Potential UK Black Duran Doll - Dominican Republic, DO

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Its my time!!!! Hey ladies ive been on realself...

Its my time!!!! Hey ladies ive been on realself for a while, reading, commenting, lol and even crying at some of your reviews. I absolutely love the attitude and 'real' personalities from you American ladies. The BBL is not so popular in the UK, you know it takes us years to catch up with rest of the world so im ditching our lame surgeons and taking flight.
I changed my mind about so many surgeons for so many different reasons but now im at the stage where im 100% sure i want dr duran to give me a Bbl, tt and lipo to arms. And if become addicted maybe a breast lift in a few years.

I'm 5ft small, 150 lbs had 1 c-section in 2005. I carry my weight all over my body but my tummy is not pretty (nice way of putting it) and have stretch marks galore from the day I found out I was pregnant they appeared. Lol.

I have a flight booked for the dominican end of May because I was going with dr leon and now I'm just not convinced. The main reason being is that, women stop posting thier results And his insta is lacking in wow factors. So today I will tell his beautiful assistant Georgina to cancel my sx date. I feel bad but I know when I see Duran results I'm 99% happy with them.
Wishing you all the best.
Just because I'm from the UK don't hesitate to message and comment but remember the time difference so I may reply later. Good luck ladies!
Nita x

Duran said "Have patience it's not an emergency"

So the title of this post is what duran said on insta. Wow!!! Which i understand but there needs to be a better way to book sx.

How did u contact duran? Is what I see everyday and asked so many times myself. Well I called her office and got through 2x and still didn't get the answer to my question from her staff. think the best thing is to pay the surgi coordinate but prepare yourself to wait for a reply. Also add duran and suri coordinates on insta (I didn't have a insta until monday). Download watsapp. They advertise cancellation dates on there. Top your phone up with credit because it takes your credit when you call durans office and wait yo be put through. And have patience, a lot of patience. And prepare not to get the answer you want. But if she's what you want you will have to surrender to their rules. Good luck dolls!

The 'Emotional ordeal'

#happy: I was so happy when Surgicordinate advertised a date on insta, it felt like bidding for a bargin on ebay.
#anxiety; was unreal. Insta followers where begging for the 3 available cancelation slots.
#shocked: I got a date I was so shocked and dancing aroung my room until they told me to pay deposit asap, via western union. Surgicordinate said it had to be in US dollars. I called western union and they said no!
# confused. " your currency is the pound nita and they would receive it in thier currency not US$". I was like "huh... what difference does it make just take my money, i want a snatched waist and sexy ass and this is the only way" lol (joking I didn't say the last part).
#fed up. I ask surgicordinate for another payment option and they say PayPal.
So at this point its 3am UK time.
#tired. And they want my deposit 'like yesterday' literally. But i cant log in to paypal because my phone number has changed and they want to confirm my identity via my old not in use number. Anyway I decided to sleep and wait for paypal to open.
# relieved: suricoordinate said they would wait for payment and my date is still there for me. I send the money via PayPal using the link THEY sent me via email and guess what?
#angry: "we havent recieved it.... prove it send us a pic....o yes we have....you have sent it to durans email and it needs to be ours.... so cancel it asap and resend" ladies I'm not joking when I say I've had enough!
#emotionless: truthfully there is more to this 24hr ordeal but let's leave it there!
I'm now at the stage where im like is this really happening? And why? Is it a sign? Whilst surgicordinate are saying nothing!!
#i can't take this sh!t no more! Thank god I still have my sense of humour!

Nurse caused me nerve damage.

Hey ladies, I have been mia on my review because I don't know if I'm coming all going with this sx ordeal and I went to my nurse and had pre holiday injections to protect me of infection etc in the DR And the stupid woman had injected me in my nurve in my shoulder. Causing my hand to go numb and tingling in my arm. It's been 6 weeks now and no change in my hand. :-( So my sx will have to hold till next year. I don't feel comfortable having sx with nerve damage and i will need my body to be 100% for the recovery. I'm back studying in Oct so no time to recover if I don't have sx now. Trying to stay positive. In the mean time I will be wishing you all good luck. Follow you heart ladies. God be with you all. Xx
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Its not easy trying to contact her.

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