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Hi, everyone I've been researching surgeons for...

Hi, everyone I've been researching surgeons for the past few years to decide on who to go with for a BBL. I have had breast augmentation and liposuction done with Dr. Handel in Sherman Oaks, Ca. After reading all the reviews and speaking to a patient I decided to go with Dra. Fatima Almonte for my bbl procedure. Please anyone who has had work with her feel free to contact me I'd love to speak to more people who have had work done with her. So far my interactions with her and her staff have been great. I guess my one concern is most of the patients I've seen or the one I spoke with were all heavy before their procedure, I am not heavy and I'm not looking for a extreme change just more volume in my butt I just want to know if she has the same success with patients on the slimmer side. I will keep everyone up to date with any progress.

Pre surgery pics

Added pre surgery pics can't wait to add post surgery ones

Been debating on gaining fat or not

Hey everyone, I've been researching as much as possible before surgery. I know I have plenty of time before my surgery date on Oct.20th with Dra. Almonte. I've been debating gaining more body fat or not before surgery. I want a Dolly Castro butt and I'm not sure if I have enough body fat to achieve that look. Some of the research is frustrating because some people say you need to workout out to get a butt and while that's true there's just certain looks you won't get through diet and excercise alone, I know it better than anyone being a athlete all my life. Just the thought of having to gain is a bit scary for me, I did look at doing it the healthy way though by increasing intake of good fats like salmon, avocados, nuts and eating whole grain pasta. I see from reading everyone else's posts mixed feelings before and after surgery is normal. I guess like anyone else I just want the best possible outcome.

Pic of Goal booty

I made a reference to wanting my booty to look similar to Dolly Castro so here's a pic of Dolly for those who aren't familiar with her. I'm pretty sure I should gain 5 lbs of fat before surgery I'm currently 135 so I don't want to go to much beyond that. I go heavy lifting on my butt at the gym so till surgery I'm going to keep doing my best to put on muscle butt gains.

A bit about me :)

I am 32 no bio kids just a step daughter and lizards I've rescued, yes reptiles need rescue as much as dogs & cats. I am happily married to a amazing man, we both work in entertainment fields which has us traveling all over. I was a gymnast for 10yrs of my life and switched to competive martial arts and competed in various MMA competitions. I've been a athlete my whole life but somewhere along the way I lost my full perky booty and I'm in a fight to get it back. I am always grateful for my health and the body I have I just want to be a better version of myself, get my old booty back. After all I've been reading on everyone's recovery I am grateful I have such a supportive husband to take care of me all the way. I do have genuine concerns about when I can return to work due to the nature of my job being so physical but I will do my best I'm a tough cookie. I have also downloaded the app called duolingo to brush up on my Spanish.

10/20/16 can't come fast enough lol

Hey everyone so I've still been doing tons of research on everything from speeding up post op healing to what happens to reabsorbed fat. I did find out that oregano ointment is excellent to put on wounds to prevent infection and scars. I knew about how good oregano oil was to take as a dietary supplement, its good to prevent BV, yeast infections and colds, I just never knew you could apply it to wounds. I also found some great surgery profiles on Instagram whom also follow me back. It has been nice chatting with other ladies going through the same journey as me. I have to also mention how wonderful both Dra Almonte has been and her assistant Lesley any time I have a question about anything they get back to me. I have also looked at various bbl surgery pillows and realized they sell some of the ones I'm seeing on eBay for half the price lol, like one pilliow they call a booty body pillow and all it is is a pregnancy pillow. Although for my sitting up pillow I think I'm going with the one Dr. Miami sells. I do plan on being in the DR for 3 weeks so I pray that will give me enough healing time before my flight home. Thankfully me and my husband have some close friends who lived there which also helped my surgery research. Ladies be careful in choosing your surgeon, I did learn from my friends who live in the DR a lot of local women die from doctors who aren't certified for the surgery. People lie including doctors so if they say they have a certification really check to make sure it's legit. I guess that's it for now if anyone wants to follow me on Instagram just DM me and I'll give you the info:)

iron supplement

I researched iron supplements as not all are created equal and settled on taking floradix and to my dismay I found it tasted like wet dog. At first I was chasing it with apple cider vinegar, but then I found pineapple juice works better. Yes I know apple cider vinegar sounds odd but I already include it as a supplement in my diet because it's great to help keep the body in a alkaline state which prevents a myriad of diseases. I can tell the floradix supplement is working I feel more energetic and I can't wait to see my new blood results. I have endometriosis so anemia has always been a struggle for me. I am determined to have my iron up I even put it in my vision board as a goal.

Still researching

I am so excited to have my surgery done with Dr. Almonte, I'm starting to get the nervous feeling too. I am still researching everything to make surgery go as smooth as possible. I keep trying to find out if her office offers other procedures like hand rejuvenation etc.. I can't find out much though I guess I'll just have to email Leslie to find out. Other than that not much is new, I am still making sx friends on Instagram. After everything I've been doing to stay extra trim for all my summer shoots I'm really looking forward to the part where I get to put on weight for my surgery. I'm an Apache and from the south I do love to eat lol.

Night before surgery

Well ladies I am here in the Dominican Republic staying at My Recovery Home yes that's the name. I met Lesley Maria today Almontes assistant she's so sweet and speaks perfect English because she was born in the United States. I am not big on the food at the recovery house but there's tons of places to order from for food delivery. There is also a store like Walmart called LaSirena around the corner that will have most of your after care needs like pads antibacterial soap snacks night gowns etc. I am feeling nervous as hell because my hubby couldn't make it with me so I'm alone but doing ok. People here are nice I took a vitamin called hemaplex and floradex to get my iron up it went from 12 to 15.5 but I was also on it with diet. Gaining weight for this surgery was so hard I can't wait to feel good in my skin again. I did eat my final diner before surgery at a upscale steak house not far from here called David Crockett I highly recommend it if you want a splurge meal. Well I'll keep everyone updated:)

I'm on the flat side

Almonte is amazing and the ladies here at CECIP are awesome. I couldn't take any good pics yet but here's a few. I am also on tons of drugs so I'm kinda out of it. I will update more later also rating the steak the night before did help a lot I've not thrown up or anything just in pain.

Be ready for this decision

Good morning ladies so the first night in CECIP is hard I just had my first crying spell waking up in so much pain plus they wake you up about every 3 hrs this is the most painful proceedure I've ever had worse than Breast implants and liposuction my ass hurts. Not to mention all these shots hurt so bad they really do especially the one they put in the iv it's like razors in your veins and the shots in the legs are no joke. I really wish my hubby had made it here like originally planned

On day 6 after surgery

Hi ladies I don't have any great pics yet but I'm loving my results. I am staying at My Recovery Home that's the name. They are great here someone is always here 24hrs a day. Everyday the pain gets easier but unfortunately my period decided to arrive 10 days early so no fun. I got my first massage yesterday which was great really helps a lot with swelling and helping to shape your body. I started using the abdominal board and the lumbar board yesterday and they are incredibly uncomfortable but I'm managing. Please ladies if I could give a big piece of advice bring your own pain meds from home you really need strong meds to get through this or you will truly suffer. So far the most painful thing I experienced was the drain removal they did not give me pain meds before doing it and I blacked out from the pain and was in bed all day after that. Dra Almonte says I'm healing fast thankfully but she said it had a lot to do with my fitness back ground. I managed to gain 25 lbs to get this surgery done and I'm happy I did even though it was depressing having to gain weight. I have great results though and I'm excited to go back home. That's all I can think of right now I'm very in and out of it due to all the meds. Oh one more tip bring anxiety meds too I've had a few panic attacks at night and was grateful I thought to bring them.

One more quick thing

I forgot to mention please familiarize yourself with some Spanish and do understand everyone runs on island time expect to wait for everything everywhere.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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