1 year plus post op Duran doll***

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Hey bootiful ladies, so I have been thinking...

Hey bootiful ladies, so I have been thinking about a BBL for about 2 years now, and I am finally ready for my new body,and after careful consideration.. I have chosen Dr. Duran and I am so ready to do this.
I want to find a travel buddy for October or Early November, is going to be chosen after I have found a traveling buddy. I will be leaving from JFK spending 10 days in DR.
I am uploading some wish pics I will get better before pics done.

Duran, Duran Duran,

so ladies I don't really understand what the Issue is getting in contact with Dr. Duran I emailed her Friday night and she replied to me Saturday with a quote, I did use google translation and emailed in Spanish.
I am still undecided if I want to go October 4th-14th or Nov 4th to 14th still working on a travel buddy arrangement.
ladies I enjoy your blogs so much
I am considering yasmin recovery house, I emailed her and got an email back few hours later very pleasant plus I joined her Facebook group.
I am so excited I cannot wait for the new me


some pics

Duran will get me right

well ladies these are three before pics please be gentle

I am 5'1 140 pounds, do you see those ladies they need an ASS to go with them LOL
I am working on tightening up my stomach as I don't really want a tummy tuck, had 2 kids naturally.
Plus I am seriously thinking about getting my breast done

OMG Chicas, I have chosen my date with Dr. Duran

Hello beautiful ladies, I have chosen my date with Dr.Duran, it is November the 8th, so excited.
I am going to need a quote for a mommy makeover I believe because I want breast too. LOL
I called this morning and spoke with Elisabeth about my date super excited
I have already started my vitamins regimen, will be adding beet root to my daily drink intake for high hemoglobin, omg I am too excited.
I will be making my deposit today, confirming my date

Wow..I am so anxious about this new body(Iron)

Iron Sources
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Factors That Increase Absorption
Heme iron, from animal-based iron sources, is absorbed two to three times more efficiently than nonheme iron, from plant-based iron sources. Consuming heme-iron sources along with nonheme iron sources can increase the absorption of nonheme iron, as can consuming nonheme iron sources along with vitamin C, vitamin A or beta-carotene.
Factors That Decrease Absorption
Avoid eating foods that contain large amounts of components that decrease the absorption of iron at the same meals as foods that contain iron. It is fine to eat these foods at other times. Components that decrease iron absorption include soy proteins, fiber, calcium, tannins found in tea, phosphates found in cola and phytates found in whole grains and legumes. Antacids can also inhibit the absorption of iron, as stomach acid is necessary for this process.
People who have low iron stores will absorb iron more efficiently than those who have higher iron stores. If you can't get enough iron from food to sufficiently raise your iron stores, your doctor may prescribe iron supplements. Don't take these supplements without a doctor's prescription, as iron is toxic in large amounts. Iron toxicity is more likely in men and postmenopausal women, who have lower iron needs.

Getting BBL AND BA

I have decided to get the BBL and BA at the same time. I have gotten my quote for 5500 and I am fine with that, I am ready to get this done. I am taking my vitamins and I am gonna start the beet root and carrot juice on monday yes I need this hemo to be at the top because I want both of them done at the same time

FLIGHT IS BOOKED..Duran here I come Nov 7th

so I booked my flight today with Jetblue, paid my deposit will check in the AM to make sure she has received it, also paid my deposit to Yasmin recovery house, I am so excited and this is really happening OMG, I cannot beleive it although it is two months away, I am so proud of myself for making this decision on becoming a better me(Physically). I am so happy that I found this blog, I am a peaceful person, very nice individual and I am a determined woman.
I can't wait to be transformed so ready, Lady if you have any questions please let me know thank you in advance

Vitamins..Vitamins..and building this blood up..59 days to go..Team Duran

I am taking all this vitamins, at first it felt weird but now I am cool with it. I am taking Vitamin C in gummy form, I cannot take the C any other way.
I am so anxious, and ready for my surgery it has become quite an obsession for me.
Ladies, I have been getting all the lectures about going to another country for surgery, I don't listen to that much I was born in Jamaica and according to the most people we all smoke weed and have dreadlocks(not true).
I just want to say though do your research get healthy and stay positive, you have something called instincts just listen to it when you make your choice.
on another note, I have started packing my surgery bag, going to use space savers bags so I can use a nice size carry on suitcase as my luggage.
Good night Dolls, and Dolls to be

53 more days to new body..playing with plastic surgery app

hey ladies how's it going? I am up on a friday night just finishing watching movies with the kids, now it's mommy obsession time LOL, I am on my vitamins will get my lab done in another 2 weeks, I am uploading the before and after pics I was playing with on the surgery app.
Ladies I am very happy and I am in a good place, I get a lot of Junk about going out the country but I have made my decison.
Be blessed ladies

Hello ladies..1 month to go..team Duran

hey everyone,

so I am giving a 1 month update I have exactly 31 days to surgery, I am super excited and 75% ready I was anxious about 2 weeks ago based on some reviews that I read .
I have been taking my vitamins and building up my hemoglobin like crazy I eat, sleep, breathe iron rich food, I am drinking Naked green machine juice, also making my own beet root and carrot juice, for breakfast i am having either grits or crem of wheat
I have bought most of my surgery supply found a great deal on a compression sock called the Miracle socks bought it at Rite aid $9.99, Gnc Has the Post-op vitamins and it's buy one get one 50% off, I got some Maxi dresses for under 10 dollars at tjmaxx and another store in my town,
so a few weeks ago I saw a few negative reviews on Duran and it scared me a bit but I prayed and I still can't get over what she's done honey she know she's the business when it comes to booties so I am uploading a few pre-op pics.
I have had good conversations with Dr.Duran, I sent her a message about being concerned with the deaths and other things going on a CIPLA SHE SENT ME back a sweet comforting message and I was very happy about that.
I have a few more things to get but will work on that
5 maxi dresses
2x2 gauze
4x4 gauze
roll up gauze
alcohol wipes
benadryl tablets
benadryl gel
triple antiobiotic spray
3 open shirt night shirts
4 tshirts
15 large panties
one a day women
vitamin c
folic acid
pain pills
3 box tylenol
sleeping pills
benadryl pills
2pack poise pads
2 pack huggies baby wipes
4 charmins to go flushable wipes
scar zone
Balneol hygienic cleansing lotion
peroxide wipes
3 hand cloths
dove deodarant
toothpaste will be adding a few more items and then I will officially pack my suitcase

still have to buy
Arnica cream
Arnica Tablet
sweat suit to wear home

Pre-op Measurements


I am hoping to be
34d-25-43 or close enough

I am an open book ask me anything

I am getting a BBL,BA,AND TT


Pics I forgot

19 days before I'm a Duran doll

Hey ladies I am officially packed, I am still waiting on a few items from amazon but that can go in my carry on
I am decided to stick with Duran yes I was thinking of another doctor at one point glad that's over
The Facebook groups are a life saver for me
I am hoping to get amazing results
I notice a lot of complaints can't get in contact with Duran she usually answers on the weekend her email address is hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com
Yes I am nervous but ready

I am ready for my BBL/BA

I am officially 15 days away from being a Duran doll, I am anxious and sometimes I get a bit nauseous thinking about all the hate and crap going on in the group but I have made up my mind and is gonna go forward with my surgery

10 DAYS TO BBL,BA,TT,LIPo with Duran

I am officially 10 days away from my new body transformation, I have received my lipo foam,arnica tablets, I am waiting on the P Ez urnial. I have bought a funnel from the dollar store and tied it it works just the same, I needed back up for if I don't receive my urinal.
I am so excited and anxious at the same time, tomorrow is my date with PCP to check my hemo, and std panel, I am so ready to go and get this over with
here is Dr. Duran email address hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com.
Remember to remove your nail polishes before surgery, will be going for a wax of the areas on friday, ouchy ouchy but it must be done
I have been praying, I know God is still on the throne and answering prayers

2 DAYS from having the body of my dreams

I am 2 days away, I am happy, packed and loving life right now, I am so ready to be a beautiful doll, and enjoy life. I ordered most of my supplies from a medical supply store in my town, walmart for vitamins and amazon for some supplies, as well I packed a small luggage for my checked bag, and I am using a large purse as my carry on, I am hoping I have everything I need and I didn't over pack , I am so blessed and ready for this surgery.

Flight in the AM to Dominican Republic

Flight in the Am to Dominican Republic early to bed to be fully refreshed for this flight

On flight to dominicn republic

On flight to dominicn republic will update you once I get there

my trip to the Dominican Republic

Hey ladies, I have made it to DR it's a beautiful island, and I am an island girl, so I don't find the islands shocking 
Got my tourist visa and Yasmin was there with my buddy waiting on me we got to Cipla and had our blood work done in less than 20 minutes and left we have to be at the clinic at 6:30am 
Yasmin's house is nice and quiet it suits it's purpose not the ritz but it will do oh yeah the food is amazing missed island cooking I had white rice stewed beef and a peas soup there's a shower in our room well ladies I'm here for you will update tomorrow

Surgery date

Good morning ladies I am now at Cipla with a few ladies from the group awaiting the arrival of doctor Duran 
I slept last night with no problem, Yasmin had us here at 6:30 on the dot I wonder if she's sleeps lol 
I am good this morning at nervous or anxious prayed a deep prayer this morning and last night and basically whenever I am alone with my thoughts 
My buddy and I both have surgery today will update you beauties later 
I had a pre massage 
Ladies ladies ladies so doctor Duran is muy Bonita oh she's so pretty and dressed to the nines yes gawd honety you better werk so we decides to do the Tt if when she's in surgery it doesn't look good to her I trust her 
My hemo was 13 so get on those vitamins early it was 10 in sept when I started my vitamin regimen I drank beet juice ate cream of wheat grits took geritol ate spinach anything that would build my build 
I am now waiting on the anesthesiologist to arrive at 10 to get go into surgery
She said I don't have a lot of fat but she will find enough for at least a 1000 cc each cheek keeping my fingers crossed should have been eating to gain more weight I was 137 so I suggest put on extra pounds so you will have fat 
I don't know how my buddy is doing haven't seen her 
Omg I love DR Duran as sweet as she can be 
Hopefully next update will be the blue pill 
I am now in a waiting room I chose to sit on the couch rather than lay on the bed, they have left my supplies and yes the blue pill is here too that's make my tummy nauseous as to me it means it's almost time.
I was told to relax someone will come and let me know when I should start putting these things on I guess I will soon put on my sexy compression stockings(not) lol I'm being cheerful despite the situation I wish we had wifi on this floor 3rd floor no wifi why????
I would love to see my buddy and see how she's doing 
Well I am off to meditating and speaking with The Lord while I wait 
Thank you ladies for your support and prayers it means more to me than you know 
It's 1:16 pm and I am gonna be the last girl I believe she's gonna give me the works lol so I may be going in around 2:30 I won't take the blue pill as soon as she gives it to me I wait about 20 mins before I take it yep bored out my mind as I don't have wifi feels like I am cut off from the world but I am patiently waiting the anxiety and nervousness is gone but I feel the hunger coming I ate last night at about 7pm nothing to drink or eat since????
Girls all I can say it's been easier than I thought I was expecting more unorganized behaviors and I got the opposite every has been pleasant and responsive an yes girls I still need the email addresses to mention them to Duran for you ladies that are waiting to get them

Here are a few pics ladies

Will take more pics while faja is being washed

2 days post op Duran doll

Hey ladies well today I'm 2 days post op I was so stiff and swollen last night into this morning barely slept at all very uncomfortable but this morning after breakfast had time to be out of the faja an I slept for like 3 hours after thy put back on my faja slept for like 2 more hours then we got a snack pineapple and banana smoothie so nice with crackers then I walked from the back of the house to the front all by myself now I'm sitting in a chair outside relaxing listening to the raindrops on the roof but with each day I'm getting better I'm still dreading getting my massages but it's all apart of recovery 
Please excuse my drain I am uploading some pics

3 days post op

Today was a good day for me as I am able to go to the bathroom by myself, yes sounds crazy but I felt good after all the stiffness and discomfort
For me I didn't feel pain just not comfortable in the bed
Had my faja washed tidy again drains in the front are going crazy
I had my first massage today it was bitter sweet but saw the difference as the lumps are evening out I have 6 more to go before I leave I have to find someone at home who will do massages for me
I am happy I made the decision to have surgery I already feel better about myself I was cute and petite before but I wanted curves and doctor Duran delivered my curves and bust can't wait to see them I feel them though they feel soft and sexy lol
I have walked several times today somehow I got a burst of energy like I drank a red bull lol
Ladies new pictures coming tomorrow

7 days post op drains removed

Hello ladies, I am 7days post op an I'm feeling very well and thankful for my results 
Doctor Duran is amazing my results out of my faja was breath taking and my tatas are muy bonita(beautiful) scar is minimal and will heal very 
well. I had my back drains removed today
I am gonna be getting into an xs faja 
ASAP the faja I am wearing now is a Maria E 
I'm very pleased with what she's done with my body I will take full body photos tomorrow when my faja is being washed 
Ladies the massages are really important I will be getting them twice a day to reduce swelling and inflammation.
I am updating the tatas for you ladies tonight I love them 
Adios chicas

14 days post op.. Lipo,bbl,ba

Hey ladies I'm 14 days post op, I am loving my results
Ladies I'm a small frame ladies so I saw my results immediately. I was 5"1 137 34b-29-38 I am now 36 not sure of the cup size, 27-42 I absolutely love my curves and shape my boobs are almost completely healed 
One thing that I have had to do since I got home was drain the liquid from my back I use a heating pad and warm rags and massage the lumps out of my skin. I hope to find a masseuse soon to help me 
Ladies it's the best decision I have ever made to enhance my beauty.
My trip the Dominican Republic was easy and effortless for me I am an island Girl I was treated wonderfully at Dr. Duran and CIPLA. Yasmin's recovery house was exceptional the staff and her took wonderful care of me towards the end they make you get independent like putting on your own faja etc I had my meds and food on time. 
I am an open book ask me whatever you'd like
I am uploading a few pics

18 post op bbl,lipo,ba waist is now a 26

I am 18 days post op since my bbl, aggressive lipo, and ba
I am so happy with my body improvement
I wish I had more fat to get a bigger butt but I'm still happy
I'm still sleeping on my pillow fortress
I spoke with doctor Durán on Sunday and she advise me that it was okay for me to wear a corset as I hate my faja I didn't have lipo on thighs or
arms so I don't need compression there just mainly focusing on my tummy, it is now 26 inches will continue working on my waist training maybe if I can get a 25 inch waist I would be in heaven
I have a massage tomorrow they have gotten a lot better I enjoy them somewhat
Ask me anything you want ladies

3 weeks post op bbl, lipo,BAA

I am exactly 3 weeks post op and I'm feeling good my boobies have dropped and soften and so as my butt I'm a little disappointed with my booty not because of the doctor but
that I didn't have enough fat to begin with
I wanted to be 34-25-43 instead I'm 36-25-41 well I guess I can always squat it out
Previous measurements 34b-29-38
I sleep on my tummy and sides and my back. I try to stay off my booty as much as I can though
I'm feeling good anyways I look great in clothes my body is feeling good I didn't get a Tt and have no saggy skin so that worked out
I just want to wish each of you wonderful ladies a happy thanksgiving

25 days post

I am 25 days post op, and I am in love with my new curves. I am having a wonderful recovery. My breast has completely healed I will now start using silicone strips to help the mark from the incision to disappear. I did not get my ideal measurement which I was expecting. I wanted to measure 34D-25-43 instead I measure 34D-25-41 I believe with some squats and a little more swelling goes down I should be able to get an inch or 2. I did not give the doctor even fat to work with so if you are planning on having surgery please gain additional weight especially if your doctor tells you to do so. 
I am elated at the progress I have made and thankful for having an uneventful surgery and a blessed recovery 
I still take my multi vitamin daily, I also take L Glutamine it's for muscle health. 
Thank you for following my journey ladies 
I am uploading pics

5 weeks Post op BBL,BA,lipo

Hello Ladies,
I am 5 weeks Post op. I am healing fine, I am happy I recovered quickly, without any problems. 
I will be getting a Salome corset in XS, to train my waist. My waist is now a 25, I just want one more inch off don't want to look too crazy. 
I will probably be getting a rd 2 in nov/dec of 2014. I want a rounder butt more full at the top. Also I want a Tt to get rid of my stretch marks.
I want some more hips as well. 
I have been thinking if I don't get another inch on my booty by June, I will schedule round 2 possibly with Duran or Cabral. 
I have put a few updated pics taken today 12/14/13


I am currently 6 weeks and 2 days and I feel amazing my body is healing lovely.
I am enjoying my new body and the compliments from both men and women.
I am still thinking of a Rd2 yes I know I'm crazy for thinking that but oh well
I am on vacation now in Florida when I get home I will start yoga and doing squats
Ladies I had an amazing experience got what I wanted and feel good

2.5 months post op

Hey ladies

Just a quick update I will be getting a round 2 possibly with Duran Tt and muscle repair plus bbl or I am even thinking of the king of barbies himself
I am happy she made my body much nicer than it used to be but now the obsession for perfection as kicked in
I wished I had my Tt with my surgery in nov but I didn't think I could handle all the pain and it turned out I felt no pain so yes I'm ready and have made up my mind for rd 2

3 months post op duran doll

Hey ladies

I am 3 months post op I went with DR Duran I had lipo,ba,bbl. I should have gotten my Tt at the same time was scared of the pain. I love my boobies preop 34b post op 36D my waist was 28/29 preop now 25-24 depending on time of day plus I have to get more serious about waist training but that dang faja Salome corset is a beast I'm sure trying to tame
My butt could be bigger not her all I didn't have enough fat for the butt I desired preop hips 36/37 post op 41 thinking of gaining weight to see how my butt and hips do. I will get a Tt probably in November again and if I gain weight more butt
I am a petite girl/ small by nature hard for me to gain weight but it's cool
I get swollen by alcohol I am doing squats and some an exercise I dare not lose weight anywhere else
Enjoy your day ladies

4.5 months post op

I am 4.5 months post op now so I figured its time for am update
I healed very well, no problems no fluid issues etc.
doctor Duran has been in contact with me had a few concerns plus needed info on scheduling rd 2.
I am happy with how my body looks, it's very sexy in dresses and leggings I am not a jeans girl.
I am trying to gain weight to see if I can avoid round 2 no luck so far
I don't really wear garments anymore however sometimes I wear my fully body garment to sleep and I do wear my faja Salome corset under my clothing when going out
My current measurements are 36D-25/24-40 yes I lost 2 inches since surgery I came out of surgery with a 42 inch butt so didn't expect to keep that I hope to achieve a 43 inch butt in rd 2
I am satisfied with doctor Durans results but want that super sexy body from dr cabral and I have decided to use him yes I know he has a past but don't we all I will start prepping body in May having surgery on October
Contact for doctor duran hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com
I am 90% percent happy with my results it's truly my fault I need a rd 2


Make sure you have at least 10 extra pound if you want a big booty

Well good day ladies

8 MO post op and ready for Rd 2

So here goes nothing I wish I had done some things different 1.ask for a breast lift with BA 2. Gained 10lbs for bbl 3. Had the tt done 4. Be specific about everything I wanted done Well now is the need for a Rd 2 so u am not sure who I will go to for Rd 2 because I want the peeffect body I want great boobs so I'm thinking Contreras and I want more booty so im.thinking cabral with tt but still thinking of Duran for tt and muscle repair with bbl I'm probably going to go in the summer and have it done while I'm out of school Will put some pics please excuse my background Have a nice day You can email me and ask any questions

9 Months post op

I am almost 10 months post op
I haven't lost any weight and I guess the few inches I gain goes to my booty.
My measurements are 34DD-25-41
I do still want my tummy tuck because then I will be able to wear a 2 piece which is my only complaint right now
I am a small woman so it wasn't heard to see the difference in my body.
Yes I want a Rd 2 but just tt and bL with implants

I am 11 months post op today

I am 11 months post op today and I feel amazing. I am holding at 34DD-25-41 and loving myself. I am ready for a tt and muscle repair. I want a little more boots as well am aiming for the dream measurements I wanted to begin with 3dDD-23-43

14 months post op...I am still happy

Hello ladies,

I am 14 months post op and I am still happy. I haven't lost any volume in my butt, I mean it was the stubborn fat from my belly and thank Goddess it stayed, I haven't lost or gained weight. I am a small women by nature. Doctor Duran did the best she could do with my body frame and the amount of fat I had available to use.
I am planning my round 2 with a breast doctor for a revision and also a tummy tuck which I am always thinking twice about since I am 30 now and probably shouldn't be showing my stomach so much.
I am very happy with what the doctor did for my body
after you have your surgery please eat properly and exercise to maintain your new foundation
also be realistic, stop using vixen bodies they have had more than 1 round
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She was very professional warm smile and very friendly and did an amazing job on me

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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