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I have been lurking on this site for months. I...

I have been lurking on this site for months. I learned so much from all of these amazing ladies on here and I am so ready to take the plunge and get surgery done. I'm specifically only interested in getting my sx done in DR because 1) skill of the doctors 2) they understand the aesthetic women are looking for and 3) bang for $$$. Just a bit about me: I'm 30 years old from NYC, no children, never pregnant. I'm planning on getting Liposculpture- full back, full abdomen, flanks, waist, underarm area +Lipo to thighs. My trouble areas have always been my arms and inner thighs. no matter how much I work out, they never seem to get the look I want them to have. All in all, I just want to look natural but have an enhancement to my current curviness and get a tiny, snatched waist. I'm definitely interested in aggressive liposculpture so I began my search for looking for the best dr. for me. I narrowed it down to Dr. Duran and Dr. Almonte. By now, Dr. Duran is a Liposculpture legend. The Instagram girls I've seen that have gone to her and her day to day clients all look beyond amazing. She is very skilled with all body types and can give you that vixen look. My issue with her is her lack of availability/communication, I couldn't get through to her. Plus I know she works everyday, 5-7 patients a day. For such serious surgery, I need a doctor who is accessible. I continued my search and came across Dr. Almonte. Her assistant Lesley is the best! Easy to contact, either via e-mail or Whatsapp, sweet, understanding, knowledgable and fluent in English! It took me a day to get a complete quote from her and the price of $4300 includes a 10 day stay at a recovery house, and the dr. is affiliated with a few. I saw photos of her work and I was impressed. I also love the fact that she only works three days a week and takes 3 patients a day. I'm sold. So deposit is ready, date has been chosen and I'm on my way.

Deposit sent... It's getting real!

I sent my deposit today. Gave Lesley a call to let her know that to check the bank account for my transfer. Now it feels super official. I am beyond excited, February can't come soon enough. I'm calling my Dr. today to schedule a blood test and check on my iron level. I have to know what I am working with. In Lesley's e-mail, she said that the iron level need to be at least a 13. I am not worried though. If my iron isn't t where it needs to be, I have 6 months from now until my sx to get it together.

SX Buddy Wanted

Hey Dolls! I booked my flight today! I spoke with Lesley earlier this week and changed the date of my surgery from February 18th to February 16th so I am flying from NYC on February 14th. I am taking a late flight which will get me to DR at 12:00 midnight. If anyone is planning on going to having their surgery around the time I am going, please message me and let me know. I would love to have a buddy so we can keep each other company and be there for moral support.

Check In

Hi Dolls,

I honestly don't have much to update. I've done everything I need to do to at this point to secure my sx. My time off has been approved at work, I sent my deposit, used a flight credit I had before it expired so my plane ticket is booked. I'm just taking my vitamins every day (Vit. C, Folic Acid and Iron) and just going along with my everyday routine. I do plan on juicing at some point myself but a couple of times a week, I go to a juice bar on my way to work to pick up a smoothie to build my blood. In a week or so I'm planning on taking my first blood test. A month before the sx, I'll take another but honestly, I don't think I'll have an issue with my iron levels. I have been continuing to look at other ladies bodies to get an idea of what I want. As started in my first post, I really just want an enhancement of my current shape. I'm already curvy but the tummy, thighs and arms could use improvements. I love how some video models looks but some look too "done" if you know what I mean. That's not my goal. I want a natural look but snatched-waist tiny and everything else proportional. Im not including current photos of myself yet, I want to post before and after shots so I'll wait for that. I am including photos of looks I admire.

Still excited for my surgery!!!!!

It's been two months since my last post and I am still super excited for my surgery. I've been focusing and keeping my spirits up. I recently went to the doctor for a physical/blood test and guess what? My iron level is a 13.3! I haven't been taking any irons pills and I had my period during that blood test. All other results came back good and normal as well. It's such a relief knowing that I am going into this surgery healthy. It really eases my mind and just makes me more amped for my transformation. Another thing that has me feeling good about this is the fact that I keep my business to myself. I told my mother and a work friend about my plans. That's it. My mother needs to know for obvious reasons. She's my next of kin and if I didn't tell her she'd kill me, lol! I told my work colleague because she's super supportive and I just wanted one person at work to know what would be going on. When you keep your circle small and keep your business to yourself/ anonymous you can really focus on what you want to do. February can't come soon enough! In the next month, I'll start buying supplies and will check in an keep you posted.

Doctor May Change

I've been missing this site and realized it's been a while since I last updated so I have to fill you in. I had foot surgery in November here in NYC to have a hammertoe removed on my right foot. That surgery went great so and the downtime was minimal so I decided to go ahead a get a tailor's bunion that I had on my left foot removed on December 30th. The bunion removal was much worst that the hammertoe removal. For the bunion, my doctor had to shave off the bunion and break my pinky toe bone to realign it correctly. That toe now has a screw in it to hold it in place. This toe is healing slower and I have surgery with Dra. Almonte in three weeks! I can't believe how quickly time flies by. My podiatrist is worried about my toe healing and I am too because walking is painful. When your feet, the foundation of your body feels unstable you can imagine how you'd feel if you get plastic surgery done on top of that. I reached out to Lesley to ask if I can push my surgery back to the end of February/beginning of March but Dra. Almonte isn't available until the end of April. I don't want to wait that long so, if by next week nothing has opened up, I will send a new deposit to another doctor. I reached out for quotes from Dra. Robles, Dra. Baez and Dr. Molina on whatsapp. No one has gotten back to me with an official quote so I'm now waiting????. Will keep you posted if I stay with Dra. Almonte or chose someone else.

Sticking with Dra. Almonte

After some back and forth with Lesley, I finally secured a new sx date of March 2nd. I'm excited and can't wait.

This time next week I'll be on my way to DR!!!

I can't believe how quickly time has flown by! This time next week I'll be in the plane to DR (God willing) and I'll be having surgery a week from tomorrow. I've bought all my supplies, taken all my blood work- my hemo is at 13.2. Just making sure I maintain it. I've been taking my Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin C pills along with Geritol liquid diligently for the past four months. I've started taking Arnica and Bromelain pills for a little over a month. I don't smoke, stopped drinking two weeks ago and I feel good! I'm excited for this change that will happen so soon. Please ladies, stay positive, be realistic but have a belief in you mind and spirit that you'll get through it all and over to the flat side.

Me now and my Ultimate wish body

I have been very shy about showing what my body currently looks like but the point of this site is to share the journey and show it from start to finish so, here I am!

Made it to DR

Hello from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic dolls! Happy to report that I made it safe and sound to CECIP. I flew out from JFK airport.My flight was on time. I was greeted at the airport by Neper, the driver who works for Dra. Almonte and I was brought directly to CECIP. I just finished giving blood for my blood work and I am now waiting for the other tests I am supposedto take. I am 3rd in line for surgery tomorrow with Dr. Almonte and I can't wait. I'm so anxious to get this done. This honestly seems so surreal and I can't believe I am going through with it! Will keep you all posted as to how things progress and turn out.

10 days later

So I made it to the flat side and now I am back home in the States. I had the best experience and a wonderful 10 days in DR. Dr. Almonte is so sweet, caring and professional. I got exactly what I wanted and I can't wait to heal. I stayed at My Home Recovery House and it was such a warm and relaxing experience. The establishment is clean and well maintained. They have a massage therapist there named Annie who is hands down the best! Details and pictures to follow. I'm tired from traveling and need to settle in.


Lipo is no joke! Especially aggressive lipo Dra. Almonte have me. IRs been 2 weeks and I'm swollen and still sore in some places but I must say though, I truly believe this is the best decision I made. I love my new curves and it's only going to get better once it heals.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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