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So I'm back. I had my BA in 2014 with Dr. Freiman...

So I'm back. I had my BA in 2014 with Dr. Freiman at CG cosmetics. Now I'm planning on getting a TT, bbl and lipo with Dr Duran in DR. I sent her an email requesting a quote and called the office to confirm that they received it. Walkiria said she did and it was complete. She said that by Friday I should get a response. I completed the whole questionnaire and added my four pictures. I called the office nonstop from 10am-4pm. She finally picked up at 4pm, persistence and patience is key my loves.

Other consults

So I decided to make some calls and sent my pictures to other doctors. I really can't find any doctors in the states that we would give me the body that DR could give me. I still send my pictures to Dr. Mel Ortega and to Dr. Fisher so I could have some options. None of the doctors here are willing to perform the tt,bbl and lipo at the same time. So I would have to wait six months in between surgeries, Dr. Mel Ortega this charging me 5100 for the BBL and lipo and 4000 for the TT. Dr. Fisher is charging 5300 for the BBL and 4000 for the TT. I'm torn and I don't know what to do at this point. I've been reading a lot about the complications that happen when you travel abroad. But I also know I won't get that snatched body I'm looking for here.

Friday came and left.

Friday came and left and still no quote from Duran :/ So frustrating. On the other hand I did get a quote from Dr. Yily. 5200 and that's including 9 nights in a recovery and transportation. Waiting on Dr. Baez for a quote. I'm so undecided. I need help dolls.

Current pictures

These are my current stats
Ht 5'4"
Wt 164
Waist 33
Hip 42

Cardio, cardio oh my

I started cardio today, not just to lose the 20 pounds prior to surgery but to get my lungs and heart in shape too. I'm looking to get lipo, bbl and a TT. These are major surgeries and I need my lungs and heart in top shape during and after sugery. I will be working out five times a week for 35-40 minutes 3 days cardio and 2 weight training.
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