Round 1 Lima Doll.... Soon to come Round 2 Fisher Queen :) 02/2015

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Hey. Im so new to this. I just recently joined the...

Hey. Im so new to this. I just recently joined the site and have been doing some research on getting some work done. So to begin, Im from FL, im 5’2, just turned 27 a week ago (Oct 7), I have no kids, and im 250 (I just found out and it’s horrible and disgusting). I don’t even know how all this weight creep up on me but of course it’s my terrible eating habits and stress (just lost my dad). But either way Ive decided on my 27th birthday to make a change in my life beginning with getting the body I want and deserved. I have joined a gym and brought a bunch of weight loss things.
I plan to lose about 80 pounds so I can get my weight to about 170 (BMI of 31.1) to get the work I want done. What I would like to get done is a full body lipo (main areas: arms, abdomen, and back), a breast lift (make the fuller with my fat and lifted), and a Brazilian butt lift (a small waist with a huge ass).
I have seen a lot of Duran work on this site and I think im in love. Im on like everyday lol, it’s like my new addiction. I like how Duran gives her patients a flat stomach, small waist and huge butt. I don’t mind Yily but it doesn’t seem as if she gives real big butts. I feel as though if Im paying my money, I should get my whole dollars’ worth. I do not want to go back under the knife for something I had already demanded and paid for but didn’t get that outcome. I think that’s why Im looking forward to going with Duran.
My plan date to get this done around April or May but no later than June of 2014. I have to get my money right and save enough for the surgery, flight, and place to stay. I would feel more comfortable to have a travel buddy. If anyone is interested please contact me, because I don’t know much Spanish.
Also quick question: Does anyone know anything about a person having a TT before every having kids? Is it a bad idea?

1st Update

Well I have been so busy this week and almost forgot about updating. I have started my diet and exercise, not as faithfully as I would like, but im getting there. I noticed that I did loose 2 pounds yea me :) lol... But I have looked and began to chose some wish pics that I have collected from other reviews and the internet.

Updating (View with Caution) lol, seriously

Lately I have been feel blah, so i havent been up to doing anything really. I did loose weight and I think it would be more if I didnt cheat at times. But my current weight now is 241.2 lbs. I should still be a bit excited but idk. I havent heard from Duran yet. Today I emailed both her facebook pages, sent her a message on what's app, and I sent and invite for her on BBM. Lol I sound like a damn stalker. That is sad. But besides that Im just price shopping around and reading about other doctors.... A few people i know like family and friends that I hint to about getting surgery done in DR complain and say Im too young or that I should wait until I have children or it may be too dangerous to go to a 3rd world country to get work done just because it's half the price. Honestly, I hear what they say but idc I still want to get it done and do it for me. I will just pray to God that all goes right. My body literally makes me feel disgusting at times, I just cant believe that I allowed myself to reach this bad. I was never a skinny girl, the lightest I ever been was 135. But I use to always have a flat stomach and curves, now it is just rolls. Ugh. Changing my habits and doing this sx will help me tremendously in many ways, especially since I know im doing it for no one other than myself. Now I just need to save up the money to get it done :/ i know i need another job since the one im in is definitely not getting there.That's a whole other subject...But anyways I decided to put my pre-op pics, view at your own risk, b/c i know it's definitely not a pretty site. My body has lost shape, my hips have disappeared into my gut and all together, my arms are huge, there is no butt (just a tiny speck of something), my stomach is this big ol thing with love handles, and my back is so fatt with like 3 rolls. Makes you afraid to look in the mirror yet alone take a picture to notice everything that went wrong. The only thing I am satisfied with my body is my thighs, I like thick thighs so hopefully the doctor I go to can just give me the flat stomach, little waist, perky lifted boobs, more hips (maybe 200cc's), and big booty to go with it. :)

Wish Pics

Had to look and post some wish pics for motivation.

It's been a while

I haven't been on here as much as I should. I've been so busy with work and school. I haven't even been really focused on my diet as I should. My current weight is 232 lbs. Yily said I need to be at least 195 lbs. So for the past week or so I have been trying to be serious about loosing this weight. My schedule just make it hard to workout sometimes. Which is super annoying. I have already paid for my deposit through my bank and sent copies of the information to Yily, which she said she received. I already paid for my ticket. I already asked for the time off at work. I have looked around and pretty much have a recovery house in mind, just need to make a confirmation. The only thing that stresses and worry me is the weight. My friend says I can loose about 30 pounds before September, I just hope so. I know BMI is the big issue and health concern as to why they would like you to be within the weight requirements. Im trying my best to be positive & be dedicated to eat right and work out. I know it will also help me achieve better results. I just wish there was a quicker way, lol. Does anyone have any tips on making my weight loss quicker? Im wondering, has Yily turned anyone away for still being overweight and not losing the amount of weight she recommended in the quote????
With my surgery, I am looking for a thick body type. I use to have a flat stomach, average size but, wide hips, and thick thighs when I was in middle/high school. I was never skinny, always thick. I want to remain with my accustom body type. So with my tt, lipo, bl, and bbl I want to have a flat stomach, small waist, have my hips/waist reappear (lol), same thick thighs (needs to just be toned), no back fat (ugh), and huge big ol butt :) !!!! Here are a mix of Yily and Duran work with some thicker women that I love. I just pray my outcome is one I completely fall in love with as well. Im so excited!!!


Although I have paid my deposit. I am now confused, like most ladies get when they see other PS work. I have been looking around at Dra. Fatima Almonte work and i must admit, it looks really good. She seems to be able to really sculpt all types of body frames well. I saw a couple of thicker ladies she worked on and they look fabulous. She also seems to give the right botty amount. I mean I have seen alot of her clients with flat stomachs, small waists, and nice heart shaped bottoms with great projection. Exactly what I would like to get. I dont have much down there so I really want whoever that works on me give me as much as they can. lol. I am a botty greed. I want my behind to be seen from the front, I want is to be nice and round, and I definitely want projection to my backside. It needs to be like a heart shape shelf booty, stacked!!! lol But enough about the bottom description.
I heard a lot that Yily does not generally like to give big butts. Almonte just wants to give what her customers want. Another thing that I like about Almonte is that I hear her prices are usually cheaper and includes housing. That would be a great plus. So, I emailed her early this morning and I am waiting on a response back. I guess I will go from there.

Here are some more thicker women wish pics attached.

Recovery House ?

Completing my count down in my preparation for my surgery.
I finally dwindle down where I might stay. I have just chosen to go with Gianna Colombia. She was very nice and informative. According to her, my price includes massages which would be good.

I also did contact Dra. Fatima Almonte for a quote. I spoke to her assistant Lesly who spoke very good English. Basically, for almost the same price I would be getting less than I wanted because she does not want to do a breast lift with the surgery. Which I understand because it is a lot to do at once. Yet, on a good note, the price she gave me included housing.
But i decided to stick with Lily, no more mind changing. If I need a round two I may go with her, it depends. I know there is some controversy between some other doctors in DR that I will not mention, but there work results are pretty good. When I get there I will deal with it.

I added some more photos, to help me stay focus and loose weight.

Overdue Update

I no longer went with Dra. Yily. I did not go with Dra. Almonte either. I went with Dr. Luis Lima in the Dominican Republic in September 2014. I went in at 230lbs. I am now 210 lbs. I had a TT, BL, BBL, and lipo. Here are my post op pics, after a month and 2 weeks. I have yet to update and take new pics since I am now two months and 9 days post op. Will take updated pics soon.
I am still very bloated and swollen. I do wear a garment, but I must admit not as much as I should. I take it off a lot when I can tolerate it either because of heat or the pain in having it so long. I am now doing it more religiously, I recently purchased a new garment a couple of days ago and have been getting use to it very well. Just hoping for my results to kick in much better by doing so. Yet, so far I am happy with my results because I have come from a long way, especially for my stomach and back. It is not my goal but I am aiming towards that.

Round 2 BBL

Going for Round 2 for a BBL. I am deciding to stay in the US this time, just because of the ease of getting my massages, going to the doctor for follow ups, ability to go to work a lil sooner, and being able to be local to home.

I really did not get the BBL i desired with my first round. I wanted more roundness and projection. I understand that I may have lost most of butt fat due to the fact I had to sit on my bottom since I had so much work and the tummy tuck was extremely painful.

This time I decided to go with Dr. Fisher in Miami with Vanity Cosmetics Surgery. I have done a lot of research of his work and I have seen him perform booty miracles. I am so excited to go with him. I will probably be going in late February or early March of 2015. I have already send out my deposit.

My consultation and upcoming work with Dr. Fisher includes liposculpture of my full back, love handles, flanks, abdomen, waist, and fat transfer the hips and butt. I have to loose about 40 pounds to be 170 lbs with a BMI of 31.1 instead of my current BMI of 38.4 with the weight of 210 lbs at the height of 5'2. I hear his is a stickler for BMI and weight size before surgery, so I continue with my weight lost journey. Just this time I need to go extremely really hard in time to lose it for February 2015.

Here are some updated wish pics that I would like to have coming out of this round two. I really would like to make this my last sx. I will not be going for any more rounds. I know I am a thicker girl and I am cool with that. So the ladies in my wish pics are those who are also a bit on he thicker size who have flatter stomachs and nicely shaped hips, thighs, and large bottoms.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I did not go with Duran. I went with Dr. Luis Lima for my round #1 TT, BL, BBL, and Lipo. He is excellent. He is very sweet, nice, and gentle. He cares for his patients. His assistant is Janet who helps him very much in the clinic and does most of the coordination and arrangements is equally nice. The real house I stayed at was with Janet RH also very nice, clean, and feeds you constantly good food. Now going for round two with Dr. Fisher in 02/2015.

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