Deposit Made to Duran. Dominican Republic , DO

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Do I made the deposit into her bank account. Now...

Do I made the deposit into her bank account. Now if I can just get Fania or someone to answer the phone or email me back to schedule. Patience is of virtue. I called 2 days in a row but no answer @ Cipla. Excited though. 2016 Transformation. Just need my surgery date so I can prepare accordingly. #DuranDoll2016

Date Booked. Duran Doll 2 Be

I am booked for March 4. Currently looking for a surgery buddy. I'm also looking for a good recovery house. High class where I wanted to stay is booked. I will be getting Brazillian Butt Lift, tummy tuck & Lipo. Please message me if you ar getting surgery about the same time. I'm so excited. Just need to prepare now.

Choosing a recovery house

I had read on here that choosing a recovery house was harder that picking your child's name. Lol. Well it is. Originally I wanted to stay at High Class but they were filled. Then I found Kindness. Now Wendy called and has a cancellation. Both seem very good. Decisions Decisions...any input?

Deposit info

What's the best post op position to sleep?

Hi dolls,
I'm very curious how I'm going to be able to sleep/sit after tt and bbl?

Boosting my hemoglobin

I Already know my hemo is low, but I just got tested I'll find out this week. Eating high iron diet and taking professional grade supplements.


Before Pics

Can't wait to be a Duran Doll

Countdown begins

Wish pics

Kindness Recovery House

I feel comfortable with the recovery house I chose. I will post all the details. When I called a girl that had surgery answer the phone once, and she said that it was a good place and that the food was good too. I really like how Conrad is a quick and informative communicator through WhatsApp. They also can order you a recliner that you rent for your stay if you wish. I'll keep you dolls updated as time gets closer to weeks left. Keeping my eye on the prize, ready for my journey.

Pre & Post opp supplies

Everything i need is avail at

One stop shop and if you repost recieve discount

Tick Tock Packing Time

Diamond recovery made it easy to prepare my medical supplies. I'm packing three front zip nightgowns, three sundresses and a sweatsuit. Slip in shoes, 2 pair of yoga pants, granny panties & some tees. Let the countdown begin.

Cipla pre-test

Cleared xray, cardio & blood

Cipla Pics

So i got to cipla around 1. I was told nit to eat anything for testing purposes. I started in Durans offices and met the other ladies getting surgery tomorrow also. Got ekg first, then urine blood and xray downstairs. I then went to emergency for admission. The lady ask me if i ever had asthma and i said maybe when i wS young like 5 but never got treated. Nevertheless it cost me an additional hundred dollars and I had to wait an hour for a lung doctor to clear me. Testing cost $320 with the extra test. I was very excited my hemoglobin went up three weeks ago it was only 11 in the US and it was 13.3 today. From what I seen today of CIPLA, it seemed pretty clean with the exception of the hallway public bathroom in which you take your urine sample. Just don't touch anything.

Made it to the other side thank god!

Finally back at Kindness amd it feels like heaven compared to Cipla. I lost alot of blood through my butt drain after surgery... Sihad to get a blood transfusion so i had to stay longer. Thank god im ok. Tired but will fill yall in tomorrow.. Duran Doll :)

Some day 2 post op butt shots

Very swollen but I will share anyway. I wish the butt drain had a collection tube. There is a lot of blood every time I get up kind of gross.

Day 3 post op

Even though i love my flat tummy... Im definitely having a wtf did i do to myself moment. I have a headache that is not going away, i need to go back to doc. It might be from the epidural and i need a blood patch in my spine.

Felt like death yesterday back to Cipla

So I was having headaches and I lost my appetite for a 2 days. But yesterday I knew something was definitely wrong I was passing out nauseous migraine I felt like I was going to die so the recovery house took me to cipla. There they gave me two bags of IV and thought it was from dehydration. Even though I drank A lot of water I guess I got dehydrated from losing so much blood and fluid after surgery. The nurses at cipla suck majority of them. My IV bag empty twice and no one came in so the IV backed up twice I had no help going to the bathroom. I still had a headache but whatever pain medicine they gave me made me tired so I want to go to go back to recovery to sleep. By the way the nurse put the Main medication directly in my IV in my hand until the other nurse came in and said no no no as it set my hand on fire. They then put it in the solution bag of IV as they were supposed to the boy did that hurt. After that I just wanted to go lay down and my recovery. Even though I still had a headache I went downstairs to leave so they took the IV out.

But once I got downstairs I felt three times as bad so I got readmitted as I was passing out. They gave me three more bags of IV and a vitamin C drip. The nurses never come in I had to get up to tell them my IV was empty. I had to help myself to the bathroom with so much fluids mean to me it was not easy I was so scared yesterday. I had long talks with the Lord and very emotional and feeling selfish for leaving my family for the surgery that risk my life. Thank God Anna from recovery came in to help me later on. I am now back at the recovery House drinking more fluid than I can handle but don't want to be in that position again Gatorade helps. I would not do this again if someone paid me any amount of money. Also the food at the hospital is absolutely disgusting I think the fish was still moving and I'm not sure if it was fried cat or chicken but they put the food where you can't get it and it's not edible so don't even try getting up for it.

Numbness in hand and one foot

Had follow up with Duran today. Fania took out all drains. I have pins & needles in both hands & my right foot numb. Could be potassium. I ate 3 bananas. Lab coming to recovery to test hemo & electrolytes

Massage aftermath with drains out

7 weeks post op

Hi guys sorry I haven't updated in a long time. I'm doing much better. I had to Biggs aromas one in the front one in the back when I came home and had to get drained about six times. The numbness in my hands and feet went away it was definitely connected to the inflammation. I'm a little sore but doing much better. I keep buying different fajas because my butt is too big for them but the waste needs to be small. Scar is healing very nicely. My lower abdomen will get swollen and puffy if I don't use my Ab board and extra compression. Dra Duran did a great job. I have heard back from her several times since my surgery she responds within a day, so after you're a patient to not be concerned about getting in touch with her.

5 months post op.. Might need tummy tuck revision

Hi guys it's been a while. It's been five months everything's going good except I do have two complaints. My lower abdomen is still swollen even though I use compression. It gets uncomfortable if I don't wear any sort of compression. I think I may need a tummy tuck revision. Also my BBL is good except from my stage 2 faja was a size small and caused a DIAGNOdent on one side of my butt ox and I guess kill the fat cells there. Anyone else been through around to any comments welcome thank you

Five months post op tummy tuck swelling

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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