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Ok so I'm trying to document everything because...

Ok so I'm trying to document everything because for me, I'm a research guru and I want to make sure all decisions are correct and have another plan just in case. I read so many reviews. Initially, I wanted to be a Robles doll but after hearing about a death I just wasn't comfortable with her anymore. I found Dr Almonte whom I have heard and read really good things about. Her ratings are very high and I don't see too many negative reviews. I've been in contact with her assistant Lesley who gives pretty quick responses and reassures me if I need. So I received a quote - I'm interested in Lipo + BBL. I would like my breasts done also but I don't feel the need to be in so much pain all at one time. My sister had a tummy tuck done with Dr Manuel Diaz and she looks great. I've gotten a quote from him also but once I sent my pics he said I wasn't a candidate for Lipo- only a tummy tuck. I love the way a tummy tuck looks, but I know Lipo isn't as bad a procedure but nonetheless Im debating on getting one if in fact the Lipo may just leave me with loose skin "/
I'm researching more but I am pretty content with the doctor I chose and I'm hoping for the beginning of March. Not making anything definite until I have all the research I need under my belt. Alot of people rush to do things and have bad experiences and I want this to be a good experience even though I know I'll be sore and in pain. So I here mixed reviews on recovery houses and most of them really bad. Alot of people pay for a hotel and hire a nurse. Some stay at the RH for the first 4 days and then leave, so I wonder what prices all of that come to b/c the quote incl a 10 day stay at a RH. So any suggestions, comments are all appreciated. I hope to find a SX buddy before the deal is sealed lol


Ok so just an update as I like to be detailed as possible, because the more you know - the better you can help yourself - or someone else for that matter. I found a sx buddy on here who I think is great! She is such a sweetheart and we are both coming from NY which is a plus bc we can fly together and we are getting a double room. SX date is hopefully the 9th of March 2016. We are going with either Real Recovery Armonia (Mayra) or Serenity RH. If you book the RH with the company directly and NOT with the surgery - You pay much less! And who doesn't want to save money where and when you can!? I just called the post office bc I have to get my passport so my appt is made for this Thursday at 1. I also have a Dr appt on 1/12 so I will get my hemo checked and whatever else I need. I just heard back from Lesley and my quote for my procedure (TT, BBL + Lipo) will be $3500USD and this is without the RH. But I will Include another $100 for the transportation as well so that's $3600. I've been researching flights NY to SDQ and they re looking like $430 for roundtrip. My SX buddy is getting a list together of items we will need so any other information will be helpful! Thanks ladies

Changing the Date

So unfortunately I have to change my date because March is now all booked up before I could even make my deposit. Girls, Im telling you - if you are serious make sure that you put that deposit down asap! There are a million girls wanting these drs and its first come first serve. I didn't want to rush into making a Feb date being that its only a month away and I haven't been to the dr yet. I dont want to get to the dr and he tells me to get my iron up first and Im scrambling to do that. Patience is a virtue but all things happen for a reason. Its 1 month out so Its ok. I still have my sx buddy on board and we are in this together so as long as I have her, I'm ok. So now the open date is looking like april 14th.

Wish pics

Lira galore. Her body is amazingggg

Deposit MADE!

OMG so I feel like I can scream lol. I had the worst time everrrr with Western union online and my credit card so ended up doing a bill pay through my bank account. Says the money should be accessible in 2 days since today is basically over already. I'm just happy I made it do what it do lol. My Sx buddy and me did it at the same time. We r really in this together and its so comforting knowing I have her. I wanted my sis to come with me since shes been through this with Dr Diaz but she started a new job which she wont be able to take off that time. I was scared of doing this alone and honestly don't think I would have. I know my bf would drop everything but we have kids at home who need to be tended to. He may still come for a few days to make sure we r ok but nonetheless my foot is in the door! I prayed hard on this and I know I'm making the right decision and my angel (Sx buddy) he sent to me for confirmation cus she came in at the right time! So now time to research on some flights and whatever else needs to be bought. I need a list of MUST HAVES so I hope any ladies with info can give me ideas. I def wont b packing a lot - just want to bring the necessities. So what happens once they give you the date? Do you get sent a list of anything they recommend or is it figure it out yourself? lol I'm doing this solo bc I feel you get a lot of feedback from here. My buddy has an issue with her consulting ppl she signed up to assist her with this process - she should've hired me lol and I woulda did it for free (matter fact I woulda told her just get me a patron margarita b4 we head out lol) but she's good. I got her back tho so its all good. I have an rx from some percocets (12) - idk how often or how much you need pain meds out there so info is helpful with that too. whatever else you feel is necessary to tell me will not be overlooked! oh snap, yal Its about to get real. #Prayersup

Question for You??

So my question is Do you think its too much to get a tummy tuck, lipo bbl and breast augmentation at once? I really do want to get my body done the way I want it but I wonder if it will be too much stress on my body to do it all once. And then again I dont want to go for another procedure after this id rather be in pain once than again and again smh. I was told if i wanted a BA that my Hemo would need to be 13.5 for all the procedures. I'm not sure what it is now being that I go to the doctors next week but I def plan on taking some vitamins. I went to fill out my passport yesterday so that's squared away. i had to retake the photo bc i took one at walgreens and boy that thing looked like a mug shot for real lol. Im much happier with the 2nd one lol. So next up is booking my flight and should be doing that maybe sometime this weekend. Going to be staying from 4/13 - 4/24. I requested 3 weeks off from work already so I'm good with that. Gave them plenty notice. Other than, just time to start getting the things together for my journey..

Realistic wish pics

While I love lies galore I think her body is just a tad bit much for me. However these pics show what I want perfectly

Heavy Thinking

Ok So yesterday I went to my doctor he ordered for all my blood work and i'll have to go in the next couple of days to get it done being their lab was closed already. I informed him of my surgery and he said he didn't think i needed to do that. Well not a tummy tuck. He asked me to try to lose weight naturally first and see what happens. I told him even if I lose the weight, i still want work whether its my breasts or butt - he seemed more open to that than the tummy tuck. Then he said something about my man should love me the way i am lmao. I was ctfu. he actually doesnt want me to go get it done because he thinks im fine and he also thinks its risky. Which any sx is. I feel like now I have a million more ?'s and wish I had another appt. I am 144 pounds! The heaviest I have ever been (yeah to some of u you wish u were that) but I have never been bigger 125 ! Even 9 months pregnant. Also understand that I am only 4 feet 11 inches so im def considered overweight for that. I went up 4 pants sizes and its just not a good look for me. So I am going to the gym tonight and starting to eat better so I can drop some lbs before sx. I am scheduled with Almonte for 4/14 but I been contemplating whether I should change to Diaz (my sis doctor) he actually hits me up directly and i like that about him. And of course my sis thinks I should go to him anyway. Him & almonte are in the same building so i wonder if they work together at all. Nonetheless Im asking him for some advice also being tht i can talk to him directly. he did advise me before to lost 10-15 pounds. My issue is that now that i have a bigger stomach - if i get lipo i dont want to be upset that i have "loose skin" so idk. Regardless im going to get my butt done so im going there for my scheduled date but who knows what i'll look like with exercise and diet in 3 months. i may not need the tt after all. this is starting to stress me... I also wished me and sx sister lived closer i just wanna hang out with her and talk about everything in person...


Ok so it's been a little while but everything is in the works for now and going smooth. I completed my bloodwork and hemo level came back at 13.9. Whoo hoo!! Im so hyped y'all don't even know. I need to get it up to 14 in order to have my breasts done also so I plan on doing that by just taking iron pills from now until sx. My doc said I have low vitamin d so I gotta rx for that. But everything looks good! I have to make a deposit for my Rh and I'm going with Armonia. I've been in touch with Mayra and she is really great to speak to. She always hits me just to say hi. I have a private room for 4 days and then a double room for the remainder to share with my sx buddy. My bd is coming with me for the 1st few days. My total came to $1005 for my private nurse and stay with my bd. It was still much cheaper than doing it with the sx. Lesley told me $80 a day for a companion while Armonia said $60. Anyway I'm going to make a $200 deposit today for that and the last step is getting my flight. Which I'm so mad about because jet blue just had a sale and I should've taken it ! So I'm going to wait until tues comes bc flights are always on sale on tues and wed and I'll book then. Otherwise I'll hit Priceline lol. Because the round trip tix were $225 !! Don't know why I waited on that but next week we will see if the sale goes back. Oh gosh. I'm so excited. My girls keep telling me how bomb I'm gonna look. I can't wait to see my results though. I've wanted this for a long time.


So it's been a little while and things are still on schedule as planned. I was able to secure my flight through Jet Blue for $365. It was on sale some but I didn't catch the really good sale that was for $230 roundtrip! (Sad face) But nonetheless I have my flight in order. I got my passport last week in the mail so I knew it was getting real. I'm only having an issue with my boyfriend now who is basically hinting at me that I don't need to get the sx and he will love me regardless. I'm doing this for me and the way that I want to look. I feel like I support him in everything and I just want his full support with this and to be there for me the way I would be there for him. But I guess it is what it is and I will go through this alone. It hurts though. I wont front. I'm thankful still to have my sx buddy as well and she comforts me as well. I'm just not as excited as I was in the beginning so I hope to get over those emotions and get back to the excitement. I know it will come. Mayra from Armonia checks in on me all the time ( I believe its her daughter and its through fb.) she is a real sweetheart and she talks to me and gives me advice. I pray her mom who is Mayra also, gives me the same treatment. She has checked on me a few times as well and that feels really good to know they are showing the care. I've had a lot of stress lately and I just need this to pass so I can get back to my happy self...

Hi Ladies

Ok so it's been about a month since I've last posted. I'm very excited as time is winding down. According to my countdown app, I have 39 days to go! I have been away from this site for a while but now I am back and it's becoming addicting all over again. I was watching some youtube videos of other girls who have had their surgeries done with Yily and posted on youtube. You get some really informative information from it. The shit look like it hurts I aint gonna lie but every1 pain is different. There are some girls who have had pain from day 1 and some who have just had soreness. I have heard that some girls have experienced nausea when taking percs for the pain which sucks because I def planned on taking that. I am going to schedule another dr visit hopefully at the end of this month to reevaluate my blood levels and ask for pain meds as well. My insurance just got cut off which sucks so I'll be applying for a different one tomorrow and hooe to have coverage within 2 weeks. I have been speaking with Mayra(from Real Recovery Armonia) its actually the daughter who speaks great English and she checks on me all the time.. really recommend her because already she is awesome. Anyway, while watchin these youtube videos I heard girls complaining about not having hospital beds. I texted her to ask her about that and she said she will have to see if anything is available when I am there. Listen, if it will help with the recovery I am willing to pay extra because being stiff and not being able to walk is already going to be an issue so what do you think getting out of bed is going to be like? Crazy! So I will update as much as I can once she informs me. I started to buy supplies yesterday! Got some scar gel, Neosporin, laxatives, and medical tape. I actually went to the Dollar Tree and purchased these items. I normally am a "brand" girl but if I am at Walmart - I buy their version (great value/equate). I checked the boxes and they contain the exact same dosage and ingredients so why pay more? People are so prone to thinking because the brand is well known that it is better but they are all the same. Its different when it comes to like cough syrups and stuff lol. And so its going to be way easier and cost effective to stack up for $1 lol. Call me cheap if you want but I bet you these products will have the same effect. I even bought bedding protectants. They were 2 in a package and were $1 and they are actually really thick! So I am def going to get a few more of those. One girl made a video right after her tummy tuck and it stated what you actually needed which I loved because she was post op and showing everything so again very informative. I have to buy some luggage with wheels and I plan on packing light. My flight leaves on 4/12 at midnight. My sx is not until the 14th so I have the whole day of the 13th to relax and get any other supplies. I'm going to order a boppy bc every1 says that is necessary after bbl. I have paid off my RH. I have a double room for 4 days and a triple room for 5. I included the nurse for $50 as well so my total came to $675 for that. If I had done it all included it would've cost an extra 3-400. So I'm happy to save where I can bc I will be needing that extra $ for tips and insurance cost and whatever else could happen unexpectedly. I am getting the tummy tuck, full lipo, bbl and possibly breast augmentation. Last I checked my hemo was a 13.9 and that's before an vitamins. Guess I'm pretty sx healthy so to speak! I think my hemo needs to be a 13.5 for all procedures to be done at once. The surgery itself is 4400 including 100 for transportation. But I was told from my RH that if you are coming with someone only one person has to be charged the $100 and then you can split it. So that's cool because I'm flying out with 2 other girls who are staying with me. So it will cost us like $33 each. My breasts are an additional 1350 if it happens. I will have the money for it all just in case but who knows what the doctor will say or if it will be too much. I will post pic/videos if I can once I have things in a better order. I know for me, I really enjoy seeing how every1 prepares for their sx and whats needed. I'm still another month out so just getting supplies and luggage is all I need. I told my sister who is a vet if she comes with me ill pay for her ticket. I really want to have sum1 there with me for the 1st few days and although I'll have my sx buddies they wont be able to help since they too are getting done. I am really excited for this. I am praying for a speedy recovery as well because Ive had to watch girls go home and literally stick themselves with a needle to drain out the fluid. I plan on drinking so much water I don't care if I pee myself lol. It helps with the healing. I'm buying the female urinal also which I heard is pretty useful. I am just really excited and nervous too. Oh, I have started kickboxing. Did 1 class so far and I'll do it again tomorrow when classes resume. She kicked my ass man but tha workout was everything. I was so out of shape and I really want to drop a good 10 lbs. Last I weighed myself was 144. I def want to be at least 130. According to the scale I weigh 140 idk its not a digital scale so I don't really trust it lol. Think Ill spend the xta 15 bucks and get a better one. I have been eating really healthy for the most part, having some shakes and fish and salads most days. My sis is a shakeology coach so if you don't know anything about it you should look it up. its really good for you and it works. She lost over 100 lbs with it. Anyway I guess Ive chatted enough - just wanted to update you guys as to where I am at. the countdown is on yall Stay Blessed.

Research & more Research

Hey dolls. Hope all of you are doing well. I have to tel you, this site is sooo informative. I am just researching everything esp after reading another doll's story and they say something that is new to my ears. Ok, so up to speed : my flight is booked for 4/12 and sx is 4/14. Im flying back on 4/23 and i have 2 other girls coming with me. I met 1 through this site and i love her! and a friend of mine from my hometown is going. (she is getting sx with Dr Manuel Diaz) and we are heading to Almonte. I have been emailing Lesley almost each day with a new set of questions as they arise. Sometime it takes her a day to respond which I don't mind bc I understand she is working and there are prob 100s of other girls doing the same thing. My supply list is almost completed so Im hype. Countdown app says 32 days til departure! Omg its getting so real yall. Im actually happy its still a little while away because im noticing as the days go by, i am having more and more questions and i want to be fully aware of what im getting into. Alot of girls just go into this like yeah i want this and this and that which of course we all want something but we have to be knowledgeable at the same time. So i have included a breast augmentation in my procedures as well and I am researching more on that. A tummy tuck and bbl is pretty straight forward but having breast done there are things i dont know such as what types of implants are used and etc. So i def want to be informed. Post op care is the most important part of this process and so i've read that taking bromelain (which i purchased) and drinking pineapple juice is really good to help swelling. So from here on out, i will include pineapple juice in my diet. On monday/tues my packages should arrive and once I have everything together I will post pics of my items. Amazon is amazing and so is Walmart lol. My sis is also a pharmacy tech so gauze pads and alcohol pads things like that she was able to get for me. There is only a good handful of things i still want to purchase. Anyway, Speaking to Mayra from Real Recovery Armonia, she said she had to change her massage therapist and the cost is now $35 instead of $25. So i asked her to find someone who will do it for $25. Lesley said they range from $25-30 as well and they do them at the clinic too. Mayra told me she found a girl who will do it for $24 and Lesley said after the 4th day is when you can start to get massages. I plan on getting at least 10. Ladies, make sure you have extra cash on hand bc you never know what you may need. Be Aware that your body is your temple and so treat it as such and give it the best care that you can- do not be cheap. I get trying to save cash bc im looking for each way to that as well but i will not be cheap when it comes to the care for my body.. and lets be honest - money makes the world go round and these ppl are all looking for another dollar so money talks. Another helpful tip i got from Myra, if you are coming with someone and like fly together - you can split the cost of the transportation. it cost 100 but obviously if u r with 1 person it will be 50.

Time Is Ticking...

Hi everyone! So, time is ticking and I am getting more and more excited each day. I come almost everyday to a new item that was delivered or I open my luggage and check out all the supplies lol. I'm trying to keep count of everything I have purchased and what it has cost me as well because I'm hoping that I didn't forget anything and that it will all be used. I'm going to start uploading pictures now and hope that can help others in their journeys. So far, I think I have everything I need except a thermometer, fever reducer, gas pain relief (my sis said after a tummy tuck you have bad gas) , and my maxi dresses. My boppy pillow and arnicare gel came in the mail today. The pictures I upload should be pretty self explanatory as to what I have and need. Or at least think I need lol. I first went to the dollar tree and these things I purchased for $1. I believe I Spent no more than $25 !
Scar gel
Triple anti biotic ointment
3 packages of anti bacterial wipes
Anti Itch Cream
Hydrocortisone Cream
Tooth Brush/Mouthwash couple other toiletries
Pill organizer
Few rolls of Surgical waterproof tape
Hand sanitizer
Tylenol Extra Strength Pills
A back scratcher since u cannot bend this will work for the hard to reach places
Bed Chux - These were 2 in a pack and they are super thick! Prob get another 5 packs I have 3 now

Now, I don't know how good the scar gel obviously will work but $1 is not going to hurt me. lol
A friend helped me out and got me some ScarGuard serum which I heard is really good and recommended by a lot of plastic surgeons. She also got Scar Away silicone sheets (also recommended) each of them are $25-$30 depending where u buy from. Oh, and she got the CVS brand of scar sheets as well.
My boppy pillow was purchased on Amazon and i paid $30 for it. I dont care, I am NOT about to let my new booty deflate lol. Also from Amazon I purchased the following:
Bio Oil - (2) 14.99 each
Arnicare Gel (2) 7.24 each
A Safe - 12.48
Bromelain Pills to help with Swelling! - $10
Hibiclens - 8 oz - 10.04
Disposable Washcloths (50 ct) - $5.93
Arnicare Pain Relief Tablets - $9.99

All of those Amazon items came to $151.13 I signed up for some Amazon credit card card which gave me a discount of $48.39 bringing my total to $102.74. (I didn’t use my Amazon cc for the purchase but I have a $4k limit!)

So now onto the next - Luggage Set which everyone doesnt need but I did was bought at Walmart - a 4 pc spinner set at that! Guess how much it was? $99 bucks. You was right! You is smart! LOL
I wanted to find spinners because I hear how sore you are after lipo or tt and Im sure im not even going to want to drag anything or let alone carry shit! I can just push my luggage with a cane if i need to lol
Also purchased at Walmart:
Package of wife beaters
Package of white tees
Granny panties
Unisom sleeping pills
Poise Pads- For incisions Gonna grab another pack cus this has only 14 in it
Traveling First Aid Kit
Package of Unscented Wipes (Parents Choice Brand)
Oh and my sis brought me some gauze pads from her job.

I probably spent a good $40 at walmart on these Items

So all in all my supply list is at about $270. Keep in mind that you do not have to purchase new tanks for under your faja, I recommend bringing old ones so I am going to do just that and save the new ones I bought for after. I didn’t think about that until afterwards and I’m just not the type to return things that I can use anyway...
I am still thinking about purchasing some lipo foam as well. My sis said she may have so I need to see about that.
Now to break down my other costs :
Surgery - Tummy tuck, Lipo, BBL and Breast Augmentation is going to run me $5400. This is not including my RH.

I have already put $1,350 down so my balance is now $4,050. And I have that inside of my supplies bag ready and waiting and def NOT TOUCHING.
I am staying at Real Recovery Armonia for 9 days and I have a triple room which is $55 night. My total cost is $495. I have actually paid $675 already which was the double room and triple room I originally was getting along with the $50 for my private nurse. I am in great communication with Mayra who is Mayra Checho Daughter. She pretty much runs the shit for her I guess and speaks perfect English! She is awesome and I recommend her to anyone. SHE IS GREAT TO WORK WITH. So anyway, tomorrow she is going to refund me the difference which should be $180 total I advised her I found my own nurse and didn’t need to pay for that through her also.

Ok so I orginally wanted Nurse Ana Esther. She is on whats app and speaks good english. She is very nice. Her whats app is 829-702-3575 and her IG is nurseanaesther. She recommended another nurse for me because she is already booked that day. Sucks I know. But i communicated with the other nurse and she is very nice also. Only thing is she doesnt speak a lick of english lol. Ana told me that and sent me the laughing emojis which i thouht was really funny. So this other nurse her name is Damiana. I think she said she’s a doctor also idk.. Her whats app is 829-630-1609. I downloaded a translator app which anyone who doesnt speak English is going to need regardless bc your nurse may not be around! The app is called MyLanguage and it works way better than Google Translate! I write her and she responds back in English. Sometimes in Spanish to but i just copy and paste the words. So Im happy with her excluding the language barrier but I know some small poquito espanol so i’ll be ok. My sx buddy knows Spanish so we will be just fine and shes already spoken to her. I know we are in good hands.
I checked out this guy name J Masajes on IG. Supposedly he’s like king of lymphatic massages, so i’m hoping to get some sessions in with him because everyone says he’s the best. Idk how much he cost tho. Most massages run $25-$35. Doc recommends a minimum of 10 massages so ladies be prepared to get them! They help reduce swelling and I damn sure dont want to come home with my drain. Also, I checked out some spots in NY and what they want like $80 a session! I dont mind if i need to do it once, but Hell i def will be getting 2-3 massages a day if i can handle it. Post op care is the most importante!
What else? Oh I tried to purchase the tourist card that you will need online but it didnt work for some reason. Its $10 and I heard that sometimes the lines can be very long. I’ll be arriving at like 4am so hopefully at that time its not too crazy. And still open?
Yall see my reviews are some real lengthy ones so dont judge.. Just read and gain knowledge. The amount of time i spent reading other ppl reviews was something crazy lol. Coulda read a 500 page book but its all good because everyone has diff experiences and you never know what could be helpful to the next person. If you are like me, you will be giving and receiving all information in your path lol.


Supply pics

My body

Money well spent

Balance for surgery $4k !

Bed Bugs??

Ok, so I have heard some veryyy disturbing news that Real Recovery Armonia had bed bugs. A patient there shared her video and expressed her concerns after getting nowhere for about 2 days (so the story goes). I hit up Mayra (the daughter) myself bc she is who Ive been communicating with these past few weeks and she said that the patient did not have bed bugs and that it was ants that she saw. I do understand that this is a diff atmosphere but I don’t want no ants in my pants either ok lol. Bed bugs are the worst! And its hard to get rid of that type of infestation once its starts. I contacted the girl and she said Mayra was ignoring her and only concerned that she put it out on Social media and didn’t ask about the well being of her health at all. She finally contact her doctor and they told her that her bed needed to be changed. I don’t know the complete story but what I do know is that I am soo happy my sx buddy saw that video and tagged me in the info!! If there is even a slight possibility that any place has bed bugs – I don’t care how good the review is. That Bitch is OFF my list. So I sent Mayra a message telling her that I just couldn’t take the risk and demanded a refund. Yes I did say demand, not request! I didn’t say it nastily even though you have to be careful when using that word. All in all, she sent me back my money with no issues and so for that I will continue to speak good on her behalf at least with the experience that I had with her. She did keep a $100 deposit which was so called non refundable but that’s partly my fault. I don’t even care though, because my health is my #1 priority and I’d rather pay for a hotel with a nurse or find a new recovery home if need be! These damn RH are so damn tricky – trying to pick the best one where the care and stay will be a pleasant one. I am trying not to get overwhelmed! So right now we are going with either Princess Recovery Home or Venus Recovery which is a new spot. A nurse was recommended to us and we just found out that she actually works at the new spot. So idk how I feel about it only because there are really no reviews to see but I do think that a brand new spot is going to try their best and accommodate so that they can get their reputation up. So a little more research and we will see. If you have stayed at any recovery spot- which one was it and how did your stay go ? Also how much did it cost you and what type of room did u have?


Where did you stay?
How was your experience?
What were the costs of the stay and what did it include?
Any other helpful info is appreciated!

Venus Recovery It Is

So as you guys may have read, we had an issue with Armonia and hearing there were bed bugs! Eww gross I know. So I requested back my refund which I was sent and so i really can't speak anything bad on Armonia or Mayra. I just wasn't taking that chance. So anyway our Nurse who Is Damiana is working at a brand new RH and it is called Venus Recovery. The pictures are very nice and so we have decided to go with them. My other top 2 choices included Serenity and High Class Recovery. But being a fresh new facility I am expecting everything to be in order, sanitized and all that. (hopefully) lol. So once I get the email with pricing sent I will book. Feeling excited all over again! 25 days to go ladies.. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as this is an incredibly emotional journey to go on well before you make it to the flat side! But I have faith in my doctor and most of all Faith in my God! I'm so ready to make this life change and I feel so good about it. I am so blessed.

Insurance Question!!!

Ok ladies I need your help. I read a few reviews in which some other dolls have gotten their medical insurance through insuremytrip.com with it costing less than 1/2 the price the doctors in DR charge. Have any of you heard or used this service? What does it include and does it suffice for what Almonte has as well? Any information on this would be helpful!!

14 Days to Go

Can't believe how fast time is winding down. I am so excited. Today I wrote a "living will" and sent it to my older sister. Although we all hope for a speedy recovery there are risks with any surgery and I just couldn't see myself not leaving a note for them all God forbid something happened. Thats just me being realistic I guess.
On another note, I still have a couple of deliveries on the way so excited for them to get here so I can start packing things away. I ordered a heating blanket since everyone talks about how cold you are after waking from the anesthesia and when I get cold, it takes a long time to warm me up so def not trying to go through the shivers while recovering with a new body! I ordered an ab board which came yesterday (really fast shipping through amazon!) and I am bringing a thermometer just in case. My sister told me I should bring my own waters because their bottled waters have an aftertaste. I wonder what thats about lol. Well I am done with my list of supplies and once the rest of my deliveries arrive, I will pack it all up but I am happy to be officially done! So now its really just the waiting game. I am going back to my doctor Aoril 6th to get medical clearance for sx and get my blood levels checked. I am going to ask him will he see me afterwards (the sx) so I at least have some knowledge as to if I can go to my doctor or straight to the ER God forbid i catch an infection or something. Again, just trying to be proactive. All in all, mentally I think I am ready lol. Still a bit nervous of course but ready. I hope you all can get some "experience" through my journey and although it hasn't happened yet - this is actually a lot of work up to this point. I think by my SX being pushed back another month was def helpful because I am still getting things and reading more reviews and gaining more knowledge. Will update you again a couple times prob before I leave.... Til next time

Feeling Sad

So I woke up to some bad news that a doll from NY died from a blood clot in her spine at Cipla. She had Dr Rodriguez
I am not completely sure what happened but what I read from the news was that she underwent 5 surgeries(not sure which ones) and after sx they poked needles in her and no blood came out. 3 days after she was discharged and sent to an OB>GYN and they determined she had a blood clot in her spinal cord which caused her to pass. She had a total of 3 kids the youngest being 8 mths & having a c section with. I pray for her family and children. I ask God to cover us all with his blood - all the dolls, the families and the doctors.
I am trying to not let this discourage me in anyway. I am not having surgery at Cipla I'll be at Cecip but my friend is having surgery with Diaz at Cipla on the 13th. I am also looking into getting dental work. I saw a Dr liranzo out there does some amazing work for a smile makeover design. I contacted lesley to see if its safe to have done 5 days after surgery and she said yes but i would like to speak with the dentist himself. I contacted him yesterday but no response as of yet so maybe by tomorrow I hope to know something. I want to know how much for the smile makeover and teeth whitening. If teeth whitening doesnt cost too much i def want to get that done while Im there if I can. This whole surgery has cost a lot in the end because you have to take everything into account.
Flight was $362
Supplies/gifts prob cost me about a good $400
Venus Rh - $750 10 days (transportation included)
$5,750 - Tummy tuck, bbl, lipo and breast aug.
So thats hits $7500 right there. Still obviously a whole lot cheaper than the US so I'm thankful for that. but that doesn't include the mandatory insurance money ($150) and money you will need for just in case. I'm hoping to have like $1k extra. I have credit cards if I need that for anything so im good either way. So far my balance owed for surgery says $3,400. I have a few more packages im waiting for and that completes everything ive ordered and need. April 6th i will see my pcp for medical clearance and bring the paper almonte sent me for getting meds. hopefully i can get them filled so we will see. I am just taking it all day by day. I am glad to have 12 days left because I need to get focused again after this incident at Cipla because truth be told it can happen to anyone anywhere. God has the last say so. Keep the prayers up for us all! We need it.

7 Days Til I Take Off!!

Can't believe it's a week away until I leave! I have purchased everything I need except for my tourist card because it didn't let me do it online for some reason. I'll be getting to DR at 4am anyway so I'm sure that there won't be long lines around that time. I hope not. My luggage is just waiting to be snuggled with items cus right now everything is kind of thrown into it. I went and got some snacks also just in case.. I bought some plain rice cakes with "snack size" peanut butter. Esp bc you can't resume eating just yet. I got some jello... I guess i'll bring a few ensures. My nurse said to bring that but im wondering why if its packed with sodium (salt) Salt is what increases swelling.. I'll bring a couple and see but for the most part I'm trying to drink gatorades and water all day. I will be having a consultation with Dr Jepssy Beltre for a smile makeover. He quoted me $2,850 for 4 implants and 6 porcelain veneers. So we will see what happens with that. I am also scheduled to see Dr Liranzo at 3pm on 4/13. The language barrier with him is an issue for me though. Dr Beltre speaks perfect English and he is quite funny. He pretty much had me sold at the quote.. offering a welcome dinner and the transportation as well. Dr Liranzo offered 2700 for the smile makeover but I couldn't understand what it came with. So we will see how much time I have out there and what I decide to do. It would be nice to get as much done as possible if it's ok. I'll write a separate review for that if I choose that route anyway. I think i am shying away from having my breasts done. Although I really want them done I'm not sure if having all those procedures done at once is a smart thing to do. I am just praying for the guidance and we will see what Almonte says when I get out there. So far, I am #2 on the schedule and My sx buddy is #1. It's so crazy so think this is really about to happen. I just keep praying that God keeps us all covered. I guess I'll update you guys after my Dr appointment... if not, than you'll hear from me when I get to DR. Good Luck to all my beautiful ladies out there on your journeys - All the best !!

My PCP is on Board!! So happy

Yes it is true! Yesterday I went for my medical clearance appt and got recent blood work done as well. My doctor told me he wanted to see me 1 week after i come back and then once a month afterwards. Lord, that feels like a weight lifted off of my shoulders since you hear so many stories of US doctors not wanting to have anything to do with any procedures done overseas. So I feel very blessed to have support all around. I really can't tell you how humble that makes me. He is also prescribing my meds which he said I could pick up on Monday. My bloodwork results should be in tomorrow (Friday) so I would love to see what my hemo is at now. About a month or so ago it was 13.9 and that was before taking iron pills, so I'm hoping its sitting at 15. I'm still pretty much leaning towards Not getting my breasts done as I don't want to put too much stress on my body. Also, I want to be able to have the best doctor work on me. I just hope and pray I made the right choice with Almonte because spending all this money would be devastating. And I'm still in limbo about my getting my smile makeover. He said it would only take an hour the whole procedure. Thats amazing.

My Heart Is Racing

So bad. I am leaving tonight for DR at 12 midnight. I'm at work right now and I kind of wish I had today off instead of yesterday. So I could spend my last day with my kids. My son told me he didn't want me to go. I am just going to miss them sooo much. If it was like 5 days I would be ok honestly. I need a little break from them sometimes lol. My daughter hasn't been feeling good and that has me feeling like I don't want to leave her. My best friend is so worried and doesn't know why I am doing this. Some people just don't understand that you want to change things about yourself for your own reasons. It's not for everyone to understand. People have their own thoughts and views about everything. I have my hubby support finally and I needed that bc he is the person I will be with ... I have my familys support as well and thats huge for me. Thank You God for everything. I know I am covered... I just need God to give me the strength and ease my worries because it's kicking in...

Here in the DR

I arrived in Dominican republic last night along with my two other surgery buddies our flight was delayed 45 minutes and so we left at about 1 AM and we reached about 4:45 AM it was a very smooth ride in the piloted a great job at landing because we didn't even feel once we hit the ground. Our driver Vladimir was waiting for us and he drove a straight to our recovery home which is Venus recovery the owner was not in but we were settled into our own rooms until the morning to make payment. My beautiful nurse Damiana came knocking on my door very excited about 730 this morning. I was very happy to see her and finally be able to give her a hug in person as we only spoke through what's app. We left from Venus to come to Cecip to do our lab work and I met Raquel who is really amazing and has a great spirit and she speaks very good English even though she doesn't think that she does. The nurse was very easy join my blood and the place was very clean and then I went to have my heart checked out when I walked into the room it was really old looking so be prepared because these rooms and hospitals are not like in the United States it's a very very different it was weird to look at but it didn't freak me out. It just was like very outdated and could use a touch up but overall my results came back pretty good I don't know what my email is at this time because no one has told me. Our driver bought us out to go get some Dominican food from a really busy restaurant and the food was really good after that we went to Venus to relax a little more before packing our overnight bag and going back to CECIP. I haven't met Almonte yet so I guess my consultation tomorrow will be the first time I'm meeting her as well the payment process process was very easy I paid all together 5750 and that includes breast augmentation. Tt lipo and bbl. so that is really how my day went today I did learn that the way that they drive out here is absolutely ridiculous and when you come out here you will see that for yourself you cannot ever try to rent a car and think that you would be able to drive in the streets the way that they do it's ridiculous but it was some of the funniest stuff that I've ever seen and it helped take the edge off from being in s different country.

Venus Recovery house

So far I just want to say that being this recovery house is amazing the staffs that I have met does not speak English so far but the nurse that recommended me to stay there who is also my private nurse is nothing less than amazing her name is Damiana and I will recommend her to anyone we talk through a translator app and she pretty much uses her hands to talk to me like if she's pointing at something to get to me or that I need or she'll just translated on the app. The house looks exactly how the pictures look so I was really happy about that it has a downstairs where the kitchen is and a few rooms maybe four rooms and upstairs has five rooms I am in room number nine there are three bathrooms and they are very clean. Damiana looked in my suitcase and pack everything that I needed for my overnight bag which included poise pads toothbrush and toothpaste A maxi dress deodorant which I will use after my surgery because you cannot use it before. I might not even be able to use it at all I'm not sure but I brought it just in case I bought a few snacks so that I can have something to munch on but nothing is to be in you after midnight. I also have a wife beater for underneath my faja and bed chux. Everything else is locked away in my room and I have the key I'm happy that they do provide keys to lock your doors and keep guessing see but I would honestly say that even if they didn't and they are not even the type to steal or have you worried about your stuff. The aftercare is going to be what's important. And so I will be writing another review in regards to them. What I'm happy about is that Damiana works for Venus so she is always going to be there even though I only hired her as my private nurse for one night I know that she will continuously check on me and my surgery buddy and that feels very good she was at my door so early in the morning that she knew we came in just to give us hugs and it was beautiful.

Morning of surgery

So right now it is 630 in the morning and I am up at CECIP. I was so beyond tired last night so I'm happy that I was pretty much sleep by 1030 and I did get some decent sleep I woke up a few times during the night just to Pee. Last night one of the nurses came in and brought some food which was the sandwich I don't know what kind of sandwich it was it look like it had tomatoes and something else on it but was pretty decent so I ate it and then I have some Jell-O along with it which was really sweet and pretty good but it wasn't like made right it should've said in the fridge little bit more because it was more like drinking juice. Lol. They had some kind of fruit and it was so nasty I have no idea what it was but if I ever see it again I will never ever eat it it looked like watermelon but it definitely wasn't and I don't know if it normally taste like that but it tasted like it was just nasty you know how when you drink milk that spoiled or you know something goes bad in your fridge. It was like it tasted like how those things smell if that makes any sense. My recovery house also packed a sandwich up for me and a drink which I would really love to have right now but I can't. I'm going to check in on my surgery sister and see what she's up to because surgery is going to start soon do we have to start getting prepared I took a shower last night with the hibiclens. There was actually no towel in the bathroom there were like two small hand towels in there so I just use that to dry off with so I would recommend bringing a towel and I would also recommend bringing a pajama set for yourself. That should've been one thing that I packed in my overnight bag because I only had my T-shirt that goes under my ffaja and one pair of underwear so that is what I'm having now and after surgery anyway I'm probably not going to have on any underwear because I'm going to have a catheter in so it's not that serious to me and I have my maxi dress so when I get ready to leave to the recovery house I just won't wear any panties lol. The TV in my room does not work and no one came in to help me get it set up at all and it doesn't really bother me because I really don't watch TV even at home but I guess I would've flipped through the channels had it been working. I am mainly on my phone just talking to my family so that's what's really important to me anyway I don't care about a television maybe in my postop care while I'm resting in bed you know a lot and I didn't even check at the recovery House of my TV turns on but they did give me the remote for it so obviously it does I'll have to check out the English channels and see what they have. My other friend who came along with is heading to CIPLA right now and she is having surgery with Dr. Manuel Diaz. Please keep us all in your prayers and your thoughts are very appreciated your support and not go unnoticed thank you all for the well wishes see you on the flat side !!

Didn't have surgery -bummer

OK so unfortunately after all my testing was done it came back that my TSH levels were too high they were at a 10 and for the surgery they do not want it to be about five because it is hard to wake you up from Anastasia. I was told I could stay for 10 days and get the treatment and I wanted to bring it down but it was going to be way too much money to stay an extra 10 days so I've decided to catch a flight back home and I will come back once my doctor has cleared me. My two other surgery sisters had their surgeries today and went successful they are in some pain but they're doing OK. I was really sad at first that I was unable to have the surgery but again this is a elective I can come back anytime to have it done. I'm happy they did their due diligence and checked everything because had they put me on the table there could've been a really good chance that I was not coming home at all and that's more important to me than anything so they refunded me my money from my surgery except for the $350 deposit and I will go home meet with my doctor and an Endocrinologist and I will have the meds prescribed to me and I will have it checked before hand I wish I had known about this before I was only concerned with my hemoglobin level which is at a 14.5 right now But I am happy that I am alive and I to make the decision to come back and have this done in the right state and health. My recovery house is still fully paid for so that's one thing I don't even have to worry about and of course I still have all the money from the surgery that was refunded to me and so I'm still good either way is just finding another flight in a few weeks to come back. Almonte told me that I can come back and have surgery with her any day that I want even though she's booked and she will make sure that I have surgery the day I want to. She also told me that my labs are good for one month and if I come back within four weeks with the note from my doctor endocrinologists that everything is clear and my levels are five and below then I'll be good and won't have to do labs again but if I go over One months then I will have to do all the testing again so needless to say I am immediately going to my doctor to get tested and get my levels down they said it takes 10 days so I'm hoping to be back here in three weeks and my sister has already said that she will come with me she's trying to get her around two anyway so it actually works out.


Ok so I'm at Real recovery Armonia right now and I have to be totally honest from the time I walked in the door everyone has been so welcoming and the staff here are very attentive I cannot believe that some others had bad experiences because even though it's only been today that i've been here it has been absolutely amazing there are a few other dolls here probably met about A good seven so far and everyone is experiencing things in their own way but it is very refreshing because I feel like God has placed me here at the right time. I am waiting on my sister to arrive her flight lands at seven. So now to update on me this morning at 7 o'clock I went to CIPLA. I met with pebbles who is the assistant and she was helpful she didn't seem like she was too happy about being at work today maybe because it was early and she just looked kind of tired but she didn't have an attitude or anything like that. I met with Diaz discussed my health history saw the cardiologist got my labs done and not too long ago I got the OK from Diaz that my results came back clear so I'm very excited about that. Armonia staff have been feeding nonstop I like that they have a menu when you have a choice of what to pick from and I've asked other dolls here what they ordered and I hear the fried fish steamed fish is really good. This morning for breakfast I had an omelette and this afternoon I had steak with vegetables and white rice and beans and white rice and beans are really good. I will be posting pictures of whatever I can just to try to get everyone to follow up on MY journey. There is one Duran doll that I just saw she looks really good I've seen a few girls from Almonte One from Disla and one from Baez. These women are very strong and very inspiring and I'm very happy to have connected with them it's almost like walking into a second family when you come here and Mira did tell me that this was my house so to do as I please. There is a staff member hear her name is Lily she's tiny as ever and she has been helpful the most to me in my opinion even though she doesn't speak any English. I can say a few words in Spanish and I can understand a few words in Spanish as well but when you start speaking fast I really don't know what's going on I can say a few words in Spanish and I can understand a few words in Spanish as well but when you start speaking fast I really don't know what's going on lol. So I will try to update again in the morning with just a picture of me going into surgery and hopefully when I get out either myself or my sister will give an update when I can. Happy healing.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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