BBL in Dominican Republic (DR) - R1 and R2 Dra Fatima Almonte

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Like most here I am up the air about who is going...

Like most here I am up the air about who is going to do my procedure it's between Robles, Baez or Duran.

So far the only one to get back to me is Robles.... The wait and anticipation is killing me.

I like most of you am looking for a Buddy. So far it looks like I am going in the middle of February . If any one is looking for a Buddy let me know and if you have any more input about Robles please do share

It's Official I am Booked March 24

Again my quest to find a Buddy it's official March 24 not sure of the RH yet but will update..
I am nervous. I had Lipo a few times and a TT all here though do the travelling alone has me nervous.
Hearing that you can wake up in the middle of the procedure has me nervous.
Hearing that even I wake up I may not feel the lower part of my body till the next day has me nervous.
I didn't even have an Epidural while giving birth to my 2 kids but my crazy ass doing it for Booty...
I am getting Lipo and BBl

This is the start of my journey


This site is addictive lol. Running to grab vitamins hope I am not starting too late but decided go add pics

Forgot one.... Ooooh the Back Rolls

I Can't Wait

Ladies the anticipation is friggin killing me I am sitting down here getting my Blood Work done. If this thing comes back with the numbers I need I am booking my flight and changing my date. Forget the waiting game

Results are Back

So I am anemic! My whole plan of running to do this early has gone straight down the drain and fast
If anyone has ideas on how to boost my blood please share. My dra gave me what I have to do but I welcome additional ideas

Another wish pic

This girls breast to ass ratio is on point.... Damn thinking bout a breast lift now.

Exactly 1 month to go

It's on 1 month to go and I am in DR..... Excited and ready to go damn wish I planned better and was getting it now but nothing before it's time

Question for You Ladies

I saw one girl post on her the cash for her sx that she was bringing with her.... Ladies why does this not sit well with me

We walking with all this cash being picked up from some driver we don't know.

How did you all pay? I am here debating if I should just suck up the extra fees my dra charges to pay by credit card. Less than one month to go it's getting real I am getting prepped

The Iron Fight

I am so f'ing frustrated with this iron shit. I am taking folic acid vitamin c b12 and liquid iron and I am still worried that my iron is not up. I was just told to add ensure and prenatal vitamins to the whole regime. No problem will do. But I am not trying to get down there and they send my ass home. This ticket was 900.00 plus I have been to DR plenty of times do I don't need to see the view I need this shit done. To make matters worse my friggin period is supposed to come around that time this whole shit feels like it's going south and fast

Okay I am Over it

Fly high fly low this girl is getting her shit done on my way to ivk up more Ensure Palafar and Prenatal vitamins it's on. I have exactly 21 days and I refuse to get turned back. If I gotta inject the shit in me so be it

Pharmacist Advice

I was told just now by the pharmacist that too much iron can be bad for your liver and can also poison you. Can I just win!!! Lol


Got an e-mail for Real Self to Update but I do not have much to say. Just trying to get the iron up and being really optimistic. realizing I have nine more days of work left. Then 3 days to get all my things in order to hop on the flight.
I see there are a lot of going in the month of March and I pray we all have successful journeys


Why am I excited now. I feel the iron is in my system down to my bowel movements are BLAAAAAACK. I am feeling real confident plus the time is coming up. Just gotta find a way to get thru the next six days of work. I love this new wish pic . It's realistic plus the girl appears to be short like me. I am only 5'1"

Forgot to add the pic

One week

In one week I will be there doing the happy dance as I count down I am ready!!!

Found This for the Itch

My time is here I am all packed ready to go. Anticipating the pain has me scared as he(you know the rest) and my stingy ass Dr wouldn't give me nothing so I am going in with a soldier mentality. Wanted to share with you guys that I found this Benadryl spray and I am going to use it for the itch Will keep you posted if it works

Bad Ass

This chic fly as fuk.... Not gonna make it a wish pic cause we are shaped differently but daaaaaaamn. This is the only pic my man liked and I told him even when u get back you better keep clutching this pic cause it's a dream lol

I am Here

After meeting Lesley and Dr Almonte I am happy with my choice and any doubt u had is long gone. They are thorough accommodating and genuinely care for your safety. @msnina I am here and again thx for letting me know about Almonte. Ladies u had pretty much given up and thank Msnina cause without her telling me about Almonte I would still be home miserable waiting for A certain Dr to answer the email I sent in November

On the Other Side

Ladies I made it to the other side today. If you all are thinking of doing this start taking your vitamins right away. I will tell you when you have a good dr who is safe they will not compromise the numbers to just collect your cash. Pain level not bad yet just sore and uncomfortable. I wanna thank you all got your well wishes and prayers Good Night

First Massage

Just had my first massage and ladies let me tell you something I feel soo much better. Find a way to work it into your budget. I told Victoria the masseuse that she needs to cone back everyday until u leave unfortunately she doesn't work Sundays. At least I know I am booked . Not sure if it is my imagination but I look like some of the swelling in my back is down and I see the projection in my but regardless I feel good.

Tropical RH

I couldn't wait to tell you all about this place. It is new and is family run. I recommend here to anyone. The husband is a nurse and works at the clinic. After care with him you at in the best of hands. Today I was extremely tired snd sluggish right away he pin pointed the problem to my iron and immediately called my dr to ask if he could give me a drip. Within an hr I am here with a drip boosting my iron to get my energy up. Thursday I was not draining a lot he unclogged my drain and I was good to go
The food is good as well. Everything they give you has some type of nutritional value to help in you pre and post care. None of us went hungry. In between meals Nonny( the wife) would often make us fresh smoothies to sip on while we were relaxing on the patio or watching tv.
Each room has it's own washroom walkin closet and television. I like the fact that they were not cheap on their cable package because there was plenty to watch including English stations from the states.
The place is cleaned daily including our clothes. We also were wiped down as much as we liked during the day until we were able to take a shower.
They are sweet and accommodating and I will let you all know you are in good hands at tropical RH. They have a website to get their contact info or inbox me if need be
Once my swelling goes down a bit I will post pics happy with results so far and overall my experience has been hands down great.
I came with a positive attitude despite my iron struggles and came without expectations. I ran into toe sets of people here that came with a saddity attitude and ridiculous expectations. This pissed me off because I can almost guarantee back home the attitudes would have to be taken down a notch. Remember we sought them out looking for a service they didn't come looking for us. Give respect where respect is due. This is to the ps and their assistants the drivers and the RH

The Day before I Left

These are pics the day before I left. This will show you exactly what Almonte was working with

Three Days Post Op

Extremely swollen. Love the fact that she gave me hips I finally have sexy curves

Six Days Post Op

My butt is round and not over the top just like I requested. Being so short I did not want a big donkey booty. Another thing that sucked is the swelling was not going down. My wonderful Doc gave me a prescription to help with the swelling this day. My drain was also removed did not hurt at all

Today Eight Days Post Op

The Bakery is now closed no longer providing rolls. The back rolls are gone. She took out 6.3l of fat and put in 900 cc. I can't wait for the swelling to go down so the real results show. Happy so far and I am off tho a good start.

My Experience

Overall my experience was great and stress free. Sent my pics got a reply within 24 hrs from the dr herself and a few hrs later her assistant.
Took the pckg that incl everything. I worried about nothing. My food is on the table waiting for me the driver is waiting for me to bring me to the clinic I come out of the airport he is there with a sign. Before surgery and after I have a question or concern I whatsapp Lesley my dr's assistant I get a response.
After my surgery being as anal as I am I was supposed to see her two days later but decided to go the following day and almost everyday after. Not once did dra almonte or her assistants Lesley and Raquel ever make me feel as I was a nuisance. I was always greeted with a smile a hug and never rushed. I am happy with my choice.
Here are random pics of My experience from Neper the driver buying us coconuts to the owner of the Recovery House bringing me out for Ice Cream.
My Dr experience was great!! Again if you put out good good wi come back to you. Hope this helps give more insight on my experience

This pic didn't post

Shitty Things we don't Talk A lot About

1. Sleep is like a mission. Either your sore or you can't find a good position or you are awakened by some ache or pain. I have not gotten a good night sleep yet. The most has to have been three hrs straight and that's stretching it. I am a girl who needs her sleep especially when I go back to work. I go back in 12 days I hope and pray I can sleep by then cause I have no tolerance for my co-workers on a good day imagine being sleep deprived too.

2. So I got the itch now and it's in my back. I am a stuffed sausage in the faja I have no energy to take it off to rub the Benadryl on my back plus who gonna help me do it. It's 1 am and i do not have the heart to disturb this sweet lady here at the recovery house. Rubbing my back up and down a door knob sounds like a plan... Trying this NOW

I will definitely keep adding to this list as I come across more post op Shitty Things We Don't Talk A lot About

Today nine days post op

Wearing a thong trying to feel sexy in this faja

Halfway Home

Been travelling since yesterday and man this is a nuisance and it's hard to get good wheel chair help. Been standing wAlking lifting yeah no good but sometimes no choice. Also the nice projection in my ass looks like its gone. Really tempted to cut two holes in the butt for the faja. If this works ladies let me know pls i can't afford to loose my projection

Almost over

Getting ready to board this is the last leg of my trip five more hours. I swear all this sitting on my ass is making it disappear or am I paranoid? I can just see myself for the next few months watching this ass I am already wishing I had eyes in the back of my head to monitor it better.

14 days Post Op

Well ladies not much to report but today I am fourteen days post op. It's great to be home my back and stomach are still hard from the Lipo areas. I jumped on the scale and I am down four pds. I know there is s lot of swelling so I expect the number to go down but I am not stressing over it because I love the way my body is taking shape.
Three days ago I was able to put my stage two garment on the second hook my garment is a size small. Important to keep that sucker on to help with the swelling
A lot of ladies ask when you can resume sexual activity well I started two nights ago. I think if your body feels right just go for it. Took a pic this morning before I hopped into the shower

Swelling and Faja

This is nuts when I got outbox surgery my garment was a large. Last Thursday yes five days ago I hot my stage two faja and Raquel got me a small. I gave her the stink eye and looked at her like she lift more than her mind.
Well ladies I am proud to say give days later I am in the last hook. It went on with ease I can breathe snd I am comfortable I cannot believe I shrunk do drastically I LOVE IT

15 Days post op

No pic today but I was getting these weird pains in the top of my right butt cheek. Anyone been thru this?
Also got a massage today and she was pretty good. I went to a massage school and a student worked on me 35.00 for an hour which is a damn good deal where I live. Will be definitely going back on Friday

Day 16 Post Op

So no but pains today thank goodness. A little Real Self birdy told me that her PS advised to get Lymphatic Massages. So I looked into it and was told it helps with swelling because it helps the Lumph Nodes to keep the circulation moving and also to drain. So what the heck can't hurt pulse I have ALOT of swelling in my stomach. I will give you all feed back on that.
Last night I got into the Oreos yeah at midnight eating six Oreos not good. So I am going to stay focused on eating properly. J always cook not much of a fast good person but alcohol made me put on a to of weight within a year. I haven't touched a drink replaced it with Oreos which once this pack is finished I don't want it back in my house and let me see who is gonna play brAve and bring Oreos back in here. Plan their hospital stay if they try

Day 17 Post Op

I feel puffy around the mid section thinking water pills will help. Missed the lymphatic massage
Appt because they had the wrong address on site and did not answer the phone.
Will be going to the student place this evening because I am sore.
Since I heard we cannot wear jeans for a few months post up I got a good Stretch jegging for 14$ this is great for use during recovery just in case it doesn't fit in a few weeks

Affordable Jegging

Been MIA

Sorry ladies been so busy with work and my long shifts. Tuesday was six weeks po. I am still swollen back is not back to normal loving how I look

8 weeks Today

Eight weeks today and it looks like I am going to live in the faja. It really does decrease the swelling do ladies it's a must. I ordered a vest that will arrive in the next two days and I hope this can carry me through the rest of my recovery. This faja shit is expensive and confusing. I wish I just bought all the sizes from dra almonte to make it easier but I didn't. The itching is in my back and it's still a little numb. I am living my results and the fact that a lot of my old jeans still for me. Almonte just shifted it from the belly to my hips and ass. It's great that I look natural and my proportions are realistic with my height. I am happy

New Garment and slimming gel

I got a new garment and slimming gel with hopes that the gel will help the swelling

What's Been Going on RS

Well I have been busy with work so cannot update as much. Here are pics of what I look like now.

The last garment I bought is turning out to be a waste because it seems like it is made for someone with a long torso. Underneath me breast was do uncomfortable and also got cut/burned.
Well in my drawer I found his baby and it's a dream. Soft yet sturdy a lot of compression. I want to kick myself with all the money I have wasted on these damn garment when I had the all along. Not only that my grandmother sells them. Boy wAs I not thinking AT ALL. Definitely calling her this weekend with my fingers crossed hoping she still sells it can get them. Not much else to report ladies hope everyone is doing well and loving their results

I AM Officially 3 Months and 2 Days Post Op

Well Real Self Dollies everyday this damn body of mine changes today I love it tomorow I hate it. To all going in I will warn you that the Post Op Garment is extremely important to get the good results the Doctor can only do so much but if we do not care for it afterwards it is no fault of the Doctor.

If I knew what I knew now I would have started to collect all my garments before the procedure. It needs to be extra tight. I was slipping last week and did not wear the garment as much I went a day without it then I was wearing it loose. I did this all because I woke up one day and it fluffed. now thinking and feeling like all is well and I am the SHIT I started slipping. Well the bloating and swelling came back like WTF.

They say we gotta be in this Faja for three months and thats BULL. Ladies be prepared for longer. I am banking on at least 6 months and I will be getting another garment next week. I work out of town and will be working for 14 days and made the promise to myself that I am gonna wear this shit for the full 14 days only to take it off when I shower. I have been doing well.

I am wearing it in layers because ladies I aint playing right now. I need the shape and form and I want it right. I spent my hard EARNED money on this procedure. I do not plan on f'ing up Almonte's foundation she created by being stubborn and not following the guidelines. the layers I am wearing for the 14 days are the back board, I then put on a post surgical garment that is stretchy with velcro (got it from my old tummy tuck down in here in 2007), I then have a corset over that and then I put on my faja vest. Ya sounds extreme but I am on a M I S S I O N!!

I have attached pics. Overall I am happy and banking on my R2 to happen early next yearhoping to beat the tax season ruch. My list in Round 2 is definately a Breast Lift with implants. this procedure I have done here before and it sucked. Like most of the procedures here. I swear DR is the place to go. It hurts the amount of $$$ I wasted on procedures up here just to have to go do them over again by a proper DR. I also plan on Lipo to the thighs and arms.

Bye for now Ladies. Happy healing to those recovering and Good Luck to those going in the next few weeks.


Here ya go

Same Dress Five weeks Later

Ladies look at this dress now. Just wanted to show you all how things change with out body and the look in clothes.

Things are great I am happy with the outcome. I honestly don't think I need a r2 for my ass back it waist. Almonte got it in 1 shot braaap ????.
I am going to stress again the importance of the garment. Yesterday I bought a latex one in xs. Girls the latex one is the bomb this thing has me sucked in like no ones business. It is surprisingly comfortable too. All of my aches and pains are gone just a mere memory so all you ladies will forget it in a matter of weeks especially knowing the benefit is looking damn fine
I get lots of compliments at work and many don't suspect a thing. One guy said you lost a lot of weight recently in all the right places my mom thinks my ass is bigger because my waist shrunk. She knows I am wearing the garment and these are the results. Shhhh. She don't need to know more than that.


Loving this.

6 Months PO

Ladies I am a little over 6 months post op and happy with results. Planning an R2 for Breast Lift with implants (with or without implants still up in the air will decide when I get there. Lipo in thigh and and some more rounding on my butt. I honestly will have Almonte make final decisions yeah I trust her that much. I am concentrating on getting my body prepped hope up go end of winter but if my hemo is not right forget it

Here are pics

Oops forgot pics

Round 2 Booked

Do Ladies I am going for Round 2. I am going right back to Almonte. Why? She is safe, safe, safe. She also has a good team that I truly like. I all of a sudden went from wanting a natural look to wanting the Vixen look and I know this can be achieved with other Doctors without a doubt but everyone has a sketchy past, a bad review here and there, work out of a place with infection the list can go on. Truthfully speaking something negative can be heard or found with any doctor. I am sticking to who I know.

Lately Almonte has been giving these new Dolls life they are looking great. This go around I am going to do a Brast Lift (still undecided if it is with or without implants) bbl and Lipo. I have to get Lipo on the stomach. I did the first time but it was not aggressive.

Lesson learned ladies make sure you prep the body. Be 100%, Hemo High and whatever other requirements your doc asks. I suggest you do not even bother to book your flight until you meet these requirements. Thats where I went wrong. Due to my iron issues Almonte was not able to be as aggressive with my front as she was with the back.

I will not start a new review I will continue my experience here. Will post updated pics soon. Wishing Everyone a Merry X-mas and Happy New Year

Round 2 Complete 1 Day Post Op

Round two is done. I had vaginoplasty lip to flanks arms thighs and transferred to my hips

Very tired and the vag hurts like hell. Will provide pics vas more info soon

Round 2 - 12 Days Post Op

Needs a new garment so will be taking this one in. I refuse to spend a small fortune on garments and faja this time. I ordered an ab board and will hopefully receive it soon.

19 days R2 PO

So I took my old garment in six inches. It's tiiiiiiight. This was an old fajate size small. Here is a pic of me today with the faja on. I find there is a lot of swelling in the lower part of my tummy

Loving my hips ??

19 days PO R2

This is my stage one garment I took it in 8 inches and told them not to go to the hips.

21 Days Post Op

Just keeping you all in the loop I should've taken a pic from the front I will next time. ???????? off to work I go

One Month PO round 2

Loving this ass I am happy y'all


THIS IS A WARNING Do not waste time doing vaginoplasty with Dr Regalado. I wasted my money. I got bad care and he never did the job correctly.
From the get go he told me two different prices comparing with some others I felt my quote was unfair so I went through Lesley. We agreed upon a price.
I got there did my procedure with him. He joins Almonte when you are doing your other procedures. For my po care he prescribed me a soap said to use it twice a day. That was my po instructions pretty vague considering the next day I had a bowel movement that felt like it was tearing my ass apart. I was never told to use stool softener. The following days I was scared to go to the washroom and would cry and scream. By the third day I refused to eat or drink because I was scared.
I saw Almonte that day and she could see the pain in my face she whisked me into her office immediately ahead of everyone and gave me a pain killer and anti-inflammatory. She then said I needed to see him as this is not normal. I went down to see him and this man had me in his office waiting for two hours after I am in so much pain. He knew what was going in because Lesley contacted him and told him she was sending me down
When I finally saw him he was able to check me with his finger quite easily when I should have been tight and I brushed it of as being on my period that it must have been easy to slide in. He prescribed me a suppository for my butt. My right vagina lip was so swollen when I mentioned it I was told it will be swollen that's normal.
I went home the next day. When getting into my my SUV I must have strained it by opening my legs too wide I ended up in emergency. Dr Regalado never warned me ahead if time about this. The following day I went to my doctor because I was in excruciating pain I couldn't walk and was told that the right swollen lip was an abscess. It was infected It went from my butt all the way up to the top of my lip and was full of puss. I was given antibiotics told to take off work and if the antibiotics didn't work they would have to open it up and drain the puss. This was Monday Feb 23. This was the day I asked for a doctors note because I had to take off work. I had already taken three weeks off and this additional time I wanted a note but I wanted it from Regalado so it was not from a plastic surgeon which Almonte's note will state.
Because I did not get the note against my dr's orders I went to work after two days. I would go to the washroom and cry I could barely walk by Saturday the pain had eased up I was just uncomfortable.
Fast forward my abscess is now a small bump if it becomes painful again my doc will take care of it. He said the infection is gone down its no longer full of puss. I ended up getting my doctors note on March 21. WTF. This is so unacceptable. He gave the letter head to Lesley to write the note so he couldn't even be bothered to do it the lazy prick. Also today I pushed a dildo inside me and no issues. No lube no nothing which shows me that my shit was not tightened. You are supposed to have a little pain and also not be able to get anything up there easily. Even your finger should feel some friction going in there. Mine none. I wasted my time money and I do not think Lesley not Dra. Almonte should be endorsing this man's work. Ladies RUN this is not worth it. Do not throw your money away with this man


SO ..... I have dusted myself off and now ready to go back. I find I look ok with clothes on bit with clothes off I am not pleased.
I have not put on any weight which is good. I look at my before pics and yes there is an improvement does it look like 2 rounds no it does not but I gotta move on. Focusing on the good parts of this experience and move on.
As for my vaginoplasty nightmare I am still going back and forth here at home seeing if I can get it paid for. If not I found a good gyno who will do it and I will pay out of pocket.

Now the new news. I am going for another round. I still want my hips and the dents filled in that I was left with from other rounds. I will be sharing my journey again since I am in a better place hoping to help others out there. Attached are pics of me now
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Happy with my choice. She is safe and compassionate. Always greeting you with a hug and a smile. I have had a few procedures back home and a lot of the post op directions given by Lesley were never given to me when I have had previous surgeries in Canada. Many people have negative opinions about coming here to do surgery well they need to stop... Everything here has been better than our so called 1st world country

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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