throughout the night. Enjoy a slow-release calorie food such as 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter on whole grain toast. It’ll also help you sleep better. Popcorn serves as another great snacking choice for this body type.
Secret Weapons for Your Body Type

Losing weight for your body type isn’t just about what you eat. Here are Dr. Liponis’ additional secret weapons to help make the pounds disappear and reshape your body.

Belly Fat Supplement: Chromium
Chromium is an essential trace element that plays an important role in insulin’s regulation of blood glucose. Because people with belly fat are insulin resistant, they can benefit from this supplement because it helps reduce blood sugar levels. If you have the hunter body type, take 200mcg of chromium daily. Available at drugstores for about $9 a bottle.

Bust Butt Fat Supplement: DIM (Diindolymethane)
A natural compound produced during the digestion of cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, DIM helps balance out estrogen and may help reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer. Research shows that estrogen contributes to fat below the waist; DIM helps block fat from accumulating in this area. Take 150mg of DIM in the morning. Available at drugstores for $10.

Exercises to Melt Belly Fat

Walk at Night
People with belly fat are more likely to store sugar as fat. Since these hunters usually eat their biggest meal of the day at night, they need to get moving by taking a walk after dinner to lower blood sugar levels.

Do the Belly Fat Roll
Belly fat puts more pressure on the spine and can cause back pain. Stretching is important to help loosen the lower back. Try the belly roll:

Lie flat with your arms up. Flatten out the small of your back and hold for 10-15 seconds. Put your hands up towards the sky. Now bring the knees up towards the belly and squeeze in the lower back. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat.

Dr. Mark Liponis, author of The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution,


I added stuff for people who gain weight in hips and it got connected at the end of the belly fat stuff, so be aware. The pic is of the chromium supplement I bought at a health food store. It cuts my sugar cravings. I put 5 drops in whatever drink I have once a day. It has no taste but I wouldn't use in just water IMO.

Terms that are good to know

I keep seeing certain terms floating around and decided I would post some of these to spread the knowledge. Sometimes these terms can scare alot of people if they aren't familiar. These are just a few that I have seen bouncing around, which some are serious but ALL are treatable:

MRSA (per
How MRSA is Spread in the Community
MRSA infections, as with all staph, are usually spread by having contact with someone’s skin infection or personal items they have used, like towels, bandages, or razors that touched their infected skin. These infections are most likely to be spread in places where people are in close contact with others—for instance, schools and locker rooms where athletes might share razors or towels.

Factors that have been associated with the spread of MRSA skin infections include: close skin-to-skin contact, openings in the skin such as cuts or abrasions, contaminated items and surfaces, crowded living conditions, and poor hygiene. People may be more at risk in locations where these factors are common, including: athletic facilities, dormitories, military barracks, households, correctional facilities, and daycare centers.

Risks from Contaminated Surfaces
MRSA is found on people and not naturally found in the environment (e.g., soil, the ocean, lakes). MRSA could get on objects and surfaces outside the body if someone touches infected skin or certain areas of the body where these bacteria can live (like the nose) and then touches the object or surface. Another way that items can be contaminated with staph and MRSA is if they have direct contact with a person’s skin infection. Keeping skin infections covered with bandages is the best way to reduce the chance that surfaces will be contaminated with MRSA.

Even if surfaces have MRSA on them, this does not mean that you will definitely get an infection if you touch these surfaces. MRSA is most likely to cause problems when you have a cut or scrape that is not covered. That’s why it’s important to cover your cuts and open wounds with bandages. MRSA can also get into small openings in the skin, like the openings at hair follicles. The best defense is good hygiene. Keep your hands clean, use a barrier like clothing or towels between you and any surfaces you share with others (like gym equipment) and shower immediately after activities that involve direct skin contact with others. These are easy ways to decrease your risk of getting MRSA.

Hospitals and Healthcare Settings
Healthcare procedures can leave patients vulnerable to MRSA, which is typically spread in healthcare settings from patient to patient on unclean hands of healthcare personnel or through the improper use or reuse of equipment. Investigators estimate that about one out of every 100 people in the U.S. are colonized with MRSA (have the organisms in or on their body but not causing infection), and these individuals may transmit MRSA bacteria to others by the same methods listed above. Another term for people colonized with MRSA is "carrier" which means the person carries the organism in or on the body and may transfer the organism to another person who subsequently may become infected. A common place for carriers to harbor MRSA organisms is the nose.

Hands may become contaminated with MRSA by contact with:

colonized or infected patients;
colonized or infected body sites of the personnel themselves; or
devices, items, or environmental surfaces contaminated with body fluids containing MRSA.
Appropriate hand hygiene such as washing with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand rub can prevent the spread of MRSA.
What are the signs and symptoms of MRSA infection?

Most MRSA infections are skin infections that produce the following signs and symptoms:

Cellulitis (infection of the skin or the fat and tissues that lie immediately beneath the skin, usually starting as small red bumps in the skin with some areas resembling a bruise)
Boils (pus-filled infections of hair follicles)
Abscesses (collections of pus in or under the skin; see Fig. 2)
Sty (an infection of an oil gland of the eyelid)
Carbuncles (infections larger than an abscess, usually with several openings to the skin)
Impetigo (a skin infection with pus-filled blisters)
Rash (skin appears to be reddish or have red-colored areas)


A seroma is a collection of serum (also known as lymph fluid) within a cavity inside the body. Serum is the yellowish liquid portion of blood that remains after the red blood cells (which transport oxygen to the body's tissues), and white blood cells (which fight infections) have been removed. A seroma can occur after liposuction. It is generally a nuisance, but not a serious complication. Without treatment, a seroma will usually resolve slowly over several weeks to many months. To accelerate the disappearance of a seroma, the surgeon may remove the serum by inserting a needle and draining the seroma into a syringe. Seromas may be caused by the use of large diameter liposuction cannulas, or excessively aggressive liposuction in a localized area of fat. Seromas are a common adverse result of ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL). Seromas rarely occur when surgeons use the tumescent liposuction with microcannulas and use the "open-drainage" technique for post-liposuction care.
Compression garments can help prevent seromas. Compression garments reduce both the number and size of seromas. The most important measure in the prevention of seromas is the use of micro-cannulas to reduce the degree of surgical trauma caused by liposuction. The surgical trauma is reduced by doing liposuction using only micro-cannulas (outside diameter less than 2.8 mm) and by not using ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL).


Necrosis occurs when fat or skin tissue turns black and dies due to lack of blood supply to the healing tissues. Necrosis usually occurs in the first couple of weeks after tummy tuck surgery. Smokers and diabetics have an increased risk of necrosis, and it can also be caused by infection. Necrosis causes delayed healing and increased scarring. Careful wound care is required to heal necrosis and, in rare cases, additional surgery may be needed.
Aftercare, Washing & Bandages
It is important to keep your incisions and sutures dry. This means no showering unless your surgeon specifically tells you to do so. You may or may not have surgical paper tape (such as SteriStrips®) covering your incision lines. Some patients have reactions to adhesive, so if you develop small blisters or sores under your paper tape, do let your surgeon know. If your incisions are not covered, you may be asked to apply a triple antibiotic a few times a day, or change wound dressings. You should have been given a sheet to outline how to care for your incisions at your pre-operative appointment, or on your surgery day. Please adhere to your own surgeon's guidelines and seek your surgeon's approval any time you wish step outside the steps he or she clearly defined. Although you should not use scar products on new or open incisions, some patients are instructed to use scar treatments soon after suture removal. You should wait until the incision line is no longer open. Your doctor will advise you when you can begin using scar therapy.

Patience Is A Virtue
Although most of us will find it very difficult to be patient during the healing phase, it is unfortunately an absolute necessity. Whether it is patience in giving your body time to heal and not doing too much too soon, or having the patience to not judge your results prematurely. If you expect too much too soon, you may set yourself up for disappointment. Your body has gone through an elective surgical trauma and will be bruised and swollen, You will be sore and will not look as you will once you are fully healed. Please give yourself time before you judge their appearance and become upset.

Kinds of lipo Duran and Yily use - SuperWet and Vaser

Super Wet Lipo is one of the treatments people can opt to undergo. During the treatment, a general anesthesia is used in this kind of liposuction. To add, the name of this procedure is acquired from the process of injecting fluid into the body of the client. It reduces the chances of bleeding, bruising, and swelling. It makes the removal of fat cells from the body of the patient easier.

The Super-Wet liposuction technique is a an advanced technique used to remove higher volumes of fat and is more suitable for large areas. This name is derived from the fact that fluids are injected into the body of the patient being treated. The amount of anesthetic fluid injected into the area being treated is equal to the amount of fat removed. This is due to the fact that the more solution that is injected (up to a certain point) means less blood loss. Therefore, one cc of solution injected for each cc of fatty solution removed, caused minimal blood loss. This technique also causes fewer traumas to the body tissues and results in minimal pain and bleeding post surgery. Super-Wet liposuctions require general anesthesia.

Once the solution injected injected, the surgeon makes an incision in the skin and inserts a cannula that is moved about vigorously within the fatty tissue. Suction is applied from a vacuum or syringe to remove the broken down fat. Larger areas require multiple incision sites to insert the cannula. As the cannula moves through the fat tissue, it creates tunnels under the skin. As the body starts to heal, the tunnels collapse and form a better contoured body.

Although this technique is similar to tumescent liposuction, it takes less time than tumescent liposuction. Areas which take 4-5 hours to treat with tumescent only takes 1-2 hours with super-wet liposuction. Also, with super-wet liposuction, less fluid is used for treatment.

Patients whose bodies are normal to slightly overweight are great candidates for Super-Wet Lipo. Also, persons who have tried exercising and dieting, but cannot seem to get rid of the stubborn pockets of fat are a great fit for this kind of liposuction as well.

Similar to tumescent liposuction, results should last a very long time if a healthy diet and lifestyle are maintained. Recovery time from Super-Wet liposuction is minimal. Full recovery takes a few weeks. A compression garment can be provided to wear for a few weeks or longer.

Vaser Lipo (per

The next generation in body contouring, VASER Lipo uses ultrasonic energy to selectively break apart fat deposits while preserving other important tissues. Whether you need help with a small problem area or a major transformation, VASER Lipo allows your doctor to do his or her very best work.
Ultrasonic energy has been used for years in a wide array of medical applications - from catching that first glimpse of a baby to cleaning your teeth. Now the gentle power of ultrasound has evolved to fat removal. VASER Lipo uses an ultrasonic technology that is tissue-selective. The ultrasound energy targets unwanted fat, but preserves other surrounding tissues - such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue - to promote smooth contours and rapid healing. Maximum results and minimum downtime are what you can expect with VASER Lipo.

What about future weight gain / fat migrating to other areas?
This is a common misperception. Following your VASER Lipo procedure, should you experience weight gain or loss, it will tend to be proportionately distributed over your entire body. Once you have fat removed, it is gone and, assuming a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and exercise, it will not return or migrate. However, because fat is necessary to a healthy body, some essential fat layers in any given area remain untreated. If you do gain a significant amount of weight, the remaining fatty tissue will expand.

Makes sense!! Lipo removes fat cells, so it leaves the other untouched areas that have more fat cells to swell up!

I didnt look up Laser because I am going to request the it NOT be used.

Tropical Storm Gabriel

September 2013

The U.S. Embassy alerts U.S. citizens living, working and traveling in the Dominican Republic that as of 8 a.m. EST on 5 September 2013, Tropical Storm Gabrielle was moving northwest across Puerto Rico at approximately 9 mph with maximum sustained winds of 35 mph. According to the National Hurricane Center, Gabrielle is projected to pass over the Dominican Republic between the afternoon of Thursday, 5 September 2013, and the morning of Friday, 6 September 2013.

The government of the Dominican Republic has issued a Tropical Storm Watch along the northern coast from Cabo Engano to Cabo Frances Viejo. A Tropical Storm Warning means that tropical storm conditions are expected somewhere within the warning area, in this case within 24 hours.

Although Gabrielle is expected to pass between Puerto Rico and Hispaniola via the Mona Passage, rainfall of between 2 to 4 inches is expected in eastern parts of the Dominican Republic, with heavier rain possible in mountainous areas. The National Hurricane Center advises that these rains could cause flash floods and mudslides in mountainous areas.

We advise U.S. citizens to exercise caution and, if possible, avoid areas that may potentially be affected by the storm. For up-to-date information, please visit NHC’s Web site

Best way to send Duran payments

Express Send thru Wells Fargo is the best way bcuz they have direct agreement with Banreservas. If you have a Wells Fargo account they send from your account to hers. If you dont they send it to Banreservas which Duran can claim then with the confirmation number you email her. (thats how i did it the 1st time). It is only approx. $7 - $10 depending on amount. Pic of page included.

Addendum to above

If asked it is for PERSONAL use. (which it is)

Narrowing down choices....

This is one of the 3 semifinalists for my booty. May not look like much but I love the curves!

I definitely will need a butt lift now....

School is tearing my a$$ up!! Haven't been around in a while, but I still luv y'all! Lol (Texas drawl). Here is another pic of a semi finalist for my new booty too.

We have got to do better....

Haven't been updating for a while because frankly, I was tired of seeing the petty cat-fights on posts. I decided to create a page here because everyone seemed so open to sharing what we perceive as our body flaws and supportive on how to fix them. Now it seems that alot of the post are self-serving and sometimes downright ignorant and mean. I do not like arguing myself so I sure dont want to read two, or more people, arguing over something so petty. Some of us need to truly evaluate whether we need cosmetic surgery or rather work on fixing on inner "Real Self".
Respect is defined as showing regard or giving consideration to something or someone. If you feel that someone "disrespected" you, there is nothing wrong with inboxing that person and saying, "I didnt like the way you said that, etc." but calling people names and wishing harm on them in the OR is uncalled for and childish. On the flip side of that, there is nothing to be ashamed about saying I APOLOGIZE either. I dont believe I have ever disrespected ANYONE on RS and I definitely do not intend on it either. I have met some truly great ladies on this site, so I know we can do better.
"Blessing and cursing coming from the same mouth, these things should not be so." NIV

Iron info and help (Hgb at 14.4) :-)

Best way to raise hemoglobin by pill - Geritol Multivitamin (yep, good oole Gerry).
Best way to raise it quicker - iron pills + foods like meat, beets, and spinach. DelMonte make a pretty good pickled beets in a jar by the canned veggies.
If you are anemic, you cannot rely on just the normal dosage to raise hemoglobin. This will only give you your daily allowance of iron. YOU MUST eat iron rich foods in addition to a multivitamin.This will help put you over the top.
Caffeine, vitamin D, and Calcium ALL decrease iron absorption (it is okay if its in a multivitamin).
Beets are very high in sugar so if you are DIABETIC or PRE-DIABETIC beware.
Normal blood cells are replenished approximately every 90 days, so if you are anemic you should begin a regimen in at least that timeframe to prepare for surgery. If you have less than that time, try to get more iron from MEDIUM RARE to MEDIUM-WELL cooked red meat. Over cooking it will reduce your iron intake.

Hope this helps the upcoming surgery ladies...

Booty bamboozled

So what I have decided to do is "prime" everyone for my new booty. I bought these padded panties that I wear whenever I have on something fitted. Caught a couple of dudes doing a double-take too! That way this new booty doesn't just show up out of nowhere! ( insert Dr Evil laugh here) rofl.


I guess i need to clarify how I can get away with my plan. I rarely wear fitted pants/jeans. All because of my lack of booty. I can camouflage it well after all these years!

Sobering thoughts

I cannot say this enough! It is extreeeeeemely important that we all are in the best shape we can be for this surgery. MOST IMPORTANTLY, this is NOT a surgery for weight loss. It is only intended for cosmetic surgery. Things can happen at anytime to anyone, but why make the odds any greater? I read a post (on another site) where a girl was willing to hide the fact she had a serious condition to get this surgery. It is not worth it. At least not to me. God Bless all the upcoming surgery ladies as well as requesting a blessing over myself.


Ok sistas, i need your help. I am torn between a few bootees that I like. I have narrowed it down to 3. I know I wont get exactly this but a girl can dream right?! I am going to post a side view pic and then number each pic of the semi-finalists. LET ME KNOW WHICH ONE you think is best for my frame. I am 5'9 and have a short torso and LONG legs. I tried to pick girls with similar frames too. THX!

keep voting!!

Thanks everyone so far for voting!!! I said i would wait at least 24 hours before I choose. Frankly, I am tired of looking at asses. lol I cant help myself sometimes!! it feels like an addiction! ;-/

Word to the Wise

My friend just updated that she was DENIED surgery by the staff at CIPLA because of her BMI. Its official. (at least to me) If your BMI is over 34% you will be denied surgery. There are plenty of internet sites that will help calculate your BMI for you.

We have ourselves a winner!

Looks like its gonna be #3!!!!!!!!

Im out!

It is my opinion that the Real Self moderators only reveal what they choose to allow YOU the reader to see. Ever wonder why bad reviews never "seem" to make it to the front page? hmmmmm...For that reason I am leaving this site. Inbox me your email if you choose to keep in touch. After 24-48, I will no longer participate on this site.


Another big problem Duran us noticing is that many ladies are coming over for surgery dehydrated. Per her Facebook page. Dehydration will affect your hemo as well as your recovery time. water, water, water!!!! And no, iced tea does NOT count!!! Lol

checking on my ladies!!! countdown begins!

Hey ladies! I know I have been MIA but school is a bear this year!!! I am so excited about all the new surgery ladies !!! Duran is doing the D--- thing, let me tell ya!!

First, don't be too worried about Duran's responses to your emails. Pre-op patients don't get much of a priority unfortunately. When you are a patient however that all changes. She responds all the time to all your questions. I am lucky enough to have a friend that was a Duran patient recently so I got to ask her questions.

If you can join one of the FB groups. Any doc-there is lots of info there! Duran will pop in from time to time to answer questions. I thought this was very cool!

The main thing I learned is that lots and lots and lots of people overpack. Truth! You don't need hardly any clothes unless you are planning to vacation too. Mostly you will need pads, lipo foam if you are not having a tummy tuck, your meds(very important), and things for comfort like a small robe, etc. Hopefully I will post my list tomorrow.

Ladies that are struggling with iron--try the liquid Geritol of which is available at CVS, Walgreens, etc. I am at a 14.4!!! Yea baby!! Just checked last week. I drink a smoothie I've made of fresh beets(including the stalk),blueberries, spinach or kale, kiwi and unsweetened apple juice at least twice a week. Other than that just my multivitamin,biotin, and pur absorb once a day with OJ. Get your iron in on an empty stomach in the morning it absorbs better.

I will be making my rounds checking in on plenty of my peeps and some of the new ladies too. God Bless all of you and remember to try and pray for someone else if you can.

Special thanks to Kirsty for responding to me and being a great moderator for this site (even though my phone wants her name to be Kristy). Lol

Finally!!..It happened to me....(CeCe Peniston)

I love my new body!!!!
I am so happy that I chose Duran as my Doctor!! She responds all the time within the same day if I have a question. She says her post-op dolls are the priority. When I saw her last time before I left DR she had 6000 emails in her box......

I promised my girl NJExx I would update, so Here is my journey....

I arrived in the DR on December 4 for surgery on December 6th. When you first come into the airport you go on this winding corridor to get your immigration receipt ($10 US), then to baggage claim, then down this ramp where there are a group of people waiting for arrivals sorta like a red carpet audience. This is where you will find your cab/ride to go to your destination.

Duran said I did not need a TT which I was ecstatic about. She grabbed and pulled on tummy and said my skin had great elasticity. I do not have stretch marks which was another plus. She gave me a huge compliment because she could not believe that I am older than she is....Duran is 37 btw.... I told her I did not want a large booty---mediano, mediano, I told her. She speaks good English and I speak some Spanish (inside joke with NJexx) I didnt want anymore than 1400 ccs and wound up with 1300 ccs. I wanted to focus on my waist and natural womanly curves and she gave me exactly what I wanted. Be VERY detailed about what you want and ask as many questions as you need. She took her time and answered everything. I only showed her pics of what she has done that I liked. The previous wish pics I had were girls that have had silicone injections. Those results are totally different than fat-grafting. I realized that although Duran and I talked about doing my inner thighs, she did not mark them up. Sooooo, I took a POST-IT NOTE and wrote in Spanish THIGH LIPO!!! "LIPO MUSLOS!!" and put it on my gown before I fell asleep from the blue pill. LOL I would not suggest this but it worked for me! Duran laughed about this when she came to see me post-op. I have posted pics I have of pre and post-op. I plan to post more at 1 month post-op. My body has totally changed!! It will continue to change for up to 6 months per Dra. My pre-op measurements were:
bust: 38
thighs: 26.5

bust: 35
waist: 29
hips: 44
thighs: 25

The blue pill took about 15 minutes to take affect on me. it is called Medazolam. I dont remember anything after i went to sleep from the blue pill. not them starting an IV or catheter. I only woke when Duran was wheeling me back to the room bcuz she rubbed my head and said "Bella, everything good."

I recommend to anyone going over to have surgery to stay in a recovery home if you can. Real Recovery is beautiful. Did not see the inside though. Silhouette Angie's home is very nice also. The condo where I stayed was very nice and modern, however it had stairs and no elevator. I do NOT recommend any type of stairs after lipo! I almost passed out because I was so weak but if it was not for Jose Brito, I do not know what I would have done!! Love HIM!!

Recovery Home vs. Condo Sharing:
I gotta say Lola Jae hit this one on the head. If you are going to the DR alone and/or meeting a surgery buddy while there, I advise staying at a recovery home. I say this because unfortunately not everyone has common courtesy, respect for boundaries, or just plain common sense. If I had to do it all over again, this is the ONLY thing I would change. I am not the type of person that continually gives passes to a grown @ss adult just because they are working on their issues. If you dont want to stay in a RH, try to plan your trip with someone you TRULY know. Because when issues arise not everyone accepts responsibility for what they did wrong, believe it or not. Other people in the house may/will take sides and/or make excuses for the person in the wrong just to prevent people feeling awkward. As for me, I came in this world alone, so IDGAF if you get in your feelings. When you are wrong, you are wrong. Fortunately it all worked out in the end.

If its not on this list you dont need it. SERIOUSLY.
meds (including your vitamins,etc)
pads - i took a pack of 48, I would suggest around 60 if not getting a TT
shower flip flops
chuxx at least 50
convert at least $150 over to DR pesos before leaving USA at your bank
baby wipes
feminine wipes
funnel (i got a car one for $1.97 at wallyworld-you will not want to sit)
around 5 trashbags- if not at a recovery home
diabetic syringes-post op if your drain hole close b4 massage, this will reopen
2 maxi dresses
chlorox wipes
your extra faja-i was so glad I had this!!YOU WILL NEED THIS!
snacks for cipla-i had a pack of protein bars and a 6 pk of V8
alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer
arnica - 2 bottles depending on how many massages- i got 5 massages
hullseed cylinder pillow- boppy did nothing for me...
gauze pads and tape for drain hole (1 box and 1 tape is enough)
housecoat - similar to the one you nana wears. buttons not zippered

If its not on this list-I did not use it. Some of these supply lists are nuts. After surgery you will spend most time laying around so you need minimal clothes. I wore a VS sweatsuit on the plane there and the same one home. Dr does not have any type of narcotics on hand, so bring your own pain meds. The most you will get is a high dose tylenol and muscle relaxant. The syringes came in handy when my drain hole closed before my 2nd massage. My drain was removed 2 days post-op. Massages are a necessity for proper healing and relieving inflammation. Do not be afraid to let your caregiver know they need to change gloves. No gloves were worn for my massage but I did make sure she washed her hands. MRSA is REAL. Sometimes they may honestly forget but it is YOUR health and YOUR responsibility.

Jose Brito was the driver I used. He is an honest guy and will not take advantage of you. I hear Juan Bambino is the same. The only drawback with Jose is that sometimes he spreads himself too thin. He speaks English so well that he was helping girls that did not even pay him. Believe me, some ignant girls go over there and cut the he-- up! when you use Brito be specific about what you want. If you want to sightsee- tell him for 2 hours and which timeframe and get the fee up front! That way there is no misunderstanding. Jose is a good guy. Silhouette Angie came to see us which I totally appreciated! If she can she will visit anyone from the USA, just give her a call.
When I 1st started this journey Duran/Yily did pay arrangements and would hold dates. No more pay arrangements, and Duran will not hold dates if you have not sent in a deposit after Jan 2014. A few bad apples ruined that. Girls holding dates are not showing up for surgery. Only 2 showed on one of my post-op visits.

So far so good. I wear my garment religiously and have had to get a smaller one with the butt out. I started with an XL and now need a medium. I actually feel BETTER with my faja on!! Duran recommends butt out 3 weeks after surgery to give time for swelling to subside from surgery. You will still have swelling but that is different from the traumatic swelling of surgery. I gotta give a shot out to BigBootyTinyWaist here. Her regimen is on point. I dont do the sqweem but everything else works for me. It is mandatory to get massages from a trained professional to heal correctly. WEAR YOUR GARMENT! I can always tell which girls wear their garment and which ones dont. Post-op regimen is way more important than some of this pre-op stuff. PLEASE DONT SKIMP ON YOUR POST-OP. If you need to trim for your budget, do it on other things but not here. Follow doctors orders and drink plenty of water and eat iron-rich food even if you dont like it.

Overall, my stay was a good one. I am glad I went, glad I chose Duran, and glad that I had a couple of the buddies that I had for my stay. I would NOT do this alone if I didnt have to do so. Unfortunately, I was unable to go with my boo NJExx because my classes will start sooner than expected so I had to get in where I fit in. I will post pics from my phone within 5 minutes bcuz I am currently on my laptop. My 1 month date is in 1 week, so more recent pics me-- I look totally different! I feel like I am missing some things and probably am but thats my story. Hope I helped someone out there.....

Post op pics-have changed since this...

Pre op pics are above in pics.

One more thing...

I took Hibiclenz too. Forgot that. I used it everyday for 2 days prior to surgery.

another thing

Of course, i did take tshirts (ones that fit snug against your body) and compression sock (thigh high open toed) or you can cut the toes off.

my situation right now...

Happy New Year everybody! Here is an updated pic and some info on what jose brito does for you. This is actually more booty than I actually wanted especially when compared to the waist size. I am somwhere in between 28-29 inch waist. My butt/hips actually grew to 45. I am in a butt-out faja by marena now. Duran says this will give blood supply to the new fat grafting area. I may switch back to the butt in faja, but anyway it is still there and after 6 weeks supposedly it is all mine to stay.
The itchies are a problem but I realize if I stay "well-oiled" they arent so bad. That and my gold bond powder work it out well enuf. Your skin will be extremely dry after lipo so be ready. I am SOOOO happy NJEXX is on the other side now!!!!!! Luvmesumher!
Ask away, if you have questions. Good luck to anyone just starting out on this journey too. Now just waiting for the fluffing fairy.......
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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