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HEYYYY ladies, Ok so I have been lurking on...

HEYYYY ladies,

Ok so I have been lurking on this site for the past few months, just researching doctors. After watching the T.I. and Tiny show I was originally going to go with Dr. Jimmerson. However, his prices are just too rich for my blood. But he issss the bomb if you can afford him (shout Dr.J). So I really got discouraged because with the rising popularity of this procedure the prices where also rising.
**SIDEBAR** I had this procedure done once before in 09 and it turned out okay, but it could have been a lot better had I had more areas contoured. That's why I chose Dr. Yily this time she contoures like HELL!!
Anywho, so I came across Dr. Yily and her pictures where the bomb, not to mention her prices are SO AFFORDABLE!!! It took me no time to decide on her, so I shot her an email for a consultation. I can not lie I'm nervous about leaving the country for a major surgery like this, but after researching and reading reviews on Dr. Yily I feel a little better. I'm also nervous about going through this surgery again and not getting the results I want. I don't want some "Buffy the Body" booty but I do want something nice. I workout so I have nice thick calves and thighs, but I just need that nice round perky booty to match. I don't have any boobs either, but ehhh I can live without them lol. That's why I loooved Dr. Y's bbl's because it's not just about a big but. It has to be the total package...the curves have to be right!!!
I am trying to go see Dr.Yily March 1st 2013 is anyone else going around that time? Let's get a group together and got get fine for summer 2013!! lol

Hey my sexy bbl sisters, One on our sister's...

Hey my sexy bbl sisters,

One on our sister's found this niiiice hotel 3 mins away from Yily's office. It is $70-$80 dollars per night which equals $35-$40 a night per person. That's half the cost of the recovery house. I am thinking about staying at the recovery house for the first night then transferring to this hotel to cut down on costs. If we can get a group together it would be awesome.....I will post the link below . Let me know if anyone is interested .....muah


Guess what girls?!? I just got my confirmation...

Guess what girls?!? I just got my confirmation from Dr. Yily font March 4th at 7 a.m. !!!!!!!! Yayyyy I'm super stoked.....now who's coming with me?!?! LOL

Hey ladies, I hope everyone had a terrific...

Hey ladies,
I hope everyone had a terrific Christmas and Santa Claus brought you everything you wanted!! Santa Yily will be delivering my new bootay come March!! LOL I have some good news, for those of you who read the post I contacted Dr. Yily's assistant via text message. She is really nice and responded rather quickly. Yes she does speak and understand English. I just wanted to confirm with her my surgery date of March 4th 2013, and she was able to verify it. She said she would be calling people on Friday to confirm their surgery dates. I told her I would have a few questions to ask her. ** if any of you ladies plan on going to Yily and would like for me to ask any questions inbox me or post the questions on my page. I'll make sure I ask her assistant all the questions you guys have and post theanswers on my page.


Good evening gals, I talked to Yily's assistant...

Good evening gals,

I talked to Yily's assistant today, she called to confirm my appointment for March 4th 2013 ( yayyyyy). I also got to ask her a few questions I had. First, I asked her about the young lady on here who was very upset about her hips. She told me that the girl was very slim and did not have a lot of fat to give her really big hips, so the fat that she did have she focused on her but. When I thought about it I went back and read the girls profile and she talks about how she was trying to gain weight. So now it makes sense...even though it still sucks for her to go through that process and not be satisfied with your results. Next I asked about payment, I don't know if you guys kno w but Dr. Yily does not accept credit card payment anymore. Her assistant told me to bring cash but I refuse to walk around with that type of money, so I am emailing Yily to find out some alternative methods. I also asked about garments....she said one garment is included in the price and that a second garment can be purchased for $100. That price is kind of steep so I will be researching good compression garments at more reasonable prices. ( if anybody knows of any please share) I asked her about vitamins or supplements I should start taking she said: folic acid, iron, B complex, and vitamin C.

Happy New Year bbl sisters, I hope everyones...

Happy New Year bbl sisters,
I hope everyones new year is off to a great start. I have a question hopefully one of my sisters can answer it. If you stay at the recovery house but you share a room with someone is it $45 instead of $90 dollars. I emailed the spa but they haven't responded yet.

Hey ladies, It is offically my 60 day...

Hey ladies,

It is offically my 60 day countdown until I go get "bootylicious" with Yily!!! But I am also sad because my babyluv left for deployment today and he will be gone for 9 months....*tear* Have any of you ladies ever dealt with a deployed spouse/ boyfriend? How did you get through it? He doesn't know I am getting the surgery I am just going to surprise him when he gets back. I told him I was getting a boob job and he wasn't upset soooo I might just throw some in there lol
Anywho, I wanted to update you gals in somethings. First, I changed my mind and have decided to stay at the recovery house. Me and our other bbl sister Secret Charm will share a room there for the ten days. ***WHEN YOU SHARE A ROOM WITH ANOTHER PERSON GETTING SURGERY BY YILY YOU ONLY PAY $75 PER NIGHT AND DR. YILY KNOCKS $150 OFF THE TOTAL PRICE OF YOUR SURGERY**** When I broke the math down and considerthe fact that II'll get 3 meals per day, round trip transportation, and someone there to bathe me, clothe me and massage me I chose the recovery house. I am going to finish my update tomorrow. I am typing from my phone and it is much harder than I thought.

As I approach my surgery date I get more and more...

As I approach my surgery date I get more and more excited....yayyy!!! This weekend I purchased my vitamins and additional items I needed for my surgery. I didn

- I purchased a B-complex vitamin with Vitamin-C and Folic Acid in it
- Iron
- Colorox wipes
- Chucks (protective barrier pads)
- Depends ( I read a lot of bbl sisters having accidents right after surgery trying to get up to use the bathroom)
- plastic gloves
- gazes /tape
- Dial antibacterial hand soap
- feminine wipes and baby wipes
- Miralax ( is a gentle laxative that you drink daily for seven days...just mix in with water and consume to prevent constipation)
- Benedryl ointment ( I see a lot of ladies saying they wish they would've brought some for the itching)
- Bio-Oil for scarring I've been using it for years and it works like a charm to prevent scars.
- Monistat 1 yeast infection treatment ( I always get yeast infections after taking antibiotics, better safe than sorry)
- bottled water ( I don't know how drinkable the water is in the DR)
- Liposuction foam boards ( ordered of Amazon)
- pads/tampons
- I-pad/ laptop/ I-pod
- Dvd's
- Boppy butt pillow (the last thing I need to purchase)
....and I think that's all I got so far. If you ladies see anything I am missing please let me know. I have decided I won't be getting the Arnica pills or surgery vitamin pack. To be honest I hate taking pills, and want to take as little as possible. The vitamins plus the pills Dr. Yily will give me post-op will be more than enough medication running through my body. ***Drink lots of water when you start taking your iron, because it causes constipation*** I am bring nothing but sun dresses to the(10) DR....sundresses(flip flops) and granny panties. I might even go commando...lol j/k I don't want any tight clothes touching my body for at least two weeks.
I started back working out to help my results look better. Nothing outrageous though, just some light weights,and 30 mins of cardio.

**HELLLLP** Ok here's my dilemma I'm a nurse...


Ok here's my dilemma I'm a nurse and I work in a very high paced environment. I need to know if I should request more than 10 days off of work. I know 10 days is the minimum, but I don't want to go back to work and feel horrible. I also don't want to cause stress to my butt and risk messing up my results. I have the PTO time and Dr. Yily said she would write a letter if I needed one. I just don't want to take the time off if I don't need to. If any nurses have had this done, or anyone who works mainly on their feet have had a bbl please let me know what you recommend. Or if you have had a bbl and just want to share how you were feeling after 10 days please share......thanks luvs.

Hey ladies, So I email Dr. Yily constantly...

Hey ladies,

So I email Dr. Yily constantly asking her every question that comes to mind. I want to make sure I jnow everything i need to know before I leave this country. Today however, I received an interesting attachment from her. I was added to the bottom of her response from and email I sent her. I am going to copy and paste it below:

Please read this:

The procedures will depend on your hemoglobin levels.


The lymphatic massages cost 31$USD each session (10 sessions)

If you want to but a second garment, the price is 140$USD

In case you need a blood transfusion, the price is 200$USD

The compression sleeves cost 80$USD

For all medication is 250$USD

-HEPARINE 40 MG: to prevent the thromboembolism

-CLAVULIN 1GR: antibiotic

-DICLOFENAC 50MG for the pain

-OMEPRAZOL 20 MG is a gastric protector


-TROMBOCIL CREAM: relief of superficial haematomas

Dose of medication

If you want to buy the medication in your country

-HEPARIN 40 MG: Subcutaneous injection 1 per day for 8 days.

-CLAVULIN 1GR: Take 1 every 24 hours for 10 days.

-DICLOFENAC 50MG: Take 2 tablets together the first 3 days every 6 hours, then at 4th day take 1 every 8 hours for 10 days.

-OMEPRAZOL 20 MG: Take 1 every 12 hours for 10 days.

-VITAMIN C 500 MG: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for a month.

-FERROUS SULFATE: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 30 days.

-FOLIC ACID 10 MG: Take 2 tablets per day for 15 days.

-THROMBOCID CREAM: Apply on the operated area 2 times a day for 10 days.

In case you want to buy the here I sell them at 250$USD or Jacqueline can help you buy them in the drugstore.

Recovery house and hotel

The places we recommend to stay at are:

-Spa Jacqueline Marrero “recovery house”: 90$ per day. If 2 people share a room the price would be 75$USD per person. It includes: round-trip transportation to the airport, room with 2 beds, 3 meals, nurse 24 hours, security, access to internet WIFI, Transportation to surgery. Phone number: 809-412-8239 / 829- 966-8878. Website: www.spamedicaljm.com

-The hotel of the clinic CIPLA: 100$ per day. It includes: 3 meals, WIFI, nurse 24 hours. The round-trip transportation is 70$USD.

But if you want to stay in a hotel close to the clinic instead of the recovery house:

-Hotel Plaza del Sol 8096862614. It’s 45$USD per day. It only includes breakfast. No nurse.

If you want to book at Jaqueline’s please send me your flight information and the days you want to stay there. My assistant will contact Jacqueline and set it for you.

I don’t like to perform more than _____ surgeries these days

Monday (3), Tuesday (3), Wednesday (4), Thursday (1), Friday (4) and Saturday (3)

Scheduling a date and the deposit

When you decide to have the surgery you need to say to me the exact date you want to have surgery (I don’t work on Sundays and I prefer not to do surgeries on Saturdays and Thursdays) and once the date has been set and you’ve booked your flight you have to send me your flight information and a deposit of 500$ US (it can be more but no less than 200USD$) through Western Union:

Name: Yily Loramny de los Santos Rosario

ID number: 001-1280722-7

Choose any day you want (you don’t need to ask me if it’s available or not), I will write down your dates but only lock the date to people who have sent me the deposit. The first person who sends me the deposit is the first patient of the day. I will create a paypal account and give the information to all of you. If all the patients for the day you want have sent the deposit I’ll let you know.

I said that March and February are full already but if someone doesn’t send me the deposit I will give her/his date to someone else who have sent it to me.

Once you’ve sent the deposit you need to send me in an email your MTCN number and the state you sent it from.

You should call Western Union and confirm that my name is written correctly because if not I can’t receive the money. No missed letters and don’t join ‘’de los’’. Some patients have done that and I cannot pick up the deposit. In the Western Union site there’s no space to write the letter o in Rosario and they won’t allow me to receive the deposit with that mistake.

Before surgery

-You should start taking vitamins, B complex, ferrous sulfate, folic acid, vitamin C.

-Stop smoking

-Stop taking drugs

-You should have a doctor or nurse that able to drain your liquids when you get back to your country.

-Your hemoglobin levels have to be more than 12 gm/ dl.

-You should have the tests done there to be sure that you can have surgery. The tests are:

Creatinine, glucose, full blood count, hematocrit, EKG, radiography

After surgery:

I will give you instructions and recommendations for your recovery.

You should bring loose clothes and maternity pads.

You will stay 1 night in the clinic and it’s included in the quote.

You have to wear the garment for 3 months and can’t spend more than 45 minutes without it.

Transportation to the clinic

-If you stay at JAcqueline’s she will pick you up from the airport and take you to the clinic.

-If you want my driver to pick you from the airport is 70$USD (the round-trip transportation)

-If you want to go to the clinic by yourself , the address is:

Av. Pedro Henriquez Urena 137 between Av. Abraham Lincoln and Av. Tiradentes. Suite 208


I only accept cash. I don’t accept financing, credit card, care credit, check orders or checks.

You can also pay me through Western Union.

You can pay me with US dollar or with Dominican pesos.


I usually use continuous epidural block.

Some patients want general anesthesia but it is subjected to the anesthesiologist and I trust in him. He knows what anesthesia is the best for each patient.


The name of the airport is Aeropuerto de las Americas

And it’s located on Av. Las Americas


If you want to see the pics of women who have surgery done by me, click on the links below:

-Breast: http://www.drayilydelossantos.net/busto.html

-Body: http://www.drayilydelossantos.net/cuerpos.html

-Face: http://www.drayilydelossantos.net/Procedimientos.html

Please don’t ask me to send you pics because I don’t have time, that’s why my executive advertising is the only one who uploads them to the site.


If you want to know the complications of a procedure you should google it. There are a lot of information on the Internet.

Things you have to know:

The procedures separately are more expensive than if they're done together.

The insurance is 250$USD

The garment I use is distributed by FAJATE.

I give discounts for 2 people or more.

2 people……………………………. 150$USD each one

3 people……………………………. 200$USD

4 people……………………………. 250$USD

Things you should do:

You should wait 3-7 days for a response because I’m getting 85-95 emails per day and I have to do surgeries, attend meetings and I also work in others institutions.

Please just send me one message with that I mean that you can email me a lot of times but it’s better if you do in the same message so I don’t have to click on ‘’filter messages like these’’.

Please don’t send me messages from 2 or more different emails because I can’t filter them and it’s difficult to know who I am writing to.

I need you to be sure before sending the deposit and please confirm your date 2 days before the surgery.

The day of surgery

You have to fast the day of surgery so don't eat or drink anything but water.

You have to be in the clinic at 7 am, you’ll have the test done, the consultation with me and then the surgery. One of my assistant will be with me to translate and for a better communication.


If you want to speak with my assistants, you can call Yira Perez 829-870-8815 (my new assistant, she works with me every day in the clinic and she speaks English) or Massiel Lee 809-878-0526 (she will only read my emails and set the dates. She won’t work in the clinic until June).

I really prefer that you ask me all the questions via email.

If you have someone who speaks Spanish you can call at my office: 809-331-5050 extension 208 and Teresa will help you

** Now I don't know about you all but when I booked with Yily she told me no deposit was needed. Now in this email she says there's a $500 deposit due on a first come first serve basis for the date we want. I'm soooo confused, because I don't know if this email pertains to the old people who've already booked their date or just the new people. I would think if this pertains to everyone she would reached out to those who have booked and let them know her change in policy. If I had not emailed her two days ago I don't think I would have even got this message. Has anyone else got this email? I don't know if I should send her the money or just stick to what sh originally told me. HEEEEEEELP!!

*** I went to Amazon and found the same FAJATE...

*** I went to Amazon and found the same FAJATE faja Yily uses for $60-$80 , and the compression sleeves (if you are getting arm lipo) for $20 ....save yourselves some money gals***

Hey ladies, I know yesterday I came to you in a...

Hey ladies,

I know yesterday I came to you in a state of panic lol but I had to find out what was going on. But thanks to our bbl sister prettygirlslim for clearing it up. Yily has started requesting $500 deposit for new patients because she has been booking people and they've not be showing up. (who can blame her that's messing with her time and money) So let's take a deeeep breathe and relax (those of us in Feb and March) lol. Also the faja on Amazon might be the right brand but might not be the right type of compression garment for after surgery. I don't want to give you guys any wrong information, so I will research it to make sure. I'm sooo thankful for this website because our sisters help us out and correct us when we don't know something.
*** I have a question though in the email Yily said a one night stay at CIPLA was included in the quote. Is that for the new people booking too, because she didn't put that in my quote.***
** Do we have to give ourselves the heparin injections**
**** As far as the medications go Google them and see what they are compatible to in the U.S.A. . You can buy the folic acid, ferrous sulfate, and vitamin C at your local drug store. I Googled the OMEPRAZOL 20MG and it is Prilosec in the US. I think you can get it over the counter or you can get your doctor to write you a prescription and maybe your insurance will pay for it (may save you a few bucks). The other medications will have to be prescribed by a physician.

**41 days left**

Ok so I came to you guys in a panic a few days ago...

Ok so I came to you guys in a panic a few days ago about Yily sending out that bizarre email. Well, she finally responded and this is what she said:


I think there is a problem.
Like a told you before: i can set a date for you and anyone esle, but only the fisrt 4 people that pay the deposit will get their date confirmed and have their surgery that day. I'm doing this because some people say they are coming for sure and they never come. So the deposit is like a way of warranty.
The problem with the date you choosed, March 4th i that 3 people have set the deposit, so, they have their date confirmed. And because of that i have only 1 place left for surgery that day.

So, there are two options:

1- You can send the deposit to confirm your surgery for March 4th and come without your friends.

2- You can talk to your friends, tell them to send the deposit almost at the same time, so you can come together.

*** Keep in mind she has yet to send out an email notifying everyone that she is now requiring a deposit. I just "happen" to email her and she let me know. I know there are a lot of girls who have probably booked with her and have not put a deposit down and don't realize they could lose their appointment time. Not to mention it seems to be complicated to send her money Western Union. Ladies if you have not paid your deposit please hurry up and do so because it doesn't seem like Yily cares anymore, she just wants that money and whoever has it first is going to get the date they want!!****
With that being said could anyone please explain to me how to type her name in the form???

One day I will come to you ladies with good news.....

One day I will come to you ladies with good news...seems like this week it's been all bad. Anywho, I just wanted to update you gals on something. Western Union has flagged Yily, I'm assuming because of all the people sending her deposits. I made my deposit via Western Union last night, my transaction went through I received my MTCN number and everything. However, when I woke up this morning I got an email from them saying my transaction had been canceled and my money was going to be returned to me. I called 1-800-525-3403 to see if maybe I filled something out wrong. They told me and I quote "Western Union can not make this transfer for business reasons. We decided not to transfer the money and all of your money including your transfer fee will be refunded." he told me I can try and transfer the money some other way, but they are not going to do it. I know its because of the overwhelming about of girls that have been making their surgery deposits. They probably think Yily is some type of "drug dealer" lmao I emailed Yily about what to do next, because now they aren't letting us send money to her. If anyone has some up to date information lease share with us. Yily really needs to invest in accepting financing, and credit cards since her business is really picking up.

Hey Ladies, My time is growing shorter and...

Hey Ladies,

My time is growing shorter and shorter I have 32 days left yippeyyy!! As I see more of Yily's girls posting pictures, I can't contain myself. I am toooo excited, and I haven't seen one bad outcome yet, everyone looks GOOD. We chose a good doctor y'all, we are in the right hands. However, for many of us who don't speak Spanish it can be kinda nerve racking knowing that we can't directly communicate with Yily, unless it's through her assistant. Now I am not saying I don't trust her assistant, but I want my results in MY hands. I don't want to not get the results I want because of miscommunication. So what I decided to do is break down the areas I want ie arms, thighs, butt, hips and write down exactly what I want. For example thighs: I want full thighs, but I don't want them to rub together, and I want a gap where my vagina is. After I write down exactly what I want, I put in into a English to Spanish translator, and I am going to print it out and give it to Yily during my pre op. This insures me that Yily knows exactly what I want directly from me and not via her assistant. Just an idea I came up with to keep the communication crystal clear.

Finally after much nail biting Dr.Yily answered...

Finally after much nail biting Dr.Yily answered not one not two but all four of my emails today!!! I am so happy because I was walking on pins and needles there for a second stressing over this deposit. She told me not to worry she did not give my date away and that I am still scheduled for March 4th at 7:00a.m. I have my plane ticket, my passport, and my cash so I AM READY!! If you haven't heard feom Dr.Yily yet relax, I heard a lot of people heard from her today so she should be getting back with you all soon. **WOOOSAHHHH* LOL

I found a web site where you can purchase the lipo...

I found a web site where you can purchase the lipo foam to put inside your garment from. You can also purchase the Arnica gel from the same site: Http://www.contourmd.com/Lipo-Foam

Hey ladies, I just wanted to update since it's...

Hey ladies,
I just wanted to update since it's getting closer to my surgery date. First, I received an email from Yily saying her Paypal is up and running and you ladies can start sending your $500.00 deposits. Email her so she can give you the correct details. I hope Paypal is a better system than Western Union was. I have just about everything I need as far as supplies go. I bought my Arnica gel today from GNC for $7.00 it's a pretty big bottle too. The Arnica gel is the same as the Trombocil cream on the medication list. I also bought Prilosec from Target ($12.00) which is the Omeprazol 20MG on the medication list. I have all the vitamins, and have been taking them daily for a month now. Ladies be sure to start taking your vitamins as soon as possible to get your levels up especially the IRON. If your levels are not high enough Yily will now work on you or either you will not be able to get everything you want. I am taking one small duffel bag with me to DR, and I plan on coming back with nothing. I'm only bringing with me what's necessary. I've read a lot of reviews where girl are bring sooo much extra stuff, and they do not use it. In addition to my supplies I'm bringing two sun dresses (which are old so I'll throw them away), and some old t-shirts (I cut the sleeves off) to put under my garment. If blood is going to get on your clothes do not bring good stuff you'll wear again because blood stains. Besides on my way back I don't want to lug a heavy suitcase around the airport. I'm going to get a stronger pain medicine from my doctor. I read up on the pain medicine Dr. Yily prescribes and it's compatible to Ibuprofen, which is not strong at all considering what our bodies will go through. I'm going to try and get a strong narcotic like Percocet, or Vicodin especially for the first week, and they help you sleep too. The only thing I have left to get is the foams, and I will but the heparin injections from Yily. To be honest I don't know why she charges $250 for medications. I have spent about $50.00 on all my mes and the only thing I am missing is the Heparin injections. Unless they are $200.00 then somethings not adding up...oh well I'll see when I get there. That's all I can think of right now. Oh and if you ladies can buddy up at the RH and surgery it would be in your best interest it will save you a few hundred bucks.

I posted a question on RealbSelf to the doctors...

I posted a question on RealbSelf to the doctors asking which type of medication do they prescribe after bbl surgery. They all said they prescribed Hydrocodone, Percocet or Vicodine strong narcotic pain medicines. The more interesting thing I found was they said Diclofenac which is what Yily prescribes promotes bleeding and bruising, and they do not recommend it. *Red Flag* I wonder why Yily prescribes this pain medication? And I am wondering if this is why some ladies are having so much pain, and cant sleep. I got a prescription for Hydrocodone TODAY! ! Lol I am not trying to be in no more pain than I have to......do your research ladies!!!

Ladies can you pay for your full surgery via...

Ladies can you pay for your full surgery via PayPal. If so that will be great for me because then I could use my credit cards to pay for my surgery in full instead of carrying 3k cash to the DR. I know other girls want to pay using their credit cards also so I hope it is possible. My credit card company would protect me 100% if anything fishy jumped off. I emailed Yily to double check, and I will let you guys know what she says. But if there are any ladies who have already done this or paid more than the $500 deposit please comment.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for my pre op tests with...

Tomorrow I am scheduled for my pre op tests with my doctor. I am getting blood work, ekg, x-ray, and whatever other tests he wants me to get to clear me for surgery. 19 days left yayyy!!

Hey my lady loves.... Well my days are winding...

Hey my lady loves....
Well my days are winding down and I couldn't be happier. I have all my supplies and have pretty much paid my surgery off via PayPal. I bought a female urinal off of Amazon for $4 bucks so I won't have to sit on the toilet...thigh lipo hurts like hell.I started doubling up on my iron, even thou I got my blood work back and my hemoglobin was a 13, I don't want it to drop. I have all meds except the antibiotics and heparin. I'm only taking the heparin for 3 days for my own personal reasons. I am bringing Hydrocodone and Tramadol for pain medication. My bag is all packed and ready to go. I am going with a great group of six women so I won't be alone. I'm so glad I met those ladies they've made this experience so much easier. I plan to take lots of before and after pictures because I know that's pretty much why we are all here. I know there has been a lot of negativity on RS lately and I appreciate you ladies that are here to support me. I believe whatever you focus your attention on expands so I chose to focus mine on the ladies here to support each other and lift each other up. I'm praying we all get the results we desire and make it through this process safe and sound. I have taken a lot of pre op pictures in different outfits and I will take post op pics in the same outfits you you guys can really see the difference. I plan on taking lots and lots of pictures so don't you dolls worry ;) I have put on 15lbs for this sugery so Dr.Yily should have no problem making me a nice round butt with hips to match. I fill like a fat blob but it will all be gone soon....well ladies if you have any questions feel free to ask....ciao bellas

Well ladies tomorrow is the big day..... I'm in...

Well ladies tomorrow is the big day.....
I'm in the Miami airport waiting on my connecting flight to the Dominican Republic. I couldn't sleep at all last night so you can imagine how tired I am. I'm meeting three people from my group at the airport when I land. Let me just say I am so thankful I found these ladies. This process has been so much easier and less stressful with them . It's a total of eight of us, some arrive today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. We decided to stay at the Plaza Del Sol hotel that Yily recommended. The lady who works there Nelcy has been an absolute doll and very patient with us. She responds to emails and arranges everything for us, so it will be smooth sailing when we arrive. Today they are having a Dominican carnival so we are going to go check that out and grocery shop for the week. I will do my best to keep you ladies updated while im in the DR. If I can't update while I'm there I will when I return to the states. Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. Talk to you gals soon

So we have been at CIPLA since 6 :30 a.m. and we...

So we have been at CIPLA since 6 :30 a.m. and we are still waiting to be seen by Yily free. We had all our tests done now we are just waiting to pay and have surgery. This is the worst part but all the anxiety I had built up is gone. I met one of Yily's patients who got a tummy tuck and she said Yily took 22lbs off of her HOLY SHIT!!

Well my loves I came I saw andvi conquered. Now I...

Well my loves I came I saw andvi conquered. Now I am ready to go home!! I will give a more thorough review when I get home right now my arms and hands are terribly swollen. If you don't absolutely, positively need arm lipo do yourself a favor and don't get it. These arms have been the bane of my existence the past three days. I had no idea my hands could swell up so much. I loooove my results, everyone keeps saying my booty is big so that's a plus. I took a few pictures but my garment looked like something out of a horror film so I won't post pictures until I get home. One thing I will say about Yily is she is no nonsense about her business type woman!! This maybe something you do not want to hear but I'm just going to be honest.....wish pictures are a waste of time with Dr. Yily. She's going to make you look like what she feels is best. I showed her my wish pictures, and she glanced at them for .2 seconds and said " I can't make you look like someone else....those girls have implants and I don't do implants" I can respect that because in all actuality it's the truth we are who we are. However, if you look through the girls on here and MMH and you like what you see I say go for it. She's an excellent doctor and unless you just want something ridiculous then I think you'll be please. Well loves these old arms getting tired, I will try to post more tomorrow. Thank you for all the prayers....God heard you ?

Hey my loves, I have not forgotten about you all...

Hey my loves,
I have not forgotten about you all but this recovery has been tough. As the days go by the stiffness gets better, but this swelling will not seem to budge. I am 12 days post op and still very swollen. It's time for me to get a new garment be cause the one I have now is way to big. The lower pooch of the abdominal us the most annoying. It's so big and every day I ask myself is it going to go down. Monday I will be two weeks post op and I am going to post pictures then. Sorry I have been so distant but soon you ladies will see recovery is noooo cake walk.

Okay so I am fifty million years late writing a...

Okay so I am fifty million years late writing a review and I'm so sorry ladies. This is my second time having this surgery and I must say the first time was nothing like this ughhh...what you go through afterwards is so surreal, and everyday you will question yourself as to why you did this to yourself.
Okay let me start from the beginning we arrived at CIPLA and waited...waited waited. Dr. Yily is not punctual to say they least. We did our tests blood work, x-ray, EKG, etc. Now I just want to put something out there for those who have never traveled outside of the USA. We are very spoiled in the USA, the standards we live by are different than those of a third world country which is what the DR is. So be prepared to experience things you wouldn't experience in the USA. I am a nurse so I was very shocked at the way they practice medicine. The lady who took my blood popped one of the finger tips off her plastic gloved before she drew my blood, not to mention she was wearing the same gloves doing a host of other things. I knew then that I was just going to have to turn my head because I was shocked. So yeah we waited, and waited and waited to be honest I don't even know why Yily requires us to be there so early. I did not have my surgery until 2 p.m. and we arrived at 6:30 I think. When I finally seen doctor Yily she came straight in my room and marked me up. I attempted to show her my wish pictures but she told me she can't make me look like anyone else....point taken. I wanted to add my arms and when she checked my iron I was a 13.1 so she marked them up to...BIG MISTAKE!. I took the blue pill then it was off to surgery. When I woke up I was sooooo miserable, and I was covered in blood it looked like something out of a horror story for real. My first night at CIPLA was pleasant though, I had the sweetest nurse. Anytime I called for her she came promptly. I kept asking for food and she kept telling me I had to wait. Finally she gave in and brought me some soup.....BIG MISTAKE. I remember projectile vomiting across the room an hour later lolol it was gross then but it's funny now. I looked like some sort of cartoon character. So there I was covered in vomit and blood, not a high point in my life lol. But my sweet darling nurse came in and cleaned me all up. I remember crying and apologizing and she wiped my tears and said "no cry no cry". I am not used to being on the receiving end of medical attention, it is a humbling experience not being able to do things for yourself changes your perspective on some things. *leave it to me to have an epiphany after a bbl lol* Anywho I tossed and turned the whole night with no sleep...oh and whatever that pain medicine is they give through the IV burns like heck going in. The next day the day nurses got me cleaned up, they drew some blood, and Yily came to see me before I was discharged. My iron dropped from a 13.1 to a 7 daaaaaammmmmmnnnn Yily sucked me dry!!! I could feel it to I was so weak, but I was just thanking GOD I was alive. The next few days were horrible, it's not the pain but the stiffness and soreness that kills you. I felt like a brick wall walking around. All I wanted to do was sleep, sleep, sleep. I brought some Powerade from home(5 big bottles) to stay hydrated I didn't have an appetite. You HAVE to make yourself eat ladies even if you don't want to. When I went to get my drain taken out 5 days later Yily could tell I hadn't been eating because she said I looked pale. When she pulled the drain out I nearly passed out on the table. She told me "I was going to be fucked up if I didn't eat" and from that day on I ate. I left the DR seven days after my surgery, being back in my own bed was heaven. The days do get better as more time goes by. I did not get any massages in the DR because I was afraid of the pain, so I waited two weeks post op. Oh and I went to doctor when I came home to get checked out. My doctor said that I was severely anemic and needed a blood transfusion and that I had a seroma above my back. Now my doctor already knew what I was going to the DR to do, so she understood the seroma. Ladies what you need to understand about a seroma is they are not serious and are very common after surgery. My doctor said I could let mine drain on it's own because it's not big or I could have it drained by a surgeon. I choose to have my surgeon drain it because I didn't want to wait for it to drain. Now about the blood transfusion I swiftly declined...I don't do blood transfusion nope nope nope!! So I just went on a stronger iron regimen, I took three pills a day. NOTE: iron is best taken on an empty stomach with orange juice to increase it's absorption. Do not take iron with food!! However,my doctor did compliment me on how small my waist was though lol When I got my first massage it hurt sooo good it was just the right amount of pain and pleasure...that sound freaky I know. But the next day after i got the massage I felt 1,000,000,000 times better, my skin started to loosen up. Your skin is going to be soooooooooooooooo tight you're going to think something is wrong with you but it's normal after aggressive liposuction. My skin is loosening now but it is still tight in some areas, it's from all the swelling underneath. I am getting another massage on Tuesday. I also massage myself daily with a firming lotion so my skin will tighten up real good. I am currently waiting on a new garment because this one is wayyy too big. I should've ordered one sooner but you know how that does. I have been hearing people say their garments don't fit right I am hoping mine fits. I don't want to have to go through returning and reordering. My lower abdomen needs the most compression it's getting smaller, but I can tell it needs more compression. My body literally changes daily it's crazy and an emotional roller coaster. One day I love my results the next I hate my results. Overall so far I like my results my waist is tiny, I have nice size hips and my butt is juicy. Now I don't have a big ole booty, but I didn't want one. My butt is a good size for everything else I have going on hips, thigh, legs, everything is proportioned. My measurements are 36 32 46 before they were 38 40 and I don't know what the butt was (sorry). I can see my waist getting down to a 29-30 easily because I'm still very swollen. My pants barely fit I hope this gets better with time because I really don't want to buy all new clothes. I did buy some new dresses though size medium could've got a small but that freaked me out lol and my booty was like POW in them. I am posting some pictures but I don't think it does my results any justice. I feel so much more confident about myself, yall will see after you have your surgery. I just thank God that I am safe and sound with no major complications and I like my results. Would I do this again HELLLLLLLLLLLLL NO!! lol

Ladies I forgot to mention that I am 5'8 so I'm...

Ladies I forgot to mention that I am 5'8 so I'm kinda tall. A 29 inch waist is small for a girl my height.

I am one month and one week post op. I am still...

I am one month and one week post op. I am still very swollen which is crazy to me, I thought more of the swelling woul've gone down by now. My sides around my waist are the most swollen. It's like I can push down and feel where my skin is supposed to be if that makes any sense. I have been getting weekly massages and the feel GREAT!! I take Arnica before and after the massages so I don't swell to bad. I don't have the Arnica cream just the tablets you put under your tongue, but I am going to get the cream this week. I started back working out and I know it is helping ar far as getting my lymphatic system back going. Afterwards, I always geta little swollen but not too much. Last week i got the garment Yily put me in altered, they took it in 5 inches, but now it's too loose again...ughhh. But I suppose that's a good thing. I guess I am just going to have to buy a whole new garment which I was dreading. I think i am just going to buy a corsette to put over the garment I have now, since my lower abs need the most compression. Weird but I am about 10 lbs heavier than before surgery, but my body is so much smaller and tighter. My jeans are tight though...my butt will barely fit in them which I guess is good and bad. I am trying to get my thighs toned up. Yily lipoed them, but I can not tell the difference....maybe it just takes more time. I bought this great skin tightening cream off of Amazon, and I rub it all over daily, and it's working great. As far as the soreness goes, it's practically gone...I barely feel it but I do feel the swelling. I posted a picture of my arm lipo which was and still is a bitch...the bruising is still heavy. I still have light bruising over my abdomen though. I think the bigger you are and the more volume you have for Yily to take out the longer it's going to take to see your final results. Be patient ladies, I have mini nervous breakdowns weekly...my friends are over me lol Well that's about it if i can think of anymore I will add, but feel free to ask any questions honey buns!

Laides I think it's inevitable that your going to...

Laides I think it's inevitable that your going to have to buy a waist cincher for our tummy to get the compression it needs. I bought one today because after buying a smaller garment and getting oneones altered my lower stomach still was not getting good compression. I have on three garments as we speak and it's not good enough. And when I take my garments off I can tell the areas that are not getting compressed good. I purchased a Squeem compression vest off of Amazon in a small....I won't be able to breath hopefully *fingers crossed* lol

Two months post op

Two months post op
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