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I'm new RS! Hello! I am so excited that I found...

I'm new RS! Hello! I am so excited that I found this site! This site has great information, especially for those who have not had any procedures. Let me introduce myself. I'm happily married with 4 children, ages: 27, 19, 18, and 17; Woop woop! The doctor I have selected is Dr. Duran. I've seen her work on RS and fell in love with what she does. The services I seek is BBL, lipo to upper, lower, flanks and tummy tuck. I sent my first email in July 16, 2013, but I didn't get a response right away only that she received it. The 2nd time I tried to reach her was July 29, 2013. The 3rd time was August 11, 2013 and I finally recevied my quote of $4,500!

Pre Op pics

I just waned to post some Pre Op pics. Since I didn't post them yesterday. I workout periodically, but my schedule is crazy. I don't have a problem exercising I'm just tired of doing it. I take pride in my body giving that fact that I have only gained 25LBS since I was 18yo after having my 1st child 27 years ago. I think I deserve this after what our bodies go through.
My current measurements are:
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 155
36, 33, 42

I'm hoping that my waist shrinks drastically. I've always had to go up a size because my waist was so big; I contribute that to having a short waist.

Vagina Steaming?

Has anyone had this done? Vagina steaming? What is this?

Ticket purchased! Now I need a Recovery House; any recommendations???

I've purchased my flight through AA and requested additional leg room on my return trip. Can anyone sugguest the best Recovery House available?

Recovery house decision made; leaving in 2 weeks!

All right, I'll be staying at the Healing Haven RH; final. I'm still packing and getting small items together for the trip but I don't have everything yet. I ordered the urinal for women (Peliz) from eBay and havent received it yet. I think I'll go to Walmart and get a large funnel and use that instead. Most importantly, my passport isn't here yet. I has to renew and didn't realize it but I paid the extra fee to expedite it and express it back. I hope I get it this week.

I am really excited about my trip and this procedure. I pray that God will bless me and guide the surgeons hands as she does her work. I pray that God gives me peace as I travel to another country and fly in an aircraft that God has given the ability of a human being to fly. I have researched all or most Durans patients on this site and have come admire her work. My expectation is to come out on the other side happier and More confident than I am today. I'm tired of wearing spanx and butt lifter under my clothes. I've been wearing them for the past couple of months so no one other than my hubby knows. With them one he can get an idea what my body will look like in 2 weeks!

**Wish Pics**

Here are my pics!

**More Wish Pics**

Sorry some of the pics were cropped off, don't know why:(

Repost of Wish Pics

Here you go!

What is best Faja? Butt In or Butt Out?

Can some one tell me which is the best faja for you 1st and 2nd stage; butt in or out? I have read many reviews and still haven't decided on which I'm going to order. I thought you need the entire butt to be enclosed because you need compression but the majority of the pics posted on RS are with the butt out.

****List of Supplies*****

RS members below is the list of items that I'll be taking to DR (please let me know if I should add anything):

2 robes (zip up with pockets-Walmart)
2 packs of Dog pads (14 each pack)
Pez (female urinal)
6 pack of wipes ( 40/each pack)
Alcohal pad (100/box)
Travel size tooth paste and brush
Gauze pads
Compression socks (Walgreens -buy one get 2nd 1/2 price/ 20-30 mm/Hg compression)
Dial (antibacterial soap)
Maxi pads (2 packs / 48/each)
4 pair of socks
5 Maxi dresses
6 t-shirts (men size small with sleeve)
Protien shake bottle
Scar Away (silicone scar sheets)
Post - op vitamins (Makemeheal.com)
Steel boned corset (Orchardcorset.com-great buys under $100)
Yoga pants (2 pair)
Tampons (Ms. Red will be arriving on 1/23- I have to be prepared).
Hair tolieties
Sun glasses
Flip flops (2 pair)
I bottle of alcohol
Tylonel PM ( to help me sleep)
MOM (Milk of Magnesia)
7 pair of underwear
Cotton swabs and balls
Hydrogen peroxide
2 boxes of vinyl gloves (25/box)

Alcohal pads (100/box)

****More Wish Pics****

More wish pics......

Just a few more days!.......I'm getting really excited!!!

I've posted pics of my suit case with items that I'm bringing. I'll be adding a few more things...I know I'll have to review my list just to make sure.

I just wanted to post Duran's Work

Update info on Twitter

13.1 Hemo levels! .......1 more day and I leave for DR!

It's 2 days until my transformation and I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I'm so glad my hemo level is 13.1. Unfortunately, I was not able to get my EKG here in the states so I'll have to get it done once I get to DR.

Please pray that all goes well with me and my travels. I spoke to my roommate via the phone earlier this week and she is excited too! I pray that her procedure goes as planned. I'm up early this morning to make my last trip to Walmart. Im going to purchase some ziploc storage bags for traveling; so I can have more room in my suitcase. I'm trying to hold it together dolls, but it is soo hard, right now. I've informed my family members (kids too), They're excited and worried at the same time. I will be missed for sure. My hubby says, what am I going to do without you for 10 days?? I told him he'll be all right. I made sure that my family download "Whatsapp" and "Magicjack" I'll have to test them out before I leave. I'll be flying to Miami and going to DR. Layover is not long (45min) and trip is 5 hours total on my way there and back. I went with AA because of their reliability and I felt more secure. I'll touch basis with you tomorrow sometime. I want to enjoy some of my time with family today before I leave! Toodles......

1 Month PO....TT, BBL, and Lip! Duran Doll!

Sorry for the delayed response in giving you an update on my journey. I must say it was an adventure! Ladies, this is a serious procedure and make sure that you are mentally prepared for what you’re about to go through. It would be wise to take someone with you that speaks Spanish because the language barrier is “real.”

I arrived in DR at 11:30 pm. Before you land the flight attendance will give you a form to fill out, please complete before you land. Once you land and get off the plane you will have to pay for a tourist card that cost $10 (US). Then you will wait in another line, please have your passport out and handy. Then you will go to the baggage claim and retrieve you bag(s). Follow the exit and that’s where I met Betty and Cecil from Healing Haven RH. Betty had my name on a sign and she welcomed me with open arms. Cecil speaks English and was very informative! Healing Haven is very clean RH! Jules, owner, was very detailed when I spoke to her over the phone a few times; she answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable about staying there. She also had a real nurse, Deluz, and masseuse, Carmen, come as scheduled! They both were great, hands down! I wouldn’t ask for anyone else! Healing Haven has a separate room just for massages only. The food Betty cooked daily was great, no complaints. She really took care of me and was there every time I called on her. If I were to return to DR, Healing Haven is the place for me. Jules made sure we had no flies or bugs or anything flying in through the windows, because she put screens on all windows. Each room had Wi-Fi, cable, ceiling fan and air conditioning.
I arrived at Cipla on Monday morning at about 6:30 am; Cecil dropped me off and he is very punctual. I went to the 2nd floor where Dr. Duran’s office is located and waited about ½ hour for her. There was one other patient that beat me to the door, but that’s because I didn’t know where they were going. So I spoke to Dr. Duran and showed her the email she sent me confirming the cost of everything. Then she told me to remove my clothes and she marked me up. She said she will do her best in giving me the best body. Next door in her office was the cardiologist; EKG went well, everything was good there. Dr. Duran wanted me to get another opinion of my heart because I was over 40. I had to pay $80 for that in addition to $10 for the taxi to get there. Elizabeth made the arrangements and off I went. I gave them $100 (US) and they tried to keep my change. The receptionist informed me that my change was in the x-ray they gave me, but I opened that envelope before I left and had to go in and get my $20!!! (They gave me $20 in pesos, of course).

I arrived at the Cipla again so that Dr. Duran can see the x-ray of my lungs and heart; everything was good! I still had to go do the blood work, although I brought in my results from Quest Diagnostics 2 weeks before. Off I went to the 4th floor with my suit case and all! Elizabeth came to the room and that’s where I paid for my procedure. She wanted paperwork to show the $250 deposit was made and I informed her that it was confirmed already when my appointment was made. Please note: Be sure you have something to show for it. All I had was the email from my financial institution to show her. Anyway, she also asked for an addition $150 for the 2nd stage faja that I will need and I let her know that I would be ordering it once I get back to the states. Elizabeth said that they made some changes last week and from now on they will be ordering the faja for you to avoid any issues in obtaining the incorrect one. As Elizabeth and I were finishing our conversation, a man came in and informed me to take the blue pill. Elizabeth took my suit case back to her office for safe keeping and she informed me that she would bring it back as soon as I was out of surgery. That’s all I remember! I didn’t wake up during surgery or anything. I did ask Jules if I could have someone in the room with me once I returned; she had Luz there waiting for me. I didn’t wake up until 11 pm! I was out of surgery at 4 pm! I was sleeping like a baby, flat on my back! I looked around for my suit case and it wasn’t there! I didn’t have anything! So found myself trying to look at my results but they laid me straight on my back with my TT! I should have been at an angle, but after awhile with the nurses checking on me, they raised the bed as it should have been. I did lose blood because my sheets were soaked with it! When they changed me once and said that I would have a blood transfusion….2 pints! That cost $200 (US)! My money was going fast! Now, I did stay at Cipla overnight because of the transfusion, I couldn’t communicate with anyone because my suitcase with my phone and all was in Dr. Duran’s office. I didn’t get my suitcase until Elizabeth came with it and informed me about the blood transfusion on Tuesday morning. Once that was done I was finally able to leave Cipla that afternoon and I felt so much better. My hemo level that day was 12.4 and went down to 8.7!
Betty was so sweet and kind she helped me so much at Healing Haven! She washed my faja, cleaned my sheets, helped me to the bathroom and fed me. I had hot ginger root tea in my room every morning! I was given fresh fruit with every meal and plenty of water which was always available. Healing Haven is the best place ever! During my follow up appointments, I hear where other places were not so great. One girl said that she wished she could get some broccoli to eat. This girl was in tears and I’m not sure where she was staying but. I’m glad I didn’t stay there. I also know of someone who made reservations at another RH and they didn’t even have furniture! The owner didn’t even want to refund their money, which is a shame! Ladies, please be sure you bring extra cash with you; I spent all the extra cash I had with me, so I had to go to the ATM for more money ($150 for faja, $200 blood transfusion, $90 for cardiologist)! I already calculated the cost of meds, but not what was mentioned above! So just be prepared for the unexpected!

My overall experience to the DR was good! It was very painful and uncomfortable in the first week. I was so glad to get my drains removed after 5 days. Unfortunately, I was not able to wear my 2nd stage faja when I left because I was so swollen (12 lbs) of fluid! Even now I’m not able to wear it because I just think that it’s too small. Dr. Duran ordered me a medium faja, but not I’ll have to exchange it to a large. I’ll post picks of my progress soon! Dr. Duran was very professional and she speaks a little English, which was good. She understood what I wanted. After the access water and a few lbs were gone, I’m very pleased with my body now. I do remember Dr. Duran stating that fat has memory, so if you have cellulite, it will return. I see that now in my butt. I’m still happy with my results! I would like to go for a 2nd round, but my hubby doesn’t want me to;(.

Pics of my journey

Here are a few pics of the food served at Healing Haven

More pics

Here are more pics



More pics

My phone was malfunctioning for some reason ....hopefully this works.

One more pic

Before and after!

I month PO! Before pic was so sad SMH! I'm glad of the results so far it just have to get better! I am having a hard time trying to keep the swelling down. I've changed my eating habits to a low sodium diet which helps bit when will the itching and pinching stop ! Oooooo! Since I'm working now sometimes it's just unbearable!!! I have a hard time sleeping too. If anyone has any advice please let me know. The faja that I'm using now itches and it's painful under my arms at night. I take pain pills but don't want to become addicted. The TT board I have hurts my hips when I sit or stand so I'll have to get another board. For now I'm just using something I made myself to keeps my abs flat.

2 month post- op pics

Hello RS sorry my 2 month post op pics are way over due! I love my new body it's just fabulous! My friends and enemies notice too. My husband loves it too! My TT scar is really healing great. I did have an issue with my compression because my scar was still healing I could wear my garment as tight as it should when I came home. Now I can close my 2 me stage garment all the way and I really had to build my self up to that point. I'm wearing a medium size and probably won't buy another one. I have purchased other things like the squeems, etc...

Here are some pics at 2 months 4 days post.

Hello RS sorry my 2 month post op pics are way over due! I love my new body it's just fabulous! My friends and enemies notice to

One more pic

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Duran was very professional and she speaks a little English, which was good. She understood what I wanted. She also followed up with my while I was at Cipla and showed concern for my health.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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