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This is my first post on this website . I am...

This is my first post on this website . I am looking into getting lipo & a brazilian butt lift . I am almost absolutely sure I want to go to Dr.Yily in D.R. I love her work & I feel she can help me achieve my desired body . I want to go in August, hopefully she has time for me . My mom wants to come along with me , Any suggestions on where I should stay , if possible I'd like my mother to stay at the same place as me . I am extremely excited , as is my husband !! I just started looking into having the procedure done & I the anticipation is killing me . Ladies Please share your insight & opinions with me .

Ughhhh going crazy !!!

I am still waiting to hear from Yily , I emailed both her email addresses on Monday & I emailed her again today .. I'm going crazyyyyyy !! I emailed Baez on Sunday & she got back to me yesterday (wednesday) ... I emailed her a few more questions today but still waiting for a reply ... I emailed Duran on Tuesday & she got back to me the same day .. This waiting game is bananas ... I emailed Pizzoglio on Sunday & he got back to me , the same day ...So my husband is telling me I obsessed with RS ,lol...& I can't stop checkin my emails , what's a girl to do ? I even called Yily's office twice & no kne picked up .. I'm trying to get my BBL WITH LIPO , in either the end of July or within the first 2 weeks of August .. Time is tickin .. I just wish Yily would get back to me ...

Pre op pics

Here are a few pics of me , that I took today ... I have mixed feelings about my body .. Grrrr!! I definitely need my dents filled ,ASAP ... Dammit I wish Yily would get back to me with a quote already

Finally spoke to Yily :; well kind of...

I was tired of waiting for a response from Yily , so I had my mom call her cellphone ( cuz my Spanish is almost nonexistent) & she picked up . My mom told her that I sent her an email with pics & questions , she said that she would check her email & get back to me ! So the waiting game continues ...

Confirmed appt with Baez

Just spoke to Dr.Baez , she is very quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I have . I know that she is a newer , less popular doctor than Yily or Duran but she actually takes the time to respond to her patients . We confirmed the date of August 14 th for my bbl & I am just waiting for her to send me before & after pictures of some bbl's she has performed , she said she would send them to me as soon as she's done responding to the rest of her emails . I'm still waiting for Yily to respond , if I choose Duran I just have to send my deposit to confirm a date ! Baez doesn't require a deposit which is very good if your still in the decision stage !!

YAYYYY!!! Yily finally got back to me!!

Soooo I received the same automated message that everyone receives , but it still leaves me hopeful . I wrote back to her in spanish using GOOGLE TRANSLATE (amazingggg) & I requested a date in August ! I also told ger that i have read that she slmetimes sees 5-7 patients a day & that I am very nervous about that :; I asked her could she possibly let me know if there are any days that she is not overbooked & if possible could I be first , I hope she doesn't take another 5 days to get back to me ... But i guess Patience is a virtue ... Ooh just a note* united airlines has a fare lock option , & you can lock in flight fares for up to a week , just in case your not ready to book your flight !!! It costs less than $10 , it is the best thing to do especially since we're all playing the waiting game waiting for these doctor to reply to us .... Smooches dolls*

Faja:; is this what I need ?

Please let me know if this is the garment I should get

Is this faja good?

Does this look like it will work ?

Started my vitamins today

So I started taking my vitamins today even though I still don't have a response from Yily & a set date ... I may have a few buddies to take this journey with thanks to NJPRBEAUTY ... I'm excited !

Still waiting ...

I received an email from Yily yesterday asking me to resend my photos , so I Did & now the waiting continues . I'm also still waiting for Dr.Baez to send me more pictures of procedures she has performed .. My husband is giving me $1000 tomorrow to book my flight & set a date with either Yily or Baez ... He's seen so many pictures of Yily's patients , as well as some of our RS sisters, such as NJprbeauty & BootyliciousD , that Baez seems to pale in comparison to Yily but Baez seems to be a lot more compassionate & she seems to be less busy than Yily but can she give me the body Yily can ? Will I be a Baez Babe or a Yily goddess? Hmmmmm... Only time will tell

Some wish pics

This money is burning a hole in my pocket

I'm starting to get frustrated ! I want to start book my flight & get my passport application done & over with . But I can't because I'm still waitingggg for Dr.Yily to respond , again:( .. On the brighter side I may have a buddy or two to travel with & share this experience with (even though it may not be a very pleasant one) . I have my heart set on the second week of August & I'll be hopefully flying out of EWR but Id be willing to fly out of JFK , if I found a buddy that was traveling from JFK just so I wouldn't have to fly alone .

A little about me :; Things I forgot to mention

I'm 25 :; from NJ
I have 2 AMAZING sons who I absolutely adore .
I'm happily married :; I've been with my husband for 10 1/2 years ( we're still madlyyyy in love )
When I told him I wanted the BBL done , he was hesitant & still is at times , but he knows that ultimately this will make me happy . He is the person who is paying for me . "MY HUSBANDS BUYING ME A BODY " how romantic,lol!!!

YAYYYYY!! Set for August 5th

Just confirmed with Samira !! I will be getting my bbl on August 5th :; Im so F***ING EXCITED!!!!!

5 Weeks until my new Body!!!

Soooooo excitedddd!!

My boys happiness comes first

So I've decided to postpone my surgery until the beginning of 2014. My husband & I are taking my sons back to Disney World , we haven't been there since 2011 . Being a mother comes first , so ill put my new body on hold . Anyone from NJ going to Yily in the beginning of 2014? I'm looking for a buddy so please let me know :)

New Forum for 2014 Yily Goddesses

Ladies I just made a forum called "2014 Yily Goddesses Looking for Buddies - Post Here" .. All 2014 Yily Goddesses please post ur travel info & questions for buddies on the forum

Looking for a Buddy April 29,2013

Hi Ladies,
I was originally set for August 5th,2013 with Dr.Yily . But I postponed my BBL for 2014 because my husband & I are taking my babies to Disney & Universal studios instead. So now I'm going to have to go in 2014 because I have school until Dec 20 ,2013 & then I go back from January 13 to April 28, 2014 . I want to fly out from either JFK OR EWR on April 29,2014 & have surgery on April 30 & I want to come back on May 9.. If there are any ladies that are planning on going on these dates please let me know !!!

So. I asked the Doctors on Real Self a Question

And one of the doctors that responded to my question , felt that I've had sx done before . What the hell ? I've never had surgery done in my life & he said for me to get implants , wtf!!! I'm confofled,lol

I am not sure you would have to gain any weight if you have not had any previous liposuction. I routinely perform the BBL on patients who are 5'3 to 5'7" and 115 lbs to 130 lbs. The liposuction in thinner patients requires a more specialized effort on the part of the surgeon. Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts and liposuction procedures each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results. Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

You need to be examined by an experienced plastic surgeon to determine if you are a good candidate. If you have had previous liposuction, this will affect your outcome as well. The more weight you gain prior to surgery, the more fat can be added to your buttock and hip area. Consult with a few plastic surgeons in your area before making your decision. Best wishes, Dr.Bruno

It seems from the pictures posted that you had some surgery already.Gaining wait may destroy the body shape. There is no way to tell where you will gain and if that fat can be harvested with liposuction to do a Brazilian Butt Lift. As of now, based on the pictures, some liposuction and body contouring, and Butt Implant may get you near the shape of your ideal shape.

Talking to my husband late nite...

& I might go in January 2014 instead of April 2014 to get my BBL done. If I go in January it has to be between within the first few days of the new year because school starts on the 13th for me . If that is not possible then around April 30th it is . I know I'm probably driving people crazy because Im not sure of a date but hey we gotta roll with the punches ") .. I also emailed Yily & Baez & i asked then could I can send them my deposit to lock in my quoted price & they both said yes :; due to their increased popularity , I know their prices will definitely change by next year ...

Got a quote from Dr.Salama (just cuz)

I need to explore all my options ! My gut is telling me to go with Yily but I don't want to go into this journey close minded!! Dr.Salamas patient coordinator Nancy is so sweet & she responds so quickly !!! Here is my email from her :

I hope this email finds you well. I do thank you for sending in your pictures for Dr Salama to review. After reviewing your pictures he did say that you were a great candidate but when he saw your wish pictures then he suggested you gain a little bit weight. Wow girly you want a big booty…LOL!! The following were his comments:

“Patient is an overall good candidate for the BBL surgery. She has good fat deposits in the areas that I would liposuction which are abdomen, flanks, and back. I’ll aggressively work these areas to create more contour and shape especially the flanks. I’ll use all fat available to create a more projectioned fuller buttock region. The waist size will certainly be reduced due to the aggressive liposuction, so that will be a nice change in body structure. After seeing her wish pictures you may want to tell her to gain about 5-7 lbs before surgery. Other than that, I foresee giving her great results. “

As you can see he is quite comfortable with what he will be doing with your body. The cost of the BBL is now $8,999. We do require a 10% non-refundable deposit to secure a surgery date.

So my quote is $8,999 & he's confident he can give me a BODY!! His quote is $5799 more than Yily . What to do , what to do ?!? I don't know what it is about Yily that keeps pulling me towards her .. it's a little scary , lol

Trying to gain about 10 lbs(help)

I just gained about 1 or 2 lbs !!!, I want to gain about 10lbs altogether , just so I make sure I give the doctor enough fat to work with .. I definately do not want a tummy tuck , so I want & need to stay at or about 155 lbs. .. I don't know what to eat to make me gain this weight , but I have about 5 months to put on the weight. I just want to make sure I maintain it. PrettyPhysique's body is off the charts & she is 5'3 & she weighed 147 at time if surgery. So I'm trying to weigh the same as her in comparison to my height(5'6) ... Any suggestions?

I'm all over the place !!

I emailed Dr.Jimerson twice thru his website & it's been about 3 weeks since my first email and I still haven't received a response . How did u J.Curves ladies get in touch with him ?

Found a Yily Goddess Travel Buddy

So back to my original wanted date range (as posted in my June 20th update)I might go August 15th for my bbl with Yily , im just waiting on Samira to confirm that there is an opening for me . This waiting game is Krazyyyyyy

It's OFFICIAL !!! August 15th is my surgery date

Last night I ordered from Amazon :;
**Make Me Heal Vitamins (pre&post op vitamins) $59.95 with $6.95 shipping ..$66.90 total
**Arnica Gel (reduces pain,swelling&bruises) $9.49 w/free shipping
**Arnica Pills (anti-inflammatory & reduces pain swelling & bruises) $8.89 w/free shipping
**Hiblicens Soap 8oz (use this before surgery :; wipe from your next down to prevent infection & bacteria) $8.93 w/ free shipping
**P-Ez Urinal ( use this because we won't be able to sit while peeing) $7.79 w/free shipping
** Iron 65mg 180ct ( I'm going to use this twice a day for the next two weeks & then ill double up the two weeks prior to surgery , gotta make sure my Hemoglobin level is on point !!! 13.5 or better) $6.29 w/free shipping

Grand total for these supplies:
( ladies I signed up for an Amazon Prime trial membership , so I was able to get 4 things with free 2 day shipping!)

Things to do this week :
**I will apply for my passport either tomorrow or Monday
**send my deposit to Yily on Monday
** I'm waiting for my BBL buddy so we can book our flight & RH together , hopefully that will get done this week too :)

Some people have been planning this surgery for a while now , but I just found out about BBL's last month & now I only have 1 month to plan ...YIKESSSS!!! But determined so it'll be fine!!! On another note I'm supposed to gain 7-10 pounds , & I feel like I totally failed yesterday cuz I didn't pig out like I should have. I just can't force myself to eat , but I have to time is ticking & I need to give Yily something to work with !!! That's all for now dolls :)

Pre op pics back up

I erased my pre op pics because so many people were saying that they googled themselves & saw their pics :( so i cropped & then I put my pics back up because I hate to see reviews without pre & post op pics . The only way we can help each other is to experience all the good & bad that one another has . I would be doing my BBL sisters a disservice if I didn't share ..

On another note :; I'm standing in line (a very slow,long line) So i can put in my application for my expedited passport ... I'm less than a month away , but I intend to have my flight booked by this week . :)

Did anyone get insurance from insuremytrip.com for Yily

I'm trying to purchase an insurance policy from insuremytrip.com instead of Yily so I avoid the $250 insurance fee that she charges . Have any Yily Goddesses that have had their surgery already use insurance from insuremytrip ? And if so what policy did u pick ? I want to get my insurance ASAP . So I can get another thing out the way . !!!

Sent in my deposit!!

To all u Yily Goddesses that have yet to send in a deposit here is how to do it ..So in order to send in ur deposit , you have to create a Chase quick pay account . It's free & you do not have to be a Chase account holder . You have to go to www.chase.com/quickpay & create an account . You need to have a bank account , even if its with another bank (I have Td) . You have to put in your bank account info. :; routing & account # & then chase will make 2 small deposits to ur account , both less than a dollar . (They deposited the money the next business day) . Next u have verify the amounts & then ur good to go . You have to add a payee . Which is obviously Dr.Yily & her email address . Then you're good to go .

I just did mine & I'm just waiting for confirmation from Yily ;)


Here's a pic of me

Going Crazyyyy !!! I want to book my flight & RH already :(

Flights are going to keep going up & I just don't know what to do or where to stay , I have less than a month .. So much for last minute , huh?

Supplies & Measurements

So I received 1 of my 3 shipments from Amazon .. I got my :;
**Iron pills ( started taking these immediately ) ..
**Arnica Cream & Tablets
** P-EZ funnel

I just took my measurements because I feel my review is incomplete without it

Weight: 144.2 (only gained 1.2 pounds so far :(
Bust: 37 1/2
Waist: 31
Hips: 39 1/2

Yily Accepted my Deposit This morning

I sent my deposit on 07/16 & she accepted it today!!! 26 more days til D.R. :)

Today's my birthday !!!

I'm 26 today & ill be Yilyfied in 26 days ..(spOoky huh?)

Got my Vitamins in the Mail today!!!

So after gettin burnt at the beach today , I came home to find that my MAKE ME HEAL pre & post operative vitamins came in !!! This surgery is really getting to my head because I felt like I just hit the lotto !!!! Lmaoooo ..

My passport came in Today

I applied for my passport via expedited service on July 15 & I received it in the mail today , they guaranteed it would be in by August 10 & I got it 16 days early!!! Super excited !!!

I also received the last of my 3 shipments from Amazon :; I got my hiblicens soap today ...

Sooo change of plans , AGAIN!!!

I have been on a mission to gain weight and its just not happening :( I started out at 143 , I've been eating like crazy , & drinking 2 ensures everyday & this damn scale keeps tricking me . I weighed myself yesterday and I was 146.2 & today I am back at 143 . I try to weigh myself at all different times of day and I've been 144 , then 144.8 , then 145 , the. 145.6, then I was soooo excited when I weighed myself yesterday & I saw that I was 146.2 , & today I'm back at 143 ... I'm going crazy & this is starting to take a toll on me . I only have 20 days left until my surgery date & I am not going to have it done unless I weigh at LEAST 155 ... I think I'm going to drive myself crazy forcing myself to eat for the next 20 days and still not gain the weight I need .. I'd rather prepare myself mentally & emotionally now by setting it in stone that I will be Yily-licious next year instead of in the next 20 days .I wanted to go in January , because I will be on break from school for the first two weeks of 2014 but I know Yily is Pregnant so I just emailed Samira to confirm that Yily is not doing any surgeries in January & she said Yily will NOT BE PERFORMING ANY SURGERIES FOR THE FIRST 2 weeks IF JANUARY !!!! (What a bummer , but a baby is a beautiful gift from God that she will be enjoying so I can't blame her , :) ) So I asked if I could get April 30 ( 2 days after I get out of school ) so I'm waiting for a reply . I will update as soon as she responds , it only took her about 2 hours to respond to my first one that I sent today !!!! I also asked how much breast implants would be ( I'm trying to convince my husband but he doesn't want me to get them because he believes my boobs will be hard & he likes them to be soft ) . She quoted me an additional 1700 so my original quote (which I locked in for next year!! YAY ME !!) is $3200 , plus an additional $250 for my arms = $3450 + $1700 (if my husband changes his mind , with my excellent persuasion techniques, lol ) = $5150 with implants & $3450 without .. So as of 5:34 pm today I have a little over 9 months 3 days to get some weight on my body . Here's to nothing

In exactly 9 months , ill be flying to D.R.

9 months is a much longer time to wait than the 16 days I would have to wait (from my original date of August 15) but everything happens for a reason & God had it in his plans to make me wait until next year . Instead of being upset about it , I'll just use the extra time as means for better preparation !!! I now have 2 new travel buddies for April 2014 & instead of rushing our accommodations and travel plans , we have ample time to prepare !!!

"The ASSociates"

So I have 2 buddies to take my journey to BOOTYLICIOUSNESS!! We have We'll be having surgery on April 30,2013 with YILY !!! Just call us "The ASSociates" HAHA!!!

Wish pics

Here are a few more wish pics !! TATTED UP HOLLY is that work !! Her body is BADDDDDDDD

Another Wish pic

Soooo my husband loves this pic . Lol

Me !

Which Doctor is best for me ? Duran or Yily

So I had a huge update written out but my phone froze & I lost the whole thing . In a nutshell I was stating that I'm a huge believer in "Everything happens for a reason" & possibly thru all my date changes and my school schedule as well as Yily's pregnancy & not being able to get my BBL done in the beginning of January & now having to wait until the end of April for my surgery , due to school , my anticipated weight gain , Yilys pregnancy & wanting a huge butt , I am considering Duran again . Everyone says that Yily doesn't give huge butts but I don't believe that for a second ( LolaJae, KrissyLee21, NJPRBEAUTY & BootyliciousD all have beautiful booties ) but what I will say is after seeing Duran give 1750cc's to DuranDoll , I think that may be the route to go . I have a long butt & I really need alot of cc's & if any doctor can pack in the fat , it has to be Duran . I just want to gain weight so she has enough fat to work with . I don't want to even consider a round 2 , so it's all or nothing . I'm waiting for a response from Duran as we speak & although I was DEAD SET on Yily & I feel like a trader I have to do what's best for me & with all the timing conflicts & all the obstacles in my way , I think Duran may be the doctor for me . I know Yily sculpts tiny waists but my waist isnt big to begin with . I already sent my deposit to Yily , but I am willing to loose it , if I can gain the booty , I want . Ladies please share your ideas and input , it's greatly appreciated .

This is killing me

Yilys is on maternity leave from...

So I just got confirmation from Samira (Yilys assistant) that Yily will be operating until the 3rd week of November & then she is returning to work on the 3rd week of January...

Crazy dream :(

My BBL obsession is taking over my subconscious . Im going to share my dream with you to the best of my recollection . Here goes :: This morning I woke up from a crazy dream . In my dream , I had just woke up after having my BBL . I wasnt in any pain . I took off my faja to see my results and I saw that I didn't have any Lipo done to my love handles , back or flanks . I looked more square & boxy then before the surgery . My butt was a mini version of an upside down heart . I was so upset then I found out that a male doctor whose first name was William (i cant remember his last name) performed my surgery . The doctor just took me from the waiting area after I took the blue pill . Which was crazy because I was scheduled with either Yily or Duran (I cant remember which one) I went to my husband to find out what happened & he said he didn't know the other doctor took me into surgery . I then asked him if he paid & he said he had to run out really quick & gave the money to Josie (a 50 something year old ex coworker of mine ) so that she could pay the doctor , I don't even know why she was there ?!? WEIRD!!! Anyway I said that I was going to ask for the money back & if the doctor said no then my husband would have to pay for me to get the surgery done again !

I was so upset after I saw my results , & now I'm nervous that I won't get the results that I want :(

I need help with the wire transfer to Duran !!!

I need information on how to send this damn deposit to Duran . I called CitiBank and the lady said I need a million and one Damn things . If you guys know an easy way to send Duran the money please let me know , ASAP!!! Thank u ladies

Time to get this weight up !!!!

I'm gonna start drinking 4 Ensures a day , I'm currently only drinking 2 . But tomorrow it's on !!! I only got a couple months to get gain this weight , it's now or never :)

My date is confirmed & my flight is booked .. & what's even better is my cousin is on R.S. & she's getting surgery too !!!!

I'm so excited !!! I found out by word of mouth from my nosey mom & gossipy aunt that my cousin is getting surgery with Dr.Duran too . She was scheduled 3 days after me but she switched because school starts for me around the 13th .We were both told by our moms to keep it quiet because of our grandmother , but the gossip girls went & told each other . So now were going together because my crazy uncle says he will not ALLOW us to go alone .. Haha , spanish families are CRAY!!! Anywho , Today my cousin & I confirmed our surgery date of January 3 with Dr.Durans assistant Elizabeth !!! I booked my flight to D.R. , at the same time my cousin had booked her flight for & our RH stay will be a gift from my uncle !!! In the words of the BEAUTIFUL SheGottaDonk89 "Good Tings a Gwan" !!!!!

Flight confirmed !!!

Yay us !!!!

Got some more Supplies Today !!!

I got a lot of stuff today to bring with me to D.R. ...

2 travel packs of Purell wipes

2 packs of Rubber Gloves

2 packs of Gauze

1 waterproof first aid tape

2 bottles of B-12

1 pack of toothbrush covers

1 tube of Toothpaste

1 Toothbrush

4 packs of 16 count maxi pads (64 total)

1 box of 50 count alcohol pads

1 pack of 3 count travel bottles

2 packs of bandage dressing

1 pack of regular first aid tape

1 Toothbrush

I got all 21 items for a WHOPPING .....



$21 !!!!! I got everything listed at The Dollar Tree :)
Happy Shopping !!

BBL Surgery Calendar

KaeleenSantos , now known as CurvyKae & I on the BBL calendar for January 3 :) !!!!!

Staying at Domingas !!!

I'm am soooooo FREAKING exciteddd !!! Not only about the surgery but also about who I am sharing every bit of my journey with . After an extremely strange chain of events & gossipy mother & aunt. I found out my cousin was also getting a BBL & LIPO done . And that she was going within days of me. AND she was going to DURAN... This is a crazy world !!!! But I totally appreciate the craziness that brought my cousin & myself together in the JOURNEY TO THE OTHER SIDE... I am so happy that I have her by my side !!!!! :) :) :)

With all that mushiness to the side ,lol. We have decide to stay at Domingas .. I know there was a bad review or 2 but my cousin spoke to Dominga quite a few times within the last few days & she ensured her that the pipes were fixed & she got a new a.c !! So were going to Virginias & Domingas for the entire length of our stay , which will be 10-12 days due to my cousin having a TT .

I can't wait til January ,even though after I booked my flight to D.R. , I cried . My husband asked why I was crying & I told him , I finally felt like this was REAL. I haven't spent more than 4 nights away from my babies their entire lives . 3 nights was because of a business conference in San Antonio for Work & I night they stayed in P.A. with my mom . I even brought them along with me on my honeymoon . *Side Note : My 8 year old will 9 on September 5 & my 7 year old will be 8 in February . **
I can't believe I'm such a wimp ,lol . I dont know how Im gonna get on that plane , but somehow , someway I am going to do it !!! I have to to Wo"MAN" up & get it together . !!! I honestly don't think I would have been able to do it without all my R.S. sisters & this website . Thank you ladies !!!

BBL Supply List

Hey Ladies , there is a BBL Surgery Supply list on RealSelf . In the search bar type in "bbl list" and it is the first item in the list . Or you can copy & paste this link http://www.realself.com/guide/brazilian-butt-lift-preparation-guide ...

I helped in creating this list .. So let me know if there is anything I may have missed !!!

Received another quote from Duran !!

I emailed Duran for another quote from a different email address about a week ago & I sent pictures of myself . Last nite I got a quote back for $300 less than my original quote . In this case I like the inconsistency , I'm going to save $300 YAY!!! At the same time I sent her the email from the new address , I sent her another email from the original email address (where I received my first quote ) and I still haven't received a response yet . AND Duran is now only requesting a $250 deposit instead of $500 !!!! Her email address is :

Hilarioplasticsurg@GMAIL.com , she still has @hotmail.com listed in the bottom of her email signature & Whatsapp signature .

**Just a little message for all you ladies , constantly check your junk /spam folder . I've found updates from R.S. sometimes get sent to that folder for some reason & also messages from the Docs get sent there as well . Just keep an eye on it , so u dont miss something important . **

Anywho as of right now my cousin/buddy CurvyKae & my other friend on R.S. MsBooty (we're all having surgery on the same day!!!)
only have about 4 months & 3 weeks left til we land in D.R. ... We're sooooo EXCITEDDD!!!

20 weeks away !! & a vitamin question for u vets!!

Soooo exciteddd 20 weeks left !!!

Do any of you post op ladies remember when u started taking your b-12 vitamins ? Im 20 weeks away but I've already started my iron & vitamin c pills but I'm not sure if I should start my b-12 now . Please let me know !

Bittersweet day :( :)

Today is a bittersweet day :( :) I was supposed to be boarding a plane & heading to D.R. as we speak . I was scheduled for my BBL tomorrow August 15 with my buddy DeactivatedModel but we both weren't going to be ready , so we decided to switch our date. I was scheduled with Yily at the time but I guess everything happens for a reason because I've decided against going to Yily & my cousin is now my travel partner/buddy/confidant . In hindsight I wouldn't have been ready mentally,emotionally ,or physically this early in my BBL journey , Im so happy that I took the time to really research & I'm glad I switched my date because I've learned sooo much more than I knew before !! I was rushing myself before & I didn't know half the things I know now . I'm so glad , my advice to all you BBL virgins is please don't rush ur surgery date just because you want this so badly, take the time to research & learn from the BBL vets , you'll feel much better in the end !!!

*** I've gained 4.2 pounds , I'm now 147.2 (I just weighed myself this morning ) last night when I weighed myself I was 149( but I know we are heavier at night), but I'm sooo happy Im actually gaining weight this time , I've been tricked by the scale before but I hope this time it's real !!!! Im so grateful to my ENSURES, I'm kind of addicted to them , & to think I hateddd them before my quest to gain weight ..& now I can't go more than a few hours between them . I drink about 4 a day , yesterday I think I drank 5 :/ I lost count ,lol ...

** I'm also really proud of myself because I've been taking my vitamin c , & iron pills religiously for the past few weeks to a month or so . & Yesterday I began taking my b-12 vitamins !!

2014 Duran Dolls looking for Buddies FORUM

Yay !! It's live, I created this forum before I found out my cousin was having surgery , but its still such a great & useful place to meet buddies for you ladies that don't already have a buddy or for those who are looking for more buddies !! Ladies I created a forum for 2014 Yily Goddesses but that's when I was going to Yily & it was soooooo helpful , it's still going strong !! . So it's only fair that now that Im going to join Duran's 2014 Doll roster that I make a forum for us , enjoy dolls !!! I hope u find buddies to travel with & friends for a lifetime !!!

Here's the link : Duran Dolls Forum

More wish pics

Wish pic

I pressed update by mistake

SOoooo Exciteddd !!!

Last nite I ate 2 plates of rice & beans with Fried Chicken & an ensure & then like 3 hours later , I had my husbands concoction of oatmeal & pound cake & another ensure. I don't know how I ate the whole bowl but I did & I felt like I was going to throw up . I used the bathroom this morning, &I just weighed myself & I weigh 148.2 pounds . IM SO EXCITEDDD!!!

Ensures in Suitcase ?

Has anyone brought 8oz Ensures in their suitcase with them to D.R. ? I also found this protein shake cup that I might get to make shakes in D.R. Ive uploaded a few pics below . Any opinions as to whether its good or not ?

** I've also added another wish pic , I think it's realistic for my height & weight .. What do u guys think ?

I might get implants !!!

I was talking to my friend Barbiiefigurexox about breast implants & I was hinting to my husband about how nice it would be to have my top match my bottom & I think I kinda persuaded him with the help of BarbiieFigurexox . So I emailed Duran about the price of the implants . & I'm wondering if I'll need a breast lift too. I currently wear a 34-36 B , I just want a small-full C . I'm exciteddd it's boobie time !!!

Updated Quote including breast implants !!

Just for kicks I emailed Cabral the other day to see how much he would quote me . After having to resend him my pics today via whatsapp because he couldnt find my email . He quoted me$3500 , the exact same amount as Durans 2nd quote was . I then proceeded to ask him how much it would cost with Breast Implants & he said $5500 total ..

** I emailed Duran the other day to ask her a few questions . She never responded so I resent her an email today & I copied the email and sent it to her on Whatsapp . She got back to me within an hour or so !!

I said :Hola,

Dr.Duran Estoy programado el 3 de enero de 2014.

1) Qué áreas de la liposucción se incluyen en mi presupuesto de $ 3.500?

2)Quiero que mis brazos se lipoed así, espero que se incluye.

3)¿Cuánto va a ser para los implantes mamarios?

4¿Qué vitaminas debo tomar ahora? Actualmente estoy tomando dos pastillas 65 mg de hierro al día, dos pastillas de 500 mg de vitamina C por día, y dos 50 mcg de vitamina B-12 píldoras por día.

5¿Es esto correcto? No puedo esperar para conocerte! Gracias

I asked /stated :
1)What areas are included in my quote of $3500 .

2) I want my arms lipoed , I hope they are included .

3)How much are breast implants ?

4) What vitamins should I be taking right now ? I am currently taking two 65mg Iron pills a day , two 500 mg vitamin C pills per day , and two 50 mcg vitamin b-12 pills per day .

5)Is this correct ? I cant wait to meet you !! Thank you


Puedo incluir tus brazos
La lipoescultura incluye full espalda, abdomen, flancos, axilas y ahora brazos
Si haces los senos tambien seran us2,000 mas

In English:

Hi I can include your arms Liposculpture includes full back, abdomen, flanks, armpits and arms now If you breasts will also be
US2, 000 more Regards

..IM SO EXCITEDDD!!! It looks like boobs are in my future !!! Lol this quote includes more than my initial quote of $3800 included , she only said flanks, abdomen , and back . Now I'm getting my armpits & arms included as well ... IM SOOOOOOO HAPPY .. !!!

I've been looking for Duran Breast implant pics

If anyone knows of any R.S. sisters who have had breast implants with Dr.Duran please let me know . I can't find too many . I saw one pic of her breast implants and I like them they look natural and not overwhelming .

Wish pics


Hey ladies !! I got 2 more of my supplies today . I received my boppy (nursit brand) for 18.99 on Amazon , it's blue with dots & it comes with a pink cover . & I also got my donut that I ordered from Amazon for 12.49 ..

** I also purchased our (my cousin @CurvyKae & I ) chairs on sale at SportsAuthority for $6.99 each that we will be cutting a hole out of to sit on (@LolaJae style ) :) thanks my Fabulicious !!!

YAY ME !! 149 lbs!!!

I am now 149 pounds!!! I'm so happy !!! Everynight after dinner , I wait 2-3 hours & then I eat a bowl of Quaker Cinnamon Swirl oatmeal & I cut up several slices of Entenmann's pound cake and mix the pound cake into my oatmeal . I'm full by the time I eat half of it , but I force myself to eat the entire plate . It's really thick !!! And then right after I drink a vanilla ensure & then I usually go to bed .

Wish pics!!

Does anyone know what type of breast implants Dr.Duran uses?

There are only 3 brands of breast implants that are approved by the U.S. FDA. Those brands are Allergan , Mentor , & Sientra. For all you Duran vets : Does anyone know which brand Dr.Duran uses? Did you get to choose between High profile or moderate profile ? And do you know if she will allow you to choose between placing the implant over or under the muscle ? I'm going to ask her all of these questions but I'm still waiting for her response to the email I sent to her on Saturday .

** Side Note: Dr.Baez offers 4 different types of breast implants & depending on which one you pick , you will be priced accordingly . She offers Mentor, Eurosilicone, Motiva and Donasis. Keep in mind that Mentor is the only one that is approved in the U.S.


I just found out that Dr.Cabral uses Eurosilicone implants . Dr.Baez also offers this brand as an option , but this brand is not approved by the U.S. FDA. I'm still waiting on Dr.Durans response . Ill updat as soon as I find out.

So proud of myself !!! I gained 7 pounds !!

I'm 150 pounds!!! I can't believe Im gaining this weight !! I've gained 7 pounds since July 10 . I'm so Happy ... YEA BOY!!

Breast implant info !!

I am Puerto Rican so by nature I am a very nosey person , lol . But hey knowledge is power , so i guess its a good thing . I continue to get quotes from other Doctors just to find out what these doctors are offering not only price wise but also all the extras , free airport pickup , included messages , etc.. Just so I can accurately make an informed Decision . I like to be able to weigh my options . I like to be an informed consumer .

**When I received my initial quote from Baez in June , I was quoted $3000 with lipo to arms, abdomen, waist, back, flanks, thighs and BBL (butt and hips) . This included 10 lymphatic messages ... I received an updated quote from her and it is $2700 for lipo to abdomen, waist, back, flanks, & Brazilian butt lift . ... She no longer includes the lymphatic messages but if you go to her person it will be $300 for 10 messages ...& she doesn't include arms & armpits , they will be an additional $300 as well . I asked her for the price of breast implants & as I said before she gives you the option to choose between Mentor , Eurosilicone, Donasis , & Motiva . I asked her for the price of the Mentor implants ( these are the only implants from the choices above that are approved from the U.S FDA & they come with a limited lifetime warranty , if they rupture or break !!) , she said my total would be $4600 .. This is $900 less than Duran & Cabrals quote ($5500). Yily quoted me $3450 with Lipo to arms , abdomen , back , flanks & an additional $1700 for breast implants :; total $5150 ..

Cabral uses Eurosilicone implants , these are made in France . And they do come with a lifetime warranty , but for those of us who live in the U.S I'm not exactly sure how we would get them replaced because our Doctors in the U.S do not use this brand of implants .. I am still waiting to find out what brand Duran uses ..

The Donassis implants are made in Japan . And the Motiva brand is made in Costa Rica . ..

I hope Duran uses Mentor Allergan , or Sientra implants ( these are the only brands of implants that are approved for use in the U.S ) .. There are also warranty cards that you should receive when you get breast implants but I don't think the warranties are valid if the implants are not put in the U.S :( ..

**I will update you ladies as soon as I find out what brand Dr.Duran uses . ..

Sent deposit to Real Recovery House

I sent my deposit to Real Recovery Armonia for my cousin @CurvyKae & myself ,a few days ago thru Western Union & I just spoke to Mayra & she confirms that she did receive it . Mayra does always charge a deposit but in my case , maybe cuz there's 2 of us . Anywho , it was only $20 . But I'm glad I did because now I have my emails between Mayra & I ,as well as my receipt from Western Union confirming that I did in fact send the requested deposit money to Mayra. .. My cousin & I might end up staying at her aunt's (who is a nurse)house in D.R. , but we are not sure if that's the route we want to take . If we do go that route we'd be saving my uncle a wholeee lotta money , cuz were going from $2100 to free . We're still undecisive but we have our dates locked in with Real Recovery , just in case !!!

20% off for R.S. members

Just some info for my fellow R.S. sisters ..There is this website called Annetteonline.com & we get 20% off just for being an R.S. and entering the promo code : RealSelf20 .. I saw an arm compression garment with bra on the website for $80 & the same exact one was on Amazon for $75 . But if you go thru the Annetteonline.com website and enter the promo code the garment with come out to $64 .

Here's the link to the RealSelf Forum for more info , I've attached a screenshot of the page .


Response from Duran about implants

In my August 21, & 22 updates , I wrote about different brands of implants & where these implants can be placed . I got a response from Drs Cabral & Baez & I was waiting for Dr.Duran's response . I guess today is her email & Whatsapp day because she responded:

***She said ::The brands we use are eurosilicona, SILIMED, Donasid, among other.
Implants placed them in any plane either subglandular or subfascial retromuscular but this plane as determined depending on the case and choose the one that suits you most, remember that each case is unique and what could be good for one may be bad for other... ***

Yay!!!Silimed (made by Sientra)is approved by the U.S. FDA & they do come with a warranty , but I don't think we are entitled to any warranties because the implants are not going to be done in the u.s. :(

Dr.Duran said "Among others " not sure what other brands she uses . But I did write back to her and ask if she uses Mentor or Allergan implants . And if she uses high profile as well as moderate profile implants . I will update as soon as I get an answer !! Stayed tuned Dolls.. :)

Wish hips

Gained another pound!!

I'm now 151 lbs . I'm so exciteddd , eating alot has now become so much easier . I guess my stomach is getting used to being full . I am still keeping up with my 4 ensures a day regimen.. I'm so happy ! I only have 5 more pounds to go , as per Dr.Duran I needed to gain no more than 10lbs, when I emailed her I was 146, so I should be about 156 on the day of surgery . But I might try to get up to 160 !! I want to make sure she has enough fat to make my booty look right !!

More Boobie Talk !

After receiving my quote from Dr.Baez as I stated August 21st update , I realized that there were different types of implants as well as different brands , this caused me to go ahead and do extensive research on breast implants and I found that there are only 3 brands approved by the U.S. FDA , and I also learned that there are Saline filled implants , Silicone implants & gummy bear implants ... There are alot of different "profiles" , as well , ranging from low to ultra high profile.. Not only are there different profiles there are also different textures "Lord Jesus there's a fire" I know -__-. In addition to finding out all those useful pieces of information , I also researched the different brands that Dr.Baez offers . Dr.Baez offers 4 different brands of implants , only one of which are approved by the U.S. FDA . She states in her quote that depending on which brand you pick the price varies . Ladies please make sure you are aware of doctors that are charging more for different brands of implants . After speaking to CorderoBarbie , I realized that some people are not aware that different brands of implants cost more & at times we may be blindsided by the options we have as well as a possible hidden price increase in our quotes due to getting us wanting better quality materials . I would hate to go to have surgery and then be given options and then have to shell out more money that expected . So I bring this info to you ladies wholeheartedly in order to avoid any unwanted surprises .

Different types of implants

I know there are a lot of us who have questions Here are some videos showing the 3 different types of implants . Saline & Silicone are in one video . The other video is about Gummy Bear implants . Im not sure if Dr.Duran uses the saline or gummy bear implants but hey Knowledge is the key to success. Hope this helps !!

Saline & silicone video

Sorry it didn't post

Exactly 4 months...

In exactly 4 months my buddies MsBooty & CurvyKae will touch down on Dominican Soil !!! I hope this time flyssssss !! So exciteddd!!!

Jet blue is having an amazing sale

Ladies don't pass this price up !! There are other places of origin that you can pick as well , I'm not sure of all the prices but $209 from New York to Santo Domingo is amazing !! I'm not traveling on these dates but Id like to share any info I can to make my R.S. sisters lives easier . Just thought I'd share. :)

152 pounds & counting

So as of today I am 152 pounds !!! Whoop whoop ( I'm actually doing the runnin man right now ) lmaooooo . I only have 3 pounds to go for the max. 10 pounds that Duran told me to gain& I still have 4 months left !!! But I might try to gain 5 extra pounds . I just feel really big now ! I have cheechos ( Spanish nickname for love handles , lol) .. My husband notices a difference too, he says my boobs , butt , belly & thighs are fuller . He's always squeezing & poking me , I feel like the Pillsbury dough boy ."HEHE" -_- ... I'm going to buy loose fitting flowy shirts cuz Gurllllll I wore one of my fitted shirts today & u would've thought I was a bakery selling rolls !!! Oh goshhhh these next few months are gonna be slightly uncomfortable . For all the aspects of surgery , I feel like I am very prepared , but good golly MsMolly , I am NOT PREPARED for T H I S .

Dr.Duran's twitter update

I don't have twitter . So my cousin sent me this screenshot from Dr.Durans twitter, I thought I'd share with any if u ladies that don't do the social networking , like me .
She said its important to have your BMI under 35 because if you are overweight , she may not be able to do your surgery . & she also said that ur hemo should be 12 or over . She doesnt want anyone to waste their time and money & not be able to have surgery . And she doesnt want those of us who can't have surgery due to health issues , give her a bad review . We have to be on point ladies !

Achievable Wish Pic !!

Ladies!!! I found out that Keyshia Ka'oir is the exact same height (5'6") as me & she is my normal weight (135) . I am currently 152 due to purposely gaining weight for surgery, I need some fat so Duran can give me a chonkyyy. I'm gonna use her as my realistic wish pic . I think her body is niceee & I think Dr.Duran can definitely help me achieve this look . I would like a little bit rounder hips & hey if I can get more ASS, then that would be a plus (booty greed) . But I'd be happy if I can at least achieve this look !!


I spoke to Dr.Duran today !!Breast implant info updated ..

Soooo ... I got the info we've all been waiting for ... DRUMROLL pleaseeeee...

I spoke to Dr.Duran around 6:00 pm today & she said only uses Very High Profile Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants .

**sidenote for those of you who want to know : "What ‘profile’ is "

This is the ‘projection’ of the implant – so how far it will stand out. We make a variety of different profiles to fit different women and the looks they want to achieve. High and extra high are the largest, while medium and low are more subtle.**

Back to our regularly scheduled program : Dr.Duran uses the Eurosilicone , among Donasis , & silimed brands . As I have stated in one of my previous posts , Silimed is approved by the U.S. FDA but we will not be entitled to the warranty because the implants are not being implanted in the U.S. .. Sadly she does not use Mentor or Allergan {U.S made} implants ... I guess it is what it is .. On the contrary Eurosilicone is an extremely well established breast implant company based out of France. And these implants are used all over the World E X C E P T for the U.S. And We will automatically be entitled to & enrolled in the warranty program !!!

The Warranty :

GCA Comfort Guarantee
1. Automatic enrollment upon implantation - free of charge. GCA Comfort Guarantee applies to all recipients of Eurosilicone silicone-filled breast implants.
2. Silicone-filled breast implants are covered.
GCA Comfort Guarantee automatically applies to all Eurosilicone silicone-filled breast implants:
• Implanted after January 1, 2009. • Implanted in strict accordance with
Eurosilicone instructions for use as
per product package insert.
• Implanted by an appropriately
qualified and licensed surgeon in accordance with accepted surgical procedures and techniques.
3. Lifetime Warranty against rupture of the implant or severe capsular contracture:
• In the event of internal rupture
of the implant due to loss of
shell integrity.
• In the event of severe capsular
contracture. Severe capsular contracture is defined with the Baker Clinical Grading Scale as Grade III and IV.
GCA Comfort Guarantee will replace free of charge the concerned Eurosilicone implant for the lifetime of the implant.
4. Replacement of the implant
in any model, size or style.* Following the request and recommendation of your surgeon, your current Eurosilicone breast implant may be replaced by any model, size or style.
5. Replacement of the contralateral implant in case of internal rupture.
At the request and recommendation of your surgeon, GCA Comfort Guarantee will replace free of charge the contralateral breast implant in case of internal rupture of the implant due to loss of shell integrity.
6. Automatic and free of charge renewal of GCA Comfort Guarantee enrollment.
After revision surgery, GCA Comfort Guarantee will continue to apply to all recipients of Eurosilicone silicone- filled breast implants automatically and at no charge.
7. Events not covered:
• Removal of Eurosilicone
breast implant due to patient dissatisfaction with either size alteration or aesthetic result.
• Adverse events other than implant deflation or rupture.
• Adverse reactions other than severe capsular contracture.
• Loss of shell integrity caused by operative procedures.
• Loss of shell integrity due to open or closed capsulotomy.
• Custom made implants.
• Non catalogue silicone-filled
breast implants.
• Cost related to intervention surgery.
*Eurosilicone may apply a charge on products with a higher price.

PLACEMENT : As I stated in my August 25th update . Duran uses subglangular, subfascial & retromuscular (subpectoral) placement for the implants . After examining your breasts she will decide which placement is best for you . And I quote with English translation of course "..... this plane is determined depending on the case and choose the one that suits you most , remember that each case is unique and what could be good for one may be bad for other."... I for one am hoping for retromuscular placement because the implant will be hidden better because I have small breasts & thinner skin than someone with bigger breasts . Also doctors will be able check for breast cancer because the implant will not be in the way ... Xoxo til next time

Email from Eurosilicone !

I emailed Eurosilicone last night to get all pertinent info on the warranty & they email me back this morning !! Here goes :

Dear Madam,

Thank you very much for contacting us.

Our warranty applies to all patients wearing Eurosilicone implants, wherever they are operated, wherever they live.
So I confirm that if you get operated in Dominican Republic and then go back to the US, our warranty will still be valid.

Our warranty covers your implants in case of internal rupture and severe cases of capsular contracture. If any of these issues occur, it is likely that you will need to be reoperated.
If our claim form is properly filled in by the surgeon and if you get new Eurosilicone implants instead, you will be entitled to get implants free of charge. However, we usually go through our distributors for this procedure.
This means that we will send implants free of charge to our local distributor in Dominican Republic, which in turn will provide these implants to your surgeon.

We will not be able to send implants free of charge to the US as we are not allowed to ship our products there.

When you get operated, your surgeon will have to give you a patient card with your name and operation date on it, along with stickers of the implants you are wearing (indicating their reference, size, serial numbers and lot numbers).
This card is important, you must keep it safe. You will not have a warranty card, but the fact that you are wearing Eurosilicone implants will be enough, our warranty will apply automatically.

I hope this information will be helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have more questions.

Thank you
Best regards

Guess who is 155.6 pounds?!?

If u said urs truly , ur righttttt, lol ... I'm gaining weight wayyy faster than I thought I would .. I am now a W H O P P I N G 155.6 pounds... I was walking backwards today & I could've sworn I heard "BEEEEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEP" ... I'm as big as a dump truck !! Pretty soon I'm gonna have a whole lotta junk in my trunk !!!WATCH OUTTTT NOW ;) lol ... Shouts to my girl Brooklyn Beauty #teambiggirl in F U L L EFFECT!!


Looking for a flight buddy from D.R. To JFK or EWR on Jan 12,13,14,or 15}

Hey ladies , Im Looking for a flight buddy from D.R. To either JFK OR SDQ .. My cousin is going to stay in D.R. For 15 to 21 days . I was gonna stay for 2 weeks , which would bring me to the 17th of January but school starts on the 13th , I really didn't mind having to miss the first few days of school . But I'm going to miss my babies & husband wayyyy too much . I think the emotional stress from missing my fam(ily) will deter my progress & recovery . So I will be flying home from D.R. By myself , I've never flown alone & I don't want to be the only weirdo who is in pain on the plane , lol. So I'm wondering if there is anyone who is in the same situation or if there is anyone flying back from D.R. On January 12-15th .. PM ME :)

Updated Measurements & Trina the Talking Tummy

Hey chicas ... I decided to take my measurements today :; the last time I took them was July 18th ..

I was 144.2 pounds
Bust: 37 1/2
Waist: 31
Hips: 39 1/2

Today I am 155 pounds
Bust :40
Waist : 35
Hips: 41 1/2

Whoa!!! I'm shocked that I was able to put on 11 pounds in less than 2 months :; ( but I really started going hard to gain the weight on August 8th before that I was just passive about the weight gain , I hadn't began forcing myself to eat like a cow or drinking my 4 daily ensures or my husbands oatmeal & pound cake concoction)...

I'm going to post pictures of "TRINA the Talking Tummy" .. Ughhh my body is something else right now .. RUN FOR COVERRRRR!! ...

These 5 pounds aren't gonna gain themselves

Hey Ladies ... I have 5 pounds to go so I needed to pack my fridge & cabinets to the max so I can readily have food available . Trina gets pretty angry when she doesn't eat , even though she is always stuffed !! Yesterday she attempted to eat my 7 year old , this heffa said "Get back in my Bellaaayyyyy"... I was like "WHOAAAAA NELLY, calm down Big momma" she got mad cuz She thought I called her Nelly , can u believe it ? I was like calm down Trina , it's just a saying ... She mumbled & grumbled a little bit but after stuffing more food into her , she settled down .. "Wheeeewwww that was a close call" , she had me over here sweatin' .... She has a mind of her own !!!

*disclaimer: my belly did not really attempt to eat my child , nor does she talk .. She does although have feelings & that feeling is hungerrrr.... Ive gained 12 pounds since I began my journey in June . I really began gaining weight in July .. Most of my weight gain & (i.e my 4 daily endures & forced eating began in August ) .. So id say Im doing good!!!
This is just a little humor for u ladies .. I am not cray cray & I know my Tummy does not talk , lol ... Thanks for reading !!!

Patiently waiting .... NOTTTTT

I'm currently sitting in the waiting room of my Gyno's office , extremely bored beyond belief!!! My appt was for 1:00 & it's now 1:54 & I'm still waitingggg. It never takes this damn long , but I know first hand how doctors offices schedule appointments right after another , hell I used to schedule patients every 15 minutes at my office , knowing damn well some patients are as slow as molasses while filling out paperwork , GRRRR .. & other neglected their eyes so badly so the doctor would have to examine them for much longer & then we'd have to run more tests , ugh ... So I guess that hooker that was scheduled before me has some kind of cottage cheese growing out of her vagina, therefore MY doctor cannot attend to me & my bloodwork ..YIKESSSS , I'm anxious to find out what my hemo is (I know I don't get the results today , but I'd like to get the ball rolling )& this cottage cheese having woman of the nite is crampin my style ... And while I am venting , I must say that while I'm in class or driving , I get 1 million 5 hundred 63 thousand 9 hundred and 84 notifications from RealSelf but now that I need some good reading materials , no one is Posting .. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH
WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH .... Oh BTW I forgot to mention that I have not slept since I woke up yesterday @ 6:30 am on 9/18/2013 ... I had 2 papers due & of course I procrastinated , silly me , BLAHHHHHH... Wait here it goes again , WAHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHH WAHHHHHH ...

Ok I'm done .. Thanks for listening to my rant .. TEEHEE -_-

100 days to go !!!!

I wanna give a special Shot out to my buddies CurvyKae & MsBooty , 14 weeks ladies WEEEEPPPPPPAAA!!! I also want to thank my boos that I talk to outside of R.S. .. W/out u ladies this ride wouldn't be worthwhile My buddies of course !! & then of course BarbiieFigurexox , BrooklynBeauty {#teambiggirl} ,Radiance25, NaturallyCurlee, TiffanyCupcakes22 , & my comedian Vambie ... Sometimes we just have to sit back & be grateful for the people who help me keep my sanity (sometimes lol )in this crazy journey !!! Love u Ladies , god bless u all !!! Whoa!!!! I just realized were all future Duran Dolls !!! Go #teamDuran !!!!! Muahz ... God bless all u other R.S. Sisters as well , thank you all for sharing ur experiences & helping us !!!

Breast implant card from Dra Duran ;)

Hey Loves ,
Soooo I promised I would pass on any info I got about the implants & my buddy MsBooty , sent me some pics of implant cards from Dra Duran's office ... That card is all we need to get replacement implants for free , just in case they rupture or break . We have to get them replaced at Dr.Durans office of course , but hey at least we get a warranty .. !!!

Cardiologist visit

Ughhh the Joy . 2nd doctors appt in a week :( blahhhhh .... I'm trying to make sure everything is a goooo for surgery !!! my appt was for 1:30 , & I just got into my car @4:48 UGHHHHHHH... I had a cardiologist appt today ($150 visit , but some heffa quoted me $50 over the phone , I have no insurance ;( so I regulated on the manager, in a professional & nice way , I've been a medical office manager for over 7 years , I know how it goes & I only paid the $50 that was quoted to me over the phone , POWWWWW) to see if I get clearance for sx because I have a heart murmur .. I got an echocardiogram (which was $350) & an EKG ($15) done ... My EKG result was normal , but I have low pressure & the Doc thinks I'm nearing dehydration .. She asked me if I drink water -_- , lmfaoooo the answer is NO!!! I hateeee water blahhhhh , it's so bland ... I know I know water is essential to our bodies , especially before surgery .. so my husband is forcing me to drink at least a bottle a day to begin my daily water regime .. @TiffanyCupcakes22 , don't kill me , I know I promised u 2 days ago to start drinking water but I forgot to get a lemon & pineapples for the flavored water recipe u gave me ... Tomorrow it's on !!! I'm gonna slow down on my delicious refreshing soda regime , WAAAAHHHHHH, ( ugh I love the "kick" soda gives me in my throat ) yeah sick I know , I'm obsesseddddd with soda ... But tomorrow's the start of a new me :) BIBLE!!!

Another JetBlue sale

Ladiessss JetBlue has another amazing sale !!! You have to travel between Oct. 8 & Dec. 18 .. The only days the sale is not valid is on Fridays & Sunday flights . Blackout dates Nov 22-Dec2.. Prices only valid for 2 days . I checked & it's $185 from JFK to SDQ
... These are Amazing prices ladies ...

Lost weight :(

I lost a few pounds over the last few days :( I've been dealing with a family issue.. Trina hasnt been herself , & I haven't been sleeping much . Thanks for asking about me ladies , & thanks to those of you who have sent me pm's... On the other hand I have managed to drink water due to my low bp & near dehydration ... Have drank too many ensures either because I haven't been home much .. I hope to get bak to my normal eating habits soon . Trina is not where she used to be .

91 days ladies...

Yayyyyy!! 91 days til MY GIRLS CurvyKae, MsBooty, Tiffanycupcakes22 , NSMM & I touchdown on Dominican soil .... Only 3 months left you hot mamas !!! I cantttt wait ;)

Hemo Results!!!

I just got my hemoglobin results !!! My hemo is 13.9 , which means , if I recall correctly in d.r. It's gonna be like 11.9 ... {ladies please correct me if I'm wrong } Soooo I'm gonna order the blood builder from Amazon , I'm not taking any chances ...

Keyshia or Stephanie ... Please help me ladies

Shouts to all my ladies that are gonna have ur " A** poking Out , stomach pokin In" ...
I've decided to get to 165, or 170 pounds !!! I figureeee :; Go hardddd or go home :) I have a few new wish pics , I had my husband search for some & he is a BIGGGG (& I mean BIGGGG,lol) fan of Stephanie Santiago's body ..& he also loves Keyshia Ka'oir's body ...They are both about the same height as me ... I want to be heavier than both of them going into surgery , so I can have plenty of fat to spare !!! Even after surgery , I want to be heavier than I am normally (I want to be about 165 or so plus I want to have thicker thighs, than I do now)

***I need ur help ladies*** ( Which ONE DO YOU LIKE BETTER ? Stephanie Santiago or Keyshia Ka'oir)??? ....

Here's to nothing ladies !!! Wishhh me L U C K

Keyshia or Stephanie cont'd

Cleared for Surgery by my Cardiologist

So my cardiologist just called and said I'm all good to go for surgery !!!!!! I'm soooooooo EXCITEDDD;) and I finally got over my 155 hump , I'm 156.2 pounds now . I'm not sure if I'm gonna go for the 170 , I decided on or just get up to 165. I'll see how Trina handles the weight. I feel like a tub o lard .& when my husband & I are doing the BOW CHICKA WOW WOW, I see all my lusciousness shakin & bakin, I try to hold Trina so she doesn't create an earthquake but there is no stopping all this lovin.. I am very conscious about my extra weight & I just hope I can continue to gain my desired weight without getting so self-conscious & upset ... I wanted donations for my cheecho box & I got em!!! I am going to continue to think positive about gaining weight because just like any "donation" :; it's for a damn good cause !!!

Doctor Duran's work is on Media Takeout.com

Ladies if she's popular now , imagine how crazy hectic her schedule will be when people more find out that she's doing work like this ... For those of us that have scheduled dates already, YAYYYYY, & for those of you who don't , get a date ASAP , she's already booked for months in advance now , imagine when the world gets a peek at this ... DURAN IN FULL EFFECT !!!

**I sent Dra.Duran the pic & I translated it for her , I also sent her pics of Paula Patton & Deelishis :; her little cute self will be so happy when she sees it :)


More supplies

I only got a few more things cuz I went to Rite Aid & stuff is soooo expensive there & I get 20% off everything because of my rewards card but still everything costs more in Rite Aid than Walmart , my baller husband is like "so what just get it , just put whatever u want in the cart" OH HELL NO!! , that was something I would do before , but now with my old age (26 mind you) I'm a bargain shopper .. I don't go O.D. With the bargain shopping but shittt sometimes my grandma kicks in & I gotta be smart .. Anywayz I got

** 24 ct Diurex max (caffeine free) water pills,
**100 caplets of Extra Strength Tylenol
**Neosporin maximum strength Pain+Relief ointment
** 14 tabs Prilosec OTC ...

If anyone would like I made a complete list compiled of everything I've seen on many different sisters list of stuff that's needed or recommended for surgery , some people say you don't need everything but I'd rather decide that for myself cuz hey you never know, everyone's recovery is different & I'd rather be safe then sorry .. It's not like the stuff will go to waste ... So if any of you ladies would like me to email you the list let me know :)

Conparison pics . May to Now

The pics on the left are from May & the pics on the right are from last week 10.03.2013.. BLAHHHHHH

More supplies

So I went shopping again today:; I went to Walmart & I got more stuff !!

I got a
Zip-up Robe ,
Dulcolax 20 pills(stool softener) ,
ZzzQuil(sleep aid) ,
Always Pads,
2 TSA approved luggage locks , house slippers ,
panties ,
Pampers wipes ,
Benadryl ,
Lysol wipes ,
washcloths ,
dial soap ...

$106 total

I'm almost completely done with getting supplies !! Yay me :)

Anyone gonna Cancel with Duran in the end of December or beginning of January

Hey ladiesss, is anyone going to cancel their surgery date with Duran in the end of December or beginning of January ? Please let me know ASAP!!!

Update on VAMBIE & Chunks

Hey ladies , I just spoke to Vambie a lil while ago & she wants me to let everyone know that she said "Hi" & she is having surgery at 3:00pm today , she had to do extra testing so she will be Dr.Duran's last pt of the day ... She & Chunks are thirstyyyyy , she hasn't drank anything since last nite ... And she wants everyone to know that Mayra from Real Recovery is AMAZINGGG, she's been with her every step of the way !! I'll keep u guys updated , when she gets back to me ....


My buddies & I sent our deposits to Dominga !!! I already sent a deposit to Mayra at Real Recovery , but I think I'm gonna stick with Dominga ... She has an AMAZING surgery package , for each of my buddies it's $570 for 10 days , for transportation , 3 meals a day , nurse , 6 messages , drainage , & cleaning of fajas ... That price is AMAZING & her house is beautiful, she even has a pool & her reviews are excellent !!! My buddies & I rented her whole house , so there are no outsiders / tourists !! 2 1/2 months to go & were almost completely ready !!! YAY US !!!

Breast pillows

It's not recommended that we sleep on our breast at all after breast augmentation , but I sleep on my stomach (religiously ) & I know I'm gonna be extremely uncomfortable , so I'm going to get the breast pillow and prop the rest of my body up on pillows as well to see if the breast pillow will work ;) ... ELLI890 one of my fav R.S. Sisters let me know about comfy pillow , it's also a breast pillow , I might try that one out as well ... I've posted pics of both .. Thanks so much ELLI890

Got My Blood Builder !!

I ordered Mega Foods Blood Builder & Iron w/vitamin C , B12, Folic Acid & Copper from TheVitaminShoppe.com at around 2:00 pm yesterday & it came in today before 2:00pm .
*The blood builder 90pills was $27.60
*iron w/vit C, b12, Folic acid & copper was $5.99

The shipping was free and I received it next day .. Yay :)

"Are we there Y E T ?!?"

This anticipation is killing me _blah
-_- :;
So I have 75 days left til I touchdown in Santo Domingo with my Buddy !!!
And we will be meeting up with the January 2nd dolls & the other January 3rd doll over there , we're all staying at the same RH !! We have the whole RH rented.. I'm Almost completely done with all my shopping & I'm done with reservations & deposits :

Flight going to D.R. ?
Deposit to Duran. ?
Recovery Home. ?
Supplies : Spent $300 so far (I have everything humanly possible on my list ) ...
Still need :;
Lipo foam . ?
Chux. ?
Clothes. ?
Breast pillow. ?
Maybe :
Back & Ab boards. ?

My buddies & I will be the first of the 2014 Duran Dolls ... Ugh the anticipation is a B****

Solution to Sleeping on our phatties :; post-op

Look ladies !! Finally a solution .. It's called a Holo-Lilo , it's an air mattress with a hole in it . It was made for pregnant women but we can use it for our butts !!!! It's from the UK & It sells on Amazon for only $35.99 gbp which is $59 usd!!! It is a must have !!! I think I'm gonna bring it with me to D.R. !! I'm not taking any chances !!! Thanks CurvyKae :)

Compression Socks

Vambie please let me know if these are similar to the ones Duran gives . Also do u think I should get one set of 30-40 compression & one set of 20-30 compression or just get both with high compression ? Thanks love

Went shopping for clothes !!

So I just went to Rainbow & I got 6 pretty maxi dresses , 2 cute stretchy short dresses , a button up shirt (won't be able to lift my arms after breast implants) , and 2 pairs of tights for $66 ... With this & with clothes I already have I'm done shopping for clothes !! Yay me !! Lol

JetBlue Flightssss on Sale again !!

Of course there are stipulations , but if u November or December dolls can work around JetBlues blackout dates then ur good to go ...the exclusions are on the pic ... Good luck :) ? a Happy Travels ?

2 months !!!!!

So in exactly 2 months , my buddies & I will touch down in D.R. !!! There are 3 of them on January 2nd & 4 of us on January 3... Big Shot outs to all my ladies , we talk on a regular basis & we are all so ready to become #DuranDolledUp... Shouts to the first Duran dolls of 2014 ... Xoxo

Thank you Vambie !!

I wanna send a SUPER DUPER BIG SHOT OUT TO MY GIRL VAMBIE !!! She sent me a package of goodies yesterday ... I'm so thankful to her as a friend .. She is amazing & so helpful ... Thanks so much my Vambielicious !!!

2 months from today is my surgery day!!!

Ughhhh I got my period on Friday :; terrible timing , but thankfully my period never lands on the exact dates each much so I'm hoping my period comes at least a week after surgery ... Please come late , lol ...

DR.Durans's & Dominga's RH INFO !!!

I've been getting a lot of emails with a request for info on Dr.Duran & Dominga :; so I am posting all the necessary info here for u ladies to refer to...

Elizabeth speaks English & Spanish :;
Fania speaks Spanish only

To get a quicker response from Dr.Duran send her an email with all ur stats, health info , pics of ur front , back , and sides . As well as wish pics & what u want to have done ..then call her office & have one of her assistant's pull ur email & give it to Duran .. She will get back to u much quicker with a quote ... GOOD LUCK

Domingas RH INFO :
Dominga welcomes surgery patients as well as tourists . This turned me off but I have 5 buddies so we are renting out all the rooms , except for the loft because it's on the 3rd floor with no elevator (not a good match for post op pts) ... She has St.Johns room which has it's own private bathroom , Giulia's room 2 beds & an adjoining bathroom to share with the 3rd bedroom .. (All rooms can be equipped with 2 beds if you request it ) and the loft is the last room but it's on the 3rd floor , it is huge with its own private bathroom & living room but like I said it's not recommended for post op pts... My total for 10 days each for my buddy & I as well as all the other girls is $570 each this includes all transportation to and from airport , to doctors visits & sightseeing ... As well as 3 complete meals a day , cleaning of fajas , drains , covers , meds , nurse & massages .. She also has wifi & a pool ... Her price is unbeatable & I have spoken to many dolls that have stayed with her & they speak so highly of her & her staff ... Also u can go to airbnb.com and look at all the amazing reviews the tons of guests that have stayed with her have written . You can email her thru airbnb & then she will respond quickly :; I'm not going to give her Whatsapp info , she will give it to u , after u talk to her ..

She can also have someone stay with u overnight at CIPLA on the night of ur surgery for an extra fee:; trust me you'll need someone to stay with u .... Check out Lina2622's review for details about her stay with Dominga ...

More supplies!!

I just bought an inflatable pillow for my night at CIPLA (since they don't supply us with a pillow -_- ) & a fanny pack ( to hold my drains :; Vambie said it works very well for holding the drains, thanks Vam) .. I bought each for $1.99 at a dollar store.. I was going to purchase both for more from Amazon , but you never know what ur gonna find at a dollar store , lol ...

Shouts to my girl BROOKLYN BEAUTY

Brooklyn beauty has landed safely in D.R. ... She will be having surgery tomorrow , please keep her in ur prayers ... BB & I have become quite close & she already looks amazing but Duran is gonna enhance her body a lil more ... #teambiggirl no more lol... No It's just #biggirl lol... I'll be solo for 58 more days , lol ..God bless u baby !!!

Thank you Vambie

Just received a Halloween card in the mail & a much needed medication from my Vambie .. Vambie , ur amazing Doll ...thank youuuuu soooo muchhhh

To BOOBIE OR NOT TO BOOBIE :; that is the question

Hey ladies! I might just be getting a bbl instead of breast implants as well . I would have to stay in D.R. For 14 days post op & that would mean I would be in D.R. From January 2nd until the 17th because surgery is on the 3rd. And I start school on the 13th so that's an extra 5 days out of school ... Not to mention the hardest part :; being away from my boys & my husband .. I'm a Cancer & for those of u who know anything about zodiac signs , we are extremely sensitive individuals , I'm a big cry baby when it comes to being away from my boys (I'm obsessed) .. I am already second guessing myself because I have to leave them for 10 days minimum , the longest I've been away from them is 3 days their whole life & only 2 of those 3 days were consecutive due to a business conference ...ughhhh anywho , I'm not sure whether or not I'm gonna get my boobies this time around or just test the waters by being away from them for the 10 days & go back for my boobies ... Or just get my boobies in N.Y. Or N.J. ... Ugh decisions decisions !!!

Rebooked my flight going to D.R.

Just rebooked my JetBlue flight going to D.R. ... I canceled the original one that I booked (cuz of some petty b.s. Lol )..& rebooked for January 1st & it was only $149 this time as opposed to the $232 I paid the 1st time ... Patiently waiting for the return flight price to drop !! I just got butterflies ughhhhh .. I'm kinda nervous for the first time since I started this journey ..

Meds Dr.Duran prescribes post op

Clavulin (14 tabs) : take 1 tab every 12 hours for 7 days

Ciprobiotic 750 mg (14tabs) :; 1 tab every 12 hours for 7 days

Mexaprin (heparin shots) 40mg :; 1 syringe a day for 5 days

Cromatonibic ferro :; take 1 every 12 hours for 10 days

Metaplex tabs :; 1 tab a day every 12 hours for 10 days

Ensure :; 1 can every 8 hours for 10 days

Diclo k - relax (diclofenac) ; 1 table every 8 hours for 5 days

Omeprazole (Prilosec) :; 1 tab every day for 10 days

I'm not sure if this list varies per patient but this is an idea of the prescriptions she prescribes post op .. She charges $150 for all these meds , if u have something on the list u can tell the person who goes to the pharmacy for you not to get that specific item ...



50 daysss !! YIKESSSS

Ugh , I'm sooooo exciteddd(hence the name , lol) no but really my husband is finally on board AGAIN !! Lol ... And we've been discussing doing waist training & wearing a corset for the first few months , cuz I came across this picture (of the girl in the leopard dress ) & we both love her waist ... Ughhhh 50 days away , January will be here in no time ... Nervous about leaving my 3 babies (I included my husband cause he's my baby too) :; this will definately be the hardest part of all...

Shout out to all my girls that I'll be with in D.R. In alphabetical order just to keep the peace lol.. CurvyKae, MsBooty , Nini1986, Nsmm, Phoenixxxdollrising TiffanyCupcake22.... {#DuransFirstDoll'sOf2014} xoxo

Yay I've reached 157.8 lbs ...& I have 45 days to gain another 10 lbs .

So tomorrow will be 45 days until I touch down in D.R. !! I'm finally at 157.8 pounds , but I still want to gain another 10 pounds or so .. I want a BIGGGG BOOTY !! Lol ... I'm trying to force myself to eat ALOT & my Hunnie is pushing me too , so with his help it's easier cuz he makes me get up in the middle of the night to eat something with him , I'm happy he's on #TEAM GAIN WEIGHT for me :) cuz I dunno if I'd have the strength to stuff myself like this ... I'm even eating ice cream to help gain weight :;( thanks genie) ..

I've attached some pre & post op info from Duran that I got from a confidential informant , lol ...(thanks Genie:)

The Pink Room & 40 days awayyyyyyy!!

Yesterday I went to the infamous Pink Room faja store ( website inthepinkroom.com) in Elizabeth, NJ. The store is very small & sassy, lol .. The owner is very nice , and you can try on the fajas in store & also exchange the fajas if they don't fit . They don't carry marena brand but they do carry Fajas Disenos D'Prada . This is the stage 2 brand that Duran recommends as per my boo Bklynbeauty .Dr. Duran recommends the one with the straps for support but like my boo BB , I might get The faja with the sleeves , bra , & under knee compression which is $157. I even ran into a massage therapist who works in the Hospital , who can do my lymphatic massages when I come back , yayyyyy !!

Ladies I don't know if it's the month & 10 day jitters , I'm having but I got a quote from Dr.Contreras . His quote was O.D. Amazing ( decision to get quote had nothing to do with price , it was based on a couple things I've seen & heard from a few recent Duran pts, my curiosity led me to get more info on Contreras , thank u Jala12) & then after getting shown a few news articles by some of my friends (that I had already read by the way ...), I guess they didn't approve ... & after thinking for a lil while , I suppose him not having January 2 or 3 open & him having January 15 open (2 days after I am supposed to leave D.R. Due to my last semester in school)was a sign for me to stick to Duran . I'm a month & 10 days away from surgery & now is not the time to be switching up , but for u R.S. Sisters that know a lil about me , I'm a research-a-Holic & although those articles said all those things about Contreras , as a communications major I've been taught you can't always listen to everything u read or hear on the news or in papers ... anywho , I guess my lil rant is over , lol ... Back to our regularly scheduled program ...

Soooooooo I'm 40 days away , I just hope these last 5 months of research & "R.S'in" (damn maybe I should copyright that term , lol) has pushed me to choose the right doctor & too get the results I desire ... Lord bless my R.S. sissy's & I , on our journeys to happiness !!!!


UNFORTUNATELY , 1 of my buddies will not be going to D.R. in January anymore.

**Any one with a date in D.R. on or around January 2 to January 7 hit me up asap, if you are looking for an amazing place to stay "Very popular RH" for an amazing price, since there were 6 of us , we got an amazing deal ..inbox me!! ASAP...

**If anyone wants a date with Duran in the beginning of January, inbox me.ASAP..



35 days awayyyyyyy..

Ladies , Thanks for hitting me up , thanks for all the pms but the spot is taken . I really appreciate it .

**i been having crazy dreams about this surgery every night :; this anticipation is nerve wracking ... OOooOOohhhhh JANUARY , where r u ?

Happy Turkey Day !!

Happy Thanksgiving Dolls & Future Dolls :; GOBBLE GOBBLE !!! So I weigh 158.2 lbs !!!! YAYYYY meeee ... Thank god it's Thanksgiving , cuz Trina is gonna gain a couple more pounds tonite !!! Yea baby!! My husband is helping me with my thanksgiving binge tonite .. No less than 4 full plates .. Pernil,& turkeyyyyy get in MY B E L L YYYYYY.... 34 days to go and I'm still trying to gain another 5 -10 pounds ... I'm calling on the fat gods to help me :) Eat Up ladies !!

Calls to D.R. Are like $1.60 a minute!!

Well in the past few months I've spent $127.47 on phone calls to D.R. :( ughhhhh... & no I don't have family in D.R. .. Yep only a few calls to Yily & the rest to Duran after I switched doctors ... It's craziness .. So I will be getting a calling card , or adding an international phone plan to my Line ASAP..

28 days & a mini rant

Ahhhh 28 days away .. I'm so glad I've built a bond with 2 Duran vets :; my girls Vambie & BklynBeauty , I've been learning so much from them about what to expect, what to bring, what not to bring , etc. .. You guys are AMAZING !! I'm going to share a very important tip I learned from Vambie :; DRINK LOTS & LOTS OF WATER , & WaLK , Vambie said she would drink bottles of water , one right after the other so that she could keep peeing .. She said that u pee out some yellow stuff & it stinks , but u need to pee it out to get urself back to normal or at least close to it ... I haven't read this on anyone else's review so I'm so very glad that I have her , cuz as some of you may know from reading my review , I don't drink too much wAter , I did start too , I was very proud of myself but sadly I've slowed down again ... I will start again today (bible) ...

On another note : I've been noticing that people are taking stuff from my review & not giving credit where credit is due .... I do not spend all this time researching and reading for someone to just come on my review & take stuff from it then put it in their review & act like they are the ones who found it out or came up with it ... It's happened on multiple occasions & on multiple reviews & it's just aggy ... Whenever I've learned something from another r.s. Sister or read something on their review , & I decided to put it on my review , I let my readers know that it was not my idea, research , or my brilliance that came up with the info.. I've been writing on R.S. For about 6 months and it's happened so many times & now I'm just sick of it ... It's called plagiarism , ladies ... Lol .. But forreal it hasn't only happened on my review it's happened on other peoples reviews as well , clearly I can see when someone posts something then someone else posts the same thing or screenshots days , weeks or even months later ... R.S. Is like school , we all learn from this website. When we were in school if you take someone's work without citing or quoting them , then it's called plagiarism :; remember ....Blahhhhhh ... All I ask is u give credit where credit is due ...

Shouts to my girl NaturallyCurlee

She is waiting to get on her flight to D.R. , my prayers are with u mama .. I hope u have a safe flight & an amazing surgery .. Xoxo .. Ladies please keep her in ur prayers !!

Ughhhhh a million dollars later & I'm finally done shopping!!

Ughhhhh finally done shopping ... I bought

4 packs of panties yesterday 2 (3) packs size 6 , 2 (5) packs size 7 , & 1 already bought a 6 pack size 8 a few months ago .. (So I have 22 pairs of panties for d.r. , I know it's o.d. But they are sooo cute :; I might leave like 10 home , maybe ...)

1 bought 3 pairs of pajamas

8 pairs of socks

1 pair of house slippers

2 bras

2 pairs of sweats

I spent about $80 yesterday but I'm finally done clothes shopping !!

***At Walmart I also bought a shower cap, a King size soft zebra cover(it feels like a babies blankie) , it's soooooo warm & a new pillow.. $34.00

***I just ordered the rest of my supplies from Amazon today ..

1 pair thigh high open toe 30-40 compression socks... $25

5 Lipo foam pads .. $37.50

1 big tube of Arnica Cream..$9.00

1 arm extender (it's called Long Reach Comfort Wipe) to help with wiping since I will be getting arm Lipo ..$7.00

1 tube heparin gel (whatever I don't use I'll give to my mom , for her vericose veins).. $13.50

50 ct. Large Chux ( I'll probably leave most of them home , because the pack weighs about 9 lbs & I'll need some for when I get home )... $21

Total order came out to $123 including shipping

So in the last 2 days , I've spent $241 on more supplies ... I am completely done !!! Except for my pain pills that I'll be buying a few days before I leave ..

24 days left ... Update on supplies I've bought

** I wanna send a special shout out to my girl NaturallyCurlee who made it to the flat side & is recovering & in good spirits .. I also wanna send a shout out to my lovebug & buddy that was supposed to go with me in April to Yily , then we both secided to switch to Duran and go together in January , but somethings came up & an amazing opportunity for her so she had to go sooner than later , she just had surgery & she is also in good spirits & when she updates her page , I'll update mine with an official shout out that includes her name , lol...

So Ive spent $425 on supplies...This is not including the $150 I've spent on clothes , robe, slip on shoes that I've purchased for surgery , I was not going to ruin any of my clothes, so I bought what seemed to be inexpensive new ones , but like everything else they've added up .. Anywho, I will post my complete list when I type it on my computer , it's way too long ... I have just about everything you see on all those extensive surgery supply lists , even the one I help R.S. Create (the Bbl surgery list) ... I think I may have bought too much because some of the vets say you need a minimal amount of things but everyone is different , who knows I might want to feel fancy everyday & put on a new dress , lol .. And I'd rather have everything that I might need from the U.S. Instead of waiting til I'm in pain or in need of something & not have it readily on hand ... That's just me , I've never been a Girl Scout but I like to be prepared , lol ...

21 days!

Yesterday I ordered a Marena Stage 1 garment (that my boo MsBooty recommended ) .I called Marena & they said based on my measurements that I need an XL , blahhhhh I don't believe that for a second , I even searched r.s. & there were sisters who have much bigger measurements than mine & they were wearing XL or L MARENA garments , so I decided to order the large ..it should be here in a few days !!!

Today I booked my return flight on Jetblue with extra space seats for $443 ( much more than I paid for my flight to D.R. which was only $148) & I also received one of my final shipments from Amazon , I got 5 sheets of Lipo Foam , an extender thing to wipe my butt (t.m.i. I know ) since I will be having arm & underarm Lipo, I also received my arnica cream & my compression socks today... Yay me !!! Just 21 days to go !!

20 days to go :; received my marena Garment!!

I ordered an extra stage 1 garment from Marena on Tuesday and it came in today !! I tried it on & it feels so nice , almost like silk against my skin , I got a LARGE & the style # is FBHRMSM , I got it in black and it almost goes down to my ankles .. They also have one with no compression sleeves with the same style # so if you order over the phone let the rep. Know which one u want...The material on the butt is thinner than the rest of the garment , which is a plus !!

I also received my giant box of chux today , I ordered 50 wahhhhhh .. It is heavy , the pads are thick & giant , they're almost as tall as my 9 year old son , & he's almost 5 ft tall...

I still have to type out my entire list but I will do that in a few days or so ... 20 days left , yay!!

19 days to gOoO !! Received my Real Friends Gift

I want to thank Kirsty & RealSelf for my gift box . thank you guys sooo much !! I'm proud to be a RealFriend :)

I also received my Heparin Gel at the same time I received my RealSelf gift !! The Heparin Gel came out to about $17 with shipping ...

I'm going to start on my food binge again, I've been slacking but I only have a little less than 3 weeks to gain more weight , according to Dr.Duran I'm at a good weight , but I don't want a subtle change I want an extremely noticeable change ... None of My pants fit me, so I'm exciteddd about that lol...

I made it to 160 !!

Yay me , lol .. I've been eating nonstop & it's been working !! I've gained 17 pounds in the last few months but I'm still not at the weight I want to be but I'm getting there , I have 2 weeks left .. I am disgusted at my body the way it is now , I loved my body before just wanted to fill in my hips & add booooottyyyy .. But ugh my body image is definately not the same anymore , look at the b4 & after pics I've posted .. They speak for themselves ... I've always been skinny except for gaining over 50 pounds for my first pregnancy but my son was 21 inches long & he weighed 9 lbs 13 oz & Ilost the weight within the first 2 weeks after I gave birth , I snapped back (snaps fingers) like that !!! But I was an athlete , cheerleader & basketball player, now I limit my movements except to walk a very short distance while in school & I mean very short , my lazy ass parks at the side entrance (I pay like $4.00 a day in meters & I go to school Monday thru Thursday , even though I have a parking permit for the parking deck at school but I don't wanna walk ) .. All my classes are all for media, radio, movies , so they're all in the same class right by the side entrance yay for me !!! ..yeahhhh!! That kind of lazy lol ... This added weight is just too much to deal with & I know when ladies say " it's bigger in person " , it is true , cause these pics do no justice to Trina ( for those of u that just started reading my review , she's my "talking tummy", lol) ... Anywho , I will be posting pics of this absurdity that I call a stomach , check out the way my shape had totally transformed into something of a blob form , I can't wait til January 3 , I need all this fat removed :(

Pics before pics 143 & after 160

Here are the pics of my 17 pound weight gain !! Blahhhhh.. I wore the same panties to show u the difference .. & I am much bigger in person , trust me :(

12 days to go !!

Soooo I started my Make me Heal pre op vitamin kit today ... And I will continue to take the Blood Builder & the 2 other iron pills that I've been taking .. Along with my ensures of course :) tomorrow makes 11 days til I get to D.R. ... I broke 2 pairs of pants this week :( .... AND I HAVE THE ULTIMATE PLUMBERS CRACK , in everyyyything I wear ... It's crazy , I can't sit or bend without the crack of my butt showing .... WAHHHHHHHH ... Ladies I have packed and unpacked 4 times in the last few days , my suitcase wouldn't close so I had to sit on it & force it closed .. Then I took out some clothes ... I ended up putting a few more things in there ... Then I took out my KING size microfiber blanket & pillow ... Of course it wouldn't close , duhhhhh ... But then I ended up putting 2 maxi dresses back in :( & a smaller blanket ... I still want to take ensures & a few bottles of water but honestly I have no clue how I could bring myself to take anything else out .... Ughhhh I swear I have OCD when it comes to packing & not having enough to wear ... I'm gonna tryyyyyyy my hardest to take some more clothes out ... NO LIE , I have 3 shirts , 6 dresses , 2 sweats , 12 shirts , 15 panties , 10 pairs of socks , 2 pairs of sandals , 2 pairs of toms , & a thin sweater .... Ughhhhh & all my vets { bklynbeauty & a few others I cannot name at the moment #secret} lol, have told me to pack light & to take stuff out ... It's really annoying that I can't leave more stuff home ... My suitcase falls over because it's so bulky , it's becoming circular , it looks like it's pregnant :(

(Geico Gecko voice )
" someoneeeee PLEASE HELP ME , I HAVE a Fullllll Suitcase"


Correction "3 skirts"

10 days & a mix of emotions

Im a mix of emotions for 3 reasons :;
You want the good or the bad first ? ... I always like the bad first , so here goes ... I'm really stressed out about leaving my boys & my husband at home :,( it's really stressing me out , having second thoughts stressing me out ... I'm obsessed with my boys & I feel so selfish choosing to leave them for 10 days & get surgery , I don't know how or if I can actually do it ... My husband is also my baby & he keeps throwing in little jabs here & there " you don't have to go , you know, I love all that fat you've gained " , " you could keep all the money & just stay home , you know you'll loose the weight in a few weeks & you'll be back to normal " , " I know you're not gonna be able to leave us " ... He laughs afterwards, but he's saying all my innermost thoughts out loud .. (Sighs)
I'm only leaving for 10 days but for those of you that have been following my review , you know that's 3times that amount of days I've been away from them their entire lives , I'm one of those moms that chose to have my babies sleep in my hospital room overnight , instead of having the nurses take care of "MY" baby overnight . "Let me take him , so you can get rest " .... " you take my baby I take your life " was my response , I become a Mother at the age of 17 but I really became a mother before I gave birth .. I'm obsessed , infatuated , in love with every single ounce of their being & I'm honestly scared shitless about leaving them ... They are in Amazing hands with my husband , my mom & my mother in law , & I know they're 29 & 27 but still .. They are my LIFE ..

**Let me not bore you ladies with my depression , so on to the HAPPINESS , Yay. That was so not convincing , I didn't even convince myself , anyway let's pretend I'm exciteddd !! Deal?!?

Ok , so I know this may be t.m.i. But I got my period yesterday !! Which is amazing because I was supposed to get it closer to the end of the month , which would mean I would have it during surgery , YUKKKKKK. So I'm extremely elated about Mother Nature visiting me early !! I will be having the red pepper & guava drink about 3 times a day in the week or last few days leading up to my departure ...

And the second thing I'm happy about is I saw pics of a the New Real Recovery Armonia !! It's soooo nice , Its a beautiful place to stay and I know Mayra will take excellent care of my buddies & I :) .. I've uploaded some pics , you can see more if you google "real recovery Armonia" go to the Facebook page & go down the page , new pics were uploaded on Dec 11, I believe there are 3 different albums ...

*I know God is good & everything will fall into place , I pray for the strength to guide me on the rest of this surgery journey & grant me the ability to be strong enough to get on the plane & not cry every minute that I am away from my boys * ( please pray for me ladies)...

Disclaimer : they are really 9 & 7 :) that would've been really creepy right ? Lol ... Enjoy ur day ladiesss ..


I've been getting a lot of pm's requesting this info .. Ladies please take the time to read my review before pm'ing me asking for info that I've stated multiple times throughout my review , I took the time to write a review and put all pertinent info in my review so please take the time to read my review before asking questions that I have clearly provided the answers to ...
Email : Hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com ... Her whatsapp/cell # is (809) 707-7163... Her office # is (809) 331-5050 ext 212 .. & the other office phone number is 1 (809) 565-5348.... Elizabeth is her English speaking assistant & Fania speaks Spanish only .. Be persistent & good luck :)

$800 on Supplies so far!!!! ughhhh

Ladies when I say i went o.d. on supplies , I meannnn it!!! I will definitely update after surgery to let you guys know how stupid of a move it was

Maxi Pads
Tooth Paste
Tooth brush
Dial soap
Purell Travel Wipes
Medical Tape
Waterproof Tape
Big Bandages
Paper Tape
Alcohol Pads
Lysol Wipes
Combo lock
Baby Wipes
Cotton Balls
Arnica Gel
Arnica Cream
Heparin Gel
Lipo Foam
Extender Arm to help me wipe myself
Folding Chair

House Slippers
Maxi Dresses
Baby Tees
ZIP up robe
Shower Cap
Marena Stage 1 Garment With Sleeves
Compression Socks

Arnica Montana
Arnica Pills
Extra Strength Tylenol
Blood Builder
Iron with Vitamin C,B12,Copper,Folic Acid
Make Me Heal Kit
ZZZ Quil

Pee Funnel
Inflatable Donut

I spent $785 on Supplies ... Yikesss. I knew it was bad but not that bad...

And I still have to buy Percs...

I spent $149 for my flight to go to D.r. And $448 for my return flight with extra space seat on Jetblue.

My Stay at Real Recovery from January 2- January 12 is $600...

Ughhhh all packed & ready to go

I have a lot of anxiety (I'm gonna miss my husband & boys :( these last few days have been very emotional & I've lost 2 pounds .. I'm now at 158 :( ....
Well I'll be leaving at 9:00pm to go to the airport ... My flight with @phoenixxxdollrising leaves at 12:00am .... I wanna wish my other buddies Nini1986 & NSMM a safe flight , see u guys at the airport !!! I want to thank all you beautiful ladies for ur well wishes , they are greatly appreciated ... Please pray for us xoxo

Made it to the Flat Side!!!!

Hey Ladies, I had surgery yesterday .. I'm the first Duran Doll of 2014!!!! I will make sure to update u guys later ...I just got to Real Recovery , it's beautiful . Please say a prayer for Phoenixxxdollrising & CurvyKae , today is their day!!! I want to thank my girls Nini1986 & Nsmm for helping me through this surgery ,they are both doing well .Thank u for all the well wishes & texts.. I appreciate u ladies soooo much TTYL XOXO

5 days post op

Hey ladies , recovery is no joke , I finally felt good for most of the day today... I even walked around the mall for an hour or 2 ... I love my results & I love my doctor .. I know that my butt will fluff & get even bigger .. I haven't had the urge to update , so I will give u a mini update just so that I don't leave you guys hanging .. Recovery is no joke & I am so very thankful that I stayed here at Real Recovery , Mayra, the staff , & the place are absolutely amazing .. U definately need 24/7 care ... I have included a pic from a day or 2 post op .. I will do a full update as soon as I am up to it ..

Thanks for the LOVEEEEE

Awwww loves I appreciate the h*ll out of each & everyone of you .. I am perfectly fine ... I'm only at about 80% , I will post pics as soon as I get the urge too .... I just want the swelling to go down & I want to feel normal again .. I promise to post when I am better ... My butt gets a lot of attention & at times it might be too much ... My husband has everyone calling me Kim K , trust me it's not that big but it is a very noticeable difference ... I lost a couple inches but I suppose it was from all the swelling I get 2 massages a week & I just want my stomach , back & arms to get back to normal ... All I wear is tights now , my size 9 jeans won't pass my hips , so I guess I'm a size 11 now .. I promise to update when it have the energy to give a great update .. Muahzzzzz xoxo

7 week update

Hi Ladiesss !!! Sorry I've been M.I.A but I had to get back to my real life ... RealSelf is addicting & from June 2013 until the January 3 2014 , I was obsessed with this website ... I took a much needed break from RealSelf .. I appreciate all the vets that continued to update post-op but being away from my boys & my husband took a toll on me .. My return flight was booked for January 12 & I paid an additional $750 to come home on January 10 ... My return flight ended up being nearly $1000 , but ladies I'm not built to be away from my babies ... I'm a wimp :( ... The pain , my buddies & I experienced post op was no joke .. If we had stayed at a hotel , I'm sure we wouldn't have made it out alive -_- ... The ladies at Real Recovery Armonia were absolutely amazing .. I love the staff dearly , they were like family from the very first day ... The food , fresh squeezed juice , the condo & the care are TOP OF THE LINE .. I honestly don't think we would've gotten that care anywhere else ... I RECOMMEND REAL RECOVERY ARMONIA from the bottom of my HEART , I love them ... Mayra called me her daughter & kissed my forehead & consoled me when I was crying for my boys ... My phone bill was $1400 , I guess from all the roaming & nonstop calls .. I did FaceTime a lot while there & speaking to my family kept me sane...

Now for my body , post op I was 45 inches around my hips , my hips have definately gone down , which was a very big area of concern for me , so I'm upset about that .. I was 158 going into surgery , I'm now about 155 .. I haven't been eating as I should .. There are days when I'm so in love with my body & others I'm like ehhhh... But yesterday I was in love again :) ... I've purchased 4 fajas since getting home , I'm currently wearing Salome 0213 & 0214 , they are the same but ones black with shorts & the other is beige with legs that go to the knee ... They are not post op garments , I decided to get them because they are very small on the waist & I want a very small waist & they also lift ur butt much better than the faja disenos de prada that Duran recommends , I measured my waist with the faja disenos de prada that I brought post op & my waist was 29 , I took that faja off & changed into a medium Salome & my waist measured 26 immediately , so I bought it... I also got a corset /waist cincher , it is amazing ... It doesn't have the strings but it is absolutely amazing ...

When all the post op vets used to say the pictures do them no justice , I did not know how true it was but it is so true ... I realized that after sending pics to my husband while in D.R. & he wasn't to happy with my results , but when I got home :; he was obsessed ... My body looked amazing yesterday in my leopard print leggings & a baby tee , like AMAZINGGGG .. But then I took pictures & blahhhh , it doesn't look the same at all .. I'm gonna post the pics anyway , but trust me looks are deceiving ... So sorry I haven't responded to any comments but I disabled all notifications because I had to get back to LIFE .. I love & miss u all xoxo

New Number & deleted Whatsapp

To those of u that I spoke to regularly thru text or Whatsapp, I want to personally apologize .. I erased Whatsapp probably before my plane even landed in NY . I just didn't want anything to do with D.R. Or this damn surgery ... I had the biggest culture shock possible .. I also changed my number a couple days later not because of anything that had to do with surgery , but I just wanted to say that I was sorry ...

Here's a new pic

Thank u ladies for all the love, I really appreciate ur uplifting words , it means a lot to me :)

2 months post op

I am 2 months post op .. My arms are still hard and lumpy .. They still bother me & they feel raw ... I love the way my body looks in clothes but I hate when I take off my faja & my stomach is hard & lumpy at the bottom.. If I don't wear my faja or cincher , my stomach is not that lumpy & it looks normal ... I started doing the squat challenge on Tuesday & I have began to incorporate crunches as well ... I'm not sure if I should be doing crunches because my stomach is still so "moldable" ... I will start to use weights while I do my squats ... I want my butt to get firmer & I want my abs to be on point . I will be going on breast implant consults in NY & NJ within the next few months , I'll be looking on realself for doctors ... Good luck & god bless all you ladies .. Xoxo until next time

3 month update

Hey ladies thank u for the continued love & support .. I try to get back to all the emails as quickly as possible . You guys are amazing .. I am loving my body , the skin on my stomach aggravates me after I take off my faja . I only use it during the day , I no longer sleep with it on . My stomach looks amazing after the swelling subsides . I'm still using the salome faja & the waist cincher that I've been using . I always get compliments & asked questions . People always ask about how I got my waist so tiny & then they just continue to interrogate me .At first I was very open with my surgery but after awhile ur like why do I have to tell these strangers about my surgery . They ask a million and one questions & I don't feel that while I am in school or on my way somewhere else that I have to break down my whole story .There is a platform for everything. I feel that here on realself is the best platform .When I tell people I had surgery they ask me for my doctors name , her address , where's she's located , her phone number , the cost , was the faja free , where I stayed & it gets really annoying . There isn't enough time in the day . So I do tell them about Realself & I let them know they can find out everything and anything that they want to know here on the site . I just started telling people that I am just waist training , then they start to get into how they heard on Dr.Oz that it wasn't healthy . I'm like Ok u don't have to do it , I'm not forcing u . I also get asked to get my butt squeezed a lot . Only by women of course but that starts to get to be too much too . I went to the strip club the other day & a guy said " I'll buy u anything u want" .. I just laughed and walked away , I've never had an issue getting attention but sometimes it's just uncomfortable . The strippers feel on me , more than I feel in them lol .. My husband never liked taking me places because he said I always got too much attention& now I get even more so he's like that it's we're not going shopping together cause guys disrespect too much . Lol what do they have eyes for ? Ladies I'm very happy I had the surgery , I am stool lol trying to get back to my presurgery weight , I lost weight after surgery . I am doing my leg ups & squats everyday . They really do help , a lot !!! I loveeee them .. I've included pictures of the leg up exercise if you follow lyzabeth_lopez on Ig , she does some awesome exercises . I wear extra small dresses due to my tiny waist but I'm still a size 9-11 in jeans . I only wear stretchy jeans & I wear a belt because they don't fit my waist . I guess that's all for now .


More pics

Every girl needs a little black dress :) ...

Another pic from today

Little white dress pics

Tomorrow I'll be 5 months post op & I love my results . I wear an xsmall or small in dresses & shirts because my waist is so tiny. I'm still trying to get it to 23 though :) . I don't know how things will fit me then . My size 9 jeans usually fit but there is always extra room in my waist area , which causes me to wear belts a lot . I love shirts that are like bodysuits that snap in the crotch Area because they really accentuate my figure . I'm addicted to doing squats & donkey kicks & I do sit ups here and there . I might go for a round 2 next year but that's because I have booty greed , lol . I'm scheduled for my BA on August 15 in Miami. I hope my results just keep getting better . I don't have a faja on in any of the pictures that I have attached for this update .

Updated surgery supplies

Chux (25)
International calling plan
Pads (3 packs)
Baby tees
Pain meds
Water pills
Ensures about 8
Tights (2 pairs)
Maxi dresses (2)
Socks for RH
Rubber gloves
Alcohol pads
Arnica cream
Try to Get whatever meds you can that ur doc prescribes before leaving the U.S.
I stayed at Real Recovery Armonia , they had everything I needed . They were absolutely amazing . I will go back to them if I ever go back to Santo Domingo . They supplied me with 3 amazingggggg meals a day & snacks . & fresh squeezed fruit / veggie juice .
This is all I really used while in D.R. & lord knows I overpacked .

Side Profile

Pics from a few days ago

7 month pics

I believe my butt is starting to fluff more , and I loveeee it . It's not exactly what I wanted but it is definately much better than what I started with . I am scheduled for my B.A. In September . The transformation is almost complete .

White jeans <3

Here is a pic of me 8 months post op , I know it's after Labor Day but I only wore white pants for a photo shoot .

11 months post op & My new Breasts

Here is an update for those of you that have requested it . I'm sorry I haven't been updating for the past few months , I was focused on planning my Breast augmentation . I had my augmentation on December 5 , so I am 8 days post op today . The pain after getting implants is nothing compared to lipo & a bbl . It is just a dull heavy , pressure feeling rather than the constant pain that I experienced post op after my bbl . I had my breast augmention on a friday and I went to work on Monday , just 3 days post op :) . I be waited 11 months for my stomach to get better after my bbl , I got massages for the first 6 months post op And my stomach is still terrible :( . I am so upset , my stomach pre op lipo was so much better than my post op stomach . The lipo was not done correctly on my stomach and in order to fix it I must have more surgery . Unfortunately , I don't have enough skin for a tummy tuck but there is still extra skin on my stomach , I guess sometimes we should just leave certain parts of our body's alone . But I gained 17 pounds for my bbl just to be left with a disformed stomach :( . I have to admit somedays my stomach is worse than others and I still can pull off crop tops but this is not how I pictured my stomach to be . At times it's harder and lumpier than others, I don't know why . & I don't want to go under the knife anymore but maybe it's because I'm just fresh out of surgery because I said the same thing after I had my bbl & 11 months later I went under the knife again . Ughhh the things we do to ourselves !

1 Year post op

So I can't believe its been a year already . Its kind of surreal. I know its weird but at times I get these intense feelings like I'm still in D.R. , I'll get a quick flash and feel as though I'm in front of CIPLA looking over the roof of the car at the CIPLA sign. Or I'll feel myself in Real Recovery Armonia (the condo that it was in last year of course when i stayed there) which I have to say that I loved and still love to this day. I still talk to my surgery buddies NSmm, and Nini1986 a couple times a week. We all talk about going back and reminisce on our time spent there and how far we've all come since last year. My current measurements are 41 , 26 1/2 , 43 . This journey has changed me tremendously and people still ask tons of questions about the surgery. This journey has been amazing and I will be opening a Recovery Home in Miami. I have completely fell in love with Medical Tourism, cosmetic surgery and helping others plan their flights and accommodations. Without RealSelf I don't think any of this would be possible. So Kudos to you RealSelf . And Kudos to all the ladies that have the courage and strength to take the plunge and get plastic surgery. We are all beautiful, but sometimes we find a little something that we feel needs to be tweaked to make us happier. Kisses and hugs to all you beautiful women. Feel free to inbox me , or ask me questions here on my review. Be sure to check out my breast augmentation review.

1 year 3 months later

Sooooo it's been awhile but I haven't forgotten about RealSelf or all the wonderful women that I've crossed paths with . I am thinking about going back for another round to fix my stomach , I'm not entirely happy with it & I'm not sure if I need more Lipo to fix the lumpiness or if I will need a tummy tuck . I'm going to send some pictures out to doctors and also post a photo here on Realself to see if any doctors could give me insight on how to have it fixed . I may even try to gain more weight , so that I can have more fat transferred , I'm back down to about 150 pounds & I want more butt & more hips . I will update again when I have some answers .

On another note I got sized for my first real bra last week & I am a 34DDD!!! I love love love my breasts , sometimes I think that I should've gone bigger lol , but that's just me being stubborn .

Lost pic

Lost pic

How I feel today !

So it’s been just over 1 year 3 months since I had Lipo & BBL with Dr.Duran in D.R. I have gone through just about every emotion possible throughout this journey . I’ve experienced excitement, happiness, sadness, regret, tears, confusion, joy, and then a yearning for more. This journey is definitely not for the light-hearted. In D.R. I had a very hard time being away from my children and my husband and I found solace in being with some amazing people that helped me through the journey. We still speak at least twice a week and we are all thinking about going for a Round 2.

Surgery is very addicting, it’s like once you pop, and you can’t stop

I knew early on that there was an issue with my stomach, but I continued to do the massages and I hoped it would go away. Dr.Duran told me to do endermologie treatments, but the lumpiness would not go away with endermologie treatments.

I gained weight just to be able to have lipo and a bbl done, and it kind of backfired on me. My stomach was so much better before and now I’m left with this deformed, lumpy stomach, especially when I sit down. At times it’s lumpier than others, and sometimes I feel okay wearing a crop top but a majority of the time I don’t feel comfortable, because I know if I sit down, it’s going to look horrendous. I do regret doing my arms, at times they are still tender and they are still lumpy. I should’ve never had them lipoed L I don’t think Dr.Duran is at fault, I told her I wanted a bigggg butt and for her to remove as much fat as she could. She tried to talk me out of it but I went to D.R. on a mission and I needed to accomplish it!!!

I’m happy with my results but after some fat that was transfer dissolved (especially from my hips and laterals), I want to go back for Round 2. I have contacted Duran, Cabral, Contreras, Medina, and Yily . I got quotes almost immediately. I also contacted Cortez and Correa in Colombia, I received quotes from them immediately too. I will post another update with all the quote info soon.

Invest in Yourself !!!

One of the most important things that I've learned on this journey is that the way you feel about yourself is the most important thing to focus on . If your not happy with your body then do something about it . Either through exercise or cosmetic surgery .Don't have second thoughts don't worry about how any body feels about your journey , what matters most is the way you feel about yourself and having self confidence !!! Invest in YOURSELF !!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Duran changed my body and the way I feel when I'm trying on clothes . I've always been SUPER CONFIDENT but she has enhanced that , I love trying on clothes even more than I did before & what girl doesn't like to shop ? I don't really like having to constantly call Dr.Durans office and then not picking up but then again it's in another country . I didn't have to wait while in Dr.Durans office , in fact she took me a day early & in front of my other surgery buddies because I was "small" . I loved her bedside manner , but I just wish she had done a follow up phone call . Maybe I'm asking for too much because she is extremely busy & I know what I signed up for . I contacted her to let her see photos of my stomach & to see how much she would charge me to fix it but she said it was too early and I should go get endermologie done . Ughhhh , I got 2 different types of massages for 6 months post op & at that point I wAs just exhausted & disappointed . At times my stomach is harder & lumpier than other times , but I can still rock the hell out of a crop top , I just feel very self conscious sometimes . Everyone tells me it's not bad & that I look dope , but we're all our own biggest critics . So here I am 11 months post op with results , I'm happy with . Duran may have been too aggressive on the lipo of my stomach but I guess she tried to maximize the amount of fat she took out because of the wish pics I showed her . I wanted a big juicy booty & she just wanted to give me more feminine curves , but I insisted on a Stephanie Santiago booty (even though Duran said it would not be possible because Stephanie Santiago got silicone injections ) & she said she would try her best . So my advice is this realize that 1 surgery may not make you exactly like your wish pics but it should bring you closer to your wish pics than you are today :)

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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