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Sh*t just got REAL!! I wasn't going to begin my...

Sh*t just got REAL!! I wasn't going to begin my journey before I even had a SX date....Hell, I haven't even decided on the doctor yet., but here goes nothing. I've been stalking Dra Duran for about 2 years. I've thought about a few other doctors but always end up w/Duran on my mind.
Last month I decided I was ready to start preparing to have the body I've always wanted. My weight goes up and down depending on what emotional roller coaster ride I'm on...kids, job, husband, etc. if I'm in my feelings, Welp...I eat. Point being...my ass got fat (again) on accident :) No biggie. I'm getting my shit together and I'll fix that. Anyway, I've seen all the comments on how hard it is to get intouch w/Duran's office, etc. I went to her website last Thursday, filled out the consultation form and submitted it. Friday, I did the same with Dr. Hazani's office. I'm reaching out to Hazani bc I have a gf who's doing her BBL w/him in September and another who got hers last year from him. I like him bc he ain't scared to fill an ass up! If you have 1800cc of donor fat for each ass check your gonna get 1800cc in each ass check. Plus he's in California. We all know once someone finds out you want to travel outside the county for some SX ...oh my gosh, the horror stories begin. So, I'm being responsible and weighing my options. Okay, let me get back on track...Hazani's office contacted me Sunday night! Dr. Hazani is out of the country so I'll do my consult sometime after 7/6 when he returns... So, that's cool. Here's where it gets exciting. Today I started thinking to myself, "SELF, MAYBE JUST GO TO HAZANI. He's in LA, you don't need a passport, you won't have to roll up $100 bills in a condom and put it in you pu$$y so you don't get robbed in DR (some girl recommended that, not my idea), you won't have to risk showering in contaminated water in DR (remeber Chatlotte in Sex in the City the movie when she got the shower water in her mouth? IJS) ". This is when SH*T GOT REAL....Dra Duran's Office emailed me!!! WTF?!?! 5 days and they hit me back?!?! I screen shot the email and am uploading it for nostalgia :) Okay...I know this story is too long but I don't care...I know I'm not alone in these feelings and if I am....I don't effin care, I have to share. Moving on....So I'm 97% sure I'm rockin w/Duran but I'm going to go ahead and do the consult with Hazani. I should have my quote from Duran's office in 24-48 hours from today. I don't care though. As long as it comes by the date I have my consult w/Hazani I'm cool. Now let's talk surgery dates. I would love late November early December. Realistically it will be early January 2017. I need to lose some weight. I was planning on it anyway. I'm 5'5" about 175. I normally fluctuate somewhere between 138-146. When I'm at 138 I have no butt. I'm straight up and down. For the SX I want to be 150. I know we're supposed commit to our SX weight so that we don't lose any of that precious ass fat. Sorry for rambling on but I guess I'm officially excited, scared, and nervous. My mind is all over the place as I'm sure you can tell by reading this. I knew this day would come but now it's here it's surreal.
I will post real pictures and only a few *wish pics*. So many ladies have been so brave w/their before pics., being very vulnerable and honest with their journey. I will be the same w/the pictures I share. WOW...I'm gonna have a juicy booty and a flat stomach.!!!! Crazy. Oh..one last thing. I wrote this on my phone and I'm not proof reading it bc the box is too small. If they're mistakes Its just the way it has to be. sorry ????

Where's my quote Ms. Duran Surgery Coordinator???

My phone beeped that special notification beep for Whatsapp. Yay!!!! It's Laura, Duran's surgery coordinator responded today as promised.
I read the text....Wait What?!?! Huhhhh!!
Umm, this is supposed to be a quote and she's talking about some email?! WTH?
Well, Remember how I originally submitted my info on Dra. Duran's web page? Okay, good. Durans office replies to the email you sent the request from. Their reply email instructs you to contact them via Whatsapp. I followed the instructions EXACTLY. BUT, What Ms. Surgery Coordinator didn't mention was I should have included my EMAIL address when I replied via Whatsapp so she could pull my medical questionnaire. I posted a screen shot of the convo so y'all can see that what I did which was only half right. So today's lesson is; Always include the email address you originally used somewhere in the information you're relaying on all correspondence so they know who the hell you are. Make sense???
So another day w/no SX quote from my sweet Dra. Duran....tear tear. But then again, it's not like I have any PESOS to give her anyway so why am I trippin?!
Oh lord, my nerves are bad! I better go now...I'll check back when I get the quote...xoxo

Still no effin quote!

Two weeks and NADA! I called the Duran surgery coordinator, Laura, and she said I needed to resend my naked pictures. "Umm, what'd you just say boo?". "So, basically I've been sitting here waiting days for nothing?!". "Sigh...Okay, fine". I resent my naked, flabby fatty, cellulitey, saggy boobie, coochie pictures AGAIN to Duran's actual website (my hair and make-up looked cute tho!) ;) . Now..The waiting begins again.
I read a post from my RS sister who's in DR now. I noticed she gave a different website for Duran so I also sent my pictures and info to that address as well, Hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com. Now I'm reading another post that says this email address is FAKE?! Does anyone know for sure??? Where did all my fluffy brown sugar nakedness pictures go??? Oh My Lord...that's what I get for being impatient and talking smack about the surgery coordinator. My nakedness is gonna end up on some BBW site....with all my personal info. OH F*€K! MY DAMN CELL AND EMAIL ADDRESS was in there too!!!
This is jacked up x 100.

I Reached Dra Duran's office DIRECTLY!

I have 2 RS sisters to thank for likely saving me the $200 for the Surgery Coordinator. ***Instructions I used will be left below.***
I called the office My Spanish is AWFUL and the conversation was painful. It was loud as hell in the background...definitely not your standard Dr Office vibe. It sounded more like dinner w/the girls after a few cocktails. I'm not gonna lie, I felt some type of way about calling there & the girls being all loud and shyt. But I reminded myself this is for my juicy booty and flat stomach....WTF, after all it's just laughter...at least they're happy and not all pissed off.
A lady comes to the phone...Here's where it goes bad:
Me: se habla ingles?"
Her: No
Me: okay...umm, Me gustaria una cotizacion para un correo electronico enviado. (Basically I sent an email for a quote)
Her: Please HOLD (w/your American non Spanish speaking ass!!!). She didn't say that but I read between the lines. Then a English speaking angel from heaven came to the phone named Walkiria. This sweet angel took my email address and sent me a email while I was on the phone. She said fill it out, send it back then call her. I did what she said. I called back and she answered! She said she received my email and will forward to Duran and if I don't have a quote by this weekend call her on Monday.

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