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HEY ALL MY RS SISTERS!!, .So, Hello all. Like...

HEY ALL MY RS SISTERS!!, .So, Hello all. Like everyone else I've been quite obsessive with the site and everything ON IT pertaining to my wants, needs, and desires when it comes to this procedure. I've been reseachig this for a while. I've been to numerous consultations (Athenix, Dr, Hughes, Dr. Kaplan, ) and countless other searches. but this site has been the MOST informative,so I would like to say THANK YOU in advance. So after consultiing with some of the best surgeons in sunny California, I've decided to go to the Dominican Republic for my procedure. So just a little about myself. I'm 33 years old no children yet. I'm 5'4" and 160 pounds. I for one take full responsibility for how my body looks today, but when bad habits, LIFE, and Genes, get the best of Anyhow, no matter how much I worked out, or what dieting I did, I couldn't and still can't get rid of this extra pouch in the front. So after many suggestons (all consisent), with the seperate doctors I am going to have a tummy tuck, with lipo to my full abdomen, full back, waist, flanks,inner thighs with fat transfer to my hips and butt, and a breast lift revision. I chose to go to the Dominican Republic like everyone else because of the fabulous results, and of course the price!!!. I reached out to the doctors that I felt would suit me, and those doctors were: 1.) Dra. Yily De Los Santos, 2.) Dra. Walkiris Robles, 3.) Dra. Fatima Almonte 4.) Dra. Australia Fragoso Baez, and of course the infamous Dra. Augustina Hilario Duran. So the first to respond to my emails was Dra. Robles ( I mean as soon as I clicked send on the email in 2 minutes I got a response, AND it was like 2:30 am, I work graveyard) IMPRESSIVE!! So she quoted me $6500 1st faja, lab tests,anesthesia, the exprected surgical expenses but no inner thigh lipo. The second person to respond was Dra. Almonte's assistant Eldaa (yes she's a real assistant, she works with Lesly) She was awesome!!! She responded to every question no problem, and gave me feedback on what I wanted to get done. She quoted me $5720 for everything all-inclusive with recovery house, transportation, but won't do my breast lift. !! I begged Eldaa to ask the Dra. Almonte if she wouls consider the breast lift, but she's a no go on that?? So next was Dra. Baez. she quoted me the least at $3800, but didn't include recovery house, or breast lift. She suggested that I come back in 6 months, but I really don't want to go back and go through that recovery process twice, so I waited for a quote from Dra. Yily De Los Santos,and Dra. Duran. So Dra. Yily was next to respond, and she was the answer to ALL of my prayers. I've read in multiple reviews that some of the ladies felt that she was felt she wasn't genuine or nice . Let me tell you how that couldn't be further from the truth!! She's amazing. everytime I needed to reach out and ask a question SHE was available, She would respond to my emails in a timely manner, and, always had kind words to say. She quoted me $5800 with everything that I want done, but no recovery house.We all know how amazing her work is, and all the patients I have seen are SNATCHED,, and I feel she will give me the look that I want. I want my stomach flat, my waist snatched, and my boobies perky, and she is going to do ALL of it, and shes doing my thighs too. So I have decided to go with Doctora Yily De Los Santos. I have made my deposit, and secured my date. I am scheduled for 2/19/15. and I will be staying for 11 days. I will be buying my supplies next week, booking my flight, and recovery house. I will be staying at Luxury Recovery House, per a recommendation from Dr. Yily herself. I figured if she recommends it it can't be bad right ? I also just wanted to say that Yira she is awesome as well. I know they're extremely busy, but for some reason I've been lucky to get in contact with them 1st try every time. Yira was so patient with me and my questions about anything couldn't ask for better customer serivce. I was able to get in contact ith her through whatsapp (dr. Yily)....OOOOH and I still haven't heard from Dra. Duran yet??? but I'm fine with that,. I don't quite have my measurements, but I will have that for you ladies later on today, as well as some pre-op photos and wish pics. So excited can't wait to be a YILY BARBIE !!!

Before pics measurements and wish pics

Hey ladies sorry late post but as promised here are some before pics measurements 36-34-43 and wish pics.


Hey yall hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. Nothing much to update well a couple of things but I'll do that in my next post. SOOOO... when I did my measurements I did them by myself which I thought I did well, however that was not the So here are nrw measurements.
Bust: 40 ( yeah my 36 was waaayyy off)
Waist: 36
Hips: 44
So there it is I've been looking for fajas but its hard vause I'm always in between sizes...but thats it for now next post I post some pics of my supplies so far..see yall soon.

Dr. Yily out of office for holiday

hey real self sisters I just read on Facebook that Dr. Yily will be out of the office as well as her staff until January 5th 2015. ..however you can still email her or contact her through her email at Hope this info helps I hope everyone has a wonderful new year talk to you soon.


Ok Ladies real quick and I gotta go... I'm not yelling just important info lol here goes...

GO TO NURSINGPILLOW.COM AND ENTER PROMO CODE 77142205A AND GET $40.00 OFF !!! WHICH MAKES IT TOTALLY FREE. YOU'RE WELCOME!! love ya'll...full review coming tomorrow of my supplies list and everything else. T-39 days!!! So excited and anxious at the same time. Ok talk to you all tomorrow.


Ladies I forgot. ..I GOT 3 PILLOWS I REPEAT 3 PILLOWS FOR THE PRICE OF THAT 1!!! So that promo code should help you out!! Ok til 2morrow.

36 days to go!!!

Heeeeryyyy dolls! ! Ok so as promised..
(a day later) smh. ...I'm doing a little update. Ok so last I posted I just ordered 3 boppy pillows for the price of one! !! AWESOME DEAL!! and now the good stuff.. lol. Not too much to tell. Since my last review. I bought some gorgeous luggage. .. (why not right, perfect excuse). I purchased mlst of my stuff jist waiting for other supplies I ordered from Amazon and Ebay, that should be arroving next week. I bought my plane ticketit came put to $760.00 !!! (OUCH) I know I lnow. However it came put to be that much because I purchased travelers insurance amd I got a seat with extra room so I could stretch out on the way home and that cost me extra, but I'd rather be more comfortable on the way home.
As far as my passport goes I'm getting that today!! Expedited of course. So I should either get it on the spot at the Regional Los Angeles Agency or get it overnight to me. As far as a travel companion don't have one of those anymore...boyfriend and I had a nasty fight...SOOOOO IF ANYONE IS GOING THE SAME TIME IM LEAVING LAX 2-17-15 and my surgery is 2-19-15!!! So INBOX ME IF YOU WANT TO LINK UP!! Other than that I'm taking my vitamins and I wanted to get a blood builder just in case...So my hemoglobin levels are what they need to be!! Am i nervous naaaawww am I anxious HELL TO THE YES!! I just want to get it over with...I'm soooo ready!!

pics of supplies clothes and luggage

Hey Dolls ok...I've been fighting with my phone all night trying to post these dang pictures. Anywhoo I figured it out. .YAAAAYYY. so these oics are just some of the things thst I bought. Still waiting for my 3 Boppy Pillows for the price of one! !! ( IF YOU WANT THIS DEAL USE PROMO CODE 77142205A ). And a few other is and ends. ..That's it fir now for me. Hope everyone is well..Talk to you dolls soon....Ciao


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE YOUR ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE OR A CERTIFIED COPY FROM THE COUNTY CLERKS/REGISTRARS OFFICE WHEN GOING TO GET YOUR PASSPORT!!! THEY WILL NOT TAKE COPIES (NIT EVEN COLOR) ..AND IF YOU NEED IT WITHIN A COUPLE DAYS GO TO YOUR LOCAL PASSPORT AGENCY. (NOT AN ACCEPTANCE FACILITY) THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS (PLACES) If you have to leave within the month they will expedite processing, and you can pick it up or have it mailed to you. I'm picking mine up on Friday!!! YAAAAAAAAASSSSSS. .Expedited processing is an extra $60 but I'd rather have it now then having to wait. ..The total cost for my passport was $195.00 and its my first time so I think it went well.. Hope the info helps...Talk to you soon dolls.... (I'm really leaving this time. .lol ) Ciao


Hello ladies it has been a little while since I posted anything so here goes. I purchased 3 nursing pillows for the price of 1!! I also purchased my vitamins and my Vitamedica supplement that should help with wound healing. .I still have a few things to do and to my silicone scar sheets.. gauze, wife beaters, my chux, and my maxi dresses, other than that I'm good to go... here are some pics. .talk to you lovely ladies soon...


Ok need help I need tp switch datesvwith someone for a later date...Im scheduled with Dr. Yily on 2*19*15 need later date the following week..maybe 23rd or 24th?!!! Can anybody switch? I know its like in 2 weeks but I thought I'd try.. LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!! I appreciate it in advance..


Ok so I just want to say this update has been a long time coming!!! But stay tuned I have ALL THE INFO YOU NEED for you journey to the D.R. and beyond. Lol. Okay. Just want to touch base with you DOLLS and I will be posting pics soon.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have nothing bad at all to say about Doctora De Los Santos. She is amazing, she is extremely accessible, evethough I know she is very busy. Her assistant Yira is on point too. I was one of the fortunate patients that was able to always get in contact with her. She was knowledgeable about everything that I asked her about. I can't wait to meet with her and have my surgery.

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