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I have a headache for days trying to find out how...

I have a headache for days trying to find out how to reach the famous Dr. Duran. I was even thinking about adding international calls on my cell phone line so I can stalk her lol but I decide to walk to CVS and get a calling card. This Journey already has been stressful but ladies i'm not giving up. I need my BBL and chin done. HOUSTON we made progress!!! My close friend got in contact with Dr. Duran today and two Minutes later she sent me an email Yessss!!! My close friend get the job done. Now i'm waiting on my quote and date so ladies cross your fingers

I need at buddy for my trip!!!!

This is a public announcement I need a buddy to travel with me in September!!! I never wanted to go on this trip by myself but i think I don't have a choice now. Its hard to think about going out the country matter of fact a non English speaking country by yourself. I wanted to be able to look back on these moments and laugh about it with my friend and talk about how scared we were or how the food taste. You know girl talk. Sorry you guys I'm just lost right now...... So if you're going in September to see Dr. Duran and want a buddy let me know i'm down.

Change of Date!!!! from Sep4 to sep22

Ladies this journey has been complicated. My close friend got in contact with Dr. Duran like a week and a half ago and she sent me a quote and the information I need to send in but no deposit information. (like seriously) I know Dr. Duran is the best but lord knows she needs some new assistants ASAP!!!! I had to change my date because I wanted to go with a friend so we decided to go September 22. That seems so far away but I hope I recover in time for My college homecoming in October.
So for the meanwhile I decided to shop for the supplies I need for the trip. Shopping early will get rid of the stress of trying to get all your supplies at once and you have time to shop for better prices.
The two items I got already is my pill organizer case which i got it off eBay for $4.19 and the other item i got is the go girl urinate cup $9. 99 ebay as well. This cup helps you urinate standing up because I know we are going to be in so much pain and I'm not going to want to sit and urinate!!!
I'm going to upload more before pictures and pictures of the two items. Don't laugh because I don't match my panties and bra lol

The wait is killing me!!!!!

OK ladies i'm schedule for September 22 and the wait is killing me literally. I'm always in the mirror checking myself out or looking at women that walks pass me with a big ass.
Two things come to mind when i see a big ass
1.) I wonder did she get her ass done or
2.) Can I get a picture without her knowing.
I'm going ass crazy!!!!!! My cell phone is full of booties pictures and surgeries Dr. Duran did. I NEED HELP BBL are taking over my life lol

I'm lost for words. I need help!!

ok ladies i went to the doctors today for my check up and my BMI is 33 which is great and i'm waiting on my blood work for my Hemo but that's not my problem. I told my doctor about my surgery and about the medication and she can not provide me with the prescription. :/ she said what if something happen to me she don't want to be responsible for anything. Don't get me wrong I completely understand her position but lord i need those medication. I don't want to get them from DR !!! I don't know what to do. I been reading that the pain medication over there are some shit so what to do ladies

I just do crazy things

Ok I was eating dinner at a restaurant that's attach to a hotel when phone died. I ask the hostess to charge my phone for me and she did. When I went to retrieve my phone the hostess gave me a crazy look. Then I realize my phone screen was full off asses she probably thought I was gay or a big pervert lol oh well I got to lost 20 more pounds before surgery and motivation is the key!!!!
Then last weekend my little cousin went to take her senior picture and i was their to do her makeup when i notice an acquaintance from high school. She got up to use the restroom and her ass was huge!!!!! like baby got back on top of back with a side of back. it just made me wonder WTF did she do? In high school she was a nobody now she got an ass I'm jealous of. I think she tried to avoid me so I would not ask her any question lol but its cool. On the contrary i booked my flight for September 20 leaving Ronald Reagan airport at 8:30 am. My ticket was $399 yes the cheapest I have seen so far so I'm too happy!!!! I'm flying on American Airlines............ Pause it just got real!!!!!!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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