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I had a bbl including inner thighs done May 6,...

I had a bbl including inner thighs done May 6, 2014. I LOVE LOVE my results and have put on 10 pounds. I am unhappy with my arms (was before my first bbl so its not new) and need a TT. When i saw Duran the first time i was scheduled for a tuck too and we decided i may not need it so i did without it. well, long story short Im going to need that tummy tuck. when i sit down or bend over my skin hangs and folds.

So i am going to see Duran hopefully September 20th! which would make my bloodwork on Monday sept 19.
I have been emailing Jasmin and she has me down for the 18-29.
wish me luck that Duran has an opening.

Also considering putting a little fat in my lips, been getting restalyn for yeaaarss and id like something permanent,

anyways Im very excited. I went ahead and booked half of this stay without a Duran confirmation so lol wish me extra luck.

Contacted Cabral, rescheduled.

I switch from to October! I emailed cabral about an opening on wed the 12th (EKG on Tuesday)
I'm staying at club med Punta Cana prior and taking to bus to santo Domingo on Monday the 10th.
I rescheduled with Yasmin today also.
Very excited!

Mock itinerary and budget/cost breakdown

Dominican plans

Thur October 7: fly in - club med pick up
Fri October 8: club med
Sat October 9: club med
Sun October 10: club med
Mon October 11: Espreso Bavaro to Yasmin's
Tues October 12: EKG and consult
Wed October 13: surgery
Thur October 14: 1 day post op
Fri October 15: 2 days post op
Saturday October 16: 3 days post op
Sun October 17: 4 days post op
Mon October 18: 5 days post op
Tues October 19: 6 days post op
Wed October 20: 7 days post op
Thur October 21: 8 days post op
Fri October 22: 9 days post - fly home

$700 Delta flight incl insurance
$100 Walgreens incl RX

$10 -Country entry tax
$400 -Club Med transport incl scuba
$10 -Espreso Bavaro bus to Yasmin's
$705 -12 nights incl CIPLA overnight buddy
$5400 -Bbl+Tt+chin lipo+mons lipo
$150 -Fajas
$120 -For 4 massages
$500 -Gratuity & extra cash

Supply list

This is my second bbl so I am confident my supplies will be better prepared. I overpacked last time! This is the running list of essentials I am taking with (I purchased 80% of the list on Amazon already)

-feminine pads
-chux pads
-travel stash body belt
-hibiclens liquid
-female urinal
-shower body wipes
-squeem waist cincher
-boppy pillow
-20-30mmHg compression stockings
-maxi dresses
-slippers and flip flops
-arnica oil
-iron pills, stool softeners
-ensure drinks
-plastic gloves
-gauze and tape
-medications from my doctor

T-minus 17 weeks.
I am saving 500$ a week to make my deadline

30 days until take off

So I am30 days away from departure.
And 36 away from surgery.
I'm flying into Pubra Cana on the 6th and staying at club med until I take a bus to Santo Domingo in the 10th.
My SX is scheduled for the 12.
I am staying with Yasmin.
My title says "round 2 with Duran"
I actually chose Cabral this time.
4,900 includes a division and a tiny more grafting to my ass, along with the tummy tuck I opted out of last time.
He is also going to lipo my arms and my moms pubis area for that price.
His surgery fee doesn't include the consult, Bloodwork, EKG, or meds and faja.
I regret not tucking the first time. My skin is lose and saggy.
Duran lipod my inner thighs leaving my cat standing out too much, I'm very insecure about the camel toe that's going on I'm happy to get it taken care of.
I'm undecided on my chin still.
I have all of my supplies together and packed. I used my prior list minus things that were useless. I'm going to post the updated one when I repack everything. I'm also taking 2 luggage, one nice one and one that I need to toss, I plan on leaving the one that sucks in a Dominican trash can I'm not bringing it back, less dragging through the airport on the way back the better.
My two sx buddies bailed.
Just me again, I'm so ready.

Ten days pre-op round 2

I have everything packed and ready to go.
I've been eating clean and taking my iron now for 2 weeks. I miss a few days here and there when it comes to the iron, it's hard to remember I'm so busy.
Yasmin is on top of her business I get friendly check in emails from her about if my plans are coming along well/date confirmations.
I am hopeful that my back lipo will go well and he will add another 200-300 cc per cheek. I'm very happy with the general size of my butt already i just wish it to be shapelier, more voluminous heart shaped. I also am very excited to have my mons pubis size decreased. I don't want it skinny but the size it is now (especially after the inner thigh lipo) is too prominent. I'm extremely insecure about it and I'm tired of the clothing restrictions. I want to wear what I want and not feel like that's what people first notice about me.
My quote included arm liposuction but I am now hestitant torwatds it I feel like the reviews are very mixed and I'm worried my skin is too thin and transparent I don't want to risk any uneven result. I'm thinking I'm going to skip the arm lipo and do 3-4 rounds of coolsculpting on my arms instead here in Wisconsin when I get back.
As far as the chin lipo goes I am passing on it altogether and going with kybella. 3-4 rounds of kybella will give me the jaw I genetically don't have. I'm very uneasy about any cannula in my face.
Oh fucking club med lost my reservation and then tried to charge me an extra 600 for the 4 days I planned in April. They can kiss my ass. I will not ever be staying with them again. Delta, my choice airline, took care of me within 30 min! They changed my flight from the 6 to the 10, waived the change fee and sent me an e voucher for the 150 dollar difference. I love delta, they cost more generally but their customer service is the best that I have dealt with. I'm definitely delta brand loyal.
The first time I went to the Dominican AA lost my return flight and stranded me leaving me with a 1.3k phone bill by the time I figured it out.
Just bumps in the road.
I don't want to worry about coming back in October and worrying about November rent so I'm taking care of that early.
I'm also going on Monday (to a younger you medical spa) to prepay for my kybella. It's 1,000 for 3 sessions. Sessions are 4 weeks apart. In a perfect world they can get my first round in before I leave. I give zero fucks about having a swollen turkey neck at the airport, just hope I don't run into the 6 God.
Any ways I'm "surgery nesting" so I'll be updating my blog here more frequently in the next 10 days to follow.

Flew in today, moved surgery up to tomorrow!

SO, I arrived today in the DR. I got here early enough that Cabral gave me the green light to come in today to do my bloodwork ekg and consult. So my surgery is tomorrow (tuesday) and not wednesday! Im really excited.
I decided to just go ahead, after being on the fence for weeks, to lipo my chin and arms as well. My updated cost is 5,300.
I also had to pay 200 for the consult and lab fees.
Cabral is the boss at CIPLA, the other surgeons work under him. His office is spectacular and his smile put my worries at ease.
I cashed out another 60 for a chin faja, 60 for a arm faja, and 120 for my faja. Im not into my girdle faja it has zippers on the sides... my first bbl faja has clasps in the front it was very easy for me to put on myself, I may end up getting a different one, we will see.
SO my CIPLA total was 5,730.00
I also really like the RH I am at, good vibes. My entire stay including an overnight nurse escort at CIPLA was just under 700. I plan on tipping another 200 apon leaving.
I cant figure out how to change prior posts on here so Im going to post my updated packing list here:
-two packs of ensure
-meal substitute cookies
-compression socks
-two packs tank tops
-stool softeners
-white hand towels
-gauze, tape, zinc antibitic cream
-arnica cream
-big value pack of baby wipes
-big value pack of pads
-1 pack of chucks
-lint roller secret safe
-a lock (was told i would have a place to lock things up, not going to use it)
-a small backpack to take my cipla things in
-4 maxi dresses
-a robe
-an outfit to go home in
I packed everything into two duffel bags, I plan on abandoning the one that is falling apart here in the dominican, Im not not bringing it back with me. Im going to check the remainder duffel and just carry my small backpack though the airport home.
I was unstoppable today at CIPLA.
Having gone through this process before I was well aware of what to do and confident.
Im about to have supper and try to go to bed early.
Have to get up at 5 am to take my hibiclens shower and report to CIPLA for my makeover.
The only thing that has me uneasy is that Cabral did not mark me up at all.
But I guess true artists don't need a paint by number right? I mean this guy is as pro as they get, he has trained all the other doctors at CIPLA, he is a booty GOD. I was star struck when he walked in the room. Still am.

3 days post op TT and round 2 BBL

Im very excited to annouce i had a BM today. My first round bbl it took my 11 days and anema, and a whole lotta pain, to have a BM. That was worse than my actual surgery.
I had surgery on Tuesday with Cabral. I had a tummy tuck and more lipo and fat grafting to "fill out" my behind.
They kept me very lightly sedated I woke up multiple times during surgery and remember asking the doctor to put me to sleep.
The next morning They discovered a hematoma on my stomach so they kept me for 2 more nights under supervision in CIPLA and with oxygen. I honestly feel better every day. I Have a new belly button and even though i'm swollen I look amazing. My tattoo on my stomach and stretch marks are gone. The hardest part of it all is not being able to eat really yet, i'm trying, and sucking down ensure.
Yet again, I am the only girl at my recovery house.
Not even worried about having to lay on my butt for the next week because it looks huge.
Cant wait to lay on my side. Im thinking as soon as my drain is out he will ok this.
This morning before i left CIPLA they removed my back drain and told me not to wear my faja until Monday!!!!!!!!
i know right, i'm a stiff marshmellow. But something about they didn't like the way my cat was swelling up.
idgaf about grammar right now i just took my meds and and tired from today, just wanted to let y'all know i'm on the other side.
i can never sleep on my back this is very hard for me. fuck. fuck. fuck.
hoping to be on my side before i fly out on the 21st.

4 days post op round 2 bbl + tt

Ok wow
Really feeling it today
I feel like not being able to wear my faja is making things worse, more swollen than I should be
Can't wait until Monday so I can put on at CIPLA
My arms look amazing I'm so glad I went ahead and did them
It's 3:36 I'm trying to sleep as much as I can
Just took another pain pill hoping I nod out

1 week post op

I'm 1 week post today.
Been wearing my faja for 3 days. The first faja day I filled my drain container 5 times. Today I have emptied it once and it is 3p. I was so swollen it was nuts.
I had a follow up yesterday.
Cabral is very sick so I met with his fill in dr.
They said everything is looking good.
They also gave me a drainage massage, when I tell you it must have been a gallon of fluid they squeezed out of me I'm not lying. I was retaining so much fluid from being on faja restrictions that I almost passed out twice during my drainage massage. That's how much come out if me. I felt so amazing after. My mobility immediately increased and I wasn't so stiff/sore.
My appetite is back and I'm finishing my meals now.
Took my faja off to wash today. It's nice to breathe. Just put it back on and my drain is collecting clearer and quickly. I must be swelling fast still.
The faja the clinics sold me sucks, it doesn't cover far enough up my sides under my arms, I had lipo there and I'm very inflamed.
There are 2 nurses here that are good. 1 I told her I don't want to see her face again and to stay tf away from me. I will write my full rh review when I leave.
I have another follow up tomorrow, Wednesday.
And then again on Friday morning, the same day I fly out. Hoping they remove my drains Friday.
Have not taken a pain killer in 2 days.
I'm able to move sideways I'm bed now, and get into bed. Still can't get out by myself though.
God I want to roll over onto my side so bad.

9 days post op

still have my drains in.
having them removed tomorrow am before my flight now.
i picked up a new faja here, going to try to put it on tomorrow when i get back from my follow up appointment. santos here at the recovery house has exchanged it 3 times now for a bigger size, hips so wide. (not TOO wide ;) )
if it doesnt work i will try to return for my money back and get one online.
the one that cipla sold me is trash, it cuts into my bra line, not extending up under my armpit where my lipo reached. irritating. at my last follow up they were trying to sell me on a new one. like why not sell the right one the first time? Whats your commission? *rolls eyes*
my hemaglobin was 8.8 yesterday so i've been eating and sleeping, trying to let me body work overtime while i sleep.
my neck is very swollen.
ive been laying on my butt since i was tucked too.
when i look at my butt it doesn't look any bigger than before which is very frustrating.
we will see when the swelling goes down.

14-15 days post op

I'm able to sleep comfortably on my side, although I am a still sleeping in the reckoning position, I have a rice size fleshy opening in my side, no bleeding just some delayed healing.
I am meeting with dr bonness here in Wisconsin on Monday for a follow up. I feel I am retaining abnormal amounts of fluid. Maybe I'm paranoid because I feel my drains were removed early. But I'd rather be safe than sorry. She is charging me $100 for a follow up appointment that would include drainage if needed. Her scheduling nurse informed me that if it seroma she would most likely see me for a week to drain, that's the usual period of follow up for this complication according to her office.
I'm hoping it isn't, but if it is why let it go and scar my expensive and awesome results?!
The black spot on my incision is all but disappeared which is great.
I'm still walking slightly hunched and still very swollen.
I found a nice girl here in Milwaukee who does lymphatic drainage massage and she charges $30 for 30 minutes!
I plan on starting next week and seeing her twice a week.
Out of everything I have the most pain in my arms. It's a stretching burning pain, gets worse if I try to push my range of motion, putting in a ponytail holder is awful.
My stage 2 garment fits loser than the first one I got so I'm back to wearing that.
Going to transition to a spandex garment in maybe 10 days.
I'll post pics soon.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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