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First off I have no idea if i am doing this...

First off I have no idea if i am doing this correctly but I am going to contiune to type lol.

I am super excited and nervous about this journey. I have been wanting to recontruct my body for quite some time now. I have always been a small gal until I was about 18 and then I met "him". Between "him" stress, poor eating habits, lack of excerise and the birth of my daughter in 2010 I have let myself go horribly.

I won't get on here and get extra personal or mushy but I will share my journey and be straight up with you all because having the support of others who share your expriences is the best form or encouragement.

I have taken the first steps by Contacting Dra Yily to be quoted. I will contact Duran after I am quoted from Yily about the price and dates avail I am shooting for early 2014 feb, mar or Apr. I have read alot of reviews while lurking lol and I love the feedback that Yily patients give. I am only interested in a smaller waist and bigger butt lol, so i want to keep it simple.. I have stared my journey to a healthier me by first getting my eating in order. Out with junk in with the nutritious.

I really look forward to getting to know some of you and learn more about past experiences and ride along side those in the same place I am.

HAPPY BBL'ing xo

Quick Response from Yilys office!!!!!!

I emailed Yilys office at 11and they got back with me at 12:18pm today!!!!

They wanted some info from me like height, weight, how many pregnancies, medical history, what I wanted done and some naked photo or whatever I was comfy with. I sent my horrible body shots along with the questionaire and now Im just waiting on a quote from her.

I only asked for a quote for the lipo of the abs, back and flanks aswell

Quick Response from Yilys office!!!!!! continued...

Sorry about that. My ipad has a mind of its own I hit post by I was saying I only asked for the quote of the lipo to the abs, back, flanks and bbl. Im not sure if i'll need a tt(probably will) I shouldve just asked for a quote anyway. But since I didnt i will just asked once im quoted for everything else.

Im super geeked about this. I talked to my mom last night and just asked her for her support and to leave the negative and doubtful comments at bay. Im not closed minded so I heard her out on how she felt about it. She wants to be sure im in my right frame of mind to make such a decision. I am. She says she fully supports me and im grateful to her for that. She turned her nose up at me at first but after she realized how important this will be to me she came around. I even gave her some info on Dra Yily to assure her this is the real deal holyfield. Not some cement, fix a flat, silicone injecting doctor. That made her feel better and me more confident.

Well i cant wait to hear from yilys staff and when I do i will post for you guys..ttys

Wish Pics!

Im waiting on my turn for a Yily body

Starting My Get Healthy Journey

So I currently weigh 180 at 5'4 1/2 (im sensitive about my height so the half is important lol.) and it's time for me to get my mind, body and soul on the correct path and the first steps is buckling down with my food choices. I used to be somewhat of a health guru in high school being that I was on tennis, softball, and I was the P.E. Assitant. I lost sight of the my good girl ways shortly after I met "him".

Anywho, I havent ate any fast foods or processed foods this week. I have been pretty disciplined and I am proud of myself. I havent really been eating much and thats not good at all but i havent had the time to go to the grocery store to to buy my healthy foods, i have just slowed down and ate less when i do but I am going tonite. I have walked a two miles everyday( and it seems like the longest walk of my life) since Monday just to get my body back in the swing of things. This weekend I am relaxing and doing a natural cleanse to help rid my body of some of the toxins. Im not sure what type of cleanse i will be doing so i am going by the Vitamin Shoppe to see if they can recommend something natural that I can take/drink for 24-48hrs. if anyone has any suggestions let me know i would like to get what I am going to take/drink tonite so i can start fresh in the a.m.

This part of journey is for me and my health and not because i am getting the surgery. I want to be healthy regardless. I am going to the grocery store tonite to pick up some things I will list a few item below to give you guys an idea of what i wil be eating from now on. Im more interested in weight loss and not fat loss. I have ample amount and would like to keep majority of it for my ass, ass, ass lol.

I am still waiting for Yily's office to get back with my quote. hopefully i hear something from her soon. I know she is a busy mamacita.

Here are some of the items I will be grubbing on, on a permanant basis:

Almonds-for snacking purposes. They are a superfood rich in healthy fats that help you slim down.

Bananas are a slimming superfood as well

Grapfruit-eating half a grapefruit before each meal may help you lose up to a pound a week!

Brown Rice- filling but low in calories

Blueberries- Anitoxidants- Anti aging

Oats-Oats are rich in fiber, so a serving can help you feel full throughout the day.

Skim Milk vs Almond- Im still batling with this one.
Other things are:
Potatoes(sweet as well)
Nut Butter

I have a few recipes for some really tastey things that i will be cooking as well. Hopefully I can get my 3yr old to eat some of the tastey things i will be cooking. Yeah right wishful thinking!!

Well my luvs it's time to get this party started!
Wish me luck!! xo

Operation GET FIT

So I went and got a few things yesterday after work to get me started on my healthy me journey. I have uploaded a few pics. *fingers crossed* deep breath* exhale*. Of course my mini me picked out her own goodies but I still grabbed her a few healthy choices. She loves fruits and veggies and yogurt but refused to leave the store without her fave cereal and snacks. She's 3 and bossy as hell just one of the many perks to being an only child. She is such a brat doll.

Thanks bklynbeauty I really appreciate the info for the milk. I didnt get any milk because I wanted to do a little more research before I just purchased something but I am actually leaning towards the DB Almond Milk. Its trial and error at this point. Buy and Try. I really forgot how expensive it is to get healthy but Between Krogers and Marsh I found some really good sales on fresh fruits and veggies. I went to Walmart for my shelf and packaged items like my Oats, Almonds, Greek Yougurt, Almond Butter which by the wsy is really yummy for dipping apples and of course Kale because it was much cheaper at Wally World. I really encourage all my beauties to take the next steps towards a healthier you if you havent done so already. Lets be one another support system. It makes the journey towards a bangin body much more easier and enjoyable.

On that note its a beautiful day in my neck of the woods 78 blue sky not a cloud around, so im going to open my windows turn on my new Trey Songz, Robin Thicke RnB mix and enjoy the day he has blessed me with. Hope all of you do the same. Smooches.
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