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So in the initial stages of a possible new outlook...

So in the initial stages of a possible new outlook on life from the physical appearance. Have been researching on BBL and BL and lipo in Colombia. I contacted a travel agency "Gosculptura" who have me a quote of 8,697 which of I make a deposit before Nov 3rd they were gonna discount me a a little over $2000. when I bumped into the magic sculpture of DL. I sent email to DR Manuel Diaz and he reply me back immediately, he asked me to email him back with pictures. After I did he gave me a quote of $5,300 for surgery, doc fees an overnight stay at clinic and a garment. with the accommodation is $6,300. I started researching him better which lead me to discover Duran and Yily. Fell Inlove with the work of Duran so I Sent her an email and she also reply within the hour telling me she start vacation this week and will answer email next week. In the meantime she asked me to sent over pics with my height and weight. I sent it to and waiting for a quote. While am waiting for my quote from Duran I am still in contact with Dr manuel.

PS; I have been a member of RS under different email and have sent a few members email and have admire the progress some members have made and how great they look. Hope to achieve same results with mine. Will keep everybody updated. I am anxious as hell

OBSESSING over this "New Body" that I don't even have Yet!

Went out on sat with my bf.... Was looking fab. If it was any day I will say I was rocking the hell out of my dress. My hair and makeup was on point, but all I could think about is what am gonna be looking like. I am anxious to look like how I feel.
I am still waiting to hear from Duran. Just want to get this balling rolling already. Sent out emails after emails today and also I inbox her in Spanish on FB.


Gearing up courage to upload my pics

Duran Dolls help me out

Ok so I went to my doctor and found out my hemoglobin is 12.7. I think I saw somewhere that homoglobin has to be 13.... Please help me clerify this. Duran sent me a message that she was going on vacation and will get back to me the following week, but in the mean time I should send my pictures with height and weight. I have but am yet to hear back from her. I am just preping myself for when I hear back. I want this thing done soooo bad.

Oh I start my iron today. Girl is seriously commenting to getting a new body and rocking a new life.... Hahaha. Dolls need some input

Wish Pics

About To commit

So after a little over two months of contacting doctors, I have come of conclusion that dr Diaz is the best for me. He has answered all my phone calls and all my emails, which I cannot say for Duran. He just sent me the Bank of America acc # for me to make a deposit to reserve my date. I'm very excited and anxious at the same time. My decision with him has been validated base on the extensive research and how much faith JennBerryJuice has in him. After this deposit there is no turning back.

Decision! Decision! Decision'

Need to make a deposit to reserve the date, but it feels a bit nerve racking.... Did or does anyone feels any kind of way about committing to the sx. First instead of the requested $500 I want to do $$$$$ half the total price of my sx that way I don't back out. Don't get me wrong a girl is looking forward so much that some data I wish I can move the date forward but as a single mother with two boys (12 &9) I have to make arrangement for their upkeep while am away. Who am I kidding... A girl have to raise 6grand. Hahaha. Now am checking on airfair and also researching on recovery house. So much on my mind. Hmmmm


Hey dolls... I here believe there is power in numbers, am looking to for a fellow doll or dolls who will be traveling to Santo Domingo, DR in Feb around the 17th thru the 28th. I want to take a lil bit of home with me and since we family over here it will be nice to have someone from RS to travel with. Let face it being away from family is had especially if you going for sx. I want to feel safe. Let's get to know one another before we begin this processes.

The Ball is Set.... #TeamDiaz

After a conversation with Duran(which was painful due to the language barrier) and her assistance Elizabeth who has been more than helpful, I have come to a conclusion that my first initial gut feeling was correct. Of all the DR doctors I strongly believe Dr Manuel Diaz is the best for me even though Duran quoted me a grand less. Yes after looking at both of their work, one might consider Duran over Diaz, esp with all the noise abt her booty work. But I don't need just that part of my body. I need them tiddys up high singing hallelujah to Jesus. I need an ALL around architect to perfect on this piece art. My decision to go with Diaz was solidify on his availability. I want a doctor who have time to work on me, whom I can reach but mostly I don't want to be a face in a crowd. I have done my research and everything excluding the price point to #teamDiaz.
By the way, started my Iron(my Hgb is already 12.7) vitamin C and I opted to take prenatal vitamin with folic acid.

It's official.... #TEAMDIAZGUZMAN

I cannot hold my excitement.... I am set with DR Diaz Guzman for Feb 18th arriving on the 17th. The best part is I got the best Sx buddy/doll anyone could ask for. I will be staying at Camilla's Recovery House. Just can't wAit to be a diazdoll...

Ticket Purchased! RH booked!

Just bought my ticket thru Jet blue flying out of JFK arriving on the 17th of feb... I am supper dupper EXCITED!!!! DOCTOR MANUEL DE JESUS DIAZ GUZMAN here I coooooome.

We all Need That One Person

This journey has been interesting to say the least. If you are anything like me, then you really have no one to talk to about this. I got most of questions answered by the question veteran/newbies dolls have already asked. it still didn't feel at all real until God sent me that one person. of all the ppl that I could buddy up with, I got the person closer to home. my sx buddy is that shit. she is cool and just what I need. am all set. just wait till Jan 16th to do my count down. wish everyone the best of luck.

Hate the waiting Game!!!!!!!

It's looking like I want the world to pulse for me... Like every party invitation I received I get irritated like how couldn't they wait for a few more months to have this party. I just want to have my banging body then we can all go on with our life.... #feeling some kind of entitlement.

Almost done Preping

Every Step of this Journey is no Joke

Just realize every decision feels like it's between life n death. Everything from choosing a Doctor, to where to RH to even band aids feels like my life depends on it. Being online since 10am this morning trying to get all my last min stuff. I have spent more two hrs reading on surgical tape. Am confuse on which ones to get.

Life decisions.... Hahahaha

Who would have thought?????

Never thought I will be cramping my brains on surgical tapes and wipes.... SMH.....
And here I thought I didn't have patience!!!!

Bag PACkED!!!!!

More than a month away and my damn bag is packed and zipped up like am leaving moro... Here is the same person who couldn't packed for the delivery if any of my children. I'm gonna convince myself this isn't obsession, rather in just determined to get that body....

Oh Lawwwwwd....feb 16 where u @.???? SMGi

Some changes....

There is way too many medications. The vitamins were taking too much space in my bag so I got a pill organizer to make it easier n efficient for me. Besides I will hate to be looking for bottles when am in pain. I organized my meds( my doctor gave me all the prescription except Haprine)....

I have officially lost all my Marbles!!!!

Am on IG when I saw #Diaz Flocking his bad self on the Beach I started screaming at the phone "oh No my 3rd maker(1st maker;God, then my 2nd my Mama now I get my 3rd Marker) get out and go put some clothes on, I can't afford u getting sick. I was screaming like dude can hear me. It's official I have done lost it.

But seriously #Diaz needs to put all fun things on hold until he sculpt me... Point Blank Period!!!


I am booty obsessed is Kray Kray...... I have been looking at peoples booty it is disgusting. I look at them online, at work, at grocery store and basically everywhere.... I have access every1 at my job n in my head point out the ones who needs 1st class ticket to DR.... Oh gawwwwwd have mercy on me... Hehehehehe


My obsession...... Smh

30 Days to be Diazmerize

It's official... Count down mood activated and my iron is grrrrrrrreeeeeeat!!!!

Mood shifted!!!

All of a sudden that excitement is not there... I have the most supportive man any woman can ask for. He is supporting me on this journey emotionally, financially and physically... Did I tell y'all dude is learning lymphatic massage, leave it to him he will go as far as getting a certificate (he is over achiever type)
Problem is he is against me touching my boobs, and my boobs is the only thing on my body I hate and I mean I hate it with passion. The booty was gonna be a bonus of going under the knife. You see when he ask me on our first date what my insecurities were I told him my boobs. Said on our first date that's the only thing I will correct. My boobs are saggy, deflected but big. In bra it's the bomb and would love the same confidant out of bra. I hold my boobs up anytime am naked he he will prey my hands away and let them fall. I thought all this was him being a gentleman and be sensitive to my feelings. He has try over the years to make me feel comfortable about them tiddies or I thought that's what he was doing, didn't think he really loved them the way it is until now. He is very adamant about them staying that way.
I don't want to go under the knife if my boobs are part of the transformation. I really thought he will come around if he saw how excited I was about the lifting them. I explain it will still be real since am not putting anything in there. It's a difficult place to be in when over and over it comes across to him that I don't put his feelings into consideration. This is a man who is giving me his all in every sense of the word even thou I took marriage off the table and he is a firm believer of marriage and the whole family unity and I took his ring yet we are not engage. It seems to him I don't care but I do and love him with every bit of me. How do I get him to understand that I will still be a 100% real because nothing fake will be put in there. I want to be super dupper excited like I was.

PS; he requested an app from his company for me to make and receive calls while am away. He wants me to keep in touch every step of the way since he has to stay behind with our sons.

A week away

Exactly one week from today I will be in the one of #DiazDoll. I have mix feelings and I hope it is absolutely normal.

**** SX Dreams Activated *****

So Two Nights in a Roll I have been having recurring dream about sx. The worst thing ever happen. Diaz didn't lipo my arms. The egg was still in my elbow(the top back of elbow) God I was hysterical and my sx buddy DCYILYDOLL was pissed of at me bc I was balling like my entire family was dead. She said girl have u seen ur ass I snap at her and said forget my ass, the least he could have done was lipo the arm. She smack me and I woke up.
Lawwwwd help me bc I be tripping lately. I'm anxious and on edge. I'm glad a schedule my sx right after valentines day. My boo makes that day so special and I hope this Vals is no different.

Luckiest girl on planet earth

I'm so happy to have a man who is not only caring but is compassionate and selfless. Yesterday was just perfect. I needed yesterday to prepare me for this journey. My baby always makes valentine special but he went above and beyond to give me a memorable day. He said he wanted me to go into this knowing I have every reason to live. From the night of the 13th to now it's been one surprise after the other. He took me to. Wells Fargo early Thursday money.(money ready for sx) then push me to stop by work place wen thou am suppose to be off. I got special delivery of chocolate and flowers. Then I came home to a nice intimate afternoon. We had a great afternoon with the kids and they love their valentine presents. Later he ask me to choose between a dinner or movies. I choose movies but that was a ruse. He booked a private room we had dinner then he took me to see "About Last night" after the movies he took me to a hotel(Hilton's) where the room was magnifico. Apart from the roses on the bed was a jewelry set and a purse. He said he want me to have the best mind set for the sx. Well let just say I'm not anxious or stress out anymore.

Oh yeah got my lab results back.... Hemo is 14.5.


Hemo is over 14

Forgot hemo pic

Out of here dolls

About to board that plane....
Wish me luck girls.

I pull thru

Where do I start??? First my flight was delayed, some woman pick my time to act cursing at one of the attend bc they wanted to put someone's baggage on the top storage but she says that whole slot belongs to her. Long stroy short she was thrown out but the worst part is they had to take out her checked baggage which took almost 2hrs to find hers. I got to DR couldn't find anyone picking me up including my sx doll buddy DCYILYDOLL(who had a rough start of yesterday) pull my phone to make a call only to relaxed it was dead (please write down important numbers and full address of ur destination) made friends with two men with guns quick and I took both phones to call home so the hubby will give me the numbers I needed... Well he was asleep so I did what any normal red blooded wowam, sat down on the floor like I'm begging for lose change. Oh did I mention no matter what I did this phone all of a sudden will not charge. About 30mins later I saw DCYILYDOLL and Myra boy was I happy. Anywho I went straight to CIPILA and did my blood/EKG//X-ray done. Everything was great.... My hemo was 14.7(whooooooo) cleared up for sx. I got marked up(pics will follow soon)and given the ultimate blue pill. Sx time. I open my eyes a couple of times but Diaz was right to assured everything was fine. After Sx there is a transition room b4 u go into room.. The room failed it's purpose, I told the male nurse I couldn't breath but he kept saying it's normal. After about 20mins of nagging I was sent into my room which made me so happy. I bought this common thing that is use after sx In the states. incentive spirometer I got from amazon. I blew It like my damn life depended on it. After a while the private I hired her is CICI, she is the best. She alert a few nurses and when they came in I saw in their eyes "panic" and one them kept saying you might have been sick b4 bc u can't develop this intense cough just like that. The Admitting nurse showed up and cleare it up. She told them I was healthy. Then came the cardiologist, I slipped into sleep when I woke standing tall was my hot doctor diaz. I later found out from Cici that he came in over hour to make sure I was ok. Another doctor came in as well. They put oxygen on me but after it was safe to remove the oxygen mask they transfer me to the intensive care where they perform the oxygen treatment. Everybody said my doct

Pull thru 2

Hit sent by mistake....
My hot doctor is the best everyone had great things to say abt him. Even cici agreed and she said she been with client in Cipla for sometime now for a doctor to show up that late 'after 11pm and stayed past 1am. I was very impressed with the way they all handle me and I will forever be grateful. In total I had over ten ppl came in to see how I was, and none was a drive by, they all stay for a while. FYI the pain meds they put in the IV do not work, cldnt even put me to sleep. Left my pain meds in the room upstairs and language barrier is no joke. So I ended up waiting longer for my meds. In the morning they did X-ray, which was fine, run blood test n my hemo had dropped from 14.7 to 12.6. Did EKG and I was advise to do cardiogram when I get bk home. I have been discharge and right now Am in Armonia. It's very nice here, my room has a balcony and I can see the beach not that I plan on going there. Myra is soooooo sweet, one of the gentle ppl I have come in contact with. She came over to see me in the ICU.
I canot see my breast or see my booby either, but I can see my hips am bot am I pleased... Will update with photos soon

Sorry for being MIA

Hey dolls am sorry for being MIA.... For a woman who worked thru two rounds of Chemo and Rediation I sure as hell have felt the impact of Lipo. Am two weeks post op and drive the first time yesterday. I'm always irritated with this Fajas. Wish I can do without it. Secondly I hate sleeping on my back since that was never my position of choice. The only times I laid on my back was during sex and that was even few times considering I have to have it every night....
I have had mix feelings about this sx. One day am extremely happy with my results, next day am not.... Some days I regret doing it especially after finding a to do list of the hubby. Just felt like I made a selfish decision to have sx.
Hubby LOVES how I look. He said he was petrify I was gonna come bk looking like a striper with fake BOOTAY....
Love my boobs even tho I think it's too smAll. ( had big saggy tiddies but were all skin not enough tissue).
Honestly have nice natural booty but right now am booty greedy!!! Will post pics soon. Thx girls for all the support, I appreciate it greatly

Recovery house ARMONIA!!!!!

I believe the best decision I made in this whole journey was staying at Armonia. Myra is an Angel. She made me feel like I was her daughter. The food tasted great and fresh. She has a great stuff. Ruth is the masseuse and God she has hands of an angel ( I has two masseuse. One that came with Diaz Package and she was also amazing. She had me laughing even tho she didn't speak a word of English). There is another Ruth in Real Armonia who is the daughter of the massage therapist Ruth so it's Ruth #2. And then there is one of the overnight care takers her name is Leidy who is careing and funny as hell. Oh she does hair and nails as well. There are two women who are mainly the cooks and their is two young skinny women who are always doing something... Cooking, cleaning, serving and at your service whenever. Did I mention the house is wiped down everyday from top to bottom with sponge, soap, water and whatever? The scrub the all white leather chairs in the living area every blessed day. Beds are changed everyday and bathrooms empty twice a day. As you can tell it takes someone who nitpick to notice things. My family believes I am OCD because I have a particular way of cleaning and things and areas have to have a clean fresh kinda bleach, lime/lemon scent for me to really feel at ease and they had more than that in the house. I didn't have to use my Lysol wipes and spray that I took with me.
One piece of advice put labels in ur tank/mens undershirt since everyone has the same and after the washed it I wasn't 100% sure it was mine I didn't take it. Lucky for me I took quite a few and I also had colored ones which is the only ones I brought back. Same with towels I took about 12 wash cloth which 4 were colored, again that's the only ones I was left it. Not that anyone took it but after they finished laundry I wasn't sure if that was mine. Label your stuff if you can including your garment. Remember we all have the somethings and you wanna be certain what they bring back to your is yours not what someone had on and bleed in it. Real Armonia is the truth. We had three ladies move from their recovery house to Armonia.
Last thing I had a problem with the wifi in my room, anywhere in the house I had service but my room found out the day I was leaving that there are three wifi in the top apartment which is where I was staying but I was only signed on to one. Most knew and had service anywhere there were in the house. Try and log in to each so as you move around you connect automatically.
Good luck to all the pre op dolls and happy healing to all the post op!!!!
There are a few more stuff can't remember their names. Ruth has another daughter who handles the doctors app. She takes u to CIPILA or wherever ur doctor is. Her name is Clerrissa.

Last meal at Armonia

Last lunch I had before I left DR

Some pics

Will take some naked butt pic later

Side by side

Natural but now am booty greedy!!!

I owe Diaz an Apology

Y'all have no idea how much I cried and whin to this hot Doc about how tiny my butt looked. He was so patience but had a smirk on his face when he said P you are going to love ur body. Give it time. You are all swallowed up. Trust me. I didn't give a damn anymore bc I was convinced it was a waste of my time, hubby's money, my strength and I risked my life for a tinny ass. He always said after all the communication between us, your hubby's concern (yes homeboy called the doctor several times) and nature of ur job and lifestyle I felt like the natural approach was best for you. Boy was he right. My boss almost committed himself today when he said Ms K ur backsides but stopped in mid sentence. My mom asked me today what did u pumped into ur butt?

Have been dressing well y'all know how we dress now. I always look like a stunt woman in a movie. Worked up yesterday very late in the afternoon so after taking a shower I didn't put my "uniform" I just wore hubby's undershirt and damn I turned myself on. I was feeling myself. I saw what hubby have been seeing all this time. A natural curvy woman. I was so horny looking at myself that I invited the hubby to a one man, one woman show and boy did I loved hearing raise the "fat" ass up. I was so into myself that it made me give him all me.( mind, body,& soul)
Still have some swelling but I'm very happy I look so natural.
Oh my co-workers are looking extra hard trying to figure me out.
Will have hubby take pics when he gets home.

Arm lipo Regret!

I was so disappointed with my results at first that I didn't even bother wearing the arm compression. Now I regret it and I wonder if it's too late to start now... Smh

Been busy

Being real busy.... Went back to work in my third week post op. Back to the usual schedule of busy AM, drop kids at school ( diff schools), then off to work then back to picking them up, homework, activities then hubby gets home. By the time I'm done I have no energy to post anything. I think I usually rest b slack off at work lol.... The only problem I have as of this moment is I HATE the faja. I sleep without it. Here is one month post op pic I took a while back. I have been able to get away with wearing sweats to work and boy I'm feeling myself. When I zip the sweat jacket my booty pop too much so I don't. I have a tough time explaining my ass and that's obvious shelf since my sx is suppose to be on my boobs alone.

Sex after SX

Where do I start???? I'm not one to go without for days. As long as hubby is in sight is on n popping. He don't know how to do quickies so I had to really go without it after I got home. He didn't want any part of it, afraid he will hurt me or make my situation worse. I had to do a lot of convincing to get him to even hold me tight. But when he finally agreed to give it a try, he couldn't hold back. We been going at it like wild animals. Highest point of it was when I heard "babe raise that big ass up! Baby girl back that big ass up! That had me wanting him to go deeper. Boy smacked me on them ass checks n instantly he went babe am sorry didn't mean to hurt u.... I didn't feel any pain during but sure did each time after. The soreness in the back is real.... But I feel sexy in all my lingerie.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr Manuel has been more responsive. He has answered all my questions and made helpful suggestions

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