Switching to Dr. Mel Ortega - Miami FL (SPECTRUM)

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I've been researching and saying I was gonna do it...

I've been researching and saying I was gonna do it for a while now, and I'm finally READY!!!

I've been waiting for Yily to send me a quote but she hasn't yet, I'll give it a few more days before I send another email.
One thing I can't find much info on is: future pregnancy??? After the BBL and LiSculp, will my shape be completely ruined? Has anyone expiericened this? I'm interested in hearing stories and can't wait to share mine----hopefully it'll be sometime in the next few months

Any Good RHs in DR??

I'm almost ready to set my date with Yily, I'm doing as much research as possible. I am currently looking for a RH since the ones Yily offered in my quote had such terrible reviews. Can anyone refer me to a good RH? Where have you ladies stayed? How did you like it? Prices? We're the staff attentive? Speaks English? Room amenities? Cable? Wifi? International calling? Transportation? Massage prices? Any info would help

Having second thoughs

I let my mother scare me out of going DR and having Yily perform my procedure. I promised her I would atleast look into more docs in the US. Of course I am having a hard time since I already had my mind set on Yily. Does anyone Recommend any good doctors in U.S. who's work is similar to Yilys?

Switching to Mel Ortega

Like most of you dolls, I've had a long journey already (and This is still only the beginning) so I've decided to go with Ortega. I was a little nervous at first because there aren't many reviews on his work but the reviews I did find I like a lot. I made my deposit and I have a date set for July 2nd 2015. Sheesh I didn't realize how soon that actually was until today. Jessica is my counselor at Spectrum and so far she's been awesome. I am now trying to get everything together for my procedure, I want to be sure I have everything I need without over packing and taking things that I will not. I need my OG Dolls to please let me know what supplies have helped make them more comfortable during their recovery. Spectrum does deals with hotels that are local and they provide nurses (I believe) would anyone recommend this or should I stay in a RH? I'm not sure of I'm traveling alone or not, my cousin is supposed to go with me but at this point it's up in the air and I will be going with or without her. I have very little support around me, all I have is you ladies. Please leave any tips you have...advice...prayers!!

Wish Picssssss

I am currently 5'7 and I weigh about 165lbs

getting scared

Now that I am getting closer to my sx, I swear I keep coming across bad reviews on Dr. O. Idk if it's just my nerves getting the best of me or a warning from Jesus himself. Praying that everything goes well :/

2 days post op

Okay let me start from the beginning since I haven't been updating much. The day before surgery Spectrum pissed me off. I went into the office to make my final payment and have a consultation with Dr.O, I made it very clear on the phone that I wanted to meet with Dr.O and not my coordinator (who has been completely ignoring me since I put my down payment) but yet and still I get there and they insist I meet with her and she can answer my questions. If she couldn't answer my questions over the phone why would I want to speak with her in person :/ but whatever. I didn't Meet Dr. Ortega until the next morning before my surgery. He is very easy-going, he didn't make me feel nervous or anything. He was also honest about what he could and could not do. For example, I wanted to get my the 12 areas of lipo that come with the procedure with my inner thighs and arms added as extra areas. After he saw me he insisted that he only did my arms and not my thighs for 2 reasons: the first because my thighs aren't that big and he doesn't want me walking around with a big ole booty and skinny chicken legs. The second reason being I really wanted him to be aggressive with lipo in my back area and my waist; since by law he can only take out 4 liters of fat he said there is no reason to take unnecessary fat from my thighs when that can be fat from another area. He also told me that he would be able to get way more fat from my arms than thighs anyway so no Bueno. I didn't argue with him after that. Surgery went well, they took me into the surgery room around 745am and I was out of surgery at 1030am and into the recovery area. After surgery I remained sleeping until maybe 1230ish they ended up having to wake me up and literally put me out. The nurse who got me dressed was really sweet and quick. I was in a lot of pain and dizzy from the anesthesia but she did really well, I woke up freezing, she wrapped me in 3 big blankets put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me outside to my ride. She helped me get comfortable laying down in the back of the car on my stomach with my face in my boppy pillow. The rest of this day was really hard. I was in so much pain and because I take a higher dose of Percocet regularly, the 5 mg that I got from spectrum did absolutely NOTHING! My garment was really tight but I expected that on the first day. I was just all around uncomfortable. By the end of the night my pain was tolerable and down to maybe a 6/7 the only thing that was unbearable was the compression sleeves they put on my arms. Wearing this was like me trying to squeeze into one of my niece's shirts and my niece is 7yrs old barely 40lbs. This thing was soooooo tight, not only was it tight around my arms but it was tight under my armpits which caused swelling and even more bruising. The sleeves were elbow length and my arms were swollen all the way down to my fingertips. I had to sleep with my arms straight out to my side like a airplane because all of the swelling wouldn't allow me to bend my arms. The next morning when I woke up my entire arms were swelled up like water balloons and bruised severely. I had a next day follow up at spectrum and the moment I walked in the door the same nice nurse who got me dressed (idk her name) took one look at my arms and told me to take those sleeves off immediately, they were cutting off my circulation and my fingertips were cold and blue. I met with Dr. Ortega again, he seemed really proud of his work and said he couldn't wait to see me 1 month post-op. During the follow up visit, He didn't rush me, he answered all of my questions, gave me specific instructions on how to manage my pain and he even yelled at the girl who helped me back into my garment since she forgot to take my picture. After taking the sleeves off, I felt a huge relief still very sore but definitely a pain I could tolerate. I took my garment off to wash it because it was beginning to get smelly from all of the blood and drainage, I let it air dry because I was afraid to put it in the dryer and it became tighter. Slight struggle to get it back on but not too bad. Now when I woke up today my arms were really sore, stiff, and lumpy feeling. I was out of the sleeves all day yesterday so Im sure that's the reason why. It took me a while to get out of the bed because my arms were so stiff, so I decided to take my compression socks off my legs and put them around my arms (so far so good) I put regular socks on my feet now and pulled them up a little but my biggest concern was getting something around these arms for now. Will purchase new compression sleeves when I get back home, right now I'm just trying to remain as comfortable as possible.

Some pics

Let me know if you ladies can see these pics.

5 days post up

I'm back home now, my flight wasn't as bad as I thought. I made sure I was very medicated. Pain is still about a 6 without meds and a 7 at night. The worst part is that I can never get comfortable. I've been taking iron 2x a day some bruises are getting lighter. But the ones on my arms and lower abdomen are still really dark. I'm feeling really helpless like idk what to do to for temporary relief. I'm all out of sitting and kneeling positions. Nothing is comfortable:/ praying for a speedy recovery.


What is a good website to order a new garment? Not ready for stage two yet but the one I got from spectrum is getting loose.

2 weeks post op

2 weeks post op and I'm feeling good about my results. Most of my bruising is gone (a little left on my arms) still got some swelling and lumpiness in my stomach and back. I'm looking for a place that does massages in my area so hopefully that helps. For the most part I'm just over this whole healing process. I've never been a homebody so I'm trying to keep from losing my mind laying around this house all day. And I'm soooo tempted to sit on my butt :/ I'm not tho. Too scared. But I have been laying on my sides. Gonna post some pics later :)

Some pics

Can someone tell me when my butt will begin to soften :-/ lol it's so rock hard

Just venting

I'm starting to feel a little depressed that my stomach isn't as flat as I want it to be and my waist is not as small as I thought. It's like my back and sides are constantly swollen. Idk what to do to make it better. I've been getting massages they don't seem to work much. I'm wearing my garment and foams 24/7. I'm just so swollen, I can't tell if I'm gaining weight in my stomach area again or what. I'm afraid if I go on a diet or start exercising too much I will lose volume in my butt (which is still nice) it's just hard to see the difference in my shape because I'm so lumpy and sorta square looking. :'( I hope I don't end up needing a revision


Hey dolls, just a brief update. My butt is nice still the same size (no shrinking) and finally soft. My stomach is flat but still lumpy. I will need round 2 or liposculpture. I honestly believe the lumpy-ness is 100% my fault. Like some of it is fat that was left over, but I believe it's my fault also because toward the end of my healing I got lazy with wearing my garment. I started skipping days, and wearing tight clothes. Wearing jeans that squeeze around the waist caused like a permanent indentation that won't go away :( it's not that noticeable, but of course it's on my body so I notice it. LESSON LEARNED: do not get lazy. Be patient. And compression is very important.


Hey dolls, hope all is well just wanted to upload a more recent pic. Loving my results. But I have definitely been hitting the gym. Still a little lumpy.
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