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& like most of you my journey starts here. I am...

& like most of you my journey starts here. I am excited and scared at the same time but I am so ready! I have always wanted that "DAMN GURL" shape lol, I mean my shape is already up there but it could use some enhancement. I'm just trying to get right for next summer, there is no way I will be in a one piece or big T-Shirt next summer! There comes a time in your life when you realize you deserve something that's going to make you happy after spending so much time catering to everyone else. . .I DESERVE this. My surgery is schedule for December 27th and I'm trying to get everything in order to go! I'm always opened to chat, take advice and so on so feel free to hit me up because I will definitely be all in you guys reviews seeing what to expect and asking questions lol.


Just wishing lol but her body is looking right. Wish pick indeed!


Why is she so hard to get in touch with :( . Usually she responds within two days but now it's taking forever. This pre-surgery part got me going crazy guys!

It's Been A While

Hello ladiess :) I know it's been a while but it's getting closer to the end of the semester so I have been super busy! But I will update you guys as to what has been going on. I have switched to Dr.Baez and will be having surgery December 23, she is such a sweetheart. I have no problems with Duran and I love her work but she started to become unresponsive too close to my surgery. I need attentiveness. I understand that these surgeons are busy and have hundreds of people emailing them and trying to contact them on a daily basis but if I am spending THOUSANDS of dollars the least you could do is respond in a timely manner. There is no all that it should take three weeks to respond to someone and there is no reason someone should have to pay to get into contact with you. Even if you can't respond in depth, have an assistant or someone say something. Maybe it's just me but hey that's my opinion. Still would love to go to Duran, possibly next year but for now I am going to Baez. But yes ladies I am still on a mission to get right & almost have everything on my list:
Baby Wipes / Disinfectant
Pain Pills
Boppy Pillow
Protein Shakes / Bars
Sun Dresses
Medical Tape

Am I missing Anything ?

Nerves Two More Weeks OMG!

OMG! Guys I'm having doubts, regrets, my nerves are going crazy! But I'm going to do it, I'm going through with this and I will be fine. God has got my back so I have no worries. He hasn't failed me yet.

Oh yea if you guys are looking for medical supplies a cheap site I came across: It has everything

If You Know the Word of Prayer

I'm less than a week away for my surgery guys and the nerves are kicking in now more than ever. I don't know what to do. What to think how to feel, woooh! I know they say be prepared for everything, the worse but I am preparing myself for what God has in store for me and that is only plans for me to prosper. The enemy is trying to defer me from making myself happy, IT WON'T WORK. I am human of course I am nervous, of course I am scared I'm going into something that I have never been in before not knowing what to expect but I know that I am a child of a king who sits high and looks low and that NO weapon formed against me shall prosper. My nerves trying to get the best of me, people trying to scare me and push me to the edge but I rebuke any plans satan has right now. I am going to pray on it, prayer has the power to change any situation and turn it around. I bind every spirit of nervousness, confusion doubt, guilt and shame any evil spirit and every evil plan I bind it all now in Jesus name. I cancel the enemy's plans and call forth God's plans for this situation For those of you who know the word of prayer please pray for me as I pray for you.

I know it's been a while guys! But I'm 4 weeks POST OP TODAY! :)

Sheesh guys I totally underestimated this recovery. Today I am 4 weeks post op and I have lots to tell and share! I won't be able to do this all in one sitting but i will separate my reviews and let you know how everything went down. Unfortunately while i was in DR I didn't take many pictures because I was too busy on recovering but I have some. Let me just tell you guys the basics so I don't have to keep repeating it over and over lol:
-My surgery was on December 23,2013
-My doctor was Dr.Baez (what a sweetheart btw)
-I stayed 8 days in DR
-I stayed at Yasmin's Recovery House
-I had lipo on full back, stomach, inner thighs
Any other basics just ask, I will start my review from the night before surgery in my next post.

The Night before Surgery.....Yasmin's House

Soooo I get to D.R about 4 in the morning and let me tell you i have been all around the world I have never seen so many damn people so early in the morning at the airport. Yasmin told me to text and let her know when I get on my last flight, I did and she told me "we will be there to pick you up". At first I thought well who the hell is we lol, I only know what Yasmin looks like because of airrnb or what ever that site is called. So I get to the airport and I am walking out looking for Yasmin or someone who has my name. I get worried because I don't see my name until I am almost at the door. I see an older lady holding my name and I am immediately relieved, she didn't speak much english (later on I find out this is Yasmin's mother). I follow the lady outside as she looks for the driver, I don't know why i am blanking on his name. Anyways he didn't seem very friendly. I get in the car, it's not in the best condition but it gets to where it needs to go. The whole ride they seemed like they were arguing and they had on spanish gospel. About 30 minutes later we stop in front of what looks like to be a store so I sit in the car lol then Yasmin's mom opens up the door and tells me to come on we are here. Immediately I think what the hell did I get myself into Lord Jesus don't tell me my ass is sleeping in a store LMAO ladies I am like what the bleep. So we walk in it is very dark so I don't see much although I tripped on my way in -_-. She brings me to my room, where a girl is asleep in the next bed. The room has two beds, the littlest tv, a air conditioner and a bathroom inside the room that is separated by a curtain. Lets just say if I wanted to feel like I was on vacation this place would be no where on my list. But what I could I do I was already here. I lay in my bed until about 7 a.m when someone comes in with breakfast for my roommate and I. My roommate seems to be nice (although I find out later she is crazy lol) We laugh and joke the whole morning and I feel content knowing at least I will be able to laugh. Yasmin finally comes in and introduces herself. I wasn't really interested in her she did not give me the greatest of vibes. Baez tells me to meet her at her office or pre-op evaluation at 11 so the driver brings me there. Let me tell you ladies she is sweet as pie. She hugged and kissed everyone and greeted us with opened arms. Although her english is not well you can tell she is just a sweetheart. Upon first site I knew she was the doctor for me and I made the right decision. I understand spanish very well and when I was younger spoke it fluently, for everything I did not know how to say her husband translated on her behalf. After leaving her office I go back to Yasmin's my roommate is out and Yasmin comes in to remind me about the money. I look at her and say let me pay you now. From that moment, the vibe she gave me, the way she said it it seemed like she just did it for the money. i am very good at picking out those people who are money hungry. She tells me I will be getting a new roommate later who will also be having surgery in the morning. I'm like damn I don't want another roommate what if I don't like her? She came later on that night and I LOVED her ! Still do ! S/O to my baby TM. She was Jamaican like me so we automatically hit it off.....That night at Yasmin's was like the Bad Girls Club ladies lol. So I am laying down on the phone with my boo thang ( we will get to him in a later post) and all I hear is "DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT I WILL SMACK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. WHO THE HE;; DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. YOU DON'T KNOW ME, I DARE YOU, TOUCH ME, FUCK YOU THINK YOU ARE" I am like oh shit, that sounds like my old roommate LMFAO come to find out it was her. My boo is like damn let me find out you in the BGC DR lol. I go out and calm her down make her laugh because that's what I'm good at :) lol. Finally she calms down and decides she needs to get out of there before she hurts the girl she was arguing with. Me and my Jamaican baby stay up almost all of the night talking about ASSS,ASSS and more ASSS lol. We are due to Baez at 6 in the morning so maybe talking all night wasn't the best idea lol.

Outside of Yasmin's

Sorry ladies I uploaded the wrong pics. I forgot to mention her house didn't seem to be in the safest or nicest place but I guess it served its purpose.

Day of Surgery :)

I woke up and I was not nervous at all. I prayed on it last night and woke up content about the situation. The nurse came in with things for me to change in and the famous "blue pill". I changed into my clothes and took the pill about 15 minutes later. The nurse comes in yelling at me in spanish because I wasn't suppose to take the pill until Baez came in lol. I wanted to laugh but she seemed so upset. She left the room and went and told another doctor who came in very sweet and told me that it was ok and asked if I felt sleepy. The pill was only to make me relaxed (maybe that's why I couldn't take her seriously lol). Baez came in and took pictures of me from every angle. I layed on the surgery bed and that was all. I woke up when she was injecting the fat in my butt and yelled as loud as I could "Dolor Dolor Dolor Dolor en mi cull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (which means pain pain pain pain in my ass lol) next thing I know I was out lol. I woke up and LADIES OMFG I felt like I was hit by a freaking 18 wheeler truck...not only was I in agony but I was on my ass hellllllll nooo. I felt like I was carrying 5 sumo wrestlers. Where was my nurse you ask ? IDK! But I wasn't waiting for her. I grabbed the bed railings and turned slowly unto my stomach, took about 30 minutes but I got it done. I was so damn uncomfortable worst shit I have ever been experienced. The nurse came in hours later and asked me if I wanted the breakfast she had I declined and told her I just wanted the juice. They tried to get me up and I felt so dizzy and nauseous. The nurse washed me and Baez came to tell me how beautiful I looked, idc if I looked like a monster I just wanted to feel better. I legit felt like DEATH. Then the a.c. in my damn room broke Lord Jesus they had to bring me in my roommates room to lay down on her bed. Day 1 sucked. I felt like shit. I was uncomfortable and that stupid ass drain ugggggggh. Well time to return to Yasmin's BLAHH.

Room at Hospital

Week One

Week one will be the worst EVER...let me say this again....EVERRRRRR (super hero voice) lol So Day 5 was the worst day for me. It was time for my check up with Baez and my body was just not having all. I tried to eat breakfast I vomited, tried to eat lunch I vomited, I was so dizzy my roommate and the nurses was putting Bay Rum under my nose every 5 minutes apparently I was out of it. My roommate said I scared her so badly but she couldn't let me know at the time. Baez said I was draining to much so my drain did not come out that day...and that is pretty much how the rest of my day went, throw up, eat, get dizzy and repeat lol. During this week Brunillda did come starting day 2 every day to give me massages. Let me just say this she is definitely NOT the beast on here everyone makes her seem. She doesn't speak much english but I taught her a few important words. She was a sweetheart, very caring and understanding and definitely not in it for the money. Me and my roommate tried to tip her and she did not want to take it. Lets just say if I didn't know my body was going to change I would have been screaming this week because I definitely looked nothing like I wanted to. Will post pictures. Sorry it's only these but recovery takes a lot of time and energy, didn't do much at all.

Week 2 & 3

Well I got my drain out 7 days post op. Yayyyy! It was so relieving I tried to see if it would clap but I found out I was still in pain lol silly me. But really the drain being out makes you feel like another part of your healing is over. It did not hurt just a little uncomfortable. I left DR that monday ladies request wheel chair assistance! Life saver! Although DR security pissed me off. They was about to have me take off my faja ...was not happening. I opened it up a little and that was it. Then I left my pillow in their stupid office so my ass would be sore for 9 hours . Plane ride sucked! Sucked ! Sucked! Sat on my ass and hips. Was so sore and uncomfortable. When I went through customs at NY the lady asked if I was ok telling me I looked pale I guess she thought I was on something. She asked if I had a cosmetic procedure and if I was on pain meds.....speaking of pain meds wait for it.....I got through week 1 without taking any after day 2. Although I had oxy and the codeine from the doctor on deck. Baez also told me to take out my stitches 5 days from the day I seen her, it ended up being a week later and it sucked. Getting them out hurt because some of them were growing into my skin I didn't even know I had that many. Well I will share the grossness of those stitches with you guys. Sorry in advanced but it's part of the surgery you have to be prepared! Oh yeah another thing all I heard since like Day 1 is COMPRESSION COMPRESSION ....well ladies I finally broke! Week 3 came and off went the faja :) The first two days were the worst I swelled so big but after that I was fine. Measurements haven't changed 30",32",44.5"

2 1/2 Weeks

I know the pics are blurry because of the dirty mirror lol sorry better pics coming..

Got me feeling some type of way..

3 Week Post Op. So maybe it's me ladies but I have been feeling like a little horn ball lately. Very unusual for me because I don't even like sex. And I have been making up all sorts of excuses as to why my boo can't see me, I finally broke. I'm thinking mmmm ok he will come over and it will be a little touching kissing and I will feel better NEGATIVEEE! He was on my ass like white on rice as soon as he seen me. I even had my faja on laying on my stomach lol. This might be TMI for most but this is what is happening ladies 21st century stuff if you're still stuck in the 40's exit stage left lmao. Moving on.....being the only thing I can do is lay on my tummy he accommodated that...very well actually even with the faja on haha. It was all well and dandy until he said...."can you take your clothes off". Huhhh come again lol but you know I was in my feelings so I obliged. While taking off my faja all I could think was damn what the hell have you gotten yourself into. I haven't layed on my back since surgery but we propped me up on some pillows and it went downnnnnn. Had some slow jams in the back "I ain't afraid to drownnnnnnn if that means I'm deep up in your ocean yeaaa" lol I'm silly. Anyways my back was super swollen and sore so I got back on my tummy and started throwing it back....felt like I was in heaven UNTIL..............................................this dude slapped my ass, I tell you if anything ever ruined my hornyness before that shit did lol. All I could think is this dude better be done in thirty seconds because this ass slapping is not going to work. Thirty seconds turned into twenty more minutes....I was TIGHTTTTTT. lol I couldn't let him know that though he doesn't know i had surgery. As soon as he got up my ass grabbed the measuring tape and legit ran into the bathroom(I know he was looking at me like with is wrong with this girl, i didn't care though I was on a mission. Mission save my ass!).....ass still there? woooh ok good. Ever since that day we've been at it. Ladies don't be depriving your man,boo's,sides, of your goodies find a place to be comfortable and do what it does lol.

4 Weeks Suck it in Girl....FAIL

*Shakes my butt*.....wait is my jiggling ? Ayee it's jiggling ladies and getting softer look at me gooo lol well you can't look at me but just imagine. I will post a pic of it. Yess y'all I know you probably thinking damn this girl ain't clean her mirror yet so what lol forget y'all I'm going to get to it one of these days. Oh yea so I haven't worn any type of garment for the last week (gets yelled at by all the vets, yeah I know I know bad me I deserve a spanking) I bought Ann Chery Xs vest waist cinched and S waist cincher I followed the size chart someone please tell me why my fat ass can't get into neither one lol. I sucked in and squeeze only was able to hook up to the 3rd thing lol. Something has got to give! I want this waist to shrink....guess I'll be buying a bigger one until I can fit them. I will post the pic for your laughing pleasures lol

Dealing with a monster called the ITCHIESSSSS.

The's like the boogeyman they come late in the night when everyone including yourself should be sleep. They make you toss and turn and go crazy no matter how hard you try to ignore them. Ladies....from 2 week post op I have been dealing with crazyyyy itching like I wanted to tear my skin off. And you know what sucks? It's like an internal itching so scratching only helps if the area is not numb. The itchies come when ever they feel like it but it's always at night...I swear they are out to get me. That was what broke me to take my faja off for the first time 3wk post op, I was itching so bad I had my 80 YEAR OLD GREAT GRANDMOTHER COME RUB/SCRATCH ME DOWN AT 3 A.M....insanity. I was about to lose my mind. Well the itches are back again so I figured if I wrote you guys they would leave me alone lol I am trying to ignore them but it's not really working. I keep feeling my fingers slipping away from the keyboard to scratch.....let's see maybe if I keep thinking of things to say I'll forget the monster is even there..........................."there's no such thing as monsters, there's no such thing as monster's, there's no such thing as monsters" MANNNNN F THAT Ladies I'll be back later I must go tackle this monster lmao I can't take it anymore it's like it's traveling all over. Got to go adios!

Going on week 7...BOOTY GREED?

Hello my loves :) . Well I'm ending week 6 and I must say things do get better. I never would have thought 5 weeks ago today that I would say I actually feel alright. I still have TONSSSS of swelling and I am sore here and there but things are looking up. I wasn't going to update til next week because I am back in school now but I had to. This lady Dr.Baez is a COMPLETE sweetheart, I cannot speak enough on her heart. It is so genuine and pure. I emailed her last saturday for an update and questions about some irregularities in my stomach, not only did she email me back right away and through the night....she called me Sunday afternoon to check on me. Now I'm not sure about you ladies but it meant a lot that she cared enough to call all the way from the DR on a sunday when she could have simply just emailed me and left it at that. I LOVE HER

Seriously Realself! WTH is the rest of my Review!

Soooo i just typed you guys this long as review and the whole thing didn't even update. Now I don't remember what I said..Damnitt! Well ladies as for the sex, it couldn't be more amazingggg in my Marques Houston voice "Sex with you isss like winning an award after working so damn hard, my sex with you is really the best with you it makes life worth going through ain't nobody got a body like youu" Lol I love when he sings that to me. My confidence since this is so much higher I am no longer ashamed to have my clothes off with the lights on...actually "shorty like it better with the lights on, she shake it a little harder with the lights on". Let me stop y'all don't know nothing about them slow james lol. But my booty looks smaller :( I look at it everyday like where art thou booty, why have thou forsaken me lmao. Maybe I am bugging? My measurements are still the same but it just looks so much smaller, maybe squats will help? Or maybe ROUND 2 LADIESSSS. I know I know I told myself I would NEVER do this shit again I asked God just to bring me through the first one and I never do it again and if I ever thought about it talk me out of it. God forgive me, but I need just a little more fat. It's not as voluptuous as I would like and my inner thighs could use some more fat taken from it anyways..I am seeing some areas that need to be filled in now that swelling has gone down too. I don't know ladies the BOOTY GREED IS DEFINITELY REAL.

Question for the VETS: What did you guys use on your scars? These ugly things are driving me crazy -_-
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