Obese Bbl Lipo and Tummy Tuck - Dominican Republic

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Started off at 279lbs I'm 5'9 Duran said no way .....

Started off at 279lbs I'm 5'9 Duran said no way ...Within a few months of diet and exercise I'm down to 217..yay me ..will continue to workout and exercise until I leave for DR
Sooo hard and frustrating getting a surgery date ..I went through Surgicoordinator ..but I'm finally getting it done..I sent my deposit yesterday and expecting to have sx either October.3 or 4th I should be getting a confirmation this afternoon ..
Anyway I'm scared to death now that it's actually coming together my biggest fear is the flight back home post surgery pain,swelling,layover it's giving me anxiety ..next biggest fear is being in a recovery house full of random strangers ..I'm not a social person and I don't know how that's gonna be then there's bringing this large sum of money with me ..anything can happen
Feel like I'm gonna have a panic attack but nothing is gonna stop this from happening ..I'm thirsty for a hot body..
Idk what else I can add at the moment but if you ladies can share your experiences flying post surgery and recovery house experiences that'd be great ..I told Surgicoordinator Laura I wanted to stay at Armonia I intend to at a at 10-12 days

Flight booked ..it's getting real

I'm having sx on 10/4/16
Arriving in santo Domingo 10/2/16
And leaving on 10/15/16
Still don't know which recovery house I'll be staying at ...Armonia serenity or paradise are my options

Weight gain !!

Sooo I've been slacking ..I figure since my surgery is 6months away I have time to eat things I like and take days off from the gym..well one beef patty and 6 jerk wings cost me 4lbs of weight gain overnight ..this is hella frustrating ..I want the best results possible so my goal is to get down to at LEAST 200lbs ..yesterday I weighed in at 216...I'm sure I can do it if I stay on track...anywhoo anybody going to Duran in October ...I don't wanna be alone

How to keep surgery a secret!?

I have no intentions of telling anyone I'm having these procedures done ..but I'm pretty sure people notice a significant difference in my shape and start asking questions ..ill be taking off work 5 weeks ..for surgery and recovery ..and don't know how I'm gonna feel about people whispering about me or blatantly questioning me when I return ..I've already lost a lot of weight in a short time span from dieting and exercise and I intend to keep losing until surgery day..anyhow how can I respond to nosy people in a non confrontational way ..what clever lies could I tell them about how I got my bad ass new shape????

Weight gain post surgery !!

A little concerned ...actually a lot ..it's hard losing all this weight ..but I know once I get this surgery I won't be able to diet /exercise as I now do..and I'm scared of blowing back up and ruining my results ..but I hear you have to actually consume a decent amount of calories in for *however long* after sx for your transferred fat cells to survive ...is this an urban legend or reality

BBL PILLOW..for the low low

Snagged this on eBay for 80 bucks ..the official site was back ordered and they're selling for $100..it's used but appears as good as new ????

Were you treated differently after losing a lot of weight?

Were you treated differently after losing alot of weight?
For those of you that have lost alot of weight tell me if people acted different towards you or if you noticed any other changes with yourself.

Did you get more stares?

Did you get negative or jealous reactions fromn friends/family?

My coworker told me today "you actin funny now that you lost all that weight ..I can't wait to see you get fat again" ..
Earlier the same day my supervisor says to me " don't be like everyone else and lose a bunch of weight then gain it back in a year"
And all day long people keep saying how good I look what am I doing to lose weight what am I eating etc..it's becoming annoying and embarrassing ..I'm not used to receiving so much attention and I don't like it ???? what will they do when I show up with my Duran donk????...


Never thought I'd see the day ..
Should I celebrate with a rack of ribs !? ????jk
Starting weight 279.5
Current weight 199.6
I'm 5'9
I did this on my own ..no weight loss surgery no magic pills just proper diet and hella exercise ..wanna lose 20 more lbs at LEAST by October ..


What should I buy ..
I see all these long lists of supplies ..
If you've already had sx please let me know what was essential and what was a waste of money ..I don't wanna go haywire ordering everything ...help????

Sabotaging my weight loss !!

I don't know why I did it !! I was off Monday and Tuesday and planned to just have a few shots to celebrate losing over 80 lbs ..
Fast forward ..I've eaten out 3 times and didn't go to the gym at all ..it's 12:45 and I'm at smokey bones picking up a rack of ribs ???? I couldn't control myself I expect to get back on track tomorrow but damn I'm scared to step on the scale ..I don't need any days off
I need some words of encouragement
I'm gonna take magnesium citrate and hopefully get rid of some excess weight gain from this binge

I quit smoking !!

Dr Duran suggests stopping 3 months prior to surgery ..I stopped 5 months prior ..don't want any unnecessary complications ..but ummm my appetitive has gotten crazy ..I literally ate ALL day yesterday ..I had my friend make my a pan of jollaf rice and chicken and ate nearly the entire thing ???? ..DIS TEW MUCH!! Welp..today is day 4 without a cigarette hopefully I can successfully quit without gaining weight
Oh and I spoke to Laura (Surgicoordinator) and she told me I'll be staying at Armonia recovery house ..I thought I was staying at paradise but whatev *shrug*
Ooh ..I'm also getting braces soon ..but since I don't have dental insurance I'm not sure if I wanna get them before or after my sx

How much does surgery REALLY cost ??

They give you one price but after they charge for insurance that probably doesn't exist ,recovery houses ,massages ,exams,blood work,potential transfusions,transportation garments etc...how much money should I bring aside from they surgery and recovery house costs ????
Worst fear is being out there alone with limited funds ..*sigh*

Should I stop working out ?

5'9 180lbs I wanna have enough fat to get a nice booty but if I stop working out I'll get fat ????..anyway ..less than 2 months till I have surgery!!i haven't purchased a single thing yet I kinda don't wanna squander money on items I won't use I've seen some really lengthy supply lists I wanna know what is essential to bring

One month till sx!!!

And I have nothing packed ..I hear I should only need a carry on bag worth of supplies ..
What was essential!?
Also..people *ig sx people*keep saying I don't have enough fat for a good bbl and hips ???? and that I need to gain 20-30lbs I'm stressing out

11 days till sx!!! And weight gain

Oh em geeee I'm so thirsty for surgery ahhh I'm all packed up..really hope I have enough chux and pads they're the bulk of my suitcase ...anyway
I have been trying to put on weight hoping To increase the fat I'll have to transfer but I don't know if I'm going about it the right way ..my stomach is bigger ..but she won't lipo there so it's useless ..and I feel overall gross win these extra pounds ..but I keep saying it's only for a little while ..I can get back to dieting after surgery
I've started wearing loose/baggy clothes to work to not only disguise my weight gain but also so they can't keep close track of my shape and I can maybe slip back to work post op and slowly transition to tighter clothes???? people be nosey and I'll never admit to surgery sooo ????????????
Ummm I'm scared and excited ooh and about the belly fat ..what if it hinders me from getting an extra flat stomach ..????I'm thinking of fasting and doing loads of cardio 2 days prior to sx to relieve the bloat ..idk what y'all think anyway I gained 16-17 lbs in a frighteningly short period of time I don't know how much of it is water weight vs fat but still it was way too easy and way too enjoyable just eat tasty foods and don't workout ooooh and I reintroduced carbs into my system ????

2 days till Dominican Republic !

Seriously I'm exhausted ..physically
My annual leave starts on Saturday but I said fuck it and just called out of work the next few days ...why idk I just hate work and am embarrassed about my weight gain
MY suitcase is sooo heavy I tried to bring the very least of things as possible but oh well...I'm ready to go ..I'm frightened and on he verge of an anxiety attack ...pray for me y'all ooh and if you're on if I have a surgery page .. @duranoct2016

Made it to the flat side

55 days post op !

I'm not thrilled with my results but I'm happy ..if that makes sense..I wanted more curves but there just wasn't enough fat to transfer ..I'm happy my belly skin is gone and would love to do a back lift in the near future as well as boob lift with implants and bbl

A few pics

I'm ready for round 2 ..gonna gain some weight and have enough fat * hopefully* for the curves i want ..duran won't even evaluate me for round 2 until I'm 6 months post op????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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