Finally Got to Be a Duran Doll- BBL, TT and Lipo

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Hi ladies – I am a round 2 candidate for a bbl. I...

Hi ladies – I am a round 2 candidate for a bbl. I had a bbl and lipo done in Turkey in January 2016 and although the lipo was great the shape of my butt was very disappointing. I chose to go to Turkey because it was nearer to home. Since the disappointing results I have been stalking this site and got educated very fast lol. I realised that the best results either came from Circumed in Spain or the US and DR. Initially the idea of travelling to the US or DR was a terrifying prospect especially DR. When I mentioned it to my partner he was ok with the US but thought I was mad about going to DR. So I started doing a lot of research and the more I read peoples experiences the more I became comfortable with the idea of travelling a long distance. I researched more and got quotes from circumed and US surgeons as my partner was more comfortable with me going there rather than DR. Although the quotes were reasonable and I was tempted by a couple of them I couldn’t get out of my mind the result I had seen by Duran and Yily. They just stood out from the rest. After persuading my partner I started the process of getting quotes from both. This was my first experience of DR lol
Yily’s team was very good and sent me a quote within a week or so but Duran’s team on the other hand was a completely different story. I didn’t hear a word from them despite several emails and phone calls. I then decided to go through surgicoordinator. They sounded hopeful because they said usually it only takes a few days, however after 3 weeks of being told my case was still pending I decided I was going to try and get in touch with them myself. I called for several weeks relentlessly, until they finally gave me a quote. I was sooooooooo happy. Both surgeons are brilliant in my opinion but for me it was Duran. So I went back and scheduled my surgery for 5th October (this was done in June). In my humble opinion I think the reason it took so long for my quote was because I was a round 2 candidate and Duran is inundated with straightforward cases so why take on a case where you have to fix another surgeons mess up, but I am so glad she took that chance on me lol
So about me: I am 49 yrs old and ever since I had my second child at 29 I have been unhappy with my stomach as I have a lot of stretch marks. As years went on my butt started becoming flatter too with age so I decided to get both things fixed. The surgeon in Turkey suggested I do this in 2 stages ie stage 1 lipo and bbl and TT at stage 2. He convinced me that I may not need a TT after he had done the lipo. However bbl results were disappointing so now I am going to get bbl revision plus TT and lipo. I just wish I had done the research first time round and gone to the best doctor and had all 3 procedures at the same time but you live and learn.

Sweetheart Recovery House

Hello ladies - Duran's office has suggest Sweetheart RH but there are not that many reviews about them. Anyone know anything about them?? My first choice was Serenity but unfortunately they are booked up for the dates I need them in October. My other choices include Essence and Silhouette. What do you girls think???

Before Pictures

Here are my before pictures ladies. As you can see my ass is a strange shape after the bbl attempt in Turkey. I am hoping Duran will work her magic and sculpt to look more natural and pert.

My wish picture

Can someone tell me it's possible to get the butt shape in my wish picture. I have not seen any in the images on this site. I am wondering if they are implants???

Haemoglobin too high

Ladies please check your haemoglobin levels before taking any iron supplements. I didn't check mine as the last test I had put my levels around 11.5 so I thought it can't do any harm. However after taking the iron supplements and increasing my iron consumption through my diet for about 10 days I noticed my eyesight had started to become blurry. A blood test revealed my haemoglobin levels were 20! I have since stopped taking the supplements and slowly everything has returned to normal. Please do not poison yourself like I did. Be cautious

Recovery House Selection

ok so it's been quite a journey choosing a recovery house. There are so many good ones to choose from and quite a few bad ones to avoid. I have finally opted for Phenom House of Beauty. It only opened last month but so far I have only read good reviews about them and my dealing with them has been positive to date but time will tell. I only booked yesterday and given that my surgery is less than a week away they were very prompt in sending out information such as packing list and things to do before the surgery. The lists are pretty comprehensive and although I have done my own research and put together a list it was still useful to compare and have the reassurance that I am not missing anything. The recovery houses I have also had positive experience with are Serenity and Essence.


So ladies I arrived in DR on the evening of 4th october. A driver from Phenom House was there to pick me up. The following day I was driven to Cipla at 7. I had my labs and EKG done. Unfortunately the cardiologist thought it was best to get a heart stress test done due to my age (i am 49) even though all her tests showed I was healthy. I didn't mind this as it was for my safety as well as theirs. The heart stress test was done in another part of town and cost $250. It took over 3 hours of waiting around and by the time I got back to Cipla they told me that the cardiologist had rescheduled my surgery for the following day because my body had already been through enough stress today due to the additional testing. I couldn't believe this. I had psyched myself up for the surgery and now they were telling me it wasn't going to happen. I got my x-ray done and went back to the RH. The following morning I went back to Cipla. This time there were no issues as all my tests were complete. On hindsight I should have come to DR a day earlier and got all my tests done before the surgery day. I saw Dr Duran and we had a chat and she told me she could give me the butt I showed her in my wish picture because it was difficult to retain fat in the bottom half of the buttocks but she said she will do the best she can. She marked me up and I stressed to her that I wanted a natural looking butt and not a big booty. For the surgery I had gained 12 pounds and I could feel all the bulges which were so unnatural for me as I am a slim woman, so I was panicking that she might give me too much fat in the booty. I was told that I was down for the surgery that day but they couldn't say what time I would go down. There were 4 surgeries on that day so I was hoping I was one of the earlier ones. I didnt have to wait too long as it transpired that I was the first one to go down. I put on the gown and took the blue pill and laid down waiting for them to take me to theatre. I was out like a light within a few minutes of taking the pill because I don't remember being taken to surgery. I woke up during the surgery and for a few moments I didn't say anything because I was still trying to work out where I was. I then said hello so that they knew I was awake. I was out of it within seconds again. I came round and found myself in my room. The recovery house had provided a nurse which had been with me all day. She was there in the room now. I was in and out of sleep until the following morning. I remember being very uncomfortable especially on my back and my stomach was throbbing a little. I remember being on a IV drip and every now and again they would add antibiotics or pain relief to the IV. The next morning I was starving. They gave me some soup and crackers and tea. Duran came to see me after the surgery but she wasnt the one that discharged me. Her assistant discharged me and gave me a prescription and some guidelines and asked me to come back day 4 post op. I don't know if this is because there was a weekend in between or standard practice. Another nurse came in and cleaned me up and put me in my faja although she did not close it up. I was told that Duran does not close the faja on TT patients until a few days later. Day one post op was probably the worst in terms of pain and discomfort however it started to improve after that. I wouldn't say i experienced lots of pain more like severe discomfort and unable to move much. I was so glad that I had RH staff looking after me as otherwise it would have been quite difficult. The first 2 days I didn't move around much but on day 3 I decided I was going to walk around as much as I could. Today is day 4 post op and I woke up feeling much better and able to do a lot for myself. I went to Cipla for my check up and the nurse removed the drain tubes from my back and closed my faja. It was uncomfortable because yesterday I had swelled up quite a bit so it was a tight squeeze. The drains in the front will remain for another few days. I was quite shocked on day one post op when I had felt trickling down my butt. What I didnt realise is that in DR they leave a open hole so that the fluid can drain from it. At times it really did gush out which was gross.. I had my first massage today. A combination of ultrasound, massage and wax therapy. I feel much better for it. When the masseuse massaged my back I could feel quite a lot of fluid drain from the open hole in my back. So far my mood has been good. I haven't felt down or regretted anything. This could be because I refuse to look at the results. Whats done is done and I just want to get stronger and go home. If the results are disappointing then I would rather face that when I am stronger and not get myself down when I need all my energy for recovery. I am in a double room and my room mate speaks fluent spanish and english. This is really useful because some staff speak very little english.. The house manager and couple of nurses speak good english but sometimes I do feel left out as they banter away in spanish lol. One thing to be aware of ladies is that every RH has its own rules. The one I am staying in does not allow you to take any medication unless it has been approved by your surgeon. I asked for some stool softener but I was told this will have to be cleared with Duran first! Luckily for me I went naturally on day three but I was close to getting miserable about it.

Update day 6 post op

The recovery is going well and I am getting use to sleeping on my back with pillows propping me up and more pillows under my thighs. Last night I had a very good night sleep without many aches and pains. In terms of pain relief I am just taking one pill in the morning and night and stopped taking the afternoon dose couple of days ago. I am walking much straighter but don't want to rush it incase it stretches the scar. I had help washing my hair today and boy does it feel good. Although I was shocked at how much hair fell out. The food so far has been unexciting but I haven't had much of an appetite anyway. They try to cook me different things to entice me and today they made me tomato soup which was yummy and I appreciated their efforts. One of the ladies staying at the RH left yesterday after 6 days post op after having a tummy tuck and bbl. Cipla didn't give her the discharge letter but said they couldn't stop her leaving. She was a little nervous about being stopped at the airport but she managed to get her flight. She took precautions like removing her faja and stockings. I hope she put them on once past security for her own safety. The days seem to drag as there isn't much to do. I am at a stage now where I want to move and do things and be in my own home but I know it's important to keep resting and push things too early otherwise there is danger of complications setting in. I finally managed to look at myself in the mirror today and I liked what I saw even though I know there is quite a bit of swelling. Lets see how the next few days unfold.....

2 weeks and 2 days post op

I came back home 4 days ago. The journey was long almost 15 hours but luckily it was a overnight flight and I was able to sleep part of it. However I did swell up like a balloon and it took a couple of days for the additional swelling to come down.Update so far: the drains came out exactly a week after the surgery. I didn't feel much discomfort, perhaps because I was expecting it to be a lot worse. The drain was only 4-5 inches long. I was told by one of the other patients staying at the RH that her drains were 10-13 inches long. I believe some surgeons wrap the drains around the back as well as the front but Duran doesn't do that hence it's not too uncomfortable when they take them out. On the day I was leaving which was 11 days post op I went to Cipla and saw Duran. She looked at my results and asked if I was pleased with it. I told her i loved my result but if I could change anything then I would have wanted a little more fat in the middle of the cheeks as there is a slight flatness to it in that area. She said this may fluff out but her focus was on giving me a sexy silhouette rather than volume to the booty because I had emphasised I wanted a natural looking booty. It's not that I am unhappy with the booty it's just that there is a slight flatness. I am hoping this will resolve itself but otherwise the results so far look great. Since coming home I have been self massaging and resting up as much as I can. I read somewhere that too much activity could lead to seromas so I am not taking any chances. There is no pain, just discomfort when I move about or stand from a lying/seating position. I am still a little bent over as I feel a stretch on my abdomen skin when i straighten up and I don't want to risk stretching the scar. My weight before surgery was 120 lbs but since then it has reduced to 111 lbs. This is probably mostly due to the fact that I have not felt like eating much, although my appetite is returning.

4 week post op update

The last couple of weeks has been slow steady progress. Time seems to go so slow and I am getting a little frustrated. The hardest thing about the recovery is wearing the faja at night and sleeping on my back. I seem to wake up every couple of hours because the swelling increases and my faja becomes tight. I then have to walk around for a few minutes which seems to reduce the swelling somewhat and I can sleep again. I have not had a full nights sleep since the surgery and it's becoming a little tiring. I don't sleep during the day because I am afraid I wont sleep at night.

My appetite has really increased and I constantly want to eat carbs. I put on a couple of pounds because I was doing very little activity so 3 days ago I started walking. During and after the walk I seem to swell up significantly but this does subside when I rest for an hour or so.

In terms of swelling this seems to be getting worse. Day 3 post surgery my stomach was solid as if it had a block of ice beneath the skin. Slowly this is dissolving and I am beginning to feel soft skin although I can still feel the hardness below the surface. I am wearing a size xs faja. I have this on the tightest setting during the day but at night I loosen it as I seem to swell more in the evenings.

Duran's team give you a post surgery helpline number to call for upto a month after surgery, thereafter you email them on the standard email and we all know how much response that gets. I have messaged the helpline number a couple of times on some minor matter but I never got a response. Fortunately I have not had anything serious happen so I don't know what response if any I would get if I constantly called the number. I am just praying that I don't have to contact them.

Today I started using the silicone strips on my scars. The scars are healing nicely but I still have a 3 stubborn stitches which haven't dissolved. My bellybutton had almost closed when the swelling was at it's peak but it's beginning to shape up nicely as the swelling is subsiding. The bruising has almost gone but I still have a faint bluish tinge all over where the bruising was present.

I can't wait for the 6 week post op milestone as it seems most surgeons give the go ahead for normal activity. Duran however is very cautious and recommends longer timescales. She has suggested wearing of the faja for minimum 3 months. Sleeping on back for 2 months and no crunches or weights at the gym for a year. Not sure I can last that long.

8 week review - not sure I like my butt :(

The last 4 weeks has been a bit of roller coaster emotionally. Sometimes I like my butt and other times I think it's way too big for my frame. My brief to Duran was to keep it natural, which she has to a degree but what I don't like is that the butt is bit of a wrap round type butt. There seems to be a lot more fat at the top going all the way around and not much in the middle where I presume it would be the biggest - right? This has caused some dimpling where the shelf of fat meets the middle part of the buttocks. Also I asked that no fat be transferred to my hips because I like the slim look but there is fat on my hips which I am finding difficult to adjust to. Don't get me wrong the hourglass figure this has given me is very nice but it's not what I wanted. I get very down thinking that I may need to go for a revision if I cant live it but then I think maybe it will never be perfect. All i really wanted was a perky natural looking butt. What I didn't bargain for was a ongoing journey and huge amounts of expense. Also I noticed that my tummy tuck scar is lopsided. One side is much higher than the other :(

After doing some research I have decided to go have some ultrasound cavitation massage on the shelf of fat at the top of my butt and the hips. As I only need to get rid of about an inch I am hoping trips to the gym and the massage will reduce it enough for me not to be conscious about it.

Other than that the recovery is going well. The inflammation in the stomach is still there and the stomach is quite hard to the touch. The bruising on the back where the lipo was done is better but by no means gone. I am sleeping better and the faja doesn't seem to bother me as much, infact I prefer it on because it makes me feel secure. On occasion i have removed it for a few hours for a night out but have found that the stomach swells up.

My weight is still the same even though I have taken up exercising 3 times a week and eating healthy. Before surgery this would have helped me lose a few pounds. Perhaps it's balancing the inflammation and water retention.

in terms of discomfort - this is still there and does wake me up when I turn over in my sleep but it's no way near what it was.

I will post some pictures later today.

post surgery pics

Here are the pictures ladies
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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