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Hello real self friends. I have been on this site...

Hello real self friends. I have been on this site hundreds of times. Im a mom of two teenage kids. I am 215 lbs. Uuugh I am waiting on a price from dr yily now. Then I will start the necessary process. If there is any one that don't want to do this alone feel free to comment on this page. I would like to find some one to go with. Kinda like a buddy to go with.


Well dr. Yily emailed me and said I need to lose 30 lbs. Its hard enough trying to lose 10 lbs talkn bout 30. Any suggestions on what to do next.

feeling good

Well I. Now have a date. Its January 14 2014. Im so excited. Ive been on this site for a long time. I wanted to make sure this is what I wanted. Im 100% sure. Any suggestions on what my next step is as far as getting passport, supplies, or what. Any help with thisprocess is greatly appreciated.

happy as ever

Well so far I did my app. For passport. I got a lot of supplies. Now im focusing on the gym or weight loss. 30 lbs is a lot but hey we can do any thing if we want to. Oh before I forget I have linked up with a friend. Thanks to realself. We doing this together

having a hard time

Well it's hard to lose weight. I've been working out and eating right. But I c no results. Im drinking water lots of water. I'm not gonna give up. Im gonna keep trying. Oh and I forgot to mention that I have thyroid problems. So its even harder than usual.

everything is a go

Well I went to my dr. Got all labs done plus my ekg. Everything was great. I made reservations and booked my flight. I'm all ready to go. Now all I have to do is to get things needed for after surgery care. If there is anybody that is going to the DR jan. 13. My surgery is January 15th. Is there anybody going that needs a friend. If so please contact me on here. Maybe we can hook up and go thru this together. I believe when you have a friend to talk with, things go better. Also I'm starting my vitamins. So for now have a good day!!!!!!!!!

a long time dream

Well, I've been on this sight for a long time. And I am less than 3 weeks away from my dream. I got all my blood work done,And every thing was good. I finally got my plane ticket. I got my confirmation from yily yesterday. Most of my supplies I've already got. There is a few more things that I have to get. But for the most part everything is done. I just felt that it would be a lot easier if I had someone to go thru this with me. Not family I mean someone who would be going around the same time as me. If there is anyone who feels the same way feel free to hit me up. I am waiting as the weeks and days go by.

Time flying by fast

Well I have 16 days until I leave for dr and 18 days till surgery. I am so excited I hope all goes well. I've been getting all my things together. I finally got my bag packed. I'm taking all the necessary vitamins. I have read so many of other people stories and thought about this. I'm 100% ready. So good luck to all of those who people Are going thru this with me. Ima pray for u and u pray for me. I'll post more as the time gets closer. Love u all..

excited and scared

Well guys I have 8 days left. As the time gets closer I'm nervous. I'm trying to find every excuse not to go. As I always do. It's kinda a bad habit of mine. I always try to find excuses not to do things I really want to do. But Ima go. I I ready my bags have been packed weeks ago. I'm so excited. I decided that I want to have a baby in the next year or two so I'm not gonna get a tt. I just want lipo. I never wanted a super flat stomach anyway. I'm top heavy and I don't wanna look uneven. So for all those out there I need u all to keep me in your prayers. As I will do the same for u. So for now talk to u later.

Finally my time

Well I'm all packed a ready to go to the DR. Tomorrow I will be flying out. I'm really nervous and excited. Today I will be hanging out with the family. Make sure my household stay straight until I get back. Well no turning back now. I'm just ready I've read so many post from other people and I feel like I can do this with no problem. I've read the good and the bad. So I've prepared myself for the pain. Which I'm pretty good with dealing with. So that's a big plus for me. Keep me in your prayers.
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