20 Year Old Going with Yily March 2016 - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey Ladies, I've decided to begin another review...

Hey Ladies, I've decided to begin another review simply because my last review was all over the place. I was still decided what doctor to go with and still figuring out my budget etc. Now everything is more concrete. (Too bad I had to make a whole new account... WTF real self my old one is Perfection Doll for anyone who wanted to keep up) I've decided that I will be going to DR not only because everything is cheaper but these DR doctors seem to DELIVER way more than these US doctors. I just feel like why pay more money to not get what I want? I am aware of all the risks but I feel like people who have negative things to say about DR are simply ignorant. You can get infected anywhere and you can have botched surgeries anywhere. Do you research and be confident that who you chose can do what you need them to do. After a TON of research I have decided to go with Yily. I have gotten a quote from basically every single popular doctor in DR, Yily was the most detailed and said specifically that she will do everything that I wanted her to do for me. If you want me to go into more detail about why I chose Yily above all the other doctors let me know and I can write a separate post on just that. A little background on me I am 20 years old and I have always had a great body. Not being cocky or gloating but I played soccer for 18 years so I was always fit. Back then I didn't appreciate it and of course I always saw a problem with my body even though their never was one. Now that I am in college and actually stopped playing soccer I have put on a little weight. Nothing serious, I am not obese nor am I overweight, I am just not as toned as I once was. Especially compared to pics of me 2 years ago. Idk what my measurements are up top but I am about a 34DD. I'm not gonna lie my boobs are pretty nice. Nothing to change up there. My waist is about a 30 and my hips I think or a 40-42. I am really not sure haven't measured that in a little while. Will definitely try to measure and get exacts for ya'll when I get my hands on some tape. So clearly I am still curvy. But I wanna look better. I've always been obsessed with that super defined waist to hip ratio that is just poppin. Similar to Lira Galore and Miracle Watts which is who you will see in my wish pics. So lets just say I want my waist to be 25" and my ass to be on 45". I'm sorry, but I love that look as most of us do. I have a a pretty nice body already, my boyfriend has no idea why I want to do the BBL, he's against it but I have convinced him to simply support my wishes cause I'm going to do what I want regardless. He was going to come to DR around my 3rd week there and make a little vacation out of it on a beach resort but I decided lets save our money and I'll just come back home. It doesn't make sense to spend all that money when I am not even really sure if I will be able to do anything other than lay in my bed. So on to my procedure as I said I'm going with Dr. Yily. I'll be having a BBL with full back, stomach, flanks and waist lipo along with thigh lipo and of course the fat transfer. During the fat transfer portion I want her to focus more on my hips and upper butt for more full hips and better butt projection. I already have a big butt but it could be more round where my hips are and project more at the top to make it look perfect! I also threw in some lipo under my chin because I have a little bit of a double chin. nothing crazy but I notice it so why not get rid of it while I'm there! :D lol I know I sound crazy but I am just supper obsessed with looking good. I know I can work out but working out won't give me hips and from playing soccer i got these thunder thighs and a muscle butt. I don't care to have that again I wanna be soft and I don't want my butt to get any smaller than it is now. lol. So for all of this Yily quoted me $4,500. This includes my first garment, anesthesia fees, pre-op blood work + EKG and other clinic/surgery fees. This quote also included the stay at a recovery house for 8 days. As you all know RH's take care of pretty much everything for you as far as post-op care, transportation, food, etc. On op of this you do have to add the costs of the mandatory insurance, blood transfusion deposit, compression socks and the mandatory costs of a over night care in the clinic. You do spend your first night after surgery in the clinic but it is up to you to hire a nurse to stay there with you. So in total the extra mandatory costs are about $470. So I just rounded that up to $5000 expected to pay in total for my surgery. Addition to that other costs will be my medication which Yily said would be approx. $250 but i'm sure it won't costs that much but I will have enough just in case. My massages are $25-30 and you need a min of 10 massages. But I did notice on of RH I looked at (Kindess I believe) had a deal for $115 for 5 massages so I'll assume 10 will be $230. I'll also have to buy my supplies including an extra garment which I am not sure how much that will run me. But I will budget about $300 for that including the money for an extra garment. Last but not least I'm budgeting my flight at about $500-$600. I want to find a first class flight on the way there but I am not too certain if i want to do that, I gotta save as much money as I can. haha. So all in all my budget for this entire fiasco is $7,000 including spending money/"just in case money" while I am in DR. I am not tryna spend more than that. So ladies although I have been researching for literally 5 years, this is officially the beginning of my Journey. I am so excited to share this with you! I want to help anyone along the way because so many of you guys have helped me prepare for this and make my decision. Also if anyone is travelling to DR from JFK during the first week of March let me know. If you are seeing Yily let me know and if you are staying at Diamond or Kindndess let me know. I hope I meet a lot of ladies cause I'm doing this alone basically. I have never had surgery before, never even really been in am nervous about everything. Literally everything. Like I'm thinking about how painful it is to have an IV needle in me for so long, lol. I'm scared ya'll. So inbox me, I'm open to chat with everyone! Even if you aren't going Yily. Talk to ya'll soon :) Oh and attached are my wish pics, the lovely ladies Lira Galore and Miracle Watts as I mentioned. I will attach pics of me once I pay my deposit which will be in two days, on Friday.

Why I chose Yily for my BBL

I'm going to go ahead and make a post for exactly why I chose Yily for anyone who is wondering. This may be a little lengthy.

Initially when deciding to go to DR I thought I would be going to Dr. Cabral ($4200 including thigh and chin lipo no RH included) I know a girl whom I went to high school with who went to him for her BBL and ladies she is SNATCHED, alive and well. She looks amazing. I'd post her pics but I don't think she would love that but she is on Cabrals Instagram page. So I thought for sure I would be going with him until I read all those things about him. At first they scared the crap out of me and I was like naaaaah, aint no Cabral for me. But then i was like you know what these could be lies and i know for a fact, one person in real life who went to him and came out amazing. So i was still going to go to him but upon emailing him his emails were very short handed, one worded and didn't make me feel comfortable. And I am not sure if he is even board certified, he isn't on real self and ugh it was just too much. So I scratched that idea.

I read up a lot about other surgeons and long story short Baez (didn't bother to get a quote) and Almonte ( quote $4,150 RH included did not include my thigh or chin lipo) seemed amazing and I read things about them being very attentive to their patients but I kept seeing reviews about their results not lasting and I just don't have time for that. Plus Almonte did not have any avalibilty during March anyway.

I also really considered Medina (quote 4550 including RH did not include my thigh or chin lipo). She seemed very professional and like she did great work. But I read reviews about girls not getting what they wanted. How she more so gives you what she thinks you need rather than what you ask/what you want. Again I don't have time for that.

So Finally it was down to none other than Yily and duran.
Duran who's work is AMAZING quoted me $3800 for surgery but did not specify what areas she would lipo... My quote stated that that is to be determined when she sees me, even though I sent pictures. That is a wtf cause how do i know what areas are extra and what is not. That turned me off. It also did not include the recovery house so she is a more expensive that Yily if I am not mistaken. Which is fine, not a big deal. Then they charge $200 for the surgery coordinator fee. Why on earth are they charging fees when i am getting a half assed quote? That doesn't make sense to me. I knew that they charge that but I don't wish to pay it for no reason. So overall I just didn't have the urge to see Duran as I do with Yily.

So by the process of elimination I chose Dra Yily. She quoted me 4,500 for everything that i wanted including my thigh lipo chin lipo and the RH. Her work speaks for it self, its PERFECT. She can sculpt and create those beautiful curves! her quote was very detailed, I printed everything out and it was a good couple of pages. She responds to me within a day and is very clear. I just feel confident that she is for me and I have read a lot of good reviews about her. 9.9 times out of 10 the dolls are extremely happy with their results. A few negative but they don't seem to me to be at the fault of Yily's doing. There is that one really bad review going around about some girl getting that flesh eating infection... However I read another girl posted that she called Yily's office to ask about it and Yily herself told her it was a lie and if she doesn't trust Yily she really shouldn't see her. To me she's confident in her work and I do believe some of these things written about her are lies.
On top of that it will be a breeze to put in my deposit because Yily uses Chase bank QuickPay and I have an account with Chase so i don't have to worry about wiring money, going through a bunch of difficult steps to send my deposit. I will be very easy.

All in all I am not FAR off from my wishes I just need a little help getting there so i need someone who can suck my waist dry and and shape my hips evenly and effectively. I think Yily can do just that. I am not bashing any other doctors but I just have a gut feeling about her. I'm confident in her and I'm just excited to see her.

Yily Claims I Will be Asleep the entire Time

I don't think she understands just how many reviews I've read of people waking up during surgery. Not just with her, but DR period. It's like they just don't fully knock you out down there.

I sent her a message expressing my concern because I'm really nervous about waking up during surgery. Attached is a pic of her reply. She assured me I will be full asleep but I'm sure she just has to say that...I'm scared guys! I literally told her I'll have a panic attack lol

Wish pics & waking up during surgery

decided to throw all my wish pics on here. They're literally all Lira and Miracle. They are two of the most beautifully sculpted women I've ever seen. I love their bodies!

I'm still so nervous about waking up during surgery yall it's really making me reconsider having it. I don't have time for that bs!!!!! The fact that Yily's assistant would lie right there and say I'll be fully asleep makes me a little wary about even trusting that whole office. Like she could have said "yeah you won't be fully knocked out but even if you wake up you won't feel a thing"

But nope she just gon lie straight up. Idk if I'm overexaggerating because many girls have said they didn't feel anything when they woke up but I honestly feel like waking up period will send me through the roof. I'll have a heart attack. One girl said she woke up and her hands were tied and a sheet was over her head and she thought she was dead lmfao! That's not funny but that's gon be me yall. But seriously what type of next level horror movie shit is that? Ima start screaming.

Waking up with a sheet over your face?

I have read many reviews of girls who have woken up doing surgery with sheets over their face. That to me is scary as all hell but however the One justification I can think of for the doctors putting the sheet over your face is in case you wake up they don't want you to see what's going on in the surgery for example blood everywhere, your body cut open, etc. cause most people can't handle seeing that. That's the only valid purpose in my head.

One girl said she woke up and started yelling la doctoras name to make sure she was the one doing her surgery lmao that will be me. Smh.


Ladies I am literally so heated right now. I'm bored at work so I decided to do a little extra reading on Yily. I know that people make up lies about her as they do with many doctors but in my heart for some reason I trust her and I hope that she is nothing like some of the things I've read previously...

But honestly I came across some things to day and I can't let them go. NUMEROUS, TOO MANY ladies at this point have written reviews where they woke up and saw that YILY was NOT the one performing their surgery. Now.. girls that is some straight up BS. Now I know she schedule many surgeries per day but I (I guess being naive) believed that she herself actually performs them no matter how long it would take. I read a post of a girl who woke up during surgery and saw for a fact that it was some unidentified man performing her surgery and I just cant deal with the BS right now. Im seriously considering Medina. She is more expensive but I only have one body and I'll be stuck with it for the rest of my life so I don't have the time for anyone to jack up my prized possession.

So my question is HOW MANY OF YOU LADIES HAVE HAD THIS EXPERIENCE?? If you don't want to comment you can private message me, I won't put you on blast but I just need to know if this is really true.
Ladies who have had surgery with Yily please let me know if you are certain it was her that did you surgery or if you are certain that it was definitely NOT her who did your surgery. Cause that is something I am not willing to take a chance with and I will NOT being going to her if this is true. Thank you ladies! Comment or inbox me please!

Her email to me says that she comes into the room does the surgery and then leaves. Her assistants take it from there. But idk about this man. I want to trust her, I do trust her but that shit is crazy.

Thigh Gap

I've never cared about having a thigh gap. I've always had thick thighs and love them but I must admit that they are a pain in the summer time. Especially wearing shorts omg they just rid and get uncomfortable and my thighs rubbing is so annoying. I don't want a huge thigh gap like these skinny skinny girls but The more I see these mini thigh gaps I just think they are so sexy! I want it! I'm sorry lol I attached some pics

Extra Areas of Lipo for Duran?

does anyone know how much extra areas of lipo costs from Duran? I.e. To lipo my thighs and my chin?

I've been asking the damn surgery coordinator but she keeps telling me areas of lipo will be determined upon the consultation. Like I need to know how much extra I will have to pay!! -_- has any of you dolls gotta extra areas of lipo from Duran and can tell me roughly how much each area cost or how much you had to pay for the extra areas. Thank you ladies!

Not a Revision

i just noticed that my review says Brazilian butt lift revision. Not a revision it's my first time getting a BBL.

Sale on JetBlue flights!

yily posted this on her insta. Haven't got to the time to check it out for myself but any ladies flying out of JFk better take advantage of this! I know I will!

Highly considering Cabral

read reviews of girls going to him after Yily messed them up. Idk. I know Cabral has some history but the results don't lie. This man is a beast at carving a woman's body.

Faith restored in Yily...

YilyDollJan2016 looks amazing and has has a great experience with Yily. So Yily is back in the running. haha but I've still been reading about people being dissatisfied with Yilys work on them... although they are from 2013.... idk. Part of me still wants to see Yily. Maybe I can really just push that my surgery is the first one of the day so that I can ensure she is the one doing it? Idk... I just want to feel 100% confident in one persona already.

Any ladies have some really great experiences with AirBnb recovery houses rather than the regular ones? Looking for a cheaper route, I don't want to spend every single dime of my cash in DR lol.

BBL Doctors in NJ,PA or NYC

I'm a college student living in philly but I'm from NYC. I am still planning to go see Yily but out of curiosity I’ve begun search for BBl doctors in my area again. The problem is they are either way too expensive or they just don’t do a great job. Have any lady’s come across some doctors in up here that have impressed them? I just can’t believe it how is it possible that in DR the great doctor come a dime a dozen! Yet up here the work is just terrible… and they wonder why us girls want to fly out of the country! Cause the work is better that’s why! Smh

Do I still want to do this?

im getting nervous about having surgery period. I keep thinking about what if something's goes wrong... I will feel like the biggest idiot of 2016 cause I'm not that a bad to begin with. On top of that no one Ive told wants me to have this surgery. I'm really getting cold feet. I wish I had someone that can help me feel very comfortable about this shit... No one I know really believes in it... Everyone hates the idea of plastic surgery especially in my family so it's really not helping my case.

Medina or Yily

I know you guys are tired of my indecisiveness. But I just wanted to update on the stage of my journey. Right now I can't decide between Yily and Medina. I just like the fact that Medina has skills and doesn't do more than 2 surgeries a day, she can give me the attention that I need. But, there aren't enough reviews about her! That's what's making me want to go to Yily because there are tons of girls who have reviews her and are satisfied. I wish I could read more and more reviews on medina, and she doesn't post as much on her Instagram either so it kind of sucks. I'm really trying to dig deep to learn more about medinas work. Anyway ladies, that's where I am. I just want this process to move forward already but I need to make sure I make the right decision. Will keep you guys posted! :) when I do decide on a doctora and send my deposit I will post my pre-op pics! I've kinda been gaining weight so that I can have enough fat for my fat transfer but about 3-4 weeks before surgery I'm gonna cut all this junk food out. Talk to you later darlings!

Edgar Contreras

lately I've been considering Dr Edgar Contreras. I see a slot of happy dolls who he's worked on. The only thing is there's a terrible news article about him I didn't read the whole thing but there were some negative things as well as he's not on Real Self as a doctor? That's alarming. Makes me feel like he has a terrible past. But his dolls love him and his big modern office. That's a plus for me.

Right now I just need a doctor who can give me a tiny waist, hips and a thigh gap ;)

I've decided on Duran

I've been doing a crazy punt of reading because time is crunching and I still haven't decided on a doctor. After all my research I've decided to go with Duran. I'm not gonna play myself after all the sh*t k read about these other doctors I mean it's terrifying.
I remembered this one story about a girl who went out on a whim and decided to go to contreras even though she saw no pics of his work but she spoke to girls who's bodies were great and they went to contreras. I thought it was crazy but fate has a way of working itself out because she loved her results. But I noticed in the pics she posted she didn't clearly identify which of those pics was actually her. Thought that was weird
Come to find out, I just read a story where a lady went to see contreras and after being terribly displeased with his work it was confirmed by his staff that he was not even in the room during her operation. And this same girl who wrote that great miracle review on contreras actually works for him in his marketing department and was there in his office that day. Smh I was disgusted.

I'm going with the sweet lovely Duran because I have never read anything nasty about her. Even if girls were a little displeased with their results I have never read anything about anyone feeling that she didn't do her surgery, no one feels she was untrustworthy and nothing disgusting of that sort. She also is among the best in DR. although it's slightly more than I wish to pay my life comes at not costs so if I'm going to do this I better do it right. I'll be making my deposit very soon. The only thing I don't like is that I have to pay before I even know if I can get that date. That's annoying but I'll hope for the best!

So... A Rhinoplasty?

This is so bad but I've really been obsessing over getting a rhinoplasty as well... I always hated my nose but I figured I gotta just deal with it... But every now and then I start to hate it again! Ugh I don't want any dramatic changes but I do kinda wish I could change it. Any ladies trust Anya DR doctors for a rhinoplasty? (Contreras is out of the question) I haven't seen much rhinoplasty work for Duran though..

Is it too much?

Is a BBL and rhinoplasty too much for one soon of surgery? I kind of want to just get it all over and done with while I have the opportunity ya know? But I don't want to overextend the trauma to my body.

I am so Ready

I finally have all my doe saved up. I have 7,500 for DR. I'm going to aim to save about 500 more by the time my trip comes. I want to start buying my supplies so I'm going to spend today working on my list.
I'm waiting on one final quote and then it will be full force go time! I'm ready to get everything booked but I'm trying to be patient so I don't make any mistakes.
I am so ready for DR and I'm not letting anyone make me miss this opportunity to do what I want for me. I can only pray for the best outcome and but faith in the higher power that I make it to the other side alive and well!

Ugh I'm so impatient

Goico is taking so long with my quote. I'm ready to book NOW and it's just making me want to just book Duran. Plus I'm having second thoughts that he can really cinch and snatch my waist to the extent that I need it.

WTF Does Everything Happen for a Reason!

The weirdest thing just happened to me ya'll. I decided that I was going to see Medina. She's sweet as hell and makes me feel so comfortable. I was trying to send my deposit through Moneygram and they actually didn't let me send her the money. They wanted me to call them up and give them more information before they let the transaction process. So I did, and once I finished speaking to them the representative told me that they were not "comfortable" with processing my transaction and it will be cancelled. Like WTF it's MY MONEY you don't have to be comfortable with it! I was so mad I hung up on the rep.

Then low and behold I check my email and guess who finally got back to me after a week? Dr. Goico! He easily became my dream doctor once I saw his work and read those flawless reviews. His reply was very detailed and analyzed my whole body and basically agreed that what i requested was right for my body. He just seems so smart and attentive as he did not leave out a single detail when he wrote to me. On top of that he's willing to do my rhinoplasty! I just have to wait back for the final quote from his assistant Karel. What I like is that he requests for her to give the quote three ways.
1: Just the BBL, 2: Just the Rhino and 3: Rhino + BBL so I can see exactly where the costs allocate. I hope I can afford to get both procedure cause it will make me so happy!

Pre Op Pictures!

So I'm finally adding pre op pics. My body is not horrible. My silhouette definitely could use some help and improvement. My curves need to be accentuated and perfected and that's what I'm getting the BBL for. Not to create a miracle but to just help accentuate what I already have! The last pic is my sucking my stomach in lol you can see that the love handles ain't going no where. I want some high definition lipo on my abs and get rid of those flabby sides. You can see that I have that bra roll fat too. I purposely wore a bra so that you can see that it isn't flattering that area. And Dr. FG agreed that I have a nice butt already (despite the granny panties lol) but he will make it rounder buy only injecting fat on the sides/hop area and create a little more projection by injecting a little fat at the top so it can en even, round and plump!

If I decide that I can afford the nose job I will post those pictures next once I get the quote today!

DR FG it is!

Up until last night I was going to go with Medina. But Dr. Fg has agreed to do my BBL and Rhinoplasty so I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I'm a little bummed though because Medina seems like an angel and I was actually really excited to see her. Maybe sometime in the future.

Dr FG has gave me back my quotes and the BBL + thigh lipo +Rhinoplasty will run me about 7k. A little more expensive that other doctors in the DR but I know it's for the right reasons. From what I read the patient care is phenomenal and you do not get that with many other doctors. I'm going to be alone, I know minimal spanish and no one knows about my procedure but my boyfriend and my best friend. So needless to say I'm very nervous about this whole thing so I don't need to see a doctor that is going to treat me like just another number! I really want to go to FG and I hope my date is available because I'll be really bummed out!

Financing :(

Ladies I need your help. I have no idea how I'm gonna pay for the rest of this and my date is in 3 weeks basically. I was trying to finance the rest of the loan but I didn't get approved. I haven't told my family about it so it's not really an option to ask them to consign. I'm trying to figure out where on earth I can get a loan but my options are slim :( have any ladies run into this issue? I need a solution fast I'm so bummed.

Pushing my date to May.

It's makes me really sad but somethings have come up and basically I have to save all over again. I'm bummed but it's life.

I'm pushing my date to May. I've decided I will be breaking my procedures up into 2 as j can't afford both at the same time.

I'm going to do my bbl with either medina or yily in May, but most likely medina. I'm doing my rhinoplasty with goico in August.


Why did medina tell me she can't do a rhino with a bbl when yesterday on her snapchat I saw her do it? Lol smh whatever I'm waiting to get my rhino anyway

Booked Medina for May 23rd!

First of all I'm literally obsessed with Dr. Medina! She just has the cutest bubbly personality and the voice of an angel. I have her on snapchat and she's such a doll. I also stalk her Instagram every second.

Anyway I sent my deposit from my bank account and it finally reached DR today. So she called me to book my date and idk why but it made me happy. Just to talk to her, she's so sweet and nice. She made the call, introduced her self and told me she saw that the money came in, she just has to go pick it up. Then she said she's going to put me on the phone with my assistant to book my date. I appreciated that she took the few minutes to speak to me first though.

Anyway I'm booked! Now I need to save like crazy! I'm thinking I've trying to buy my plane tickets next but I'm wondering if it's too early cause I never know if something may come up and I'll have to switch my date.

Anyway I'm so excited! :)

This whole thing is a rollercoaster!

Like seriously ladies. I've wanted this for so long that I know I will never forgive myself if I don't take this opportunity! But sometimes I just feel like and idiot for even considering this. Now that I actually have a date the nervousness is kicking in and then I sleep on it and remember how bad I want this.

I never ever take risks in my life. Not to say that these are the type of risks I need to be taking... But I've lost so many opportunities from just wanting to play it safe, being scared/nervous etc. I'm all in for this surgery but sometimes I do get overwhelmingly scared for the what if's. I think that is mainly because I don't have family or friends support doing this. It's just me. I have no one to calm my nerves, make me feel comfortable and no one to talk to about it. So I think if something goes wrong everyone will be more mad at me that actually care about me or the situation. You know?

I'm babbling but it's 2am and I can't sleep. Ahaha my mind is literally on a rollercoaster. Then I just read some stories and see you girls and the nervousness goes away. I want to do this and if I talk myself out of this I will never forgive myself.

I'm just thankful to have a sweet, sweet doctor and someone who I feel I can trust.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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