Less than 2 Weeks!! Dr. Fisher June 8th!!!

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Finally! I been wanting to get an bbl since last...

Finally! I been wanting to get an bbl since last year but it didnt happen:-( So this year. I plan on getting lipo from my abdomen flanks back and arms into butt. I am also getting these low riders (my saggy DDs) lifted. I already sent my deposit, just need 2 confirm my date towards the end of july. I am nervous and rxcited. I have type 1 diabetes. Dr. Yily's assissant said i could have this done as long as it is controlled which it is soooo..to Dr. Yily i will go!

I set my date for July 22nd!! Now i just have to...

I set my date for July 22nd!! Now i just have to book my flight. Anyone going around the same time hit me up!

Okay so here's something thats crazy coincidental....

Okay so here's something thats crazy coincidental. I called american airlines to see if I could get my itinerary emailed to me again since i deleted it accidentally. So after I wait for like 20 min i finally get someone and give her my information. I told her i was going 2 santo domingo then she said what for if you don't mind. I say for surgery??...Then she says who do you have Robles oi Yily? So now im like ohhh okay. I tell her yily then she's like omg ME 2! She tells me her profile name(totally 4got 2..:( young body old mind:) and said she was having her surgery in march. She was super nice and told me her sister
went to Robles. I told her my profile name and told me to post pics which i
havetried to off my phone but with no success:(

MAN! Trying to loose some weight but it has been a...

MAN! Trying to loose some weight but it has been a slow process for me. I weigh 180 and im about 5'10. I work with children and they eat three times when im with them. Plus, it seems like everytime i turn around we are having some kind of party with tons of food (sometimes i think they just make up a reason like the same girl doesnt need a baby shower everytime she gets pregnant) I live in south MS too were we fry just about anything..and its Good (were number one for obesity for a reason) Got to stay focused and think of the results long term

I'm Back!!!..no, For Real..Dr. Fisher 2017

Soo...after 3 boys and years if contemplation, I'm ready to have a BBL. It was between Dr. Salama or Dr. Fisher. I chose Dr. Fisher and made my deposit. My surgery date is June 8 ( Who else is Going??!!). Until then, I will be eating healthier, and watching my weight. Next thing is .. Recovery House??

I need a small waist, hips, butt, breast lift YOU NAME IT!!!

Soooooo!! Finally in May and my surgery is June 9 now...for some reason but anyway its almost here!! Now ask me what I got done.....very little. I need to buy a faja and as much research I have done!! I still don't know what size to get??!! I really started having doubts about having this surgery after I heard about YET ANOTHER girl dying and she had a child. My heart goes out to her family. .so sad. Dr. Fisher seems to have a clean background so far ( that I know of...if not y'all better let me know!!) and seems to know what he is doing. For me is was Salama or Fisher. I put my deposit down for Keylas Recovery House too. I was going to Dolls Recovery House but I couldn't find enough reviews but Keylas had TONS of positive reviews....so thanks to all who gave an honest review! The only thing I don't like is that she doesn't pick up from Fort Lauderdale airport. was going to switch it to Miami's but its was higher. I only paid $153 for my tickets! ! ( Tell the Lord Thank ya!!) I got some dresses from ebay for the low. I will post what they look like they were only $13. I still have a bit more to do...but I am excited about FINALLY doing..hope all ends well.....And HOLD UP...how I get jipped on the special...I got to pay 6 stacks!!...still glad I got a good date though that fits my work schedule!! (Its hard to get even a day at my job...they would want you schedule ahead for your funeral! !smh)....anywho...let me know if any of y'all are going around the same date!!

More wish pics


Clearance appointment today!!!

Soooo I haven't been posting as much since school has decided to drive me crazy!! I had finals yesterday, and my nails are gone (lol)...but I passed (thank Jehovah) ..and now I am half sleep. ..I must vent for a second though and say getting this appointment has been difficult! ! I had a doctor, but she closed her practice (loved her):-(..so get a new doctor, with my insurance, and with my condition was a task. I hope all goes well..I have been depriving myself long enough to hear "all good things, all good things(olaf..lol) ...Question: Who has done the cell saver? and when do you do the questionnaire? ? Thanks


I am a really layed back, cool kind of person, but some people. .some people...only understand ugly!! So I did my blood work, ekg, etc etc and they said they called me and couldn't get me, and left a message on my Mom' s for me to call them. I get around to call them back, and she said she had to put me through to the nurse, so in my head In like oh Lord something is wrong. Well, the nurse never answered, she was busy with a patient and had to call me back. I said okay. I wait and wait ..never get that phone call, so I called again. She says "Oh she just literally took a patient back...she will call you back in like 15 min." I know she heard me breath out hard , but being me I just said okay. Once again...NEVER GOT CALLED BACK!! So today I couldn't wait any longer, thank goodness they are open on Saturday. I know that if I didn't find out the results soon, I would be worried all weekend. I finally was able to get through to the NP there. She said that my doctor wasn't in (duh!) and that she could only give me the results ( another duh!) ...so she reads it to me only to find out NOTHING WAS WRONG!! My blood level/ count was normal despite being anemic and my A1c was 5.6 which is really good for a diabetic ( 7 and ^ is bad) aaand they had the wrong number for me!! Even thought I wrote it down ON THE PATIENT INFORMATION SHEET...(sigh)..We got everything straightened out, and I was glad it wasn't something else..

Waiting on the bank!!

I got everything done and now I have to wait for the bank to call me back about my loan. It seems to be going in a good direction. I just hope it stays that way ( praying that Jehovah's blesses me with this) . This is something that I really want to do. In not the type to want for much but...I gots ta' have this. The bad reviews lately kind of have me uneasy as well. Not about Dr. Fisher, but the assistants. I know have been basically talking to myself during this process, but I do hope that they improve not only for my needs; but you all as well. Goodnight

Cheap bbl pillow on amazon!!

I also wanted to mention that I ordered a brand new Bbl pillow off of amazon for 5 bucks. I don't know if its truly the "real deal" or not but I will post pictures of it when I get it.

Finished payment just in time!

I was a little discouraged, but God came through. I went to the bank Thursday, and signed forms for the loan. I got that done, and what was left I put towards my recovery stay at Keylas. I don't know how much the cell saver is but I heard that it is highly recommended for a good recovery boost. If someone knows the price please let me know. Thanks dolls

Faja came!!

After months of deciding on which Faja I should get (and size) I finally got my Faja and surprisingly IT FIT. I wear a size 12 but went up to 3x. I was told to go by the hips and that helped me a lot with my decision.
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