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Hi everyone! this is my first post ive been...

hi everyone! this is my first post ive been following realself for almost a year and a half and i finally took the courage to join and write about this adventure that hopefully will start and finish with a big ol booty :) . Im 23 yrs old mother of 2 i have been pondering on getting a BBL for a really long time. ive never been happy with my body ive always been a heavy girl with big boobs and a flat ass lol. after having my first child i didn't take care of my diet and since i breastfed i ate all the time and ended up gaining almost 30 lbs. and now that i want to lose it its been too hard now a yr ago i had my second child didn't really gain any weight but went on the birth control pill and gained an extra 10 lbs. and now i have a muffin top a belly and a still a flat ass and mind you i have no hips :'( so i contacted Dr.Yily since i have read alot of great reviews on her researched her work and i love that she give the upside down heart shape and a full bootyful butt :).

she sent an email about 3 days after i contacted her and asked me for my age if i had kids if i plan on having kids my weight and if i had any medical conditions. she also asked to send picture of myself so she can quote me a price since i want lipo on my abdomen back flanks thighs and arms and a BBL. So i guess ill update when i hear from her. please if you have any advice for me if you already had this procedure done if u were dr yily's patient or are going soon for procedure please don't hesitate to comment i really need more info and wanted to know what to expect since iv never traveled to DR and never had major surgery only a C-section.

i would also like to know approximately how much did u spend beside the procedure (ex. vitamin,garments medication etc.) and if you didn't have family in DR did you stay at the hotel Dr. yily provides which i read on other reviews costs $90 a day since she advice to stay 10-15 days to prevent the follow-up or did u stay at a diff hotel and just went for check up. thanks so much i know i bombarded you all with alot a questions and its a long post :/ but thank you and love u all RS fams:)

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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