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Im so Anxious to make my deposit to Augustinian...

Im so Anxious to make my deposit to Augustinian Duran BBL & BL $5500 deposit $250 :-) then its on to start buying all my items if anyone know what all I need for both procedures please reply with your list an just wonder how close to procedure date do I go to my Php? Cant believe Im doing it but hey Im not getting no younger this is the Best time...

Need Bella Vita Phone Number

Do any of you soon to be Duran Dolls knows Bella Vita number? Someone said its much easier to go through them to get a quote?

Got My Date Changed ITS OFFICIAL

YAAAAAY...I just spoke to Elizabeth I got my Date changed to January 26th so now time to pay my Deposit next week and pay for my Passport...This all I needed to know to get started on my list and purchasing everything. So now a little about me I'm 34 5'1 150-155lbs yes short lol...I've been stalking this site for about 4 months before I decided I wanted a Mommy make over. Everyone say you want a fake body but my answer to that its not fake if its your own fat :) blah, blah, blah Guess what I'ma be looking Good and I want this for ME. I have 2 kids one 18 and one 17 planning to have another baby later in a year or two with my soon to be husband but for now I want my BODY. I'm solid for the most part but I've been gaining weight and its starting to show big time in my stomach, arms and back hope she have enough fat to put in my Butt. I'm going to also get BL. My Boobs are just falling more and more. I don't want them to be too perky but sit up enough to look good in swim wear or shirt with no Bra. I Think Duran gives Beautiful Natural Curves and a Huge Butt to go with your body. Your legs will fit the butt and curves she create. "MASTERPIECE" Well January 26th I will be in Dominican Republic will be staying at Jazmines Recovery House. Looking for Buddy also if you are a Duran Doll already please reply with a list of items I will need. I think my list is too much.

Still Haven't Paid Deposit

Ok so I got in contact with Elizabeth Duran Assistant to change my date but my original date which I didnt know they dont work on Weekends had to be changed which I tried changing to 3rd week January but Duran will be out of town so now I had to again pick another date so now Im going 2-26-15 but another dilemma how did she get me a quote of $5800 for lipo, bbl an BL if u couldnt confirm date, so I definitely want to get my own quote directly from Duran before I send deposit Im seeing some are paying $4800 WOW Big difference....

Changed Date 3/23/2015 DURAN DOLL

So ladies I've changed my date to DR to 3/23/2015 buying a home in a couple months don't want too much on me...So I'm looking for a Chi-Town Buddy to hang with :-) if anyone want to team up. Also decided to get only full Lipo an BBL Elizabeth Dra Duran Assistant said its $3800 will go back next year to get BL she said I have to stick to this date no more changes this only was first time but oh well not planning to. Just got Hemo results 12.0 Yeesss:-) so I know my Multivitamins is helping will keep this up So READY...Time to order Passport:-)

Wish pictures

Natural Look...hips, Butt an legs all match

Favorite Duran Doll

Dra Duran did the Damn thing on her...I dont even see where she got enough fat to do this...KUDOS TO DURAN :-) JOB WELL DONE...Hips, legs an Butt all well proportioned...



Getting Everything Ready

Ok everyone my date set March 23, 2015 I will be sending for my Passport in 2 days staying at Angelas house how is her Recovery house if anyone stayed there before? Also just came from doctor I weigh 146lbs lost 4 lbs cant have that can someone tell me how can I gain weight wanna be 165lbs before my surgery?

More Wish pics

I want that deep Cuff

My Man is on Board

My Man is on Board which I was kinda scared to tell him I wanted boobs done have 2 kids an they are starting to drop cant have that as I get older right now Im 35 I do want 1 more baby by my husband he just may be the one ?so after I said a boob job he said he is ok with that if I get some more Ass he is a Booty man an Yes I was all for that I would like a Sexy Big Ass I do have booty but No hips so that make me look like I have nothing unless Standing to side but all my sisters have both so IM READY for nice boobs, curvy hips, slop in my Back Beautiful Cuffed Ass He cant wait we both cant...Friday paying for my Passport an buying few items...

Paying for Passport in the Morning

Paying for Passport in the Morning, This is when Everything gets Real...was waiting to get a few things settled and now I feel Im Ready YAAAAAAAAYYYY...Just emailed Yasmine about stay at her Recovery house Ive seen tons of Great reviews about her home feels like home away from home $55 per night only other pymnt is $35 to stay night at clinic an $25-35 for masseuse wifi free, English TV an AC wont need that Im always cold give me blankets lol... just now waiting on email on how to make deposit, Also contact Angelas Recovery home $65 per night same amenities with international calling but $50 for nurse stay at cipla and $150 transportation cost dont need to send deposit she say you just call when you get to airport so lets see who do I go with???

More Wish pics

Hemo level down to 11.5

Ok the count down is on went to doctor a week ago found out my Hemo level is down to 11.5 I want to be over 12 so if it drop during surgery I wnt need a blood transfusion so I started taking all my pre op Vitamins 2 an half months before surgery on 3/23/15 cant understand why my hemo dropped my son eat alot of junk food an his hemo is 13.5 WOW...wonder what can I do also to bring it up...

Pre Op & Post Op pics

I dont know if I will be posting Pre-op or post op pics...Just saw some of the ladies of Real Self pics all over facebook Edited just wrongly I dont like that anyone would do that to someone dont want my pics everywhere...

Counting down 26 Days left

Counting down 26 days left before my Surgery got my Passport in the mail 2 weeks ago YAAAAY...Im getting Excited an nervous at same time. Now time to get flight ticks!!! Im now weighing 153 had to do alot of Moving lost my few pounds after drinking all them ensures Ima wait til 2 weeks before an go in then...Been taking my Iron, Folic Acid, Calcium an Vitamin B as directed by Duran will go to doctoc to check my Hemo level next month.


Here is the REAL Everyone...surgery cost $5800.00 1 faje free 2nd stage faje included in cost through Dr. DURAN. Paid $100 to Cardiologist, first prescription medicine post op came out to be $208.00...2nd prescription was $40.00 tell you why in a lil bit. 3rd prescription $11.00 Recovery house stay 1 bed no share $600.00 staying at Yasmines had 4 Massages $30 each, plus $35 nurse stay, tips $150

Ok Day one got to DR sent to lab to get blood test mine hemo was 13.12 YES So very Happy, I have Asthma so had to pay Cardiologist $100 to do test make sure my breathing is good, that came out fine was cleared for Surgery. Went back to Duran office to get seen marked up for surgery...We decided BL with no Silicon due to Volume still had so she made them lift an tight, decided to add more hips an booty...

SUGERY DAY...Same day I was sent to a room to get prepared for surgery...

BLUE PILL TIME... I was given blue pill Im waiting an waiting no one came to get me fell asleep waiting about 2hours went by...finally someone comes I say I took blue pill long time ago I dont want to be awak please put me to sleep...was told blue pill is just to relax body...taken into surgery room given IV an was out like lightening I did not wake up in middle of surgery Thank God cant take that...

RECOVERY ROOM...Awaken by another room mate an her family I got up was walking slightly an moving was not dizzy felt Great...Duran walks in looking so Beautiful told me what she had done an given me my perscription an next appt date to see her. I was so Happy it was over...Did not like stay overnight at CIPLA they very inconsiderate dont care nothing about what you want...I was given 1 then shit shaking like Ive been standing in Rain for a full day after surgery I was told No thats it thats all very rudely...

RECOVERY HOUSE NEXT DAY...My Recovery house family YASMINES Is Wonderful Fatima & Kenya is very warmhearted I had Great time with them an Yasmine an her mom is such beautiful people...They barely spoke English but knew everything I wanted an needed...suggest take IPAD or phone to translate if need to do so. Fatima stayed overnight with me $35 watched over me made sure nothing was wrong all night. Yasmine picked me up next day went to Recovery house which is her home felt like home away from home which is why I choose to stay there. My room was set up you had bell to call them for anything, all meals I enjoyed my medicines was delivered to house...LOVED MY RECOVERY HOUSE...

COMPLICATIONS...Ok here we go first Imust say everyones boday is different an reacts different...2dpo I started having bad sharp pains in my neck to the point I couldnt walk without holdingmy neck which lead to more headaches that I thought would go away next day only got worse, was taken to CIPLA an when I say what pain worst then surgery Dr. Duran didnt come see me she knew exactly what it was caused from Anesticia hole not closing right after surgery some do an some done, my case it didnt therefore They took Blood from my hand tub stuck in back an pushed that blood my own blood into my back Oh Oh Oh did I cry like a baby never want to feel that pain again... they laid me down 5mins later No Pain in neck or head WOW I was amazed...Great job doctors...

Complication #2 5dpo I went to CIPLA for doctor appt to have drain removed from back that little thing is painful hurt like hell an smaller your waist is the more you will feel it. Now there is 2 different drains 1 for TT Patients an 1 for only Lipo patients only with Dr. DURAN. Everything went well sigh of relief drain removed 2nd stage faje put on I walked out ok...the moment I got to Recovery house my entire right leg went numb felt sharp continued pressure on my butt went through night thought would be ok got kinda worst overnight 6dpo couldnt take it no more was taken to CIPLA they found out more fat injected into my right buttocks caused inflammation which sits on my Scactic nerve very painful cant walk too much at all...had to be given 2 shots sometimes 3 a day in my thighs since 6dpo I go home tomorrow 10dpo no sigh of relief the spasms comes an goes...Seen Dr. DURAN Yesterday 8dpo she stated it will go away as the inflammation goes down kinda scary because for all the shots you have to indure I would at least like to walk through airport an go home walking normally its hard seeing everyone else who came same time you did walking damn near running but you cant I couldnt go to mall or anything because the spasm comes at anytime hit me in the Ass an locks up my leg...So I need all of your Prayers I go to work Monday I need this inflammation to go down if thats what it is..

So thats my Journey I leave DR Tomorrow if any of you have had this same problem please tell me what happened to you??? I can say I Love my Results but scared due to having to sit all the time my butt will leave...even though I had BL so cant lay forward on boobs...I sit on Foam pillow feels so good..

What Can I take to stop this Itching

OMG Coming up on PO week 3 an I've begin Itching so badly I can't sleep its HORRIBLE... Is there any thing I can take to stop this tingling itching feel ughhhh please help????????


Ok everyone I had a Lift and Duran tighten my boobs...I truly Love how they are looking especially since tgey are starting to drop but its been 3 weeks an time for me to remove the scar tape but Im a little scared to pull it off thinking I may pull a stich if anyone removed theirs was everything fine when you removed it also how long before your boobs healed? Ive attached a pic of my boobs right after surgery 3dpo will upload my 3week post op later today.

3 weeks Post Op

Im 3 weeks post op everyone an just to update you all...I had Breast Lift No Silicon, BBL with fat transfer...had some complications after surgery but Im feeling Good today I can walk without nerve spasm in my right side an butt...my boobs are looking good Yes feeling is in my Butt. I still have little feeling in my stomach an center back the Itching is REAL OMG...oh my bottom legs are so swollen I wear my compressions socks everyday still swollen since I got home. I sit on my butt all day at work an home got this foam pillow I dont go anywhere without it...

THIS FAJATE is HOT an nerve wrecking to wear everyday all day...


Boobs feeling very very sore finally got tape off took an hour lol...wanted to be very careful. I put this powder tuscol on, I just want to know what is this stuff suppose to do...my boobs are starting to hurt having sharp pain an dont let me drive an hit a bump OMG if I walk an they move just a little they hurt...also 1 boobboob dropping faster then other one.

Before pictures

Please do not steal my pics post them on websites Or Social media an all, that will be just WRONG...When Im trying to help others make a decision on which doctor they should choose for their benefit...THANK YOU!



This Itching is SO REAL...Im 6 weeks dpo I want to scratch my skiN Off Wondering if Im itching because Im healing? Also do I need to let the scab fall off my boobs on its on an not wash

Need Your Advice....

Im now 8 weeks my right leg still really swollen these compression socks not working having sharp pains in back stomach an my joints back of my legs getting sore an stiff my body looking good but dont know if Im Paranoid but when I take faja off I feel smaller an look smaller Butt an all hope I get bigger but dont know if Im loosing weight because its HOT outside an Im sweating pounds off or what now I want to gain weight so my booty can gget Bigger???? my hips is one min 41 then 42 or may 43 my waist is 31 I wanted a smaller waist but Duran said I have alot of muscle she cant get it no smaller unless I did TT didnt want that so can anyone tell me at 2 months post op is it safe to do ab workouts also what you did to fluff your butt or did it get bigger after not having to wear faja???

Are my boobs healing well

Some of my scabs gets stucks to my sports bra an when I go to take off bra the scabs peels off leaving a bleeding spot as you see but am I healing well an wondering when can I wash an shower these babies right now Im 9 weeks po

Looking Good

Hello Everyone...Im currently 3 months post op an Yes Im looking fabulous my Ass is si 41-42 waist is 30 will try to get smaller wondering when I can start putting on waist trainer girdle Booty is Something else men stare all the time everywhere I walk I can say Duran did a really good job wish I could be 46 instead of 42 but I have 3 more months with my faja totaling 6 months on then Im going to eat some fatty foods gain a little weight hoping my butt could fluff an get bigger because with all that pain Im definitely not going back....only problem Im having now an hopefully its minor is my boob scabs puss at time an sticks to my sports bra causing more removal of scab which means some bleeding I finally got the bleeding an puss to stop by putting white Galls inside sports bra slept full night with no bra on was thinking maybe I need to take bra off too when I take faja off for 1 hour each day Other then that I look good everyone...Praying I didnt get an infection that1 spot has dried up an harden like a sore hardens after bleeding. Now what Im wonder is if its safe to shower my boobs now even though all the stitch scab havent fallen off.

Boobs Healing Nicely

Hello Everyone my boobs healing Nicely went an bought Tripple H Antibiotic ointment to help the scab healing and doing more freeballing lol...if you know what I mean so my Beauties can breath...Also today Im 3 months and 1 week post op...this is a long slow process ladies so dont rush it, still sum numbness in my stomach my Butt is looking nice wish I could get a little bigger butt and a little more hips more than but because hips is what make the curves which means once hips is filled in your butt looks bigger, also I feel smaller after I take off the faja its actually too big now just ordered a waist trainer to put on top I think once I take faja off I could gain weight in my butt more lol... only 2 more months left to wear it then done with it, I must say it keeps butt lifted an body toned. its that time of the month for me Im a little bloated so after these 5 days past Im going to post a stomach and butt pic for you ladies Im very satisfied...my Fiance is very very satisfied he cant keep his eyes off me lol...and men stare hard but one thing I do feel is my nipples become erect alot and be so hard that they hurt not in a bad way but this never happened to me before the surgery what yall think does this happen to any of you ladies?

Boobs healing

When can I start putting Merderma or any scar zone? Do I wait til all scab is gone?

Oh my I pulled long time scab off boob

Oh my I pulled off scab off my boob, thinking the scab had been on too long I should have not touched it at all I pray it heals it started bleeding and now doi g same as left boob sticking to sports bra so now I really need something to put on boob another powder to keep boob dry so not to stick to my bra I want to hit myself in the head for this...I heard I could puu corn starch on boob it suppose to help same way as Tecassol. Have any of you ran out of Tecassol and used something in place of that?

Finally here is pic of my BBL

I know It's been a while and I haven't posted a picture of my butt only boobs but I wanted to get volume in my butt and let the swelling go down so you all can see how you really would look and Boooooyyyy do I have curves and I look good Duran did a Beautiful job on me she listened to exactly what I wanted then she told me what will be Best only thing I had more muscle than fat. Not enough fat to get more hips but I'm very satisfied An the Man is Satisfied he love my Ass????if you go back to my old pic you can tell the difference..
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Very Great Surgeon, She Really Explaines Everything an helps you to make the Best decision possible for your Body type not just about your Money, her Reputation Matters she Truly wants to make you a Happy Patient...

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