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I am so hyped up right now ...I got my quote 2...

I am so hyped up right now ...I got my quote 2 weeks ago and then it took 2 weeks to get a date I sent the deposit last week and now working on the rh......and flight. oh and passport..I want to change the date to Aug 8th I hope they hurry and get back to me seem like they take forever really now since they got my deposit. Im going with Yily

Just a few photos to show where I am

I previously had breast augmentation in 04 with a partial tummy tuck. In 94 I had gbp and lost about 60 lbs

Once I turned 40 everything just went down hill from there

In clothes my butt is the bomb but when I get undressed it's all bad

I'm working my way up to showing you my ugly cellulite legs smdh

Need to get scar revision done also

I'm going to get as much as I can done this go round ...I really want to see some thigh lift photos from the d r I heard the scars are bad ...I really don't need another scar

So one day my right arm was hurting so bad

My boyfriend is a health and workout nut ....I kept having this pain in my arm almost under my arm and he kept telling me I was loosing muscle well I just new that was a lie because if I don't work out anything else I pride myself on my let me tell you after my arm stopped hurting I swear I was left with my arm starting the first step of sagging well not the first but maybe the when I make a muscle I have skin at the bottom hanging ...these things are so hurtful ....the only problem I have is that I know Im almost at 50s door but I don't want to leave this earth still sad about taking off my clothes...when I was in high school they called me cola and I knew my body was banging ...but fat run in my family and my mom always said girl my body use to be better then yours and I would think yeah step mom told me to make sure I took dance classes or something to maintain after school but I just looked at her like she was crazy...after having my first child I went up to 210 from 142 lost the weight after he was born then shot back up and got up to darn near 250 after my 94 I couldn't take it any longer and had the gastric bypass Dr Fobi. and lost that weight and I was still young so my legs where still in tact...but in 2000 I don't know what the heck happened but I found myself back up to 205 and could see I was having a problem getting down...I had another child in 04 and right after had my breast done because what little I had that little boy took all the life out of them . I felt glamorous with my new breast because I never had much but like I said it was something about those hunks of meat on the side that would aggravate me it wasn't until 2009 when my mom got sick and passed away that I lost the weight not from dieting but grieving I went from 225 to 165 in a matter of 3 months and that's when my body took a turn for the worse and here I am looking in the mirror so unhappy with what I see. I was going to Dr Curves in ATL and one of my very close dear friends told me to go to the DR all her friends where going there and I said heck no they will kill me over she put me on the Dominican queens forum on fb and I feel in love with the doctors work not to mention I was going to pay him 18,000.00 to give me a butt lift and he was going to do something to the hunks...I saw those dolls from the Dominican and lost my ever loving needless to say I paid ATL 500.00 to get out of that mess and now Im on my way to become a doll....yay

I wanted to stay at Serenity RH but

I was told that they had no openings for the nights I wanted Single room they hit me back and said they booked me for kindness in a triple I don't want that . I'm going to find somewhere else any suggestions

I need help

I don't want to pack a lot of unnecessary things so can you guys tell me the things you really used out there and I'll pick and choose what I want to take. I know darn well I cant use all of that stuff everyone is saying to bring.

Whew I finally got my single at Serenity

I had to keep emailing Yily consultant until finally I got my confirmation for Serenity


Today I made a lot of progress
Bought plane ticket
Applied for pre tsa screening
Got travel card online
Applied for passport
Getting it in

Got a Call From Yily office today

Yayyyyy Im so hyped right now ...they called to confirm that I will be there on Aug 15th.....Now it just got real oooohh oooh I got the passport ....I signed up for the tsa pre screen but I did global that's $100.00 for five years and I'm on my way to the doctor when I get off from work so I can play sick maybe they will give me some of the meds I need lol...nah but I am going to get my iron checked so I can see where I am....oh I'm still looking for a buddy so let me know

got my results on my blood count

my HGB is a 12.4 I just need to get it to a 14 before I leave in 19 days August 14

So excited

I leave in the morning for Atl...I gotta see me boyfriend before I leave for the I'll be there until Sunday and then I'm on my way...ill keep u posted

I made it

I just got here this morning it was just a little hectic not to bad. I bought the 10 thing online and they looked at me and that piece of paper like I was crazy lol so I paid the 10$ my driver was waiting he was so cool and spoke fluent English. He took me to the recovery house which looked like a palace on the website but was different in person not bad but not the same. I asked for a single they walked me into a double I said oh no I wanted a single so she said well it is but with two beds. There was no toilet paper in the bathroom. I was just not quite what I expected ???? My driver will be back in the morning at 6:30 to take to get my lab work done so I am on my way by the grace of GOD I tried to upload photos but it won't let me

Didn't get everything I wanted but I'm blessed

She could have just took my money and mess me up

More pics

I'm feeling better today I even marched in place for a few min to get my blood circulating I took my hair down and put on some lip gloss then passed out lol

Doctors appt today

Well I went to my follow up and they took the drain out and gave me a smaller faja
Today I will get a massage just to make sure all the fat don't get hard

Omg the massage

Yesterday I went to the follow up and they said I needed to get a massage to get all the fat even and get that extra liquid out . One of the beautiful dolls here at Serenity had been getting them from this one guy but I notice she always look crazy when she get done. So talking to her she said he is do good and I'll love him so I get him oh lawd he took my legs and shook them squeezed them and pulled on them he got so much fluid out of me if look like a murder screen I came walking out of there looking just like her but I am looking forward to him getting that mess out of me again today. I have been strong through all of this but last night I broke down because after my massage the hole kept draining well I don't have the drain on anymore do it was dripping everywhere it's a liquid that's look like blood which it is but its all the other toxic stuff too and it really need to come out I swear they told me to put my faja on the second notch today but I put it on the third one yesterday that's how much fluid he drained from me actually i could use a smaller size now

It's been a month

I am starting to see all the progress she really worked a miracle on this old body
She said I wouldn't see the full results for 6 to 9 months and I just need to have patients so that's what I am doing

Feeling better everyday

Well I know I'm still going to have to get my lift but I am pleased with what Yily did

It's coming together

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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