Pregnant Mom Seeks Makeover - Colombia, CO

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So I am preggo with my first little one. This is...

So I am preggo with my first little one. This is my first pregnancy. I will not have any more children. I'm 30, so don't worry I've lived. LOL. I plan to adopt my next little one. Anyway, I've selected Doctor Edgar for my surgeries, but he won't respond to me emails. Has anyone else experienced this? It's been over 2 days since his last response to me. I want a breast augmentation (with lift and implant), rhinoplasty, Brazilian butt lift (with full abdominal and back liposuction), and fat transfer to the buttocks. Contreras quoted me $5500, since I won't require a tummy tuck. I confirmed the date of February 29th. Has anyone had this experience, where he just stopped responding to your emails? Is there anyone else I con contact? I just want to make sure that we are all set. Thanks.

Not going with Contreras. :-(

Someone died at his facility this past weekend, and they shut his clinic down. I imagine that he'll have a lot to deal with, so he won't be doing surgery for a little bit. I'm looking into Colombian doctors now.

I am now going to Colombia!

After doing some research, it seems that the medical standards are much higher in Colombia. As a result, I have decided that this is the best place for me to have surgery. I really like Dr. Campbell. He is very responsive, direct, and honest. My only issue is that he does not have a history of creating "Dolls" or "Barbies." I'm hoping that if I communicate to him exactly what I want, that I'll get the snatched waist look that I'm going for. I am still considering Villalobos, Zapata, and Florez. Dr. Florez is known for creating tattedupholly's body, but I don't know which Dr. Florez she went to, or how reputable he is. All input is welcomed.

Updated quote!

Updated Colombia quotes.

Dr. Campbell quoted me about $8,200 for all that I want.

Dr. Alder Henao quoted me $6,000 for the same surgeries.

Benefits of Campbell:
-American Board Certified
-Speaks amazing English
-Includes an estimate for the recovery house

-Isn't known as a master sculptor

Benefits of Dr. Henao:
-Cheaper (obviously)
-Great at waist contouring

-Some communication issues
-Doesn't include a recovery home estimate

If I knew for a fact that I'd get a snatched waist and a big booty, I'd go with Dr. Campbell for sure! What's a few extra thousand dollars for piece of mind and safety.

I'm still waiting on a quote from Dr. Torijano. My husband seems to like his work. Input ladies? All input is welcomed.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

He is really responsive and nice.

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