Office Review - Planned BBL in DR with Dr. Yily De Los Santos - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi Ladies, I'm writing this review based on the...

Hi Ladies,
I'm writing this review based on the fact that I had planned to do a BBL in DR with Dr. Yily De Los Santos. I want to inform you of my experience dealing with this office. First off the staff and the communication is horrible. Everything was done via email and it would take forever for them to respond. I scheduled my surgery in January 2015 for February 17, 2015. Throughout the month I was trying to get in contact with the office and they would always confused as to when my surgery date was even after it was confirmed and I had given my $300 deposit. Last minute after I had purchased my plane ticket they told me that the day was booked and there was no way it could be done on that day. I immediately contacted Dr. Yily on Whatsapp to complain about the matter. It took her a day to respond and she tried to accommodate me and inform me it could be done Feb. 14, 2015 which was a Saturday and a day they usually did not operate which was weird. Regardless I thought this is the Doctor confirming so I should be fine. A couple of days later I get an email stating that I am now scheduled back to my original date of Feb. 17 which I was fine with. The day of surgery I arrived at the office at 6:30am meanwhile there was nobody there and had to wait until staff arrived (why would they tell me to get there at that time is beyond me). Regardless at around 7:30am I got to the laboratory to start bloodwork and then go to Dr. Yily's office. I'm seen by a cardiologist for a EKG and then told that I have to wait to do x-rays until the someone is available to do them. Well it's not until 9:30am that I ask one of the girls when exactly do I go down for x-rays and apparently she had forgotten to tell me to go down and get them done since the person had arrived. I go down I do x-rays and then come back up. As I'm there now waiting for my blood work results I start meeting some of the women whom were recovering and start asking them questions about their experience. I spoke to three girls whom all told me that during surgery they woke up and were in pain. One girl actually told me she was asking for help, another told me she knocked out again from the pain and the other told me she was feeling alot of what was going on. At this point I'm mega nervous and confused why the hell people are waking up during surgery. Well the thing is this surgery is done via epidural block. According to Dr. Yily it is done in order to avoid death via anesthesia. One of the women were doing BBL and Breast Implants yet was still doing this with a mere epidural block. As time progresses I'm having my doubts but still going through with this procedure. I'm sent to register and told there is no bed available at the time and I would have to wait until some patients are discharged. At this time it is 12:00pm. I wait for a room until 2:30pm and at 3:00pm someone comes into my room to inform me to get dressed that in maybe 20 mins I will be given a pill and taken in for surgery. Well 20 mins easily became 2 1/2 hours later yet no one comes to the room to inform me of what is going on and why it is taking so long and just have me there waiting. Please remember I have not eaten since the previous day at 9pm so I'm very frustrated. By 6pm I am livid and I put on my clothes and march to Yily's office. I demand my money back and they have to get approval from Dr. Yily in order to do so. They inform me I have to understand the operating room is shared among many doctors and I have to be patient. Please let me inform you that Yily is doing operations, consultations and post op throughout the entire day. As I was sitting there waiting there were 6 women getting operated on that day which really makes me question the quality of work one is getting and how money hungry they are. These women were doing extensive work in one day. The lack of organization in this office is horrible. Once I asked for my money back now all of a sudden they get Yily on the phone from the operating room to speak to me which I refuse to talk to and then tell me I would take me right now to be operated on. I refused it and then inform them if I would get back my $300 deposit which they informed me they would not refund because it's for the bloodwork and x-rays. I told them fine and to please give me my blood work results and x-rays since I paid for them. Well lord and behold I get my blood work but my x-rays have magically disappeared. Nobody knows where they are and they keep telling me I should have them. It's 7:00pm at this point and I refuse to leave until they provide me with the x-rays or money for it. At 8:00pm they give me the money for the x-rays which is $1000 pesos which means around $22 US dollars. Of course this makes me think what am I paying $300 for when obviously these test are not that expensive. Regardless dolls I did not have the surgery out in DR. The staff was rude and they have no respect for time what so ever. When I finally left that clinic it was 8:00pm and one of the girls that was there with me was still waiting to do her BBL, Breast Implants and Chin. Who does surgery at this time is beyond. If I decide to do such surgery it will be in the US where I feel safe. I understand everyone makes their own decision I just want to share my experience. Enjoy!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Going to Yily is not worth it. So many things can go wrong. They are unorganized and don't care about your safety. It's all about the money.

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