10 Days Left til DR 11 Days til surgery !!

I did my bbl for the first time in february 2013 ....

I did my bbl for the first time in february 2013 . I love it but i want to make it perfect . I am going back to dr yily because i trust her . I am aiming to go back june 30th. It is going to be my present to myself for my 21st birthday . I am no longer ashamed of getting plastic surgery when people ask i tell them yes i have had work done. I think im addicted i cannot wait to re start this process again. The process of having tons of pictures of booties in your phone . Changing your mind of what you want to look like etc. I want nice round boobs at the moment i am a 36DDD i want to be a 34-36C but i do not want the natural look so i think iwant a lift/reduction with implants. I will begin booking everything in 2 weeks .

You can read the first part of my BBL journey, here.

Starting over again .

The best part about round 2 is that I already know what to expect . I have everything I need I just have to purchase a new small garment . I am super excited again but this time I do not have to hide in my house waiting for the surgery to come because I look good already just going back so I can look amazing . I am working on saving up money .


Starting the process over is an amazing feeling . I feel like my body has changed so much and I am so close to the barbie body I want . I have changed my date to May 12th . Anyone going to DR at that time ? I have begun doing everything I need to do such as taking my vitamins and scheduling doctors appointments for myself to check my blood levels . I am also starting to save up and starting my financial plan . This time around i feel like i can live life i do not have to stay in like i did before . I gained so much holiday weight that i need to get rid of ! im up to date on my bills . I am aiming to have my plane ticket and recovery house paid for by the beginning of February . I still have medication from the first round . I have decided I am going to get a breast lift with implants and liposuction to the abdomen , full back , armpits , flanks and waist . I am currently 36DD - 27 - 47 i would like to be ? - 24 - 50 .

So excited !

I have began saving money . Unfortunately ihad to cancel my trip to Puerto Rico because Igot a new job making more money and I can't take the time off but I can't wait to perfect my body . I have added one pic of me currently . I will add more later .

Lord give me strength .

Saving up again means working crazy hours . All I can do is pray for the strength to do this . This time around I am not telling any friends until after my surgery . My sister is coming with me again but if any one would like to meet up for lunch while I am in DR I am down for that . My current date is May 12th . I wish you ladies the very best in your journey . I am going to get everything together in regards to blood levels and losing weight etc . This is so much easier the second time around if you guys need any advice or have a question just message me .

It feels like my first time all over again .

you would think because its a round two it would be easier but its not . i have switched doctors but i finally know who im going to go to and that would be cabral . ( disclaimer - ihave been a memeber of realself for a while so no i dont need you to tell me about his history i know ) He will give me what i want which is ahuge butt and small waist and perky boobs . i am going to lose 15 lbs since i gained weight . my date is may 20th . im super excited . love all you bbl dolls .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She looks amazing . She is amazing. I have decided to go to Duran though her breast work is amazing .

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