ready for my perfect duran body bl/ba, bbl, & liposculpture - Dominican Republic

Like so many others I have been obsessed with...

Like so many others I have been obsessed with realself and all of the amazing transformations. Initially my plans were to have a BL & BA but after stumbling upon RS I want full perfection. I love Dr. Durans hourglass bodies so that's what I'm getting. I've always had a nice shape but i stared traveling with the hubs job so With the nice hotels came the bad eating habits and i went from 5'1 122 lbs to 5'1 172 lbs in 6 months. It was very fun but I'm soooo insecure & I feel HUGE. Now I stay home while he's working and I also workout about 4/5 times a week!!!!! I plan on getting down to around 140 before my surgery, already down to 153 lbs so far and I'm 5 months pre-op.

Before pictures

19 more days

I have all of my supplies and my meds. I'm waiting to get my plane ticket because mother nature is full of surprises and flight insurance is rediculious. My goal was to lose weight before my Sx but after all of the flooding to hit everyone around me I became a little depressed and haven't been to the gym in about two weeks. Other than that I'm ready for my new body and can't wait to see DR, Cipla, and Dr. Duran!!!! I'm adding some wish pictures but my shaped is so different it make it hard to predict what my outcome will be. Im short with huge thighs.

Today is my big day!!!!

I'm at the hospital waiting on Doctor Duran to call for me. Send me all of your prayers Dolls!


I've made it to the other side Dolls! I'm happy it's over but recovery is not a walk in the park. I'm staying at Serenity 2 and I would strongly recommend it if your considering DR for surgery. I'll do full review Serenity 2 later. I don't have any complaints about this entire trip my only problem has been the throwing up and feeling light headed but I have my first massage tomorry and i'll post more. I'm very swollen now but I'm posy a picture that I took yesterday.
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