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Hi ladies I'm 24 and I am not too happy with my...

Hi ladies
I'm 24 and I am not too happy with my waist, hips and butt. I've been waiting to do this procedure for years now.
I'm currently 165 pds and 5'9 I've put on 15 pds due to the holidays but now i have extra fat to transfer to my hips and butt.
I'm also interest of a breast augmentation but I'm debating its going to be a little more expensive that I thought including the flight, the stay, and the medications. I received two emails from Dr Yily. I've been quoted 2900 for the bbl but I also want lipo from my thighs where I have the most fat and it's $250 extra. The breast augmentation is $1700 (amazing price). The flight is most likely going to cost around $500 I plan on staying 10 days.The recovery house she recommended cost $90 per person including meals and transportation but $75 for two ppl and she also give $150 for the procedure for two ppl. I'm looking to have this surgery either in the beginning of march or summer time. I would most likely be going by myself so I'm looking for another lady who will have a surgery to come along with me. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Looking Forward to hear from you

Hi ladies, I'm 24, biracial, 5'9 and 165pds....

Hi ladies,
I'm 24, biracial, 5'9 and 165pds. I've put on 15 pds since the holidays and can't stand the extra weight but I want as much fat removed from my lower back and side I don't have a stomach but I would like a smaller waist and wider hips and nice round full butt! I hate the shape of my breast and they are too small for my build, however Im kinda scared of the implants I wish I could transfer fat but dr yily doesn't really recommend it. Anyways, I've contacted dr Yily she quoted me $2900 for the bbl and $250 extra for lipo of thighs! Although i dont know if she will include the thigh lipo in my bbl cuz otherwise i dont have enough fat the but i want .The breast augmentation is $1700 (really good price) but then again I'm kinda debating although I probably need it more than the bbl. I'm looking to go either soon like march of this summer.The flights will most likely be $500 medication$250 hotel stay is 75 for twol ppl ,90 for one only at the recovery house that dr Yily recommend it inducing meals and transportation. I plan on staying there 8-10 days. Dr Yily also give 150 discount for two ppl. So altogether bbl+ breast augm+ thigh lipo +medications+flights+hotel stay is going to be around 6500! I
My boyfriend is not really that supportive, actually he doesnt know about the bbl. he doesn't think I need but I want to feel goo about myself I work out alot but I can't get rid of that extra weight on my back and flanks. If you anyone of ladies is considering having a procedure with dr Yily and want to pair up for a discount and a cheaper stay and extra support , I'm your girl!! Please feel free to email I don't have a set date yet Im off work from march 8-14 but that's not enough time I could try to extended most likely I will
be going early this summer! Can't wait to hear from you ladies

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