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31 yr old AA female, 3 kids 13 9 and 1. Have...

31 yr old AA female, 3 kids 13 9 and 1. Have decent shape but want more toned sculpted body, smaller waist and larger butt. 5"8 200 lbs and losing more. Usually between 175 to 185 wearing size 10. At my current weight I am in a size 11/12 which is not bad on me in my opinion but could be better. 36b-c not full/33/44.Wanted work done for years even been to someone that gave butt shots many years ago but I have kids and it just wasn't worth the risk to me so I backed that there is much safer legal way to finally achieve my physical goals I'm researching PS. I have some butt but not enough and so tired of having barely there boobs and absolutely no real hips. I am in Atlanta area so of course Dr J was top on my list and I'm going to set up a consult but I've been loving pics of Dr Duran's work in Dominican Republic. Also hear Dr J is a bit over priced and I'm paying cash so that was a little turn off but I do want the best. Trying to gather more info on Dr Duran and the process a little sketchy on traveling outside of US for this but seems many have and have great results and experience. Any info is greatly appreciated, I don't know anyone personally who has had any procedure ever so I'm looking to meet some ladies with knowledge and experience in this area, also possibly make a travel buddy not excited to do alone. Thinking of maybe a November 2013 procedure if avaliable and funds together. My 32nd bday is in December. Would be great to be somewhat healed by then. as a gift for myself and ready for new years. Worst case I'll shoot for early 2014 Def before next summer. All positive advice and energy is welcome and very much needed. Thanks in advance ladies :) added few current pics of myself for reference

Patiently awaiting Duran reply

Emailed Dr Duran today so just patiently awaiting her response. I did receive confirmation she received my email she wrote back Thank you for interest in my work and contacting me and I will review your request and get back to you as soon as possible. It was in Spanish of course but I plugged it into a translator online to interpret. Maybe an auto reply not sure, but nonetheless I know she has my email. Now to wait on a response...

Received my quote from Duran

Ok, I was shocked to receive an email so quickly from Dr. Duran. Got an email earlier today from her. So.... She says from what she sees and being I've had 3 children 1 by c section its possible I need tummy tuck. Although tummy is not large tissue is most likely damaged or loose and may need tuck,says she will be sure when she touches and feels texture in person. So gave me a quote for procedures with and without tummy tuck. #1 for silicone breast implants, bbl, liposculpture of abdomen, flanks, arms, and tummy tuck 6300. #2 without tummy tuck 5500. I think both prices are excellent for the amount of work. So I emailed her back a bunch of miscellaneous questions i had lol. Awaiting reply... Why is this so exciting

Wish pics

Decided to post my wish pics. As for bottom may be too much for some but I'm so obsessed with Deelishis from flavor of love's butt. Lol love love love it. As for breast I've never had much so I don't plan to go over board I don't know what to do with them lol I'm thinking I just want D cup. Initially thought C cup but decided, Hey may as well make it worth while lol. For the front view I love the hourglass look of course. I done necessarily want to be overly hippy but I definitely need some hips I've never felt I had any. Want waist small as possible stomach flat as possible.

More pics of me

I'm not completely hating my body but Kay know can be so much better and even at 200lbs I actually am pretty active I exercise regularly but I always stay 185-200. I'm actually ok being thick. Was skinny in high school I don't like that look for me. Sometimes I have a heart but and others it gets flatter depending on weight fluctuation and particular exercises I'm doing. Im become certified personal trainer and zumba instructor so I have a lot of work to do personally but I don't wish to be the "skinny" personal trainer. I want to still be curvy and shapely and just have an active and healthy lifestyle

excuse typos

Meant sometimes I have a butt other times it gets flatter. Lol not heart


So although love Duran work still open to other doctors so in process of trying gather info on other great ps not just the same ones you always hear of. Word of mouth is great but I'm sure there are plenty of other ps maybe not as well known but do wonderful work. We'll I'm about to find out what's out here before I lock anything down with Duran just yet.after looking over my work situation think next time for me will be around Feb or March of 2014. I want to be able to take 6 weeks from work to just recover and relax. Heal in peace and I'll have that time built up by then to take a fully paid leave.

New diet

Started a sort of Atkins Diet plan Wednesday of this week and lost 4 lbs as of this morning. Was 202 lbs Wednesday morning 198 lbs this morning. And I haven't worked out this week at all. YAY ME!!!! LOL so once I add exercise back to equation should be even better. going to do this long as possible until I either get to my goal 175-180 or until I plateau and move on to something else lmfao it's not that hard though, i did wrestle with turning down cake at work yesterday but i did and glad i did-no sugar allowed and i don't want to hinder my results so if I don't get to a plateau I'll continue this.... fingers crossed. I'll update weight next week hopefully a few more lbs will be lost.

Compression Garments

From personal experience wanted to give an fyi to you lovely ladies. The same garments worn after surgery, the waist cinchers, faja, squeem, vedette, Leonisa etc will serve the same purpose to your body with or without surgery. Those garments are for compression and shaping period, not just Post op. Just a tip if you maybe wouldn't mind losing some inches or a bit of your stomach bulge before having to wait all the way til your surgery. Get your waist cincher already.I personally have Flakisima Compression Vest I also have Leonisa butt lift garment. The manufactur suggest wear garment 8 to 10 hours a day and you will lose at least an inch within 30 days. It has the same purpose as after surgery. your skin and fat is soft tissue that can be gently molded and shaped from compression. I started wearing my compression waist cincher daily maybe about 2 months ago. I don't care for wearing to work under my clothes so mainly I sleep in it each night instead of wearing through the day.I started with 38 inch waist and down to 33. Started in a XL in the largest row and now I'm in a medium on the tightest row so next I will order a small. This pic is my results pic because I was testing this theory lol and did not work out during this time only ate healthy so I know it's the vest helping to flatten and slim my midsection. Just an fyi for any sisters interested wanted to share :)

More of my current state

So the more I look through post op stories and search for wish pics it makes me go back to look at pics of myself and I know it could be worse but really feel my body can be so much better....

1 year ago the week I had my daughter

New game plan

So ladies...I was up literally till about 2 am on RS and looking at different surgeons sites. Thinking thinking and more thinking. I did come up with one conclusion after doing some research. I was concerned with doing so much at one time, tummy tuck, lipo, bbl, and Breast implants. Just feel like what the hell will I be allowed to sit or lay on during recovery I'll be cut from every angle. Not trying to smoosh any of my work so, I decided to get my boobs first this year then the bbl in the new year. For one from what most surgeons say I can get my implants take 1 week off, some even say 3-5 days and get back to work pretty seamlessly. So I'm deciding to go with that plan. Now trying to find a surgeon locally in GA just for the implants so things can be quick and easy and no travel needed. Then I'll still want to take a full six weeks off for my bbl shooting for February or March 2014 for that.initially wanted a C cup but now I want to go with a D cup. From photos I've seen the ones I really would like to have all turned out to be D cups so hopefully that'll look good on me. Bday is in December so I want to get them about September or October so they can be dropping and looking normal by My b day. Anyone have any suggestions on great surgeon for implants in GA? I'm going to do consultation with Dr Okoro, Dr Bauer,maybe Dr Jimmerson but he is so booked up I doubt that one even happens.

Consultation #1 scheduled

Well I have my first consultation set up for the BA to get started on my journey. Decided to do the BA locally so searching docs here in Atl area. Seeing Dr Stanley Okoro on August 20th. Emailed with a patient coordinator at Swan Center for a consultation with Dr Bauer, waiting on a call back. Going to research a few others tonight. And in other news Thanks to Aelice2008( I looked into Dr Lagrasso in Florida, I did like his work so I emailed him regarding a quote and got an email today from patient coordinator on setting up phone consult. So of course I'm going to do that hopefully its soon, will probably hear back from them this week on that. Geez, I feel like I'm back in school with all this research. Lol but with your body and health, its a must.

decisions decisions

So basically I'm still doing this diet lost 5lbs all together since started last Wednesday. I've been trying to reach several surgeons office in Atl regarding consultation for my BA. Have another set up for 19th with Dr Earl Stephenson. Waiting on some info still from Dr Bauer. Last night requested consultation from Dr Carmen Kavali so just waiting on patient coordinator to give me a call back. So far testing waters trying see what's out there then I'll decide once I've done my consultations which doc is best for me. Also missed a call from Dr Lagrasso's office yesterday so going to give them call this morning. Def trying get my ball rolling on the right direction

On a roll...

Ok I have 4 consultations soon for my BA. 3 consultations on August 19th so I'm just taking the whole day off then I have 1 on the 20th at 9 am and going to go in to work after that. Think I'm waiting on 2 more PS replies and hopefully can choose someone great for my surgery out of those 6 PS. So far I'm leaning more towards silicone although saline is less expensive seems silicone is a better fit for me. In other news I'm doing this squat challenge trying to improve upon what I already have. Hope I like the results until bbl time. Posting couple of squat and ab crunch challenges....

This diet.....

Ok, so for the high protein low carb thing, from Wednesday to Wednesday lost 5 lbs total but honestly idk if I can keep it up I'm not really a big eater and if seems in order to work you must keep up with eating alot more and much more meat. I'm a seafood lover not so much into meat and I get full easily so my concern is getting in enough calories to make the dieting successful.i bought some Atkins snack bars and premade veggie smoothies last night to get in more calories to boost metabolism. I know home made smoothie better than premade but I made sure no preservatives and no sugars so of course I have to drink them pretty soon after buying so they don't go bad. My blender broke I may get another and make my own smoothies this weekend. In other news I emailed Dr Ronald Finger in Savannah Ga regarding BA and to my surprise he actually called me his self to discuss my desires and the whole process and answer any questions I may have. I've seen his BA work and they turn out great and it was a nice touch to actually speak with the doctor directly and not their assistant or patient coordinator. I understand doctors are busy but it's nice to have one that takes the time out with his patients one on one. Plus has 40 years of experience in PS so I'm sure he has mastered the BA procedure completely. I have my consultations coming with other doctors this month but so far I'm most interested in Dr Finger.

in circles

When it comes to my bbl the more i research other PS The more I come back to Duran. If I can get over the fear of going out of US I'll be fine. I love her work the best. Dr J does great butts but the lipo doesn't look like what I want. Duran waist lines and hips are fabulous, the exact look I want. Think I'm about to start finding a buddy for March 2014


So I decided to email Dr Duran again regarding bbl for February or March. I never received a reply on my previous follow up email after she sent the quote let's hope I hear back soon do I can schedule my surgery date


I love Durans work but my mind keeps wondering its that the best idea for me. The price alone is so great on top of results but I keep coming back to what ifs. Is already so risky and major surgery. The after care concerns me because healing takes so long after surgery I want to be able to follow up with my doctor easily. I keep thinking what happens if problems arise and about possible chances of blood tranfusion and complications. I'm thinking I may bite the bullet, spend the extra cash to have done in US. Plus have the patience. The top US surgeons all have tight schedule but it does seem if paying cash you move up in the list much faster so that may work in my favor. Tough decision period and I'm going to think long and hard. Reviewing Lagrasso, Ghurani, Salama and Jimerson.Dr J is expensive but but the time I pay for travel and boarding in Miami may end up around same cost as Dr J and with Dr J he is local and I can get there quickly and easily if need be without buying plane ticket.a lot to figure out

BA doc selected

After much research decided on Dr Hedden in Birmingham love his work plus great price results I've seen have been wonderful.waiting to hear back about availability, want this done next month or August at latest. In other news haven't lost any more weight I couldn't keep up with the high fat high protein thing. Now just trying do more fruit and vegetables. Attached pic of current shape. And told just need BA no lift needed. Happy about that

been doing squat and ab challenge

Well trying to get my BA appointment for next month with Dr Hedden in Birmingham.waiting on call back from his out of town coordinator. Decided going with Hedden want tuba entry (through navel), saline about 500-600 cc. Hope to talk to his office tomorrow and find out if he is available in September or October. As for my bbl still torn on dr Duran or for US surgeons dr ghurani looking good for me.want to decide by next month or so, so I can get scheduled for first half of 2014.still dieting but haven't gotten into my cardio work out yet, staying that tomorrow. Will be doing turbo fire, zumba, and treadmill with a lurker strength training. Been doing squat and ab challenge.i see a difference. Now if i can lose 15-20 more lbs I'll be set.

Ish just got real

So having my breast implants done September 23rd with Dr William Hedden and I'm so excited and nervous first step in my process. Trying hard to lose 15 lbs by that date. Getting my travel arrangements together this week. Initially was going alone and use a care taker service but a friend has offered to go which in so thankful for so I won't be alone. Have to stay in town 2 days. One day for preop testing and surgery second day follow up then going back home

update was submitted before I finished

Anyway.... surgery is a Monday so I'm taking just that week off work and returning to work following Monday hopefully will be able to tolerate the recovery well. Almost there one thing out of the way, think I want 500 to 600 cc or whatever gets me to a full d cup. Never had much up top not sure how I'm going to feel getting used to carrying that but I feel will enhance my figure. Can't wait for some cleavage for first time in 31 years lmfao!!!!!

18 days to go!!!

Getting so nervous and excited my surgery date is approaching.18 days to go. 23rd is right around the corner. Made my deposit to hold my date, booked my room and my car. Going with saline about 600 ccs, under the muscle, tuba entry through navel this is the plan but of course things can change. Anyway,can't wait. Ordering my front zip sports bras today. And getting my blood work done next week. It's really happening! Going to stay in town 3 days and my boyfriend is going with me. He refused to let me go alone and I must admit I'm happy he's going opposed to me going alone and needing care taker. Really ready to get this done and over with and start healing. As for my bbl toss up between lagrasso and ghurani in Miami or dr Duran in DR. Still contemplating but plan to decide soon hoping to see some more results that really help me choose. Next month want to pay my deposit and set a date with whoever I decide on.

count down!!!!

Only 10 days until my breast augmentation. Going today to have my lab work done and praying all goes well and everything is up to par so I can have surgery. It's so close still can't believe I'm doing this lol. Then I'm starting my period glad that means won't be on week of surgery but hopefully it doesn't cause any deficiencies in my blood work.fingers crossed this all goes well start to finish and great results. Believe I'm going to do a separate review on Dr Hedden and my breast implant pre op post op experience. Don't want it to seem confusing. Not getting my BA with Duran just my bbl-hopefully. Speaking of Duran emailed her again last night because I need a new quote that doesn't include breast andI want to go ahead and send deposit to secure a surgery date so I can start planning for that next. Hoping she replies soon.

2 days post op breast implants!!

Well I did it. Had my BA 9/26/13 with Dr Hedden. Def not bad as I thought. Pain level is very low so far which I love. Taking my meds and icing with frozen vegetables. Spend most time asleep for the most part each day. The staff and doctor were all super friendly caringpful, I felt very comfortable the whole process. I have mentor saline smooth round high profile implants 560cc filed to 650cc. They are all swollen and compressed clearly takes some time to drop and really see results but I'm happy so far just based on fact I'm in no major pain, i see no major discrepancy as of yet everything looking normal and even. Now to be patient with the dropping and healing process. So far very happy I did this and very proud of myself for stepping outside of mommy mode and finally doing something just for myself. I work hard and its time I treat myself. My boyfriend went with me and he has been excellent about taking care of me and catering to me def brought us even closer. Great experience so far just waiting on the final results. Now time to prepare for next surgery, decided to schedule bbl with Dr Gharani in Florida. Also looking into invisilign or clear braces this year too.Goal is to be flawless by 35. A Real live barbie lol

more post op pics

updating my BA on a separate review

Started a review strictly for my BA under Dr Hedden. Follow that review if interested in updates and progress on my BA. Thanks dolls
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