Dr macadoo has caught my heart (24yrsold)

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Ive always admired a hour glass figure...i've been...

Ive always admired a hour glass figure...i've been thinking about the this for a couple years now...Ive made up my mind I feel like this will change my life, i'm only 21...i'm thinking 1200cci just have to weigh out my options...hopefully this time next year this will happen for me...I want all my clothes to fit right...i want a slim waist with hips...i want lipo on the flanks, bra line, chin,back,inner thighs...maybe get some fat put in my cheeks(face)...I'm excited /nervous but i know this could be worth all the pain Ive been reading about...NO pain no gain right? lol OK i'm done rambling lol

23 done with 2nd guessing myself

So I've been stalking this Web use for almost 4 years now and I've been going back and forth with myself about this whole bbl surgery thing. I haven't had any support but yesterday my mom told me that I should go for it I've been talking about it too long and I need to do what makes me happy. That just made me feel so good????. I'm not going to talk to any friends about it I'm just gonna save. I want to go with doctor Omulepu in florida they have a great promotion going on. So hopefully they'll have in January when I will be ready to put down half. I don't plan on doing this surgery until next augsust/September....

Getting my deposit together

So I plan on make my deposit in November I'll have 2500 and just take it from there. Juse trying to remain focused and reading endless reviews about hassan I see he's really good wit thicker girls like myself I'm 5'3 175 I've lost 5 punds=) All the girls I see that around my height and wight look amazing....here's some more pre op pics

SAVING MONEY (rambling)

I don't plan getting anything done until October 2016 but being that I will have to take off atleast 3 weeks I need to have more than enough money on hand. Im a bus driver and idk how the hell I'm going to pull this off. But I'll find a way. A year goes by so fast...I feel so obsessed and I can't talk about it with anyone my mom is the only one who knows but I feel her getting bored with me lol...o well Happy Healing to all the dolls out there=)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

NOT going to the DR anymore just too sketchy for me and the language barrier

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