Yily in MAY! Flight, deposit, and recovery house booked! Anyone else going? I welcome ALL advice

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I've been stalking this site for some time now and...

I've been stalking this site for some time now and I finally decided to get the procedure. Are there any ladies here who've had Yily and if so how can I contact her???  I would really appreciate everyone feedback on what I should do.

#TeamYily Coming Soon!!

I've always put my decision to go ahead with surgery back but I'm going through with it this time. I got the e-mail from assistant that the date was available so deposit getting paid and I'm on my way to getting the body I've always wanted!! #May

I've been waiting on a chance to finally be content.

Anyone going to DR in May? Yily?

Anyone interested in booking together that's going with Yily in May?

Switching doctors!! From Yily to Duran!

So I FINALLY heard back from Duran team and I just asked about a date for May 10th so whenever they respond back with an answer I'm going to IMMEDIATELY secure the date with a deposit!! Duran was my 1st Choice but it took them so long to respond back but I finally got a response from someone ...I'm so excited!! So WHO'S GOING TO DURAN IN MAY??

Yily in May!!

Hey everyone! My deposit is paid and I've booked my stay at Serenity recovery house! My flight is booked as well I land in DR may 9 but my surgery isn't until may 10th! I'm sooooo excited ...anyone else going to yily in may??

Anyone Going to DR in May with Dr Yily?? In Need of a Surgery Buddy!!

Hey everyone out there? I've already got the save the date confirmation with the Yily team and I've already paid deposit for the Serenity recovery house AND my flight was booked last week. I was hoping to find someone anyone out there in surgery land whoa going to DR in May and possibly want to room together. I've been taking notes and getting a lot of stuff together as far as lost of items that I will need. It would be nice if you guys lend advice I'm open and free for it all. I'm so excited and I cant wait to be on the other side.

A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I'm 27, a mother of 1, I'm in the healthcare field(graduated Feb 2016) I'm working 2 jobs and I'm loving my career choice. I'm 178 lbs right now but Im starting my diet as of today so I can get down to maybe 160 hopefully even 150. I want to lose at least 19 bf my bday which is coming up in March ? and I want to lose an additional 10 before the surgery. I'm just exited to share my journey with everyone and hopefully everyone help me throughout my journey. Peace and love

Looking for a Travel Buddy! Anyone Going to Yily in May?? Any Advice?? HELP PLEASE

As time winds down I'm getting more excited ...I'm looking forward to this journey ..I just would like some help some advice anyone out there going to yily in may?? Hit me in the inbox or comment whichever one..just want and need some guidance with this...thanks and speedy healing to those out there!

3 more months till my big day!

Sitting at work obsessing with this site and my surgery. I'm taking notes from each lady past experiences so I can be well prepared for my big day. I applied for passport today so I'm pretty much set. I been eating healthy and I'm hitting the gym so I can lose some lbs before surgery...just want the best results ever.

Wish pics!!!

So I LOVE ashanti's body so I definitely want my outcome to mirror her fabulous bod!!

Patiently waiting on may 10th

Just sitting at work HAPPY now that the e.r has calmed down lbvs! Just sitting here daydreaming about surgery and how complete im going to be come may. I've been working and saving all day everyday just in case emergency situations happen whIle I'm there. I'm so ready like I can't believeyou dream is finally approaching. Hopefully I meet with some of you wonderful ladies that's traveling in may. I have everything booked and now it's just a matter of waiting it out. Happy healing everyone

42 more days!!

Cant believe I'll be in the beautiful DR pretty soon. I've never been outside of the country so I'm definitely excited. On the other hand you guys, the nerves setting in. Im just anticipating the first few days after surgery amd jusy praying for a clean procedure and a speedy recovery.

Hey ladies!

Happy healing to everyone out there! Im sitting at work stalking this site per usual...I still cant believe I'll be a new woman in may. Im going to start ordering a lot of things that I'll need to take with me while im there. Any suggestions? I'll be glad to taky any and every suggestion. Cant wait to be a YILY DOLL!!!

Flight booked! May 9th I will be transformed!!

Time ks dwindling down and im so behind i need to start getting everything together so i can be prepared and ready!

Flight booked! May 9th I will be transformed

Time ks dwindling down and im so behind i need to start getting everything together so i can be prepared and ready!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Love her work and her ability to respond back in a timely manner. Respect goes a long way! I can't forget to mention that pricing is affordable for quality work! Ivery had years to do all the research in the world and weigh my pros and cons. Cheers to my future bod!!

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