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A lil back ground on myself, I am 27 years old,...

A lil back ground on myself, I am 27 years old, when I have the surgery I would have just turned 28 (late bday present lol). I have had 3 children (have stretch marks a lil loose skin from it). Current measurements are 39.5/ 30.5/ 39.5 (just measured myself). height- 5'4" and weight fluctuates between 135- 145, when I hit 140 I put my self on a diet lol. So I have been thinking about this procedure for years, seriously considering it for about the last year.

So far I have researched for the past 3 months, at first not considering going out of the US, but after looking at results I realized the docs in the US (except Dr. J) aren't giving the results I want. After seeing Yily's work and reading the bad and the good reviews I have decided to go with her. So far I have emailed her, and yes it did take 3 emails and about a week to get a response, and I have received a quote. My quote was 3,100 for lipo to abd flanks, waist full back, and arm pits with fat transfer to hips and butt :D. I have emailed her a request for a date for 3/14/2014 and impatiently awaiting a response. so far I have almost enough money for the plane flight and deposit. flight being for me and my husband because he will be taking care of me after surgery. I am still up in the air about staying in a recovery house because my husband will be with me and im not sure how that would work :-/

March 14, 2014

So she wrote me back this morning saying march 14, 2014 is available!!! :D now hunting for the cheapest flight, seems like the cheapest ones are out of Orlando which is only a 2 hour drive for me....


I guess I'll add some 'pre' pics....

buying tickets today

going to buy my tickets today! has anyone used GOL airlines? they have the cheapest tickets and the best times.... just never flown with them before :-/

Bought my tickets!!!

Purchased my and my husbands plane tickets to DR march 13-21 :) total $703 through Expedia... Does anyone know if the DR phone numbers that start 809 cost extra money to call? Too late if it did but just wondering... It didn't say anything about that when I called it

6 months to go...

Not too much more news... Established a primary and told them my plans, she didn't seem surprised, just told me come back late jan or early feb to have the blood work done... Now just trying to convince my husband I need a tummy tuck too

Cold feet

ok I have my deposit to put down but I am questioning my decision on doctor... I have looked at both Yily and Duran's work and I am impressed by both. I want to be sure before I decide and put my $ down. Wondering if anyone had any suggestions or opinions.

Updated quote

I wrote Yily and asked for another quote to include a tummy tuck and arms, it was $4,300 but this time it included the medical insurance ($250) that the previous quote didn't. So $950 more.... Pretty sure I'm going to do that because I already have a lil loose skin and after they suck all the fat out it will only be worse.... Nervous about that scar tho :-/ I figure I will get a tattoo to try and hide it later...


Going to stay at Yasmin's RH from the 13-21 of march. Wondering if anyone else on here will be there???


FYI to all future Yily dolls, I received an email today from her asking to send $1000 to a Wells Fargo account in California with the guarantor last name Wong.... Seemed odd since she said not to send a deposit just the day before and deposit had always been $500. I called her office and they didn't know where the email came from but said it was not them and NO do not send money... By the way I am not telling my husband this because he already thinks we r being set up by the Dominican mafia because she only accepts cash smh


Thinking about camellia's RH, it's new so I don't have any reviews to go off of but I like the price and she includes a personal assistant to travel with u and a security guard lol... Ill feel like a celebrity

RH again lol

Ok booked with camellias recovery house. Got an October special price at $70 a night (normal $85) and she charged $40 for my husband. She offers a little more with the transport because she didn't charge more for a trip to the mall and pharmacy and also includes a translator to go anywhere with you as needed and security... it's new so felt like u was taking a chance but got a good vibe from the owner and decided to go with it... Ill let y'all know in march how it was :)


Had some labs done last week, hemoglobin came back 13.7 :) yay... Now I'm going to start iron next month and have my labs done again the end of January. Hoping to be at 14 when I have surgery done. By the way after the 14th I will have less than 4 months to go :)


Anyone traveling at the same time as me and bringing their hubby/ bf along with them too? If so it would be cool to know so the guys could have someone to hang with... Im thinking I might not be the best company post op lol

Duran Doll

Ok I have been envious lately of all the duran dolls and hearing so many girls going back for round two with duran made me change my mind. I called today and scheduled myself for Dra Duran!!! Same date 3-14-14

Happy new year!

Well not too much has changed. I gained some weight, only wanted to gain 10 pounds but put on 15 :-/ I asked dra duran if I should loose some weight or stay where I'm at. She said stay at my weight but not to gain any more. I'm 150-155lbs now by the way and 5'4" I'm so excited now that the surgery is 2 1/2 months away. Feels like its getting more real every day. I have a FB page for march DR dolls and we compare out progress. I feel like I should be packing more, because I haven't started yet. Going to start taking vitamins and iron today. And going to schedule a check up with my pcp for the end of the month.

24 days to go

Time really does fly... I'm so unprepared as far as packing. I haven't even started. So update on weight, I'm at 155 and think I'ma hold that. I feel fat :P I asked my husband about inner thigh lipo today because since I gained weight they rub now :-/ he looked at me like I threatened to cut his dick off lol... Guess that's not an option. But I should have plenty of fat to transfer. I got my hemo results back, so started at 13.7 and after gerritol and pure absorb everyday for one month had it rechecked and it went up to 13.8, really!?! But gonna double up on gerritol and pure absorb 2 weeks before, wanting to go in around 14 or higher....

14 days until take off

So not too much new with me, just working like crazy to get my $ right while I'm off work. Got my kids situated while ill be in DR, was worried about that but my friends daughter will stay at my house and watch them (an extra $500) got my supplies together for the most part, still need a boppy and maxi dresses. Called to check on my passport (I procrastinate and sent it off 4 weeks ago) they said they mailed it yesterday :) so just a waiting game now... Get closer everyday :D


Omg, 10 days... Only 2 days off work before I leave... Ordered my boppy, more arnica, and hemoglobin tea... It should get here in time... Still need to buy some maxi dresses.


Excited today :)


One week till take off

7, 6.....,

Missed a day lol

5, 4....

Here are some post weight gain pics new stats 5'4" 156lbs as if this morning didn't measure myself but I will before sx


Leave tomorrow!!!!


Flying out today!!!! Plane won't land until late so I'll update when I get there!


Made it safely to DR!

Hemo 13.7 waiting on sx

I'm last to go but only of three patients. Spoke to a lot of Yily dolls too, she had 5 girls scheduled today but some of them were simple cases. Duran was very sweet and the consultation was not rushed at all. The first girl is out of sx and the second girl just went in, I'm up in about 3 hours I guess... I'll update soon

Took the blue pill

Waiting to go into sx should be any min

I'm alive

Update more later

Getting a blood transfusion :-/

Hemo 13.7 going in, 9.2 last night after, and 7.2 this morning.... They said they go by the standards of the Red Cross and I need it :-/ didn't want this tho

2 days post op...

Hey I'm laying in the hotel room right now, ended up not staying at camellia rh because my husband was too paranoid with all the money on him and thought everything was a set up lol... So anyways, he has been taking good care of me and a friend of a coworker that lives down here has checked on me every day, he has been a huge help! So I got 2 units of blood because my hemo dropped 6 points and our friends mom cooked me chicken liver today. (I'm a vegetarian by the way, but ate it anyways per Duran's orders lol...) I can't stand up straight so hard to see my results, plus I'm so swollen. She is going to see me Monday morning and hopefully close my faja, my stomach is swollen and I think the compression will feel good on it.

So gonna back track some, day of surgery I went in for my consult and spoke with Duran for like 30-40 min. We talked about everything, she said she only likes to operate on 3 girls a day and knows everyone is saying she should up her staff but she doesn't want to be like that, said she is happy now and may even cut back on the number of sx per week. I heard Yily had 5 girls scheduled that day. So she told me she would lipo my arms last because if I lost too much blood during sx they would be last priority, and they didn't get done of course, but kinda glad because I use them so much. So of the 3 girls I went last, she takes an hour break in between patients to rest so I didn't go in until like 5ish, came out of sx at 730 but stayed in recovery until 11pm. They said I had a 'bad reaction' to anesthesia, my husband was so scared when he saw me pale and swollen, told me I looked dead. I don't remember anything until the next day. My vision took a while to be straight, I was seeing double and my stomach was tight, making it hard to breath. My husbands friend came to cipla and stayed almost the whole time, helping translate and calm my husband down. I didn't leave cipla until after the 2 units of blood and almost 7pm. I came to the hotel and rested, found a way with using 8 pillows to lay comfortably.

I woke up today feeling a lot better, still very swollen and sore, I sent a pic of my stomach to Duran on what's app and asked her about some redness, she respond within a min and told me it was ok but to make sure I put the heparin gel on it and take aspirin once a day. So my husband and his friend, Juan, are at the store now buying that. I did get up today and move some, walked around the hotel and sat (using pillows) by the pool for a while.

I'll update again soon but that's the long story lol


These didn't post last time

Get my drain out tomorrow :)

Last check up with Dra Duran in the morning and I get my drain out!!! So excited about that, just had my third massage and they really do help, Gianna did my massages and I would definitely recommend her! I'm healing ok except for major swelling in my tummy and a purple spot on my Tt incision, the doctor said it was small so just gave me a cream and said it will get better just watch it. The worst pain is my Tt and drain and my abdominal muscles! Can't cough sneeze or hiccup with terrible pain! I'll update again soon


Meant to add pics


I got home yesterday, wornung- the plane makes u swell! I feel so swollen and miserable, and in top of it all I have I cough, I hope I'm not messing up my muscle repair :( I wanna just fast forwarded. I'm only 1 week post op and already sick of this healing process, ready to be healed! But aside form the swelling cough and my purple spot I'm doing well. Happy to be around my kids again, even though I feel like a bad mom for not being able to do much with them :-/ looking forward to each day passing until this swelling starts to go down... Have a a massage set up on Monday but I don't know if I can make it

2 weeks post op

I've made it to 2 weeks, my swelling is starting to go down some, waist is at 31, was about 33 pre-op and 35 one week post, so definitely starting to go down, hoping it goes down to at least 27/28. Don't know what my butt measures because the tape only goes to 35 lol. But it looks good. Swelling in my butt went down a lot too but I like the shape she gave me. I've been getting massages and they do help, can't wait for the healing to b over. I'll post some pics. And my purple spot is doing good, looks like a scab but it's still soft, guessing new skin has to grow under it so may not b until 4-5 weeks before it looks better

17 days post op

After a massage today

4 weeks

I'm doing good, back working normally since 17 days post op. wish I had about 4 weeks off work tho. My swelling is going down, still really swollen tho. Measuring 29 inch waist, 42 inches at the hips. My scar is healing, almost no scabs. I still feel really stiff at times but getting better. Adding more pics

7weeks post op

So I feel almost healed, I still swell if I don't have on my faja but not as bad as I use to. My waist is 28.5 inches now and I think that is where it will be unless loose weight, which I will try and do (150 now). Butt is still at 42, not huge but much better than before. I am very happy with my results. My scar is pretty much healed, I'll add pics

12 weeks post op today

Well I'm 12 weeks, almost 3 months, and haven't worn my faja in about a week. I'm still a little swollen in my lower abd, and still numb on my lower belly and lower back. Still working on losing some weight, right now I'm 150lbs (5'4.5) 28 inch waist (if it's snug, 29 if I hold it lose) and 42 inch hips. My belly button ended up healing ok, my scar is thick where the purple spot was. Aside from that the scar looks nice and even, low.

4 months

I'll be 4 months post op in a few days and I'm feeling almost healed, still having a little swelling in my lower belly and right above my belly button like where the sutures from the muscle repair was. Compared to my before pics I'm 100% happy. It's hard not to compare your results with other people tho and I feel mine are average. Def would do it again (not like round 2, but if I could go back) wouldn't have gained as much weight as I did tho. Still working on loosing a little weight. I'm like 150 and would like to b 140. I am working out but holiday weekends always undo my progress lol.
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Changing to Duran

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