New Pics wk 6wk PO (tons) and other info- BA/BBL Yily

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To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please...

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.

Talking funny cuz I'm using my phone and I don't like to type a lot on here.

I was able to sleep on my stomach today with carefully positioned pillows. I put two flattish pillows under my stomach, left a gap where my boobs are, and then used two pillows for my head and shoulders. I felt fine and actually slept ok. I'm not a stomach sleeper so it still took some getting use to.

My waist is going down
Preop: 29.5
Post op: 35
Today: 30.25

I have to Wear folded towels in the back of my garment so that I don't get deep creases on my lower back.

WHAT IS THIS board ppl are talking about that keeps everything flat??

Also, if you get a BA, please remember that you MUST do 'boob exercises' for life to prevent capsular contracture. If that happens you'll end up with a hard unmoveable boob. Look it up online, there are a lot of diagrams.

I just bought a group on package of 5 Swedish massages (50minutes) for 150ish. Tryna get an appointment today to help soften up these hard spots.

Gotta start eating healthy and minimizing the salt intake if I want to maximize my results.

Things I DID NOT use on my list;
- spray bottle
- ace bandages ( but I did buy the bra with the compression band, Dr. Yily first used Ace bandages but they were uncomfortable)
- neosporin
- underwear
( I did wear underwear for 3 days while I was draining a bit but I had to cut the crotch out so that I could still pee with the garment on. I used the boy shorts to keep the gauze in place that was covering a draining spot on my lower back)
- Benadryl ( I wasn't that itchy but another girl was)
- colace stool softener ( the antibiotics made me poop no problem)
- night gowns/ pajamas ( I slept in the CG with a shirt under it and I walked around the recovery house like that on some days too. But that will depend on how many girls are there n if ur cool or not, lol... )
- pain meds ... I didnt pack pain meds, but I packed other meds both IV and PO and the airport didn't bother me.
( if you already have a hard time sleeping and you ALREADY take sleep aid meds then I would bring those. DO NOT go out and get a new script for ambien and then end up having a bad psycho reaction to it at the recovery house esp cuz the workers don't speak much English )
- I didn't pack it but u don't need towels or wash cloths

What I DID NEED and was glad I packed
- Disposable chucks!! They r good for everything. Cipla had chucks and I had to vommit in it, I used it as a barrier in my garment when I was draining a bit so it wouldn't get dirty, if Dr Yily drains you u can put it on the bed, first couple days I always had it on the bed, and u can bring it to the spa too, oh and as a bib if u want to eat but don't wanna sit up straight or on ur butt, lol. I LOVE CHUCKS!
- baby wipes. But by day three u should be able to get a good wash up standing in the tub with help. Anna or Ingrid will boil hot water for you.

DR ( most of DR).... Does NOT have running hot water. Neither does most small islands. But the boiled water mixed with the cool was just fine. My wash ups were short b/c I would get faint.

Yay so part 2 is working!! Apparently I went over...

Yay so part 2 is working!! Apparently I went over the limit with my last review. Check out the first post on this page for the link of part 1. In summary I went to DR, dra Yily de la Santos, had breast augmentation , BBL and lipo from abdomen, flanks, whole back, little thigh.

I'll be back later with some more updated pics and I'll move my old pics here too. My back is so smooth now, my waist is smaller and stomach definitely more flat!!

Just lost my post so i'll make this quick. I'm...

Just lost my post so i'll make this quick.
I'm feeling better.. the fatigue is almost gone. I have almost no soreness during the day, but at night my back and butt gets sore and stiff.

Butt: I post before and afters.. i have other pics on my part one review. as you can see i started with NOASSATALL so I think Yily really did add a lot of cc's. If i go back for my arms i would add just a bit by my butt crack to get a more rounded look there.. right now when its looked at dead on its a tad flattish. I might have flattened it out right after post op cuz i laid on my butt a lot. Still happy. Now it is softer and i think it fluffed out a bit.

Abdomen: Getting smaller and smaller everyday. I still have hard spots and some unevenness but this is normal after lipo for a couple months. Massaging and compression will help. I bought a personal massager for days that i dont go to the spa and i use baby oil, cocoa butter, and ultrasound gel to move it around. It hurts, but it works!! I have almost no fat on my ribs and my bottom belly i can barely pinch now. I can feel my hip bones easily so i think i got max lipo done in these areas. Very happy.

I bought a new compression garment in XS!! thats the size Dr. Yily wanted me in at the end. It is waayy too tight now... it took 3 people to get me into it at the store and took me a loonng time to get myself into it (sweat, grunting, cursing!!). Its so tight it feels like its squeezing my organs and i cant eat in it or sit down. For now I will wear it a few hours a day cuz it does WONDERS for the swelling and maybe it'll help me shape me. I think if i lose 5lbs it'll be my size.. or at least i can breathe with it on!! It has removable straps and is braless so i can wear it with much more types of shirts. Cost $130,.. Worth: Every single Penny! Its the same brand as the one Dr. Yily put on me in DR. Fajate/Faja D'Prada. The store owner says its better than Salome. I think so too.

One of you lovely ladies told me about the faja store: Jeans Levanta Cola, 1264 St. Nicholas Ave, NY, NY

Link to great post care breast augmentation site. It has short videos and explanations for the breast exercises. VERY IMPORTANT. In my pic i am wearing the breast strap wrong.

These are just sites I found online and most sites say the same thing. Always make sure to do what Dr. Yily says to do if she says something different. :)

Many people have asked me what its like to get the...

Many people have asked me what its like to get the BBL and BA done at the same time. So this was my honest more detailed answers.Summary: I dont recommend it but I would probably suffer (A LOT) through it and do it again because of my time/ money/ desired results situation. Here is what i said:

Honestly sleeping was HORRIBLE! I'll write a post on it. I kinda mentioned just a little before that i don't recommend getting them at the same time. Last night honestly was the FIRST time that i was able to sleep through most of the night. I only woke once. (i'm 3 weeks post) At first i couldn't sleep at all until i was so beyond tired that my body just gave in. You can't sleep on your boobs initially b/c when you lay on them it will hurt and you might feel a spasm of ur chest muscle..scary! technically i dont think that i'm suppose to be sleeping on them now but they don't hurt and i take it as the less evil... i put a fluffy pillow underneath and the most i feel is an odd pressure. Dr. Yily says that you can sleep on your butt and sit after surgery but most docs that i have seen have said that you are not suppose to for at least 2 weeks and to limit sitting for very short periods or else risk losing more fat in the end. Either way, whose right? whose wrong? i dunno.. it just hurts,.. and if you get lipo on your back.. forget it.. that is very very sore and you won't be able to stay in one position for long. Results wise.. in the end i LOVE the boobs and i'm happy that i have them b/c they compliment my shape and the overall results, but i do think that it effected the results on my right hip which i favor and laid on a lot. My left hip is more rounded out and my right hip looks more like it did pre surgery.. straightish with a dip. Its not a huge imbalance and you probably cant notice unless you stare so i'm not complaining... still great results,.. but its a risk. If it can effect ur hip... maybe it can effect your butt results too. Even when i sit on my butt now,.. it doesn't hurt per se,.. its not very sore,.. but once i go beyond 10 minutes or so i get this weird aching sensation.. like when you lift weights. My guess is that its either just a different kind of soreness or its lactic acid building up because the pressure is starving the cells of oxygenated blood. And to answer your other question... I found NOTHING comfortable,.. lol. All i could do was try my best to turn from side to butt to other side. All positions were not comfortable and were very very sore.

good luck.

Response to another person who believes that they may need to get it done at the same time: And i hear yah about not wanting to do two surgeries. Exactly why i did it this way although my friend told me not too, lol. In the end i'm still very happy and would probably do things the same way if i had to do it over again b/c of my time schedule and money,.. so it would be hypocritical to tell you to absolutely not do it together,... but i can strongly warn everyone so that they know what they're in for :p

Also.. depending on your surgery, blood loss, how you tolerate anesthesia, it may be impossible to get it done together so be prepared to not get everything that you want done anyway. sucks, but hey....

FAJA Stuff:

I bought the abdominal board at the same place that i bought my second faja. Jeans Levana Cola.. address in post above. I haven't tried it yet... it bends a little and doesn't have much padding so it probably wont be too comfortable. What i really need is a board for my back! I might have to go to a fabric store and make one myself. The faja creases by your lumbar/sacral area and everything above that is a tad looser, allowing fluid to accumulate and making it look like u have a roll there. The towels that i put there helps but i want something more sturdy,.. and the towels are a pain to put in myself. I also used ACE bandages on my upper torso region to really get the fluid out... it worked ... be careful and not put it too tight or else its hard to breathe.. lol.

Posted pics of that and what happens to my belly when i keep the faja off for too long. As the days go by the EXTENT of my swelling if the faja is off has been decreasing. i never get as big as i did before. so thats a good sign that my lymphatic system is healing. Cant wait till the day when i wont swell at all. Till then.. a TIGHT faja is what will keep you the most comfortable. I'm in the XS now and i can finally wear it for 24 hours. Work yourself into it.. wear it 4 hours day 1,... switch to your bigger faja,.. then another 4 hours day 2,... switch,.. third day you should be able to wear it the entire day. u'll be smaller and it'll loosen up juuusstt enough to be comfortable.

Other than that.. nothing new. I've been shopping already! and i LOVE IT. things just fit right!! my old clothes are sometimes too tight around the boobs and now loose around the stomach and waist. I can live with that problem.

Next week i start a mild diet plan to help me lose 10lbs so that my thighs and arms can hopefully slim out. I will be right about 1 month post. I have read that if i lose a moderate amount of weight the butt goes down proportionately. We'll see. lol

Feeling shitty yesterday, feeling shitty today. I...

Feeling shitty yesterday, feeling shitty today. I just want this recovery to be over. I had started feeling better with minimal soreness but then for some reason yesterday I was sore all over. Got so frustrated by night time that I ignored my own advice and took the faja off. I could literally feel myself expanding and I got this prickly feeling on my back and stomach as the fluid pushed underneath. Kept it off for 4 hours , couldn't take that discomfort anymore so put it back on b4 bed.

I found something to use as a backboard and stomach board. They are microfiber dish drying mats. They are soft but much firmer and thicker than towels, they conform to the arches of your back but don't give under the creases of the faja. Worked well with that back roll that I was getting.

Pray for me that I can heal faster!!

So i'm officially 1 month post op,... well a month...

So i'm officially 1 month post op,... well a month and 3 days :p This has been the LONGEST MONTH EVER! When you are waiting around for the pain to go away, the swelling to go down, discomfort to go away,.. the days pass by very very slowly. I think i've been through it all,... excitement, then regret, then elation, then depression, then the whatever phase.. just want my life back (without the faja),.. and now i'm nearing back into,.. girl you look good!.. can't wait till I look AMAZING! and feel that way too.

For those who haven't had sx yet,.. takes lots and lots of before pictures both naked and in clothes. Because some days your mind will play tricks on you and you'll be sitting there in pain thinking... I don't even look that different... weren't my boobs always kinda like this... and my butt is only a little bigger. I've been looking at my before and afters and they kinda slap me back into reality. Although i want more projection on my butt when i look at my before I'm like damn!! I didn't know i had a gap between my ass cheeks!! I didn't even know that was possible! And of course now there is a big difference.

My waist measurements didn't change a huge amount,.. Pre-op: 29.5.. Post op: 35!!! (huge!).. 1 month post 28,... Just 1.5 inch difference but that's because fat is squishy and I probably just smashed the fat down while measuring,.. now there is no rolls hanging over the tape measurer like before, lol and I'm sure that within 2 months i should drop another inch.

Pre-op at 157lbs I could squeeze handfuls of fat ,... now although I'm oddly 165lbs I can't pinch an inch of fat on my stomach and I can pinch only an inch on my back. (Right after surgery i was probably in the 180s!!.. huge water balloon!)

As you can see, the process of healing has huge ups and downs. The first week post op when I was HUUGE i was thinking crazy things like "Did Yily inject fat or some substance all over me!! will i be like this forever!!"

I read back some of my old posts preop and I was talking about Dr's aren't miracle workers and I have to put in effort as well. Now that I have more stamina I'm making it my business to get back to working out,.. drop a few pounds so that my face and arms can slim out and work on getting some abs for summer.

The point of all of this is that when progress is sllllooooowwww,.. its hard to notice change and its very easy to get discouraged and depressed. For all those Pre-opers who are trying to lose weight to get the best results.. also take pics of your weight loss progress in clothes and undressed. When you feel like you're getting nowhere and you don't look different just take a look at your starting pics. I found some pics of me from last january when I was 30lbs heavier than my Pre-Op weight. I felt the same but I looked totally different!

good luck. Posting more pics by Sunday.

Talking about ,.. Old Body, Getting close to your...

Talking about ,.. Old Body, Getting close to your goal,.. all the faja info that I know

Hey guyz.. finally uploaded new pics.. last week got my period and this week started school so a photoshoot was not in the question.

Posted pics of me from LAST january as well to show you where I was coming from. I had gained weight the year before and now I was huge! I wasn't always fat,.. I went up and down.. but this time was just too much (190s). I spent about 3-4 months to get some of the weight off and then I just maintained at 160lbs... not because i was happy there but because life got in the way and the best that i could do was maintain. I was not happy though.. I was young,.. but looked deflated and worn. Even Dr. Yily said that I didn't have lots of useable fat on my stomach and back and that it was more loose tissue from the weight loss.:( I'm in my 20s and that is NOT the body that i wanted. so i bit the bullet and got my surgery done to plump up back those boobs and redefine my upper body. The new pics are from week 3 and week 6.

TIP: Get to a weight close to your goal weight. Lipo will not make you lose much weight if any at all. If you started off a big girl,.. you will end up a big girl,.. just better contoured. But if you dont lose enough weight preop then your surgeon will hit the 5L maximum before they can get to the really nice contouring that you want. Ask them upfront how much you should lose to get close to your goal (realistic) pic.

Boobs: doing great. they have mostly settled and are very soft. Friends have done the squeeze test on me and didn't feel a thing. The right one is bigger than the left ,.. the way it was preop. TIP.. if you want your boobs to be even then let your surgeon know that you want two different sized implants. I told her i wanted a natural look, so i guess technically thats the natural look, lol. Oh well,.. they are still aligned and look good to me. What do you think? Honest opinions welcome.

So far I am happiest with my boobs. I do have an odd boob roll under them to the sides. Its either still fluid build up or fat!! Will give it more time to see. BTW i'm a 34D! Doesn't look like it in the pic but I tried on C's and they don't fit :D

Stomach and back. Love the new waist line/contouring,.. can't wait for it to get smaller. My measurements are not very different cuz i was just a saggy baggy before.. not really fat,.. but my shape has changed. I still have uneven areas on my stomach,.. right above my belly button. Depressing but will give it time. My upper back is also slightly padded or swollen.. will also give that time. Its still numb in some areas and i still get a weird ripping sensation.

Butt: same old same old. If i sit on it too long i get a burning sensation and i'm 6 WEEKS OUT! when will this end!! Big improvement from my starting point,.. but I want MORE! lol. Maybe this summer. When i take pics,.. it just confuses me. Sometimes it looks round, sometimes boxy. I can't stress about it anymore. Its better,.. I'm not self conscious about it anymore.. i dont look deformed.

Ladies,.. I've come a far way and i'm not stopping. I'm getting my dream body and dream health back. I've lost more weight and am almost back to my preop weight.. if u've been reading my story u know what i mean. I'll take more pics when I lose another 10lbs. I'll also be lifting weights for my arms and legs and doing major ab work so that I can tone up. Hopefully that will be the cure for my upper back and under boob. I will stop losing weight though if my boobs start to look fake!

Pre-op weight: 157 Postop: 180's Now: 162.8
Boobs: 36B/ now 34D
Waist: 29.5 / 35/ 27.8
Butt: 37.75 Now: 40.5
Jeans size: My butt makes most of my old jeans too tight. :/ size 29-30, the waist is always loose.

Didn't get anything done to my arms.. they are now 12.75. will be working on them.

All the faja info that i know: I posted pics that has the address to all the stores that sells the faja that i buy. Under the faja pics is the ID number that they use to order it for you. I dont know any web address. I wrote in the comments about buying the fajas too early. Buy it post op. If you stay at jacquelines spa she will arrange to get it taken in for you. You will have to resize it very often. The second one that I bought has removeable straps, no bra area and is shorter in the thigh area. I like my original one better. The straps keep on popping off when i hook it (maybe i'll sew it on or have the seamstress add a button) and the shorts cut into my thigh and make it look obvious that i'm wearing something underneath. The no bra part is nice cuz you can wear it with more shirts. Solution.. i''m getting my old faja bra part altered so that its lower cut and i can wear it with more tops.

I write a whoollleee lot on here so please read before you ask me questions. I dont say this to discourage you from asking cuz anyone who has inboxed me knows that i luurrvvveee to talk and share info and i give really (really) long responses. But certain questions come up frequently and i know i posted it on here many times. Its a lot to read through so just use "control + F" and pick a search word and i'm sure u'll find it. I have two reviews so check on part 1 as well. good luck ladies!

Just to add to the update up there ^^^ I'm...

just to add to the update up there ^^^ I'm definitely happy with my surgeon and the results they produced. I'm just a big critic of myself so i'm always looking on how to get even better :p
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Researching online, from real self posts. will continue to verify all the board certifications Dr Yily and dr Robles are verified plastic surgeons on SOCIPRE. I ended up going with Dr. Yily and I am happy with my decision and results. She listened to what I wanted, and gave me her honest opinion of what she could do for me. She delivered!! The aftercare was great. She made house calls at the recovery house that I was staying at so there was no wait time in an office or the pain of having to go there. (very happily surprised by this). She encouraged me to ask a lot of questions and remained available even after I left the country. When I got nutty and nervous post op she firmly (lol) reassured me that what I was going through was normal.., she didn't baby me but never appeared annoyed. I would go back to Dr. Yily in a heart beat if I was ever interested in another surgery. The only reason I put 4 stars for aftercare was because I didn't get specific instructions in what I could and could not do after breast augmentation ( I didnt ask either). I googled it, problem solved.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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