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So I had to re create my account because I...

So I had to re create my account because I didn’t know how to update my reviews and threads and it wouldn’t let me create a ne review.

I’ve actually decided to start blogging because I am actually looking at almost 60 days until my proposed surgery date of 9/20. I’m scared shitless and I have done absolutely NOTHING.

I am research recovery houses because I have a feeling that is the most important thing is where will I me laying my ass down at. I found of course JM Spa but she is booked for that week. I am going to call her back mid agusug. People cancel so you never know. I also got info on another one Yasmin Sotomayer. So I will be looking into that

My next plan of attack is this passport and air flight. $165 + $500 for the roundtrip from Cali to DR.

Then I suppose I can start ordering ALLLLL these darn drugs and ointments. My primary physician doesn’t know what I’m doing and would probably go ape when I tell him because she always tells me how Lovely my body is for a 36 year old, my tome and shape blah bah blah.. I tell her to get this back fat off and these rolls and then I’ll listen..

Well I hope this review works and that I can update it often and connect with others

Anyone else going down mid September to see Yily?

So what is this there are 4 o ther girls scheduled on my date

Wow.... si I did a search for september 18 for yily and I found 3 other girks scheduled for that date. Now thats not to say that they all actually go but really. I KNOW there are some carry overs from girls that had to wait the next day or days due to test results but REALLY.. I aas looking into an alternate but shit she has my 350... I might have to just look into Cabral.. 350 isnt a great deal to lose if u miss out all together on ur surg or go under when ur doc is weary due to over booking.... eeeeeeeessssh

great home rentals in DR.. airbnb.com is cool

My babe is going so I wont have to recovery house it. Now looking for nurse.. added pre opp pics with alterned versions using surg app

September 27th date set. Cabral Barbie you say?

So I just made my appointment with Maria Isabella with Dr. Cabral's office. I had been corresponding by whatsapp (which I thought was strange). Considering I had scheduled time from sept 18 thru 30th to be gone and down in DR. One more week didnt hurt that. Still trying to figure out the housing now that my gf is coming wi th no recovery house needed but need ti find one close enough with washer nd dryer for reasonable rate. Passport on the way and plane tickets still $475 round trip. Just got Amazon Prime and now im getting free 2 day shipping on all purchses. Im gonna get these dam plane tickets today and then ill kno itsreal

Actualizing What Is Really About to Happen

So I got through this every time I get close to having this surgery... But I've never been this close. I'm like really questioning being so far away from home and having this type of surgery. I mean its not like I;m having a tummy tyck where its a bit more intursive however its intrustive enough. I actually spoke to Dr. Cabral today. I was calling Maria Isabella to get her to send me information and as we were talking (she is really nice but busy) She said no wait wait he is here right now.. He got on the line. I didn't kow what to say. He said so what are we doing? I whispered "lipo and transfer"..He said oh BBL in a whisper voice and started laughing. It was rather awkward but nice to talk with him.." Oh yes you already Muy Bonita.... It will be no problem".. I got off the line and he responded to my email to Maria with info he felt was pertinent and advised to call Maria back for info re Recovery House and transport... I just keep thinking the guy I'm going to have this surgery with is banned from the US for another year?? WHO GOES TO THIS GUY???? But as I read the reviews on all of the other DR surgeons I don't really get excited by their work.. And for the few reviews here like 2 of Cabral's I like. And the photos of the suspected clients. Gissy Jennie, etc.. etc.. I LIKE.. anyway... I looked into Salama and this Doctor in Houston and calendar full, 3 times the amount I'm spending and the work isn't as extreme as I like..so I'll just continue to pray and be open minded...

33 Days and counting.........

I haven't been very vocal about my doctor or my surgery. I don't comment on every girls post.. I kinda just surf for what I'm looking for and cut... but I'm real talk 33 days out. I hsave my passport my flight booked and my vitamins pre med pills are here... I'm still trying to narrow down my recovery house situation but Its like REALLLLY like happening.. i've been had the money.. and now I have ample vacation time to take off so its like no hang ups... Ive been lookimg at Dr. cabrals work via his Facebook page and its like WoW.. I dont really need to see the post op but a year out.. and I've seen it. I dont need to see the brusies and sweelig and all that but a year later and if your his facebook friend you can see some of his patients.. Flights are still $475 rt from SFO to DR amazing.. ive been dragging my feet on the flight thinking i might have to change my date but nothing is in my way now.. EXCEPT My girl dog is preggo AGAIN..I have purple ribbon blue nose pits and we breed so she will be having the pupps Sept 18-25th (63 days after the lock up) so my GF isn't coming now becuz she has to tend to the liter.... well in my 30days I'm going to be starting a diet and slight execise regiment and i think a you tube page.. cuz folks might appreciate it... Blessings and see you on Tuesday ...

starting pre op vitamin supplements

exactly 30 days ....

I received my pre surgery vitamins. I research vitamins to heal the body for ANY evasive surgery and of course Bromelain or Pineapple Juice,, Iron to keep the blood count up, B12 and Folic Acid.. I also received from Dr. Cabral's office the list of post surgery meds that I will have my PCP here in the states prescribe ad fill for me but I'm not going to post them because I believe your physician should direct you on that avenue. I plan to purchase a faja garment thru Amazon as well.I'm going to purchase my first from Cabral $100 but I will purchase a small garment for phase 2.. My legs are so big when I look at the garments with the biker short leg I feel like NOOPE that ain't gonna fit. I wanna just get the thong or brief cut.. but I suspect there is a reason that the leg and hip are compressed after this surgery. I also got a response from Armonia. asking for specifics of my surgery (date, length of stay, doctor, flight itinerary, etc..) Contact them via Facebook. It took 3 days for a reply but they did. Well its a count down... Its weird that I'm one of the only Cabral patients in September and period.... I'm not worried .. I'm excited.... BESSOS..

Reality vs. Wish Pics...... Dont wake me up DAM IT

Ok.. so my profile pic is my ultimate WISH.. I'm not going to brag but I have a great frame and under all this excess layer my 8 pack is hybernating... I was fortunately given a nice ass and legs .. and 8 years ago..I was on Serena William status.. but with age and hormonal change along with LACK OF upkeep I let the layering pile up... but while looking at alot of photos of women that have had some type of plastic surgery or modification I realize alot of these women have not only had liposculputure, with fat trans but hydro gel injections if not just flat out gluteal implants WHICH ARE OK BY ME... this surgery is ONLY clearing out the fat that I can earnestly remove myself.. but I know I have to get BACK in the gym to tone it up and keep it right.... I look at my profile/wish pic and say you know what that's obtainable with surgery and continuous exercising.... I really just want him the shave me down... Every one would love a second chance... I am hopeful for a second chance to worship and attend to the AWESOME temple that God gave me... 24 days til the DR. been on vitamins... no drinking.. serious reduction in smoking..... getting blood test done on Friday for my PCP to give me my levels... Ive been reading and watching all this TYPHOON of calamity on this forum and Its like TYPICAL...it is intimidating but to be expected.. What is a BIGGER ASS smaller waist..ability to wear tank tops backless or strapless garments.. confidence and blessings aren't coming thru the cannula and syringe but shud be the thriving force to get you there.... I will never be ..... or....... or even ...... they are them..I am me... hopefully the best me....

** a very sincere post....*** excuse the typos...

DEAR SANTA.. Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy... any Guardain thats listening...

I finally communicated with doctor Duran

And yes she was as kind and engaging as it has been reported. I was instructed to contact her assistant for scheduling. This has tottally changed my pov and the anxiety that I had been feeling for the last 2 weeks... after reading several Duran reviews I found vaulable information that will help with finalizing plans and recovery. I am loking for a possibly sx buddy.. I have info on private nurses and cooks for after care... Im not sure what date I will get but the doctor understood my special event in 2014 so she said ASAP surgery.. al I can say to thise that have reached out ..try whatsaspp...it tooj her a week but she replied suprisingly... I was going to Cabral but Duran responded in the most crucial time..

When I get my date I will change on calendars an review in order to find buddy.. PM me if u are an October date looking to buddy..

I ready to buy everything now...

Surgery Date pushed out unitl November 2013

A whole lot has happened in the last month at work that prevented me from just taking off for this surgery. While I was upset during that time I have been in contact with Duran and was able to switch to her from Cabral. All I'll say is God does what he does... I'm not going to go into too much detail about anything here on the boards but would love to engage in convo with other like minded folks off the board (for support, etc..). I have a possible friend coming as support and she is a traveler she just wants to visit as well.. Depoist has been paid... flight booked.. researching accomodations... and private nurse for the for visits every other day.. still entertaining another surg buddy.. will update with the basics soon.. thanks for the inboxes...Hoep ALL is WELL

Funds have been transferred......

Flight paid for on Orbitz.. they are scandalous on the change fee if you need to change date.. sheesh.. deposit to m doctor and to my recovery house.. its 30 days and counting... I'm actually starting a vlog on YOUTUBE about the pre and post op..... hope all is well with everyone!

I'm 10 DAYS PRE OP.....

that's all I'm saying.. Flying out Sunday 11/17 to DR and Surg Tuesday 11/19 GOD WILLING.... shout out to my Recovery House ..Host Angie and my Surg RH House buddy... you kno who you are.. IT IS GETTING REALLLY REAL!!!!!+

YOU TUBE BLOG GOES UP AFTER surgery,.... youtube @ IamLeslieMoskowitz

7 day countdown

This time next week I will be popping that blue pill....

This time has FLEW by..... im all packed with the exception of flip flopsand 3 whatever dresses.. confirned with Angie my pick up..I havent called Duran's office this week... ill call in an hour... ive read some reviews that had me nervous and looked at some drains like OMG but its already writtrn pass me my blue pill dam it... excuse me can I have two....lol

Ill put up sone before pics when I get there

48 til take off and 96 til Take Down.... LOL

I'm half way packed .. and totally in the zone.. I uploaded my pre-surgery video hella random but as promised. Will try to up load photos from my phone tomorrow...

I have a FULL day tomorrow will visits and last minute pick ups..etc..etc... Good Night and I will be atcha during the next 48... LOL

Post Op Pictures

I've decided to put some up now.. I did my quick well not so quick video and said F It.. they go up too.. I have to get some locks and beliee this FLIP FLOPS and then I'm done... Goign to get a mani and pedi tomorrow visit with my Grandmother and Mom and my two BFFs... I'm just surfing the reviews and seeing some great results from both Yily and my doc Duran and I think it's awesome all the changes that are coming for everyone..

Couting my money out and setting aside my drug money... LOL because I am bringing some of the goiod KNOCK HER DOWN and relax those muscle pills... so 20 midgets can massage me at the same time.. hahahaha

Good Morning America...

I mean PRE OP PICS above

I know you like POST OP.. OH HELL NO... its 6 am and I should be somewhere spooning with sheep but NO I'm up and on this darn site....

The VLOG -

I had the video set to private.. DUH no one can see it.. sheesh anywho.. here it is... My Surg/RH buddy is already on her way.. WOW.... I'm on my way to get my mani pedi with NO POLISH and then to have a steak and spinach salad.. I want to zip this suitcase but I know there is something else that needs to go in there...

every pic is my wish pic... dam

So I never had wish pics because most of the pics I saw were too good to be true pics and required more than one procedure.. so I had nothing to show Duran.. I started playonf with the surgery simulation app and waaalaa.. insta wish pic...

Getting a mani pedi then off to SFO... I know im forgetting all kinds of stuff but ... its ALWAYS LIKE THAT FOR ME...

1 day post OP - FEELING IT sheeesh

this will be quick, Duran is the isn.. Elizabeth really nice.. CIPLA nurses male and female really nice. Language barrier is REAL but duable. O overnight nurse is need nd support or RH.. be careful of what you wish for.. my ass is HUGE.. PAINFUL AND HEAVY.. SKIN SUPPPPPPER SENSITIVE.. THE ideal of a massage i wan a kill myself.. STOP SMOKING NOW... MY RH rookie is awesome CallMeDuahi... Dominican women in here getting nip tucked as well.. they are gorgeous..THE MEN ARE FINE... pictures of me to follow..

Angie's RH is

a few picks...excuse the blood

a few pics

I wull do detailwd review when im not so molestia.... lol

ok I hope these post




post op day 4.....

Updating on phn.. little buttons.. bad wifi so forgive tardines. I really want to share.. I am carrying a great deal of fluid ti be massaged and drained daily by Durans masseuse Chakita aka the fucking executioner... she dint even play PERIOD... its rough for me ladies I can even enjoy looking at results becuz if uncomfortable fluids.. sleeping is hard. U get stiff but peeing toilet has iimproved .. I dont know the ccs or amounts.. I have shrunk down and it isnt sooooo massive cuz I was thi nking where do I get jeans for this lady lump... I got that dip tho.. and what yall call the shelf... but no good pics and its just to much trying to tak ok n all that while getting shower massage etcc.. sorry that shit be in the way... I cqn only upload 2 pics at a time so I hope these post... Duran Didnt give me a drain bag just tubes so I drain I to pad all day.. im moving to row 3 on garment and my post op appt is Tuesday.. CallMeDushi is taking it like a champ cuz I be over here feeling like Nemo.. Trynna get home asap rockie... ill holla back

day 2 post op video with CallMeDushi

filmed on the second day at the recovery house with callmedushi

I thibk I have committed the #1 Sin

The swelling and fluids have tittallly gotten the best of me and I have had no peace with sleeping or laying down... so o had been sleeping on myback for a few hours in or der to gain the precious few hours I could get.... I know see my hips and ass slowly deflating... im not paranoid or going to kill myself but I th ink the last 3 days of laying on my back has ffected me... I believe I have a seroma on my lowe right side.. I will have to go address this with Duran tomorrow so that my massages and draining can be proper.. this seroma is tge demon that has been keeping me up and not allowing me to sleep on my tummy..

My recovery has been less than exciting even tho I pop up with a video and joke im really feeling like shit.

I hop the swellong will go down in the next 48.. im at to massages a day and this fluid is non stop

I took a poop this morning and ass cheks slammed tighter and heavy then ever... I dont know... going back down for a few.. I havr a rigged block ilay actoss that allows me to press against with my tummy and watch tv with out being on my butt...

Blah blah blah.. not comments or questions today... im in my feelings.. boo hoo

oh my god I have a booty...somewhere under all of this swelling..

it has been a very very long and last 6 days for me..... I have been experiencing extreme swelling with no drainage. I have been to see Dr Deron 3 times and today she finally removed my drains. I wish I could experiece the whole Masengile running through the lilies moment but I was one of the ones that had it rough.. I just got the best deep massage from Elizabeth and with the drains out so much fluid has left my body. I also got an anti-inflammatory shot and that should help with the rest of the swelling.. I have never been much of a poster but I will continue to post as much as I can when I can with real in relevant facts... and trust me I will do more videos when I get back home and I'm in my right mind.. at least I have Maury Povich here.I never get to watch that in the state I'm always at work...I just wish I could take a good shower or bath..I don't know how you guys are supposed to not babe properly for 10 days...yo ass got a stank..lol.... I'm going to post a few pictures and take a nap...you guys have a blessed day and I will holla back... oh if you want to know anything else about me please check out my blog IamLeslieMoskowitz at the blogspot.com...I write erotica my spare time..ok talk to you guys later peace..

random pics during the last 3 days

prayer and a little east Oakland will do.

I was feeling like Ms. CELIE mighty bad.. mighty mighty.. I had just had my massage stark naked.waiting for my faja to dry..dinner was ready smelling great and I was starving..but I wanted to put on my garment before I ate..my roomie was getting her massage and the other nurse attendant is pregnant so I feel a certain kind of way having her strap me in...it was me and the garment...with no extended strip...and painful seroma on my right side I close the door turn on the AC and got busy....I see that myself...after the praying and praying and crying and begging and sweating..and giving my best rendition of too short screaming BITCH.... I snatched each clip closed..I kept saying to myself I didn't come down here for this b*******..and pain better not come for me.. I'm from the town... and that's it. On so many levels... today Duran showed me a picture of myself laying on the operating table naked.. torso snatched... I cant give in to this pain... cuz if I came down here and sacrifice God's temple.. trust me I'm not coming back to the states without it being proper... The Lord My Witness....

ladies this surgery is no f****** joke... please understand this is a serious commitment.. because after that blue pill it's all really out of your hands... happy human to everyone thats on the other side.. please pray for me because I do not want to be in a Santo Domingo Insane Asylum


pics maybe

plastic surgery cosmetic vacation agent

call Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. And 9:00 a.m. Their time....that's all I can tell you it took me a very long time to get in and it was a miracle. I called at a weird time...and I messaged at a weird time for me anyway.....and she responded to me at 1030 my time..which was like 2 in the morning her time...when I was there the last couple of days I would tell her people are dying to talk to you she pointed at her phone and says they are not calling at the right time do you hear it ringing....my phone... and it made sense to me......after 9 a.m. Her time she and Elizabeth se busy in surgery...so if you really want to get through you wake up and get on her time..... that's all I can tell you.... she said she likes her to Instagram to so to continue to make contact there but I suggest calling the office between 7 a.m. And 9:00 a.m. and Their time...good luckand I watched her work hurting for 2 or 3 days is in response to the few in boxes I've gotten and the comment I've gotten regarding me by myself putting in a word wit Duran to get a quote or return a email.... her office is packed every day between 7 a.m. And 9:00 a.m. for pre surgery and for follow ups.... and when I tell you she is busy she's taking care of everybody nobody goes unseen..yeah it's a small and its very hectic.. it's beyond the welfare department & DMV smash together with traffic court taking place directly in the middle of an emergency room on a Friday night in Dallas.... its RUFF...but she makes it happen and I have so much respect for her..

so to answer everyone's question pose to me by in box or bike on it can I give Duran a message for you ... I don't dare because why she's draining the fluid for my stomach that's the least of my f****** worries...sounds crazy and name but its the truth.... for the names I see across my screen a real self I'll try to give those to have that she doesn't get over yourself you could try Facebook for Instagram I'll call her office

Sirius typos up there...like serious

okay I should be sleep but I'm up dictating to my phone...I like your pee is try calling her office in the morning between 7 a.m. And 9:00 a.m. Dominican time...her emails are full so don't send an email to try to Facebook I don't know which one because I don't do it on Facebook... whats app her phn.. but call office..Elizabeth will take ur email address.. I would enail / right when u call.. a shiet message so you can tell Elizabeth I just emailed this morning at 745 and give her your email address she will see your email address and respond to you and then you can engage and send your pictures... that's how I did it I got I Durant attention on Whats app call the office two or three days got Elizabeth attention sent the email she sent it back Bing connection

okay good luck ladies I'm signing off

roll of thunder he heard my cry

this is post op de 7...I feel totally 100 percent better..I am dictating this review so please excuse any typos

I just had three topics I want to discuss so this should not take up too much of your time.

topic 1.. water retention massage and water pills.. Angie my host suggested that I take water pills last night..I took a pill and drink what I assumed to be at least 40 ounces of water..I peed 500 times last night but I woke up less bloated and feeling 100 percent better and ready for my massage.

I still have these pocket of liquid on the lower right side but 60 percent of the extra bloatinding extra water was gone.

this brings me to topic number 2.. using the restroom and clean ones self.. .as you may know I was having a problem with holding my urine and till I could get to the bathroom..

continuation of review above

sorry my phone got stuck and I did not want to record everything over..

back at topic 2 using the bathroom...I couldn't hold it and then when I got there I could not prevent it from getting on my Garment.. I was miserable constantly soiling my garment...last night the sweet baby Jesus came to me and said my child use that green tea cup and eliminate...I took the green Cup put it in the proper place poured out peed again poured out no soiling to the garment... I cried tears of joy... I know it is not the most conventional but it was most effective..you may have your pee ez or go girl.. I have an Ikea coffee cup.... moving on to taking a number 2 and cleaning yourself after..most of these nurses correction none of these nurses want to wipe your s***** ass..no matter how much Spanish you know or how much of a tip you give them...I chose to save myself the embarrassment and invented an easy and effective tool for cleaning after..I took a plastic hanger and baby wipes and baby wipes I wrap the white around the long part of the hanger..one leg on the shower ledge.and I sleep in the wet part of the hangar between my cheeks like a credit card... cha ching.. I repeated this process 3 to 4 times until there was no more waste present...
again not conventional but very effective...

last topic more personal..last night I spoke to my wife for the first time not crying or complaining or sad..and I opened up the door to her to tell me about what was going on in her world at home...bad mistake....my wife is so funny sofunny.. In Living Color funny. let me tell you something funny.... I laughed so hard last night I cried from the pain... I could not stop laughing..it made me feel so alive but the pain was excruciating..

tomorrow is my last post opp appointment and I will ask the doctor all of the important questions about how much where etc cetera.. but I hope to get rid of this small pocket of fluid..I should be put in my stage to garment and ready to go home on Thursday..

thank you guys SO much for being so supportive and I hope my posting and reviews are helpful..informative or at least humorous during this very trying time before surgery and after..I will try to be available as much as possible and post at me any decent pictures as I cani wasnt going after a HUGE ASS.. most of what u see us mine.. I asked for hips and no fat a silhouette and I have that.. we will se what happens after the fluffing in 3 months

have a good day and I will check in later or tomorrow..xoxoxoxo


had my post at final appointment today..she drained all of the fluid that was troublesome for me. she is such a consummate professional with the highest caliber patient care I have ever experienced . she is very humble and shy. it is unbelievable I am very grateful for this opportunity for her putting her hands on me. gave me a very natural silhouette and I look forward to it transforming into something more beautiful within the next 2 or 3 months I am so grateful.

she gave me 1000 cc in each cheek maximum that my body would allow 125cc in each hip ..I did not take my measurements because I'm still swollen.

also Elizabeth said please call between 7 a.m. And 9:00 a.m. Dominican time. I was there from 7 to 945 and only three calls came in 2 of them were from Russia and one of them was from the Dominican.. ladies if she's expecting you I told her all about our conversation.

happy holidays I'm leaving tomorrow and I am so excited to be reunited with my family can just cry..

enjoy your family and I will check in on Friday with a detailed account of all the activity..including prices what to bring what not to bring what to expect who to travel with who not to travel with who to trust who not to trust what to expect emotionally because as you can see over the last five or six days I was out of my goddamn mind..

and happy holidays and I will check with you guys soon blessings

viva dominica... loca chica captured...

all of the back and forth to cipla and trying on I finally got my stage 2 garment.

it feels appropriate like a f****** straight jacket..

Fania and Elizabeth pushed my swollen self down into this thing and strapped me up.. I will not be taking this thing off for at least 3 days..seriously
I an understand the waist being so tight.. but the but nd legs are so tight how can it not damage or smash the fat.. Duran said stay in it for 2 months all day everyday.. 1 hour per day to walk the yard but then the other 23 hours on lockdown.. sheesh life behind these walls..

just wanted to share


so I'm in the throes of traveling all the airports trying to get back California...starting last night I begin to swell alit after u git inyo my stage 2 garment.. so I removed it and put on my original garment my feet kept falling asleep and numbing out..

I got on my flight from the Dr to New York and that entire three and a half hours right almost killed me.. my whole body was numb nd tingling..

Beware ladies going home after su rg..dress warmly and where your compression garments..and expect to t ingle

just sitting here stuck at JFK waiting to get to San Francisco..

first night home..potential post traumatic stress disorder

so after my horrific 15 and a half hours of traveling from Dominican to San Francisco..I am finally reunited with my wife and my two children dutchess and draago.. I'm in my home..and nothing is ready to post to be in everything feels out of place...I took a shower..and the water felt different the air felt different. I had my tools in the bathroom my coffee cup and my hanger that is about the only thing that seems right..
my wife has been trying to hug me and I'm like oh no no no..sleeping in the bed with somebody is so hard right now..

but I'm feeling good.my stage 2 Garment I don't think I'm going to be able to rock that thang..I'm going to have to get me a body shaper for my midsection and continue to wear my soft and lovely stage 1 grament underneath.. the stage two garment makes my whole body numb and that I can't take. I want to cut the legs off and use the top part... I'm going to find a seamstress to do it properly.

well I'm going to settle in for the next couple of days and hopefully on Saturday I can sit down in front of my terminal and write a full detailed review and maybe a video

you guys have a great day and I will check in soon

12 day post op photos

here are some photos 12 days post op without garment

I feel like I was talking fast liek the Leggo Man!!!! LOL

crammed video re my surgery journey.... its 20 minutes long so get the pop corn and milk duds!!!!!


17 Days Post Op - Measurements and The Like... IN PATIENT MODE

So today marks the first full work week I've been back in the office where I have sat on my ass ALL day. I ride a ferry boat on the water to the office so I sit.. but I'm hella perched..lol but in the office .. There is no way around it for me. I do work behind a computer ALLLLL day so I am forced to sit. I tried the poppy pillow and it was just too uneven and I was shifting all day. I sleep 4 hrs on my back and 2 hours on my tummy... it is what it is... and YES I have saw my measurements go do from 48 inch hips to now 46/45.. and I AM OK with it.. 2 native people from the DR that had the fat transfer told me they had NO massages and sat down as soon as they could with no loss.. and looking at them 2 yrs later.. I said.. OH yeah you cool... Each person is different but WTF what can you do.... honestly I was measuring and looking like OMG my hips and ass are shrinking.. but this WAIST IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO snatched that I am stiill the shit.com/org.. numbers have never mattered to me.. my shoes size, pants size, dress size.. AS LONG AS I LOOK GOOD.. and I can now wear whatever body con dresses I want... if all my NEW ass disolves I still got MY OLD ASS.. I'm just saying.. and I stil have to fluff right??? So I'm gonna be PATIENT

I got my altered stage 2 garment back.. and they didn't put strong boning in bottom as I thought but it is the vest I need so I'm satisfied.. I just want waist control and this thing is still like a straight jacket still. I been is my UBBER SOFT AND LAX Stage 1 Post Op large Garment...but I have the stage 2 on now..I'm on the first row and will try to get to third by x-mas in 2.5 weeks.

my co-workers are like you look great.. you lost so much weight.. especially the men.. they cant guess.. the office gossip knew and i'm sure she told everyone.. but because I had a decent shape already its not like OMG look at you... its like.. Oh You Look Good ... Funny thing one of the older female partners I let in on the secret and she was like WHO IS YOUR DOCTOR,.. and everyday she checks in HA!!! she is too old for the shit but I love the fact that she is with the shit!!!

my waist is 29 from a 33 so I'm happy and will try to maintain it.. I FEEL GREAT.. still some stiffness in my back from time to time but I feel like I can go tot he gym now.. SEROMA Outta here from self massages 10-15 minutes every night..

I RAN across the street for a changing light and I felt my ass hurting lol so when I hit the gym in 2 weeks its just brisk walking and abs no squats or lunges YET.. I'll wait til the new year for that.

I need new BELTS.. UGHHH cuz they are expensive.. I have several designer belts already that I will have to put new holes in... NOTHING IS OFF THE RACK.. keep that in mind,., Unless you are wearing spandex Dresses all day everyday.. this super Curvy Hourglass figure you are getting will give your closet a run for its money!

Hope all is well...for you guys that are approaching on surg... stay strong.. and focused...and know it is a PROGRESSIVE journey... I'll report later..XOXOXOXO

Additonal Pics Post Op Day 17

My altered stage 2 garment
29 waist
45/46 hips


If you want your quote or to make contact AGAIN try Call their office between 7 am and 10 am DR time which is 1 hr ahead or NY time.. You have to try everyday from 7 am 10 am their time.... PERIOD.. she is super busy Dra Duran and Elizabeth is her right hand so she is ALLL over. the clinic but answers the phone when she is in the office.. so dont call ONCE and give up... keep calling ALLLL MORNING... be patient and keep calling.. DONT BOTHER WITH trying to whats ap Duran FB her.. CALL ELIZABETH.. she is the gate keeper... Send a SHORT email with 1 pic to Duran every morning before you call so you can say to Elizabeth .. HI MY NAME IS blah blah and and I sent and email today fromemail is blah blah... and she will look for it while you are on the phone . I helped her with a russian person one day I was there.. Elizabeth coudln't understand the acccent and gave me the phone and we worked it out.. so She is there and wants to help when you get her..

call the office number on her website.. 8093315050 ext 212

I dont have any special inside track.. she accepted my call and gave me a quote cuz I called at the crack of dawn to elizabeth... she is SUPER BUSY right now since Yily is on maternity leave

hope this helps this:

LOST FOOTAGE - Post op Day 2 3 or 4....

1 Month Post Op - Happy Birthday New Waist & Booty

So it’s been 30 days to date and I must say it has definitely be a process and experience. My surg was 11/19
I’m not going to drag this out but the stiffness and soreness is there still in my stomach and back. I ache when I raise my hands over my head too fast and I can’t be out of my garment it feels weird.

I still have hardness all over my tummy and my incision above my ass has scar tissue and not healing the best. I still have a dam stitch in there as I can see. I will be going to doctor to have pulled or cut. I still take Iron , C B12 nd folic Acid. My diet has changed I watch out for the shit PERIOD.. little to no drinking. Only when it counts.

I have gone only one or two night out of my garment and it hasn’t changed my body but I think sitting on my ass from day one and up until now could have had an effect but its still round and my wasit is still tight and small. I sleep on my stomach and or on my side leaning forward . but I sit for a living and no matter home much I get up,… I still sit for hours.. and not poppy make shift pillow has worked.. they look weird and make my positure Off and IO fee tension trying to levitate….

No fluffing yet. My Measurements 34- under bra -29-45.5. and I’m OKAY WITH IT..
I’m please and have gone to the gym once to start my regiment. Back and ab work only . No extended walking and running or squats..

I will attach photos from Day 17-Today.

I’ll check back in 2 weeks or if anything of real interest pops up.. I really want to do a video.

Sory if I don't answer all inboxes or questions. I have a serious peev about repeating myself when the information is available above .. and for the 9999999999999999 time I DO NOT HAVE A SPECIAL DURAN LINE.. Sorry Ladies!


one month post op

oh yeah..

I cante run jog or trot.. jump... it hurts.. my booty gets sore.. I have to skip across and occasional street to avoid death and havr to scurry like an old lady... no running yet... no bouncing no smashing from the baCK NOPE

2 Months Post Op - Truth Be Told..

Hi You guys. I know its been a while. I just haven’t had too much to say. I’ve been just watching my prigress but I thought hey its 2 months I should do an update.

To be honest I have loss A LOT of Volume in the butt area. I’m down to 44 inches in the hips from 48post surg. But I will say the fat stuck at the top so I still have a great shelf.. My waist is still maintaining at 27. which is great.. I fee great and I have been doing a lot of walking 4 miles.. I do standing ab work because its feel weird to lay on my back and butt..

I still sleep on my tummy or on my side, I have some hardness still in the abs but it is softening up every week.

I still take vitamins Iron C B12 and drink plenty water.. I watch my diet but I have cheated with junk a lot in the last 2 weeks.

I really don’t take pictures I don’t and I HATE asking people to take my picture because they think I’m being vain.. I will post what I have in my phone soon..

No regrets on surgery was thinking should I do round 2 but thought what if that doesn’t take well either… I’m blessed and look GREAT so I will continue to work on this..

Check back Soon.. XOXOXOXO

pics post op 2 months

It looks bigger than ot is lol

3 months post op pics

ill officially be 3 months February the 19th. I was trying to wait for the third month to see if I saw any improvement in that shape and any decrease volume and I'm here to report to you ladies fluffy Is Real... at first I really didn't notice how much of a difference it was but then I really start noticing how small my waist was and how he was my Butt was ..all of my swelling has gone down but I still have tender parts on my obliques and on my lower back about my bUtt. I workout 3 times a week I do a lot of elliptical and lunges which causes my bUtt* to rise .. overall everything is working out fine and I'm happy with my results but you have to maintain no eating and drinking like crazy because I feel weight gaining in my back again So I'm working out like crazy.. ladies.. duran is A goddess.. I will try to put more pictures up soon but I don't really take a lot...bathroom pics a really boring so.. I hope this was helpful I still take my vitamins I drink a lot of water and I still sleep on my stomach I don't use any body pillows or anything else... and my booty is very Jingly.. lol ...again I hope this is helpful


So I have gotten some emails asking like the same questions so I thought I would answer here up front.

I am usually responding by with phone and there are typos and stud so while at a terminal I will try to get it clean.

My surgery was 11/19/2013 with Duran in DR
Surgey cost for BBL was $3800
I travelled by airplane alone and met a friend there
My Flight was 511 RT from Cali to DR
I stayed at Angies recovery house
Angies email is silhouetterecovery@hotmail.com
$85 per night I stayed 11 days 10 nights $850
Elizabeth is her assistant and she speaks good English as well as Duran
Staff at CIPLA are mixed with English and non English.

I really don’t know how much I spend in total after the flight , surg and recovery house but you should have at least 1000 dollars to buy extrasa garment, clother, medicine maybe.. All of the above costs may be higher or lower.. there is just what I PAID.

I saw DURAN 3 times after my surgery. Drains came out day 6 I think
I got my massages from lady that Angie hired to come $ 25 per I got 2 a day starting at day 3.

There don’t prescribe heavy pain meds. You can bring from US in your suitcase.
The flight home was HORRIBLE for me. 6 hours with a 2 hour layover. I was very swollen and in misery. My stage 2 parment killed me. I have no IDEA what can make it better but having a exta seat helped me. I didn’t by it the plan wasn’t full and they moved people to free up the entire row for me. THANK GOD.

I’m still massaging once or twice a month, still taking vitamins Iron, B12, C etc.. I were my stage 2 garment but now moving over to latex waist cincher.

Its hard to type this over 5 times on my phone so I hope new visitors see this and it is helpful..


4 months post op

Updating from phn so short and sweet.. regained feeling on tummy and back.. hardness softening up about 80% softened. . Ive gained sone weight so a little pudge coming but ok.. haven't been in gym for 3 weeks.. tottally fucking up... loss more volume but ok.. it looks really natural.. wil take meaaurements soon hopefully.. very happy. . Starting spring shopping this week. Excited..

pics 4 months post op

I wear waist cincher size small latex.. they sell them everywhere on instagram..

4 months po pics

Just a few


its not Butt Greed... oh well maybe it is... I'm gonna give it til July/August and if I sitll want it I'm going back on my year anniversay in November is Duran has space,..

i have not forgotten guys

Super duper busy with work like unbelievable.. No fun no party no club No PICS.. I will try in next week to get something up.. All is well happy with results and not to get u juiced but Fluffing is REAL... But so is weight gain in other places... Patience please and I promise to update by the weekend... Xoxo Yo Patna Leslie

Hey Yall



Quick Video.. haven't forgotten YAll NEEEEEEVER.... I been Oh some Angry Kanye ish,.... but it is passing..HA..enjoy the vide and I hope ALLLLL is well..

Round 2 in March 2015.... Yeeeah

I possted a Video.. Its so much easier!!!!!

I just uploaded a quickie. I can't remember how to embed the dam thing here.. so you might have to cut and paste the link... SORRRRRY... I'mma light weight Blonde ya know.. Enjoy

XOXOXOo.. Somebody send me they booty pics... SHoooooot

one year anniversary

I hope you all have either had your surg or made a definite choice and connection with your suregon.. so Its been ONE YEAR..time flies and its bee a journey for real.

new video http://youtu.be/4M97duveJus

also check out www.alluredr.com - Angie has a COnsultanting firm to connect you with your doctors... GET YOUR APPOINTMENT ONT THE BOOKS.. check her out..

Good Luck Beauties and Happy Holidays... XOXOX Always Leslie!

In response to you r recent inquiries....

I have numerous videos on You Tube - Search LESLIE MOSKOWITZ.
My surgery cost me $3800 BBL
The only numbers I have for Duran are : 809-707-7163 (cell on whas app) and office 809-331-5050.
The best time to reach her assistant Elizabeth is between 7:30 am - 9:30 am Dominican time
I stayed at Silhoutte with Angie . EMAIL HER at Silhouetterecovery@gmail. It was 85 per day I stayed 10 days.

I had not real pain except the seroma I had.. GOOGLE IT.. other than that it was just discomfort. Bring your own hard core medicine (Norco, Perc..Oxy) they DO NOT HAVE THERE.

I'm not answering anymore wuestions individually because my brain is at a all time BLANK for this..

I do appreciate the support and hte love but you gurls have o put your big panties on and fuigure this ish out.. and when you do you will be happy.

Ill post a video in the near future.. hope all is well


Alittle over 1.5 Years Post Opp

So Its now bit a bit over 1.5 years post op. Definitely Thinking of a Round Two. Still feeling Good..
you can check out my update and journey on You Tube.. Search LESLIE MOSKOWITZ

Its easier to talk than to type ... Hope All is well with you guys!!!! blessings

2 yra and one month post Op

Well it's been 2yrs.. Fat stick in the butt but tummy is getting fat tho.. Uggh.. See my you tube videos for more detail . I don't lime to text write too much sorry..

Hope all is well xoxoxoxo Les

2.5 Years Latter I'm looking around like YES Ma'am May I Have Another PLEASE Ma'am

Is it Ok to say I want a ROUND TWO Surgery and Arm Lipo from Dr. Thomas Su. I mean is that GREEDY? 2 rs later and I want a tune up.. I want PERFECTION!!!!! hahahaha

I realize its not all about my waist and ass if my arms are big as trees. So I'm researching Dr. Thomas Su of Florida. He does extremely arm lip sculpting AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE BUSINESSSSSSS.

I started my fitness journey for my Lipo BL for ideal date of Nov 2016.. Eating right HA exercising HA HA and now Obsessing again over these arms.. check him out if you are thinking about ARMS and LET ME KNOW IF YOU have any intel on him..

Follow m eon IG @ Leslie_Moskowitz.. if you want!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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