Round 2 BBL (Dublin, Ireland) with Yily- Dominican Republic

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Little bit about me. 25 years old female with 1...

Little bit about me.
25 years old female with 1 child.
height: 5ft 4
Weight: about 133 pounds
waist: 29.5 inches. not sure about my hip measurement.

I've decided to write this review because i haven't really seen too many BBL reviews from anyone in ireland. That made shopping for supplies really difficult as the brand names are different and we don't have a lot of the same shops over here.

About Round 1:
I had round one bbl in Antalya, Turkey at mediface clinic. They're great and the patient co-ordinator Meltem is awesome but right from about 4 weeks post op i knew i'd need a round 2. they did a great job, don't get me wrong, but they really could have taken out more fat. i had lipo of the abdomen, flanks and back with fat transfer to my bum. But the lipo wasn't aggressive enough. they only took out fat from my lower abdomen and flanks but i still don't have much definition in my waist and my but is pretty much the same as before(maybe slightly fuller at the bottom but definitely only a moderate increase in size). Recovery was tough but nothing like what i read on here, no bruising or need for drains or massages or nothing. if i remember correctly, i was only in turkey for a weekend. Sx on friday and back home by monday.

Anyhoo, i'm about 2 weeks from surgery now and i'd really appreciate any tips or advice on preparing for this.
I leave Dublin on Saturday January 17th, Sx on 19th and leaving DR on 24th.
Although i'm dreading it, I'll take some pre op pics tomorrow.

Pre op pics

Ughh...I have no waist definition. Or hips. Please Yily help me out here. Give me shape. I hope I have enough fat to harvest to give me a nice bum and hips. I'm getting liposuction on abdomen, waist, flanks, back and inner thighs.
I've been trying to put on weight. Even though Sasha, Yily's assistant said not to.

Flight details

I paid €650 for my flight from Dublin to Santo Domingo. The flight is about 13 hours going and 14 hours coming back with 4 hours layover in New York.

Gaining weight

Does anyone have tips for gaining weight. I only have two weeks and I've been eating everything in sight. But I only feel bloated for a few hours. I've even started eating mcDonald's n all that fast food even tho I hate it. I only have 2 weeks left now. Is that even enough time to gain enough weight to make a difference? I want to be more shapely. I don't want to have lipo to just look like a skinnier me. I want hips, waist, ass..the whole lot.

I don't really have wish pics but I got these pics from Yily's instagram. I know I may be asking too much ha. But a girl can dream right?

Couldnt find ensure but...

So ladies, I went to a few supplement stores and none have even heard of ensure. But I asked to see if they had anything else for gaining weight. I've added pictures from what they had. Would this be similar to what you have in the states?

Got these...

I ended up getting these from Holland and Barrett for €18.30 they were bogo free

Post op massages

I've been looking for places that do the lymphatic drainage massages in Ireland. I'm down to 2 places.
The VHI clinic in swords near the airport- €55 per 30 minute session
Perfect Balance Ireland in Rathmines €40 per 60 minute session.

I haven't seen any reviews on both places so if anyone out there has had massages here. Id love to hear about your experiences.

Recovery house

I will be staying at a recovery house I found on airbnb. It's owner's name is Carolina. She's really awesome and had surgery in cipla 2 years ago she's really knowledgeable about the whole process and gave me lots of valuable tips. I'm staying with her for 7 nights and paid $310. She doesn't include transport to and from the airport but she'll help you organise one. She goes with you to your appointments and will pretty much take care of you through the whole process. I kinda preferred that to because it'll feel like going with a friend or family member as opposed to staying in a place with staff on rotation(just my personal preference). I also read her reviews on airbnb and she seems like a great person . She will also organise my over night caretaker ($25 per day) and post op massages $10 per massage (I'll be getting 2 per day since they're so cheap.) I'll attach the pictures she sent me and from airbnb. And will update you guys on my experience as I go along.

I don't get it

I weighed myself today and I'm at 131 lbs. I but I feel heavier. I think I'll just give up on. Trying to gain weight. I know I'll definitely have enough fat to use now. I feel fat already.


Here are the supplies I got so far. I got most of my supplies in Boots pharmacy, Tesco, and Dunnes Stores.
I've added what they are and where I got them, to each picture. I've been taking multivitamins and the liquid iron daily.

I'll buy my compression socks and post op medication when I get to the DR.
Do I need to get any more supplies? Please help me out,

Changing €€€€€ to $$$$

Should I change my euros to dollars here in Ireland before I leave or at the airport in DR. Will they have dollars?? And accept euros? And should I also get some Dominican currency too?

Bbl supplies in DR

Does anyone out there know if there's a surgery supply store where I can buy things like lipo board, bbl pillow etc.

I'm in DR

Just got to Maria's Recovery house. I'll go to cipla tomorrow to get my labs done and I'm having surgery on Tuesday.(I changed recovery houses by the way. LONG now I'm staying at Maria's)

Surgery date changed

Hey guys. Just a quick update. I'm at cipla right now. I've decided to get NY surgery today instead of tomorrow. There are less girls having surgery today than tomorrow so I might as well do it today. That way I'll get 1 extra day in DR to recover

Made it

Oh wow OK I had my surgery yesterday.everything went well. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.

Yily is awesome. She's really nice and personable. She's gorgeous too. Like wow. When I went in to consult with her, she asked me what I wanted. I said small waist and round hips anything extra is a bonus. I told her to focus more on my waist and giving me hips and Any extra could go to my butt.. I didn't show her wish pics just told her I trust her, she'll give me what would look best on me.

Well this was all after I did my labs. So after meeting yily, I took some pictures and went to admissions. They asked a few lifestyle questions, took a look at my X-ray ND lab results and I went up to get checked into my room. It's a pretty big room with regular double bed. Not hospital bed. Some sofas and A bathroom. I waited there for about 2 hours. Then someone came in gave me the blue pill, then wheeled me off to the OR. I remember having a few bants with the OR staff before Yily came in. She asked how I was feeling and if I'm ready. I said I was a bit nervous. She told me not to worry and stroked my hair Hah. I felt immediately relaxed and that is the last I remember from d OR. Next thing I remember is waking up back in my room, freezing cold. I didn't wake up at all during surgery.

I wake up again at about 11pm it was time to eat. It was some kind of soup.
Throughout the night, nurses came in to administer pain meds. It hurt getting the pain meds through d IV but after that I was pain free. The catheter was a bitch too. Couldn't wait to get that and the IV out of me.

Next morning, Yily came in to check in on me twice. 2nd time was to give me my prescriptions and tell me I'm good to go. Once I get cleaned and into my garment.

Gosh getting into that garment was a biatch. The pain was mostly from being touched in my lipo areas.

I'm in some pain right now but it's mostly from the bruises. I've added some pictures. Never mind the lump on my crotch area. It's just my drain.

More pix

First massage

Had my first massage today. Guys its no joke. I had to pop some painkillers before. I share a room with chants282012 (she went to yily too and looks amazing. She handles her pain so WeIl and hasn't even taken any painkillers. Damn). So when I see her squirming during her massage, I know to get a bit doped up before mine. I'll tell you, although d massage hurt like hell, I feel 1000% better afterward. I've added some pictures from after d massage. I have another tomorrow.

I'm seeing yily for my post op today

Going for my post op check up today. I really hope I get this drains out. They're so uncomfortable. I know it's only been 4 days but I'm not draining much. So fingers crossed they take them out. I'm also hoping to get a stage 2 Garment with the refund I get for the blood transfusion deposit.

Drains out yay

I feel so much Bette today with my drains out guys. That thing was a pain in d ass. You can feel it in side you every time u move. Massage still hurt like hell even tho the drain was out. But the relief after was tremendous. Especially on my lower back.

Post op was pretty standard. I met Dr Ana, she checked out my body and asked how I was healing. I said OK but I have this swollen vaj area. She said I should put more compression on d area and ask massage lady to massage that area. She asked when I was leaving, I said Sunday, she said y so soon? Me: I have college, wish I could stay longer but can't b missing days. She said OK. You're doing OK anyway just make sure to continue getting your massages daily. I said OK. She said "take a deep breath mama",I did, and 1,2,3....drains out. It wasn't a nice feeling getting them out but as soon as they were out, I felt this great pressure taken off my lower back. She told me to clean the incision in my butt crack with alcohol twice a day and cover with gauze. She dressed d wound, I took some pics. Yily comes in, we talk for a bit then off I go. That's pretty much it. It's a holiday in Santo Domingo today so cipla was pretty much empty. More pics...

Update,massages, experiences....bye DR

I know I haven't updated in a while but I've been going through it guys. This recovery is no joke. The physical pain is one thing but it really takes a toll on you emotionally. I cried all day yesterday coz I missed home lol.
I'm glad I get to go home tomorrow because I miss my family soooooooo much. I love it here, don't get me wrong, and I've met some amazing people here but I miss my child so much guys. This is the longest I've been away from him and I keep thinking, what if he's forgotten me even lol or doesn't even miss me.

Pain: the. Worst pain is in my back. Sometimes it feels like its on fire. 2 nights ago, I woke up with this burning sensation in my back and almost ripped my faja off. I called for help and one of the nurses at my rh noticed my back was filled with so much fluid. She gave me a mini massage and drained all the fluid. I felt soooooooo much better. I could move around again. It was at that moment that I realized that I needed to get 2 massages a day. The nurse is so good and her massages do not hurt like the masseuse appointed by the rh. So now, I get 2 messages a day, one by the rh masseuse (hurts like hell, rough, and it feels like she's trying to kill u lol but you feel way better after so it gets d Job done). Second massage is in the evening by the staff nurse, who I later found out actually studied to be a masseuse aswell. Her technique is more gentle and she understands the body. I feel and look much better after this massage than the morning ones and sleep waay better too. She doesn't use way too much oil like the morning lady and her ultrasound machine doesn't burn either lol. I wound highly recommend her if you're in the DR and need a lymphatic massage. She's usually free during the day because she's a night nurse at my rh. Her name's Yvette and she only charges 15 dollars per massage (they last about 45 minutes). Tell her I sent you. I added a picture of her business card too. You can reach her on whatsapp(829 -767 -9911).

Overall, I've had a great time here and I'll miss everyone at Maria's recovery house. I've met some great girls here and the staff here are so polite and helpful. We went shopping yesterday at Agora shopping mall. It's a beautiful shopping centre and they have a lot of American shops. Maria's husband also took us to the beach today, of course we were all covered and sat under a shade the whole time but it was good to get out even for a little while.

Stuck in New York

My flight was delayed because of the. Blizzard in New York. My airline put me in a hotel (in Lynbrook, NY) because I would've been waiting at jfk for over 20 hours. I requested wheelchair service, it's a huge help ladies. When the lady at check in asked why I needed a wheelchair, I just showed her my swollen ass foot. I had my first shower today. It was so needed because I felt so disgusting. Now I'm all fresh and ready for my 7 hour flight tonight. I also booked a 30 minute lymphatic drainage massage for this afternoon(50 us dollars) to prepare me for tonight's flight. I can't wait for it. My back feels like hell. Also I think all that sitting around at the airport reduced my ass (cries) lol. I'm not too bothered tho because I really just want to go home.


Hi ladies. I'm sorry I haven't posted in ages. I went straight back to college the day after I landed.adding some updated pics
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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