Planning My BBL W. Dr Yily - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi. Im a 20 year old girl who's looking forward to...

Hi. Im a 20 year old girl who's looking forward to getting my body done in DR in 2014. I've been researching Yily for the pass week & I'm in love w. All her work. Everyone says its soo hard to get in contact w. Her its reallty not I received my quote within a week.I'm planning on getting lipo on the abs full back armpits flanks & waist. BBL via fat grafting to buttock & a breast lift.

Can't wait a few months , I need ass ASAP!!!

So I was planning on goin to DR after thanksgiving & before the new year.. now my dreams are crushed cause Yily will be on maternity leave. Sooooo , I need to find ass shot lady near NY my friends referring me to one in PA. I don't mind travelling.. i don't want too much ass tho cause I do plan on having my surgery w. Yily still in Feb 2014. My friend said I can have anything from $500-$2000 injected in me. I'm thinking maybe like $800 worth hmm... idk & what's this cc thing? Can I get some knowledge on these booooty shots?

Need to Research new Doc :/

Its 2:30am but I'm thinking bout my Transformation. So obv. You guys know Yilys leaving for maternity leave this Fall/Winter & I'm having 2nd thoughts on the Med Grade Silicone don't think I want ass shots just yet.. maybe ill wait till after sx if I do decide I want em. I've been researching other Docs to keep my options open but I want you guys opinion.. either I'm gonna becomae a Yily Doll , Duran Doll or Baez Doll. Again my procedures are as follow: Lipo to arms underarms flanks stomach fullback inner thighs BBL grafting fat to buttocks & a breast lift.

Wish Body

Must loose 10lbs before surgery

My 30day challenge starts tomorrow. Excited as fck lol

Wow!! Haven't posted on here in a while :-x

So I went & got Biogel Butt injections not much 200cc for $800 not too much of a difference but I love my new booty!!! Still no BBL or breast lift :( but I will be getting it done before the summer time. I don't think I'm going to DR for this procedure at all.. I rather be extra safe and stay in the US. So I will be going with Dr. Jimmerson from ATL or i will be having to find a doc in Miami. Anybody know any good docs in The Miami area for a bbl& breast lift???

Smart Lipo

Still no BBL , im thinking of dieting and getting smart lipo and my ass shots are stqrting to wear off :( so maybe ill get another session after the smart lipo. What do you guys think about smart lipo?
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