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Hi, loves!! I have been lurking this website along...

Hi, loves!! I have been lurking this website along with makemeheal. I have always had issues with my body and low-self esteem ever since the starting of highschool. I had no boobs and was skinny. I hated it and never felt satisfied when it came to everything I wore. It was just horrible!! Then junior year after a horrible break up and falling into depression. I would always eat away my feelings. (I don't recommend anyone to do this, it just gets worst and worst) After highschool I had gained fat everywhere. It was more horrible and I do somewhat regret "losing myself at a such young age" and being lazy about my body. I've always admired curvy woman especially JLO, then Kim K and after a while I came across video vixens and they're bodies were also to die for. After always lurking makemeheal and realself I've finally decided to narrow my results with the many research I did to three doctors. My first choice was Crabal then Yily then finally Duran. I emailed all three!! Crabal just doesn't do it for me anymore every since the history about the burns, it's just makes me uncomfortable especially since seeing the video on YouTube. I've heard video model Yaris Sanchez went to him and she has such a amazing body!! Yily had gave me the same quote as Crabal and Duran which was $3,500 for BBL, lipo from stomach, back and thighs. Now don't get me wrong I was a true Yily fan 100% but what made me go on Duran's bandwagon was that her lipo especially when it came to the stomach was aggressive and I felt Yily did do amazing work but not so much on the whole projection I was looking for. I added Duran on her Facebook after seeing reviews from this site (realself) and then requested her Instagram. The results with before and afters were crazy different!! I am looking for a sx buddy even though, I am considering bringing my mother along. I am too SCARED to go alone seriously. I wanna go around early April or mid April. I wanna be ready for my birthday in August. I am ready to embrace a new body and new look!!!

My pre-op pics

Here are my before pics.
Sorry for my messy mirror!!
As you can see I am not that greatly proportioned especially when I'm naked I am not too confident when it comes to it. BTW I am only 20, never had any children.

My height is 5'1, I'm 131 pounds. I'm pear shaped so all my fat goes to my thighs or my belly even when I was skinny I had a little pouch. I hope to achieve a super flat stomach. My measurements right now are 32(bust), 29(waist), 37(hips). My desired measurements are 32-26-44. I hate how I had more fat on the back of my thighs then my booty. I have a booty that hangs low. Hopefully with the fat transfer and Duran's skills she can give me a lift and have that amazing projection. I'm also looking into wither or not I should do lipo on my arms since I do have armpit fat and on the bottom of my arms. My legs are my main issues, I wanna get rid of my thunder thighs and go back to my skinny legs. I know everyone says it's not cute having skinny legs with a big butt but I don't care. I love toned skinny legs!!

Wish pics!!!

This are some of my favorite pics especially as my wish pics I'm hoping to achieve a results like this.

I love Yaris Sanchez's body after all her weight loss and breast reduction.

I also like Kim K's body it's just her stomach I like and her low hanging booty doesn't do it for me anymore since I already have a low hanging one. I am not trying to go for that especially with more fat added on top. No way

Let me know what you guys thank of my desired results. I wanna be as realistic as possible. I am fine with constructive criticism and pure honesty. Let me know ladies!!! xoxo enjoy

More Wish pics!!

Love it all!!

Apparently Yaris's measurements are 38-25-47 and Kim is 36-26-40. JLOs is 34-25-39. 40 is too small for me and 47 is a bit too much. I have a feeling some fat will go away from the booty after a while so that's why I'm thinking 45 and after a while it might become 44 or 43. I hope all the fat stays!! I seriously want a nice full round big booty.

Sorry for the delay

Hi guys!! Sorry I've been away for so long. Let's just say my surgery plans were a bit delayed nothing major but just been dealing with some problems as of lately. I've been lazy and unmotivated to pursue this even though I know I want it. I wanna stay determined and meet my end goal. I have a appointment with my doctor so I can get the prescriptions I need. I'm also not gonna do the booking myself. I've come across BellaVita Consultants a woman by the name of Jasmine she arranges basically everything you need and helps you within your budget. Which is great plus she lives in DR and knows where everything is. So much easier. Originally I just wanted lipo from my stomach, thighs but I also am interested in getting full lipo of my legs. She can transfer half of the fat and throw away the rest. I have gained a lot of weight around my thighs and since I'm getting this surgery might as well do the rest of my legs by that I mean the back of my calves and all of my thigh fat. I will also go to the gym after this surgery because I don't wanna just sit around after I get the projection I want. I wouldn't want it to get ruined and it's nicer and healthier for me to just tone myself up afterwards. I was planning having my friend or a relative of mines come with me but most of them are not open-minded and think I shouldn't go with this plan. So I am interested in finding a surgery buddy and I really would love Jasmine to get me a mid May or Early June date.

Thank you so much xoxo
This website has helped so much and everyone on here is so encouraging and it's nice to share information especially when all of us are just trying to be the best versions of ourselves.

Much love
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